Sell Candidates on Your Company Early

Any candidate you decide to hire will likely be considering other offers. Convincing them to join your team will be much easier if you know what they’re looking for, and can showcase this job as an opportunity to get it.

Woodsia Alpina
  • Know your audience

    Be sure to ask candidates what they’re looking for early on so you can understand their motivation for switching jobs. Is it job security? Work-life balance? Experience? Find out what motivates candidates so you can talk about the company in a way that will resonate with them.

  • Know your talking points

    Once you know what drives a candidate, make sure to tailor your pitch appropriately. Are they looking to grow in their next role? Highlight the opportunity to learn on the job and take on more responsibility. Are they looking for a better work-life balance? Talk about flexibility in work hours and your remote-working policy.

  • Sell early

    Don’t wait until you’ve decided to make an offer to start selling them on the benefits of working at your company—by then their guard is up. From the copy in your job ads, to the initial phone screen and beyond, use every candidate interaction as an opportunity to sell the benefits of working at your company.

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