Use Powerful APIs

Greenhouse offers a variety of APIs for customers and partners.


Harvest API

The Harvest API enables customers to download all of their data. This is useful for reporting purposes, or for customers who have built their own tools that they want to use with Greenhouse. GET methods include Offices, Departments, Candidates, Activity Feed, Applications, Scorecards, Scheduled Interviews, Offers, Jobs, Stages, Job Post, Rejection Reasons, Email Templates, Users, and Sources.

POST methods include Reject Application, Move Application, and Advance Application.

Candidate Ingestion API

Using external tools to source candidates? Greenhouse enables you to create new candidates using the Candidate Ingestion API. This API supports a number of authentication strategies (API keys and OAuth2) and includes methods to get a list of active jobs, create new candidates/prospects, generate tracking links, and get updates on what happened to previously pushed candidates.