Source Actively and Persistently

When it comes to finding candidates, many companies just keep doing what they’ve always done. Not surprisingly, they always get the same results.

Finding the right people can be tough, and there are no shortcuts. Sourcing is more than just posting a few job ads, or paying an agency to do the heavy lifting. An effective sourcing plan lays out all the channels you want to use, sets goals and budgets for each, and tracks results so you can see what is working and what needs adjustment.

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  • Cast a wider net

    Cast a wide net

    Use every channel at your company’s disposal (and invent some new ones) to reach candidates. Post on general and niche job boards, use outside agencies, work the room at industry mixers, and get the word out at college job fairs. It’s also important to identify and thank employees who are sharing job openings on social media, and reward them for any candidates they bring in. Experiment constantly, moving beyond your usual hiring routines.

  • Get robust reports

    Track where every candidate comes from

    Make sure you have the tools to track where every candidate is coming from and how far they got in the process. Your sourcing experiments are delivering priceless data on the approaches that work for your company. Be sure to analyze that information regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Post to social media

    Source continuously, nurture candidates

    It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s important to start the recruiting process before you need to fill a position. If you’re always adding to your talent pool, when you do have to make a hire, you won’t be pressured into settling for second best. Also, don’t stop sourcing just because you think you’ve found the right person—even the most promising candidates fall through.

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