Get New Jobs Approved

Thanks to our Integrated Job Approvals, companies can greenlight jobs and job offers within Greenhouse, and have a proper audit trail for all of it.

Setup 3 Types of Approval Flows

Greenhouse lets you configure these approvals for individual jobs, or for entire offices and departments.

1. Approvals to start recruiting

The approvals needed before a draft job can be opened and posted publicly on your Careers page, beginning the recruiting and interviewing process.

2. Official job approvals

Approvals needed to confirm that your company has decided to go ahead and fill the position. It allows designated users to create offers, but not extend them to candidates.

3. Approvals to extend offers to each candidate

Approvals needed for the details of individual offers (salary, benefits, etc.). The details must be approved before the offer can be extended to each candidate.


Auto Email Notifications

Every time an approval is needed, Greenhouse automatically sends an email to the person responsible for sign-off, giving them all the information they need to make a decision on approving or declining the request. Greenhouse keeps a detailed audit trail of all of these activities.

Approve on Behalf Of

Greenhouse knows that in real life, not everything happens in a tidy, straight line. We have plenty of options for handling exceptions, overrides, and unique workflows. So if your Senior Executive tells you to go ahead and make the offer to your star candidate at a coffee meeting, you can give approval on her behalf and move forward—and we still keep track of all the details.