Robust Candidate Profiles

Candidate profiles are where the magic happens, giving your team the complete scoop on who a candidate is, and where they are in your hiring process. Admins can also access a bunch of functionalities through profile, from advancing a candidate to sending them take-home tests.


Pipeline View

The default view of the candidate profile tells you exactly where they are in the hiring process, how long they’ve been in each stage, and what their next steps are.

One-Off Interviews

Easily add one-off interviews for each candidate without changing the entire hiring pipeline.


Easily Move a Candidate Between Stages

Advance, reject, or move candidates to another stage in the hiring pipeline with the click of a button.

tags 1

Candidate Tags

Tagging candidates is one of the best way to define specific groups of candidates that you want to be able to access later—you can easily filter for single or multiple tags.


Moving and Adding Candidates Across Jobs

Sometimes candidates should be added to multiple jobs if you’re considering them for more than one position, so Greenhouse makes it easy to move or add a candidate to a new job where they might be a better fit.

activity feed

Full Activity Feed

The Candidate Activity Feed is a complete list of all activity related to a candidate since they’ve been added to Greenhouse. Every interview, scorecard, email, stage-change, and info-update is there, so you have a complete record of who did what, when.


Candidate Details

All the general information about a candidate lives here:

  • Contact info
  • Hiring team
  • Source
  • Application questions
  • Resume/Cover letter
  • Personal websites/Links
  • Attachments
  • And anything else you need to keep track of!

Private Candidate Information

Want to keep salaries, bonuses, and other sensitive details private? Greenhouse puts confidential information in a section that can only be accessed by people explicitly given permission to see it.