Create Interview Kits

When it comes to effective interviewing, preparation is half the battle. Greenhouse makes it easy to provide your interviewers with everything they need in an Interview Kit.


One Click Away From Your Calendar Invite

Interview Kits integrate seamlessly into your current process without any additional work. When you schedule an interview, Greenhouse includes a link to the Interview Kit right in the calendar invite. Your interviewers will find out when they’re scheduled to meet with a candidate using the same calendar they’ve always used—but now they also have a world of information about the applicant at their fingertips.

Interview Prep

The interview prep section of the Interview Kit spells out the purpose of the interview and any learning objectives. It can give the interviewer some sample questions and communicate what to look for in a candidate’s answers so they know they’re getting the information they need.

The interview prep section is fully customizable, so you can be as specific or as general as you need to be. It’s also unique to each organization and designed to evolve over time. As you discover which questions work best, you can make small updates here so your team is always getting better at interviewing.


Interview Context

Part of delivering a great candidate experience is making sure your interviewers know as much about the interview process as the person they’re interviewing. Greenhouse’s Interview Kits give every interviewer the scoop on who the candidate talked to before them, and who they’ll be speaking with next. They should also know what questions the candidate’s already been asked, so they can avoid wasting everyone’s time with repeated questions.

Candidate Resume

It’s a simple thing, but every interviewer should have a copy of the candidate’s resume for every single interview. Greenhouse’s Interview Kit includes the resume, so there’s no chance hiring managers will forget to forward it around beforehand. This also means interviewers won’t have to waste key minutes right before the interview frantically searching their inboxes for it.