Make & Manage Offers

Managing the offer process can be a challenge, and getting it right couldn’t be more important. That’s why Greenhouse lets you create and document the entire process on the candidate’s profile and gives you configurable permission options that keep sensitive data like salary and bonuses private.


Configurable Offer Fields

You can completely customize your offer descriptions. This typically includes fields like salary, options, start date, and title.

Status Tracking

Always know the next step for each offer, whether it’s creating it, getting approval, extending it, or marking it as accepted/rejected.

Offer Versioning

Greenhouse tracks each version of an offer so that you can see the history of what’s happened and report on it later.

Offer Approvals

Offers are also included in the Approvals section of Greenhouse to ensure they’re approved by the appropriate people before they are extended.

Generating Offer Letters from Word Templates

Greenhouse lets you save offer letter templates as Word documents. When an offer is ready to be extended, you can customize the template with the right information for that candidate. This saves time and cuts down on the potential for errors.

Clean Up Post-Hire

When marking a candidate as “hired,” you’ll be prompted to finish off the process by closing the job, exporting the candidate to your HRIS, marking the candidate’s data as Private, and sending an email with all of the candidate’s info to the appropriate person to start the onboarding process.