Boost Referrals

Why boost referrals? Referrals are the most reliable source of high-quality candidates, so it’s important to make it easy for everyone to contribute to the hiring process. Luckily, Greenhouse is designed to be used by everyone in your company.


Get the Right Background Info for Every Referral

It’s not enough to know who submitted a referral—you need to know how that person knows the candidate, if they’ve worked together before, and why they think the candidate would be a great fit.

For every referral candidate, Greenhouse captures the essential background information:

See Your Referral Status

When someone makes the effort to submit a referral candidate, it’s important to keep the referrer informed about how their candidate is doing in the process. With Greenhouse, every employee can see what stage of the hiring process their referrals are in, and whether they got hired or not.

tracking-link 1

Personal Tracking Links

Greenhouse gives every employee in your company a personal referral link to the company job board. They can share the link on their social networks or put it in their email signatures. They’ll automatically get referral credit for anyone who applies for a job after clicking on their link.


Social Media Referrals

Every employee has a deep pool of potential candidates in their social networks - so Greenhouse makes it easy to share your open jobs on Facebook and Twitter. Just connect your networks to Greenhouse and share - it’s an easy way to significantly expand your reach. When candidates do apply after seeing your job on their social network, Greenhouse automatically tracks which employee shared the job and which social network they came from - so you can track every candidate, end-to-end.