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How Pinterest Customized Greenhouse to Scale and Make Data-driven Decisions

Take a look at your desktop. Is it full of Excel sheets, Google docs, and candidate résumés? This approach works when you're a solo recruiter, but it quickly becomes a challenge when your company begins to scale. Where is the source of truth when it comes to collecting data?

This was a pain point Pinterest experienced in their early days, and that's when they decided to turn to Greenhouse.

In the latest Hiring Hacks webinar, Nina Padula-Gialle, Recruiter at Pinterest shared strategies around customization, ways to measure success, and how the Pinterest team leverages data to improve their recruiting process.

Keep reading to learn how Pinterest built a flexible and data-driven recruiting process.

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Hiring Hacks: An Inside Look into Coinbase's Recruiting Approach


There are many incredible companies out there, which means recruiting talented engineers just became a whole lot tougher.

Aurora Harshner, Recruiting Manager at Coinbase, understands this hurdle and provides a glimpse into the recruiting approach Coinbase takes to ensure they not only hire the best engineers, but they hire engineers that are a long-term fit with the company culture.

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