Women in HR Tech: A Message From Three Female Leaders at Greenhouse

Greenhouse is thrilled to be a part of the Women in HR Tech event at HR Tech 2017! We're looking forward to traveling to Las Vegas for the event next week. 

Empowering women in HR to grow personally and professionally is particularly meaningful to us, especially as three female leaders on Greenhouse’s People Team. We see the HR Women in Tech event as a unique opportunity for women to engage with CHROs and other technology leaders who share similar values and goals, especially around diversity and inclusivity.

At Greenhouse, we prioritize diversity for many reasons. Besides just being the right thing to prioritize, 67% of job seekers say a diverse and inclusive workforce is important when evaluating companies and offers. On top of this, organizations who invest in diversity perform better—it’s estimated that teams evenly split between men and women generate 41% more in revenue annually.

While many of us have been focused on improving diversity and inclusivity in tech (and seen some positive impact), there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. We must continue the push to formalize our efforts, put goal setting into action, and not only place and retain underrepresented talent by fostering an inclusive environment, but also prime them for leadership roles.

Where do you start?

First, by attending events, like this one, to learn the latest trends and issues. By coming together to cultivate a strong industry network and community, we can share strategies and best practices to make us stronger than any one team or organization. In advance of the event, we put together the following primer, Methods for Building a Diverse Team, outlining proven strategies to create diverse and inclusive teams.

If you ever want to discuss workplace diversity and inclusion or the challenges you’re facing, it may be the case that we’re facing them, too! Feel free to reach out so we can brainstorm together. We’re eager to support you and your efforts in hiring the next generation of women technology leaders. Comment below or share this article and tag Greenhouse to get the conversation started. 

If you're headed to HR Tech, enjoy the event. We hope to see you there. Please look for Greenhouse at the Women in HR Tech session and say hello. 

Happy hiring!

Jacqui Maguire is the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse. She enjoys working on a team that is as passionate about structured recruiting and eliminating bias in hiring as she is. Jacqui discovered her passion for working with people while working in various roles in the hospitality industry. 

Cheryl Roubian is the Director of Talent Acquisition & Management at Greenhouse, where she leads a team focused on finding, elevating, and extending the lifecycle of top talent for Greenhouse. Find Cheryl on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Jessica Pfisterer’s role at Greenhouse is managing systems and perks, benefits, and compensation. Before joining Greenhouse as Director of People Operations in July 2015, Jessica built out the People Operations function at MuleSoft during three years of global hyper-growth. Jessica is an avid dancer and recovering attorney.

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