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Presenting the Structured Sourcing Framework

Soheil Yasrebi

An ex-Twitter engineer, Soheil Yasrebi is the founder of NetIn. He received a degree in Computer Science from University of Arkansas and held several engineering positions with Silicon Valley startups before starting NetIn.

Attracting qualified candidates is harder than ever, especially for certain positions (e.g., software engineering) and in certain geographic areas (e.g., Silicon Valley). Large companies, or those with well-known brands, have an advantage over smaller companies: They get many incoming résumés. But we all know that the best candidates rarely come knocking on the front door. Recruiters, even at the largest companies, have to become adept at sourcing if they want to find and hire the very best.

How can you improve your sourcing efforts? Read on for some actionable ideas!

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Is Boolean Search Dead for Recruiters?

Yihua Liao Profile Photo

Dr. Yihua Liao is the Chief Data Officer and Co-founder of Brilent. He oversees the research and development of Brilent’s big data and artificial intelligence (AI) based recruiting technology. Before joining Brilent, he was a data science manager at Facebook, leading a team of data scientists in multiple product areas including payments, games, commerce, and site integrity. Prior to Facebook, he developed identity and payment fraud detection systems using machine learning techniques at ID Analytics and Microsoft. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California at Davis.

Most recruiters are familiar with Boolean search in the context of looking for candidates, but how have you ever wondered how this technique has been used in other industries? 

Guest writer Dr. Yihua Liao of Brilent shares a brief tale of Boolean search and what he believes it signals for the fate of this method.

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3 Sourcing Metrics to Optimize Your Sourcing Strategy and Process

Ben Slater Image

Ben Slater is VP of Growth at Beamery, a recruitment CRM that connects to your ATS and enables you to attract, source, and engage talent that hasn’t directly applied. Beamery is Greenhouse’s only CRM partner. Connect with Ben on Twitter.

Successful sourcing is easy to define—it’s finding candidates that fit the requirements of your open roles, right?

It sounds like a simple concept, but it takes a lot of work and planning to create a sourcing operation that’s humming with efficiency and helps you pinpoint the right people to fulfill your open roles. The key to shaping an effective sourcing strategy is to work on constant improvement by carefully monitoring your team’s performance.

To optimize your sourcing strategy and process, be sure to track the following 3 sourcing metrics:

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New Recruiting Roles: The Social Media Sourcer

Sesame Mish Headshot

Sesame Mish is Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse. She is also pursuing an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University. Besides a love for marketing and the written word, she enjoys playing volleyball, doing volunteer work, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants. Connect with Sesame on Twitter and LinkedIn.

WANTED: Social media gurus with a sales and marketing mentality, who keep up with the latest trends and social platforms and have a knack for connecting with people.

Key Responsibilities: Understanding company’s talent needs; developing new and creative strategies to engage and attract both active and passive candidates through social media; managing company’s career-based social profiles; measuring the effectiveness and outcomes of the social sourcing strategy to drive continuous improvement.

As the recruiting function continues to evolve, companies find themselves embracing new tools and strategies to attract the very best candidates. But it’s not just the technology that has changed—the very nature of the recruiting team has, too, creating the need for specialized sourcing positions. This is where the highly anticipated new position of Social Media Sourcer comes in. This role joins other newer roles on the recruiting team, including Candidate Experience ManagerEmployer Branding Specialist, and Talent Operations Manager.

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3 Hacks to Effectively Source and Engage Engineering Talent


Sourcing and engaging engineering talent in a competitive marketplace is no easy task. The engineers who you’re reaching out to have likely heard the same pitch from a handful of other recruiters, making none of your companies really stand out. But Squarespace, a website management system, approaches the tech playing field differently. And as a result, it has been successful time and time again at attracting top engineering talent.

So, what is this magical thing that enables Squarespace to take its talent acquisition to the next level? We’re glad you asked. The company leverages a handful of unique platforms—platforms that most tech recruiters probably aren’t even thinking about.

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5 Fresh Ideas for Successfully Sourcing Sales Candidates


No matter which industry or company you’re in, everyone eagerly awaits “the next big deal” coming through the door. From a recruiter's perspective, that “big deal” is the perfect candidate—you know, that person who embodies all of the qualities, skills, and expertise you’re looking for to fulfill a role—and has a dashing personality to top it all off! But, how do you source and find this rare (read: more-often-than-not mythical) person? And, more importantly, how do you set your company apart from other companies that are vying for this perfect candidate’s attention?

Sam East, VP of Sales at Entelo, a candidate sourcing company, answers just that. Sourcing candidates, and in particular, sales candidates, can be tricky due to the hefty competition in the sales job market. But as a longtime veteran in the sales world, Sam has seen his fair share of what works and what doesn’t and is excited to share his insights with you.

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What To Look For In Customer Success A-Players

It’s no secret that great customer service is key to customer loyalty. It can also be a point of differentiation in a competitive market, generate new business through referrals, and create a word-of-mouth marketing channel.

Gone are the days when a customer service team would work passively in a call center. At a great organization, customer service consists of both support and customer success, a team that proactively seeks ways to ensure its customers meet (or exceed) their goals with the product. 

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Announcing: Greenhouse’s Integration with Appcast


We're excited to announce the Greenhouse partnership with the pay-per-applicant job ad exchange, Appcast! Appcast is a new way to advertise your open jobs on a ‘pay-per-applicant’ basis across a network of thousands of career and consumer sites. It works seamlessly with Greenhouse and requires no further integration. Best of all, it’s free to deploy and simple to only pay when someone applies to your job ad. 

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Looking to Hire Millennials? Don’t Reinvent the Wheel



Sean Little

Marketing at FirstJob

Sean Little is the VP of Marketing for FirstJob matches current students and recent college graduates with internships and quality career opportunities. Sean also runs FirstJob’s campus ambassador program at campuses across the country, helping students learn marketing topics while connecting them with top brands and job opportunities. You can get started with FirstJob by registering or searching today.

If your company is looking to grow its millennial hiring base, as most companies are, it’s important to think outside the box and utilize a blend of both tried-and-true resources along with more novel, grassroots approaches.

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