Tomorrow's TalentOps Meetup: Cocktails and Case Studies

margaritaFeeling like everything is in a straight line between recruiters and hiring managers? If the answer is yes, well done friends. For those individuals that are jumping over hurdles and looking for better alignment, there is a solution.  

Greenhouse invites recruiters, friends and colleagues to attend Cocktails and Case Studies @ Disqus to learn from two HR gurus and share their processes and mend the gap between recruiters and hiring managers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

301 Howard St Suite 300, San Francisco, CA

About Our Guest Speakers:
Helen Laroche, Disqus (65 Employees): Helen is a data-driven recruiter who focuses on building out and optimizing a scalable recruiting practice at Disqus.

Jason Medley, Quirky (300 Employees): Jason is the Head of Talent for the quickly-growing, bi-coastal startup Quirky, which has grown from 75 people to 300 in his time there.

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