Configure Notifications

Moving slowly is a surefire way to lose great candidates. Customized email notifications give you a heads-up on hiring activity as it happens, so you can make the next move immediately. Admins can stay on top of Greenhouse activity right from their inbox by configuring any of the following email notifications for themselves or others:


Daily Recruiting Email

A snapshot of everything afoot in your hiring universe that day, including fresh additions to the talent pool, imminent interviews, new interviews to schedule, and candidate scorecards now due.


Weekly Recruiting Report

A data-rich look at your hiring pipeline over one week. Drill down to get updates on specific positions, or use it as a big-picture overview on recruiting performance across your entire company.

We can also send you individual notifications when…

  • You get a new candidate
  • You get a new referral
  • A candidate moves to a new stage
  • You have new scorecards to review
  • You have new take-home tests to grade

Flexible Configuration

Hiring plans can vary from position to position, and Greenhouse makes it possible to customize email notifications by job. Whether you want to receive individual alerts each time a candidate applies, or just get a daily or weekly summary, Greenhouse gives you the data you need to stay on top of everything in your pipeline.