Make Great Decisions

The big moment has arrived! Greenhouse helps you make evidence-based decisions by bringing together everyone’s feedback into a single view. When you gather your team for a huddle to consider a candidate, Greenhouse ensures you have a useful, data-based conversation, rather than relying on people’s memories or just listening to the loudest voice in the room.


Who Said What

The Who Said What section of a candidate’s profile summarizes each interviewer’s recommendation on whether the candidate passed the interview or not. This is a great way to see a candidate’s progress through your pipeline, and to quickly make decisions about whether they should be advanced or rejected.


Scorecard Summary

The scorecard summary contains every rating from every interview, and it's invaluable at the end of the process, when your hiring team gathers to decide who should get the job offer. It shows several things at a glance:

  • Where interviewers agree about a candidate's strengths and weakness.
  • Where there are still gaps in your knowledge about a candidate. For example, if you’re hiring a senior front-end developer and you don’t have any ratings on their CSS or JavaScript abilities, you might want to bring them in again to test for those skills.
  • Where a candidate has received mixed reviews. For example, if one interviewer rated a candidate highly on culture fit, but another gave them a low score, it can be a good idea to talk it through as a team, and ultimately make a more informed decision about whether the person belongs at the company.