Streamline Communications

With so many different tasks spread across multiple jobs, offices, and departments, smooth collaboration is essential in running an effective recruiting process. Lucky for you, Greenhouse is designed to be used by your entire team, and makes it easy to communicate with everyone while getting things done.


Email Templates

Greenhouse allows you to create email templates that save you time if you’re sending the same (or very similar) emails over and over again. That way, no matter who sends out a “Thank You for Applying” email they’ll always be using the same language, keeping all communications on brand. Greenhouse provides you with a handful of templates right out of the box:

  • Candidate Rejection
  • Interviewer Invitation
  • Scorecard-Due Reminder
  • “Thank You for Applying” Message

Email Tokens

When sending the same boilerplate email to many people at once, you’ll often want to personalize it with a candidate’s name or job title.

Greenhouse allows you to do this with placeholder variables right in the email template. Variables are represented in the body of the email with two curly braces immediately before and after the variable name. When the email is actually created and sent, Greenhouse merges in the right information.


Of course, you can’t run a recruiting process if you can’t take notes! Happily, your team can record their thoughts directly on the candidate profile, so everyone’s input is easy to access.


@ Mentions

Are you mentioning a co-worker in one of your notes and want them to see it right away? No problem! Type “@” and then your co-worker’s name, and Greenhouse will automatically email them a copy of your note with a link back to wherever you left it. This even works when you’re giving feedback in your Interview Kits —@mention a co-worker, and they’ll receive an email copy when you submit your completed scorecard.

Interview Kits

Not only do Interview Kits help your team provide consistent, structured feedback on candidates, they’re also an essential part of keeping everyone on the team in the loop on the hiring process. Every submitted scorecard lives on the respective candidate’s profile, so feedback from each team member is located in one place—no more searching through your inbox for old interviews!


Email the Team about a Candidate

Need to ask your hiring team a question about a particular candidate? Or want to let them know you’ve decided to advance someone to the next stage? You can email the entire hiring team from a candidate's profile—you can even include attachments, so everyone receives a copy of the candidate’s resume or interview feedback along with your message.


Keeping a Record of All Communication

A candidate’s notes, emails, and scorecards will automatically be copied onto their activity feed. So you’ll have a complete record of everything that’s been said to (and about) the candidate.