What Makes a Company a Glassdoor Best Place to Work?

We love our customers and we think that they’re pretty amazing. So it was no big surprise to us that several of them ended up on Glassdoor’s list of “Best Places to Work.” Glassdoor doesn’t divulge all the details of how they choose the winning companies, but they do provide a few guidelines, which state “Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list is based entirely on employee feedback. Employees complete anonymous company reviews on Glassdoor that capture their overall job and company satisfaction, as well as qualitative insights into the best reasons to work at their company, along with what needs improvement.”

We know that many of our customers have embraced the concept of the New People Team and spend A LOT of time thinking about their company culture and employee experience. But we wanted to get their take on it. What do they think makes their company a Best Place to Work? They share their answers below.

What makes your company a best place to work?

“While the everyday perks at working at a startup like SeatGeek are fantastic and make working here fun, what we’re really proud of—and believe is more unique—is that SeatGeek is an amazing place to contribute, grow, and build something special. There’s a belief here in the power of live entertainment to improve lives and make people happier, and a genuine passion for building a product that enables great experiences.

As our team continues to grow, we’re fortunate to have found people that continue to embody SeatGeek’s company values. Just as our product encourages transparency to our users, we value and practice transparency internally, by doing things such as presenting board meeting decks to employees, regularly requesting feedback on company performance, and communicating company news early and often.

While we operate in ticketing, SeatGeek is first and foremost a technology company, and our work reflects that. People at SeatGeek love to build things, and we leverage technology to do so faster and better. While our competitors see technology as a disturbance and a challenge to overcome, we embrace it as our competitive edge. An obsession with quality—every pixel, every line of copy, every customer interaction—makes the difference between good and amazing.

Ultimately, the people at SeatGeek that bring these values to life are our most valuable asset, and are what we hear about most often when employees talk about their favorite parts of working here.”

– Jamie Hooker, Director of Talent, SeatGeek

“What makes LiveRamp a best place to work is truly the talent here. We place a lot of rigor around our hiring practices and we’ve been able to maintain that as we’ve scaled. Everyone we hire is coming in with raw intellect and they are also passionate about working here, nice, and humble. It seems simple in theory but in practice it’s really difficult to achieve. If you ask anyone at LiveRamp what their favorite part of their job is, nine times out of ten they will tell you it’s their coworkers.”

– Lorena Sterjanaj, Talent Operations Manager, LiveRamp

“Mission: Our mission is to transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes through analytics products and services. There are few things more fulfilling than being able to wake up every day and know that what you are contributing to is helping patients’ outcomes improve.

Culture: We are surrounded by the greatest people in the world. Our team members are so talented, but they are also smart, hard-working, and humble. We thrive on being curious and learning new things, we work hard every day to improve patient outcomes, and we know that this is a team effort… everybody here is an owner. We own our schedules, our mission, and our values.”

– Trevor Smith, Senior Recruiter, HealthCatalyst

"We want to make Procore not only one of the best places to work, but THE best place to work. To do this, we rely on our culture and values—Openness, Optimism, and Ownership—to guide us. They permeate everything we do: how employees are treated, expectations of our leadership team, and how we develop our product, talk to our clients, etc. We provide employees the tools and support to be successful both professionally and personally. From leadership training and our mentorship program to workout classes and personalized nutritionist sessions, we want you to own and accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. Procore is a great place to work because we care about your growth, success, and happiness."

– Andii Lee, Head of Recruiting, Procore

“Kabbage has always had a focus on our culture and values. In 2015, as we began to grow quite rapidly, we knew we needed to maintain a focus on our values if we wanted to maintain our culture. Being named a “Best Place to Work” from Glassdoor was really exciting because we feel like that effort and focus really paid off.

We do an engagement survey every quarter and one of the open-ended questions we ask is, “What do you enjoy most at Kabbage?” The answers to that question over the last three quarters since we started the survey have been consistent: the culture and the people. We don’t consider this a happy accident. We really work to hire people that align with our values so that we can maintain a culture where people genuinely care about one another and their work and one where transparency and innovation are not just celebrated, but encouraged.

As Software Engineer Erich Hansen puts it, “Kabbage fosters a collaborative environment where everyone works together to solve problems. Kabbage values culture highly, resulting in a fun and exciting work atmosphere. Kabbage embraces new ideas and technology to stay on the cutting edge.”

In the last year we have made great strides to ensure our team members are happy. This does not mean we got more ping pong and pool tables. Rather, we focused on what people said they wanted: learning opportunities, career growth, feedback, and a number of other things. But, of all things we could be proud of, we are most proud of the passion and energy we see in the community we have created. In all aspects, whether it be their work, the desire to create the best product, giving back to the community, or the relationships we have formed with one another, we see this passion. That is important to us, so that is something we are really quite proud of.”

– Amy Zimmerman, Head of People Ops, Kabbage

"The big differentiators for why Classy is a Best Place to Work are the clients we serve and our employees. We have the unique opportunity to serve only non-profit clients who are solving the world's biggest social issues, which is truly inspiring and attracts a very unique employee that is focused on social good and their own personal impact. It's extremely rare to be able to marry a SaaS company with such purpose and that really distinguishes Classy from other software companies."

– Dina Rulli, Director, People Operations, Classy

“Many things make Metromile an incredible place to work, but I think it comes down to our innovative mindset and people. Our employees are some of the smartest people I know. We offer a product that is revolutionizing the way people think about car insurance so, in turn, we look for people that think unconventionally; this means they investigate; they are curious, and they work hard to create cutting-edge products. We always want people willing to challenge our assumptions along the way so that we can anticipate and react to risks. At the same time, we don’t suffer jerks. We’re tackling hard problems and need people to work together to do so. As such, we look for people that—not that you have to share, but if you did—you wouldn't mind sharing a desk with them.

As the person that leads recruiting at Metromile, I think about our candidates and employees every single day. When we interview, we look for candidates who respond well to a collaborative format and work with the interviewer to solve a problem together. We’ve tweaked the time we spend with candidates quite a bit because we want to give candidates the right amount of time to assess whether or not Metromile would be a good fit for them, and just as importantly, whether we feel like they are a good fit for us.”

– Shalini Kasliwal, Head of Talent Acquisition, Metromile

“The people are truly what makes Novus a special place to work. This is consistently one of the top reasons our employees say they enjoy working here. We continue to be dedicated to building and retaining an extremely talented team of individuals who share our core values. The culture is dynamic, transparent, and extremely collaborative—great for learning and growing in your career alongside people you enjoy working with. We treat everyone like an owner and it empowers employees to contribute new ideas, push the envelope, and deliver needle-moving work.

Our Education Program has evolved significantly over the last couple of years. At its core, it aims to provide employees with continuous opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Outside of standard role-specific training, we offer various types of skills training that all employees are welcome to participate in. This can include technical skills, professional development, manager training, and much more. We have brown bag lunches where employees host a session to teach others a new skill. We bring in industry experts and provide incredible insight on the market. And finally, we offer an educational allowance to encourage employees to pursue professional certifications, take a course to enhance their skills, or attend workshops that will help them perform better in their roles. Our employees appreciate having this level of support and encouragement towards learning and professional growth.”

– Courtney Muller, Talent Manager, Novus

"Justworks is a Best Place to Work in large part because of the culture we’ve developed here. The foundation of our company culture is our set of core values that guide what we do, from recruiting to measuring employee happiness to making specific business decisions. I’m proud that our core values have such a significant role in our culture. Not just on a plaque on the wall, they have a material impact on how we run the business and hold each other accountable for our decisions and actions. I know that a values exercise can feel like a “big company” project, but I disagree. In a company that is growing and changing fast like Justworks, having core values as a guide pays dividends every single day.

One program I’m very proud of is a wellness program we recently started at Justworks that encourages employees to leave their desks and take a break from work for activities like meditation, massages and yoga. Because we help companies with complex functions like payroll, benefits, and compliance, the work is important and can sometimes be stressful. So I’m proud that we can give employees the opportunity to take a break, clear their minds and relieve that stress—right here in the office. We’ve been oversubscribed for most of our sessions since starting the program, and we are excited to expand it in the future."

– Jason Whitman, Vice President, Employee & Customer Success, Justworks

"Good humans. What makes this place great is not a program or a practice, but the fact that the person sitting next to you is someone you look forward to seeing, working with, and laughing alongside day after day. Since I started here I have been trying to figure out what attracts so many good people to this company, and it's come down to three things:

1. Good people attract good people. 50% of our employees find us via employee referrals, and that speaks volumes. It's one thing to be okay with your job, but it's quite another to like your job so much that you want share it with your network. If building a team of good human beings is a priority for your company, I would recommend finding those you have already, and working with them to spread the word.

2. Good people are attracted to a mission that helps others. There is quite a bit of buzz these days about how millennials are unique in wanting to integrate purpose or giving back into their work. I would expand that to say that there are incredible people of all ages who want their work to do good, to mean something. RealSelf's online community is full of people looking for answers and support for their most vulnerable questions and challenges. Being a part of creating that support network is really powerful, and the opportunity to have that kind of impact draws really talented and intrinsically driven people.

3. Good people like to solve challenging problems. Much of the subject matter RealSelf addresses carries with it taboo and stigma that makes finding good information and support very difficult. Through technology we are able to create a forum for questions most people aren't comfortable talking with their friends and family about, which are then answered by board-certified physicians. We are also able to provide a safe space for people to explore products and procedures, and then evaluate and connect with doctors. Expanding this to more people, in more places, who are facing an even larger range of life-changing decisions is a huge opportunity and an extremely complex problem to solve. People get really excited hearing that this is what we're taking on, and want to be a part of creating that solution.

So, my short answer to what makes our company a best place to work? Good people, an impactful mission, and a complex problem to solve."

– Lauren Sato, VP of People, RealSelf

"Kepler’s focus is to create a place where incredibly smart people can thrive, have the opportunity to advance quickly, and make an impact on the company and our clients.

Our staff doesn’t work at Kepler for the flashy perks. Yes, the firm offers a lot of great benefits like unlimited vacation, a 401(k) match, comprehensive health insurance, flexible work hours, all the snacks and coffee you can handle, and lots of happy hours (at least five per month!).  

But the real reason I think people love to work here is that we hire consistently amazing people and create an environment where they feel excited and fulfilled by the work they do.

Kepler’s focus on process automation frees people up to do more stimulating, thought-provoking work. The company’s industry-leading training regimen makes each employee a true expert in a wonderfully dynamic field. And, our rapid rate of growth creates career opportunities that just don’t happen for young people at more established companies. Just in the last six months, members of our team have built new business lines, founded new offices, and conceived, designed, and deployed new software tools… all on their own initiative.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that our recruiting process helps ensure we not only hire people who are smart and driven but also help contribute to Kepler’s unique culture. It’s so fun to look around the company and notice that real friendships are being made here. Our team members travel the world together, cheer each other on at marathons, organize group sporting events, and do tons and tons of karaoke.

Bottom line: We get a lot of great comments on our Glassdoor reviews, but I think the one that sums the company up best for me is the headline that simply reads “Kepler is a special place.” I couldn’t agree more."

– Kristine Chin, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kepler Group

N2 is a Best Place to Work because our leaders focus on more than just building a great work culture; they focus on how N2 can encourage a positive experience in the office and at home. N2 was founded on the idea that our team is made up of more than employees. Yes, each team member is motivated to grow professionally, but there is an equal focus on personal growth. We're given the resources to improve our finances (annual finance classes, access to free financial planning, benefits that foster financial wellness), our physical health (daily access to free fitness classes and a registered dietitian), and our relationships (annual stipend to put toward marriage enrichment, work-life balance, schedule flexibility, and an EAP). This results in an engaged, loyal workforce that is committed to seeing the company grow and, therefore, extending this opportunity to others.

– Katherine Daniel, Director of Human Resources & Marketing, N2 Publishing

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