Want to Improve Candidate Engagement? Engage Your Hiring Managers First

hiring-manager-engagementNeedless to say, the hiring process has many moving parts, as well as numerous stakeholders, each of whom must play their role in evaluating candidates and ensuring the best talent moves forward. At a time when hiring is more competitive than ever, the ability to optimize the hiring workflow and progress candidates quickly can be a real advantage. Any hold-ups can have a disastrous impact; not only can candidates become disengaged as they wait for updates regarding their status, but it can also impact the company’s ability to continually attract qualified candidates. With more jobseekers posting their experiences on sites like Glassdoor, any negative reviews of the candidate experience can turn otherwise qualified candidates away.

One of the most common causes for a delay in the hiring process is due to a bottleneck from the hiring managers. This can be quite understandable – from running their respective lines of business to managing their current teams, they often have their hands full. So, rather than pointing fingers, HR teams and recruiters must figure out how to actively engage them in the process in order to create a more streamlined, collaborative approach that moves candidates through the hiring funnel and ensures hiring managers play their part in interviewing, evaluating and, ultimately, hiring the best people possible.

To facilitate the hiring process, and keep hiring managers engaged and committed to delivering timely feedback, the company should seek to adopt the solutions and process improvements that make it easy for hiring managers to share their input. 

The first step is to ensure robust interaction between all parties, and this starts with giving hiring managers the platform to outline what they’re looking for in a new hire. Getting their feedback, and making sure their voices are heard, will help recruiters to identify and put forward the best candidates for the role. And when hiring managers are more satisfied with the candidates before them, they will likely take a more active role in evaluating those individuals and collaborating with the recruiting team.

In addition, as the consumption of video continues to grow exponentially, more businesses recognize the power of the medium in recruiting. Hiring managers should be given the ability to create videos introducing themselves and their departments to be posted on the careers site. This will enable them to create personal connections with candidates and ensure more qualified individuals apply, further streamlining the hiring process. In addition, using video as a way for candidates to highlight their skills provides a new method for hiring managers to evaluate candidates. Rather than staring at text-based resume after text-based resume, video resumes and interviews provide hiring managers with a more engaging method for learning about candidates.

As recruiting is such a collaborative activity, it is essential that all stakeholders have the tools and support they need to keep the process moving and to avoid the bottlenecks that can lead to candidate disengagement. Seeking new ways to facilitate the workflow from the hiring manager’s perspective can make them more active contributors, giving them the flexibility to conduct key tasks when, where and how it is most convenient. The result is a faster recruiting process that ensures the best candidates are hired more quickly.

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