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4 Ways To Help Employees Rise Above Workplace Politics

Malcolm Hong Square

Malcolm Hong is a content specialist at Verified First. Malcolm is a writer, communications strategist, and marketing professional with a passion for excellence. He has honed his skills through positions at a wide variety of companies, ranging from public relations firms to nonprofits. He enjoys using his talents to communicate Verified First’s unique value proposition and loves the camaraderie shared among his teammates.

Office politics is sometimes seen as an inevitable part of doing business. But if left unchecked, it can easily fester into a toxic workplace environment. 

Here are the steps Verified First took to successfully create a positive and healthy environment for employees.

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The 5 Most Coveted Workplace Benefits to Attract Millennials

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Erin Vaughan currently resides in Austin, TX where she writes about workplace culture and human resource solutions for Pingboard. Pingboard is real-time, collaborative org chart software that makes it easy to organize teams, plan for growth, & keep everyone informed.

When they’re not busy ruining the diamond industry or killing off Applebee's, millennials spend their days just like the rest of us: at work. Today’s young workers are often painted as unique and exotic creatures, with different characteristics and preferences from other age groups in the office. But actually share much more with your typical employee than you might think.

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