Post to Social Networks

Greenhouse makes it easy to share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Just connect your company’s social media platforms to Greenhouse and you're golden. It’s a quick way to significantly expand your reach. We also make it a snap for your employees to spread the word about open positions to their personal networks. And when candidates do apply after seeing your job on social media, Greenhouse automatically tracks which employee shared the job and which social network they came from.

Auto-Post to Social Networks

It’s important to be persistent when posting your jobs online, but remembering to put up a new post every week can be a hassle. That’s why Greenhouse lets you set up a posting schedule for social networks ahead of time. With Auto-Post to Social Networks, you can select which jobs you want to post, set how frequently you want the posts to appear, and then write exactly what you want each post to say—all at once. Then you can sit back and relax (or focus on other work) knowing that you’re getting the word out about your open jobs without having to think about it. You can edit the posting schedule or content for individual scheduled posts at any time, so you’re always in complete control of what you’re saying when.


Social Media Reporting

In addition to letting you schedule social media posts in advance, Greenhouse tracks all the candidates you get through social media, so you can tell which networks are providing you with the best candidates. And since the most powerful network is your company’s extended network, Greenhouse gives admins the power to see which employees have the greatest social reach, how many times they’ve posted, and how many new candidates resulted from those posts. Now it’s easy to see who the influencers are within your organization and get them to reach out to their networks more often.