The 10 Most Popular Pieces of Greenhouse Content from 2015


Our objective at Greenhouse is to not just build software that helps facilitate your recruiting efforts, but to also provide you with the resources you need to hone your skills as a recruiter. With that said, we ramped it up in 2015, producing more content than ever before—blogs, videos, ebooks, webinars, customer stories, quizzes—you name it, we made it! Here are 10 pieces of content from the past year that have garnered the most discussion, downloads, and shares from our growing audience of recruiters and HR professionals like you:

1. [Ebook] The 5 Talent Metrics for Effective Recruiting

To be an effective recruiter, you need to be a strategic business partner at your organization. But in order to gain a seat at the executive table, you need buy-in from the rest of the team. To earn the ear of your C-suite, begin by measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter—the ones that tie into business objectives.

2. [Blog] Ask a Recruiter: When Do I Ask a Candidate About Compensation?

Don’t waste your time—or the candidate’s! Make sure to discuss money in the beginning of the interview process. Learn the 4 key questions that you must ask during this important conversation.

3. [Video] Mind Your Interviews

Too many hiring decisions are based on the wrong criteria—a gut feeling, a brain teaser, even apathy. When companies lack a structured, purposeful interview process, they hire the wrong talent, and end up getting burned. Watch what happens in this fun video!

4. [Quiz] Programming 101 for Recruiters

To be a great technical recruiter, you need to understand the fundamentals of what engineers actually do. Test your engineering know-how by taking our “Programming 101” quiz…and see which areas you need to brush up on before conducting your next technical interview!

5. [Blog] How Airbnb Used Storyboarding to Revamp Its Candidate Experience

How can storyboarding be used to enhance your talent acquisition efforts and create a great candidate experience? Airbnb Head of Recruiting Jill Riopelle discusses how her company improved its hiring processes by applying these 3 key principles of storyboarding.

6. [Ebook] The Definitive Guide to Recruiter and Hiring Manager Partnerships

As a recruiter, there are 10 steps you must follow in order to build an effective partnership with hiring managers. Learn how to overcome common recruiter-hiring manager relationship roadblocks, and become a strategic partner to hiring managers and to your organization.

7. [Webinar] Hiring Hacks: How Squarespace Actively Engages and Sources Engineers

As most recruiters know, LinkedIn is no longer an effective source on its own for engaging engineering talent. You can’t depend on one platform to do all the work. In order to make yourself stand out, you have to utilize other methods. So, what are these particular resources and techniques that will make engineers interested in learning more about your company?

8. [Blog] 10 Examples of Awesome Career Pages

Your company truly cares about its people and understands that hiring the right talent is key to driving results, right? Right! But even so, many companies (yours?) fail to create compelling career pages on their websites, and as a result, fail to attract the interest of top talent. Don’t let this happen to you. These 10 compelling company career pages will have your eyes twinkling and your mind racing with new ideas!

9. [Video] Building an Employer Brand That Attracts Top Talent (with Stacy Zapar)

The companies that take the lead in managing their employer brand can ensure their company projects the right image—one that helps to draw in right-fit talent and build a workforce of individuals aligned with the company and its goals. Learn how employer branding and effective content can help increase your number of applicants as well as improve their overall quality.

10. [Customer Story] Tilt’s A-Method Recruiting Method

Tilt, a high-growth start-up in San Francisco, has built its hiring strategy around the methodologies of recruiting experts Geoff Smart and Randy Street, authors of the New York Times Bestselling book Who: The A Method for Hiring. The Tilt team set out to hire A-players and minimize its hiring mistakes. Learn the 3 steps the team took to achieve these ambitious goals.

The year may be ending, but 2016 is just around the corner! That means another 365 days of Greenhouse content, covering topics like sourcing and recruiting, candidate experience, workplace culture, employee onboarding, and everything in between. Stay on top of your recruiting game by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, highlighting our most thought-provoking content from the past week (as well as other compelling content from around the web!)...all the best reads together in one convenient place. Enjoy!

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