Manage Candidates & Prospects

Greenhouse gives you powerful tools for managing every candidate in your database. Easily find individual candidates with filtering and full-text resumé search, or use our filters to locate large groups of candidates and perform actions in bulk.


Application Review Tool

When the resumés start rolling in, it’s important to review them in a timely manner and make sure no one gets lost in the process. Greenhouse’s Application Review Tool streamlines the process by bringing each new application front and center, showing you a candidate’s resumé and their responses to application questions so you can quickly move the great people forward and reject the rest.

Bulk Actions

Need to do the same thing to a bunch of candidates at once? No problem! Find the group of candidates you’re looking for using our powerful filters, and then:

  • Email everyone at once
  • Send bulk rejection emails
  • Add tags
  • Assign a Sourcer, Recruiter, or Coordinator
  • Merge duplicate candidates into a single profile
  • Make selected candidates private after they’ve been hired (only viewable by site admins)
  • Delete selected candidates
  • Move to a different stage or job
  • Add candidates to another job
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Send take-home tests

Add Candidates to Greenhouse by Emailing Resumés

Have a candidate’s PDF resumé that you want to add to Greenhouse? Just forward the resumé to and we’ll automatically parse it and create a new candidate in Greenhouse. Have a whole stack of them? Forward them all at once, and we’ll create a bunch of new candidates—easy!

Attach Emails to Candidate Profiles by Forwarding

It can be important to keep track of correspondence with your candidates, even if it didn’t originate in Greenhouse. Have an important email exchange with a candidate? Just forward the email to We’ll match the candidate’s email address with the email in your database and automatically attach the full email chain to that candidate’s profile.


Collaborate With Your Team Around a Candidate

If you @mention a team member in a note or scorecard, we’ll email it to them. When they reply, we’ll automatically capture the whole email exchange.

Full Resumé and Text Search

Search the full text of a candidate’s resumé, cover letters, PDF attachments, and any team notes at once.

Powerful Filtering

Easily find the candidates you’re looking for with Greenhouse’s robust candidate filters.

Sort by

  • Last activity
  • Alphabetical
  • Stage
  • Job

Filter by

  • Job name
  • Job status (Open/Closed)
  • Candidate source
  • Candidate stage
  • Candidate status (Active/Rejected/Hired)
  • Needs-decision candidates
  • Interviews to schedule
  • Scheduled interviews
  • Overdue interview scorecards
  • Completed scorecards
  • Interview date
  • Take-home test status (To Be Sent/Waiting/To Be Graded)
  • Offer letter status (To Be Created/To Be Sent/Sent)
  • Candidate referral credit
  • Rejection reasons for rejected candidates
  • Candidate tags
  • Hiring team: Recruiter, Coordinator
  • Last activity date
  • Application date
  • Potential duplicates

Export to Excel

We know that sometimes you just want to manipulate the data yourself. Download any filtered set of candidates directly into Excel so you can chart, graph, and pivot table to your heart’s content.

Auto-merge Duplicate Duplicate Candidates

There’s no way around it—sometimes the same candidate shows up more than once. Maybe they applied to more than one job, or maybe they applied to the same job six months ago. Either way, it creates confusion and needs to be fixed. Auto-merge keeps clutter to a minimum by detecting and automatically merging multiple candidate profiles into a single record.


Managing Your Talent Pool

Greenhouse has a bunch of great features to help you manage prospects: passive candidates you want to keep track of even though they aren’t interviewing for a job.

Find someone while searching LinkedIn and need to convince them to join your company? Or know someone you’d like to hire, but don’t have a specific job in mind for them? Add them as prospect!