Cast A Wider Net

Finding and connecting with high-quality candidates is challenging; it requires a commitment to trying lots of different things and doing them consistently. Fortunately, Greenhouse has created a range of tools that make it easy to coordinate multiple sourcing activities and marketing campaigns for your jobs.

Easily Accept Candidates from Recruiting Agencies

Greenhouse’s agency portal lets you invite third-party agencies to submit candidates directly into your database without them seeing any of your other candidate information. Assign agencies specific jobs and automatically flag candidates that are already in your database to prevent agency spam. Leave notes for hiring managers directly on the candidate’s profile, and you give agencies feedback about their submitted candidates, all from within Greenhouse.


Use Third-Party Partners to Source

Greenhouse offers an open API that allows you to use a range of partners to find candidates. For instance, you can get referrals using RolePoint or search for hard-to-find candidates using Entelo, and then seamlessly import them into Greenhouse.

sourcing-dashboard 1

Sourcing Dashboard

Trying different sourcing options and tracking the results can lead to some surprising discoveries. Greenhouse’s sourcing dashboard lets you see the number of candidates each agency, job board, event, and referrer sent your way, and how far those candidates made it in the hiring process. This lets you focus your time and recruiting budget on the places that are truly paying off.