At Greenhouse, we believe in delivering recruiting tools that enhance the way teams find and hire talent—and we value partners who share our vision. Our fast-growing integration ecosystem empowers users to easily work across best-of-breed tools and solutions to strengthen the Greenhouse platform.

Customer-Preferred Partners

Build your tech stack with confidence and guidance, selecting from our customers’ most popular integrations.

Integration Categories

Background Checks

Use Greenhouse to get your background checks rolling.

  • Asurint

    Asurint swiftly provides complete, accurate and compliant pre-employment background screens.

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    The Better Way for Background Screening

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    Since 2006, Asurint has been redefining how background searches are done; solving problems and reducing anxiety for recruiters and their candidates throughout the hiring process. Using innovative tools that aid in faster turnaround times, more accurate information and seamless integrations, Asurint provides the only background screen optimized to deliver the truth on demand.

    Our products and solutions get you comprehensive results, fast. Here are just a few:

    • Criminal Background Searches
    • Drug Testing & Medical Services
    • Employment and Education Verification Searches
    • Social Security Number Searches

    We know we’re the last thing separating you from hiring the best candidate for the job. That’s why our focus on innovation has led to the development of a unique, customizable search engine-like capability that optimizes a search for speed and efficiency. With the Asurint and the Greenhouse integration users will experience:

    • A seamless integration
    • A+ user experience
    • Efficient workflows
    • Complete visibility of the hiring lifecycle
  • Atlantic Employee Screening

    See how our quick, compliant reports with old-fashioned customer service will enhance your hiring processes!

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    Experience The Atlantic Difference

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    Atlantic Employee Screening has been operating compliant, secure and insured since 1997 and is committed to its founding principles: provide the highest quality customer service with advanced technology and lowest prices possible. With the addition of the Greenhouse integration, it’s even easier to streamline screening and onboard the best candidate possible with completely customizable packages and most of our reports yielding same-day turn around.

    Whether you are interested in criminal checks, drug screenings, education and employment verifications, or even social media screening, our in-house processors work quickly to provide you with a comprehensive, compliant and accurate report. We know compliance is important to you, which is why we have built-in authorization forms as well as state and county disclosures. In addition, we offer pre-adverse action and letters and adverse action letters for your convenience in both English and Spanish.

    With the lightning technology of the Greenhouse integration and the benefits of working with Atlantic Employee Screening, we are the solution you are looking for. Most importantly, we will work everyday to EARN your business: with no sign-up or hidden fees and a membership agreement rather than a contract, there’s no reason not to try our services today and see how Atlantic can improve your hiring purposes!

  • CareerBuilder Employment Screening

    CB Employment Screening makes screening easy by integrating with Greenhouse enhancing the applicant experience.

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    The Trusted Leader in Background Screening

    CareerBuilder Employment Screening is the trusted leader in employment screening. With 68% of candidates continuing to look for jobs until cleared for hire, we help to simplify employment screening by enabling clients to gain the visibility, quality, and speed to keep candidates engaged. We are proud to be the trusted partner of thousands of clients, top ranked in HRO Today's Baker's Dozen list, included on the Workforce Hot List, NAPBS accredited, and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our award-winning WebACE® screening platform integrates with your ATS to save time and enhance the applicant experience. As part of CareerBuilder, we provide the unique ability to help clients match the right talent, with the right position, at the right time.


    The Leaders in Quality

    CareerBuilder Employment Screening’s WebACE® platform is the driving force behind our superior screening processes. WebACE® lets clients maintain consistency, streamline workflow efficiency, stay ahead of always-evolving compliance standards, and maintain complete control of the hiring process. With WebACE®, HR professionals receive an unmatched and seamlessly integrated screening experience.

    The Leaders in Accuracy

    CareerBuilder Employment Screening delivers consistent quality and compliance throughout the entire screening process. With NAPBS accreditation, ISO certification and stringent compliance standards, we align client compliance processes with maximum possible accuracy.

    The Leaders in Service

    HRO Today's Baker's Dozen has honored us five years straight for customer satisfaction and overall service. We maintain industry leading customer satisfaction backed by predictable screening results and exceptional service. CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides superior customer care when it counts.

  • Certn

    The most comprehensive global background checks in 15 mins, without compromise. (USA, Canada and more!)

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    Lightning Fast, Comprehensive Background Checks

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    Certn offers North America’s fastest, most compressive background checks. Our services include:


    Softcheck is an all in one solution to identify risk using real-time public information. Designed to reduce the instances of high-risk hires, tenants and customers by delivering automated, intelligent customer screening and decision-ready intelligence. Softchecks include the following searches from 240 counties:

    • Public criminal and court
    • Adverse media/negative news
    • Fraud watch lists
    • Known affiliations to gangs, terrorist organizations and other negative groups.
    • OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, and many more
    • Sex offender registries
    • Domestic and international terrorist watchlists
    • Social media platforms for public social media profiles
    • Eviction records, corporate blacklists and other niche data from reputable sources.

    Identity Verification:

    • Basic: As well as instantly confirming age and credit details, Basic eID utilizes a range of data sources to generate multi-choice questions and answers that only the true identity owner should know.
    • Enhanced: Industry leading physical identity verification in seconds. Using any internet enabled device, applicants simply take a photo of their physical ID and a selfie.

    Canadian Criminal Record Checks:

    • The fastest RCMP Criminal Record Check (CPIC, PIP, FIP and niche database search)

    US Criminal Record Checks:

    • National Criminal Record Check
    • State and County Criminal Records Search
    • Federal Criminal Records Check

    Credit Reports

    Motor Vehicle Records & Drivers Abstracts

    Full Driving Records Check that provides records from every province (except Alberta) and all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Reports detail:

    • License status
    • Violations and infractions
    • Accidents
    • Suspensions or revocations
    • Expiration date
    • Endorsements

    Other Services

    • SSN Validation: Certn queries the SSN provided by the applicant against information provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether the SSN is a valid SSN, or whether the SSN is associated with a number on the SSA’s Death Master File. If the number is invalid or listed on the Death Master File, the Certn system prompts the applicant to provide additional documentation.
    • Address History Trace: The SSN Trace includes a compilation of addresses associated with the SSN. Based on this information and your package scope, Certn will use address history to determine which jurisdictions to search for court records.

  • Checkr

    Conduct compliant background screenings with Checkr’s fast, modern platform.

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    Simple, accurate, and tailored background checks.

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    Checkr offers compliant and nationally accredited background screening with a modern experience that makes the process simpler and more efficient for both companies and applicants. Hire faster and smarter with in-depth and accurate reports customized and scaled to your business needs.

    A fast-growing modern national background screening company with top clients like Uber, Instacart and Warby Parker, Checkr provides both an intuitive web application as well as a RESTful API to help companies of any size run their screening processes automatically and securely. And integrated with Greenhouse, Checkr’s simple and fast background screening solution streamlines your hiring process to get great talent working for your company sooner.

    Compliant Checkr takes stringent measures to not only meet FCRA compliance but also to maintain accreditation with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Our embedded Compliance Engine carefully follows both national and state laws to give you fast and accurate reports.

    Applicant Friendly With our applicant on-boarding flow available via both web and mobile, we bring Checkr screening directly to applicants on their preferred devices. Our on-boarding experience is worry free and never complicated, and easily monitored from your Greenhouse dashboard.

    Efficient and Simple Checkr reports are clear, concise and actionable. Quickly identify violations with our color-coded reports and effectively communicate with applicants via streamlined compliance tools -- without ever leaving your dashboard.

    Live Support Our on-site U.S-based support team is available during business hours, along with in-house legal and compliance teams that possess decades of screening experience. Combine the speed of an algorithm with human expertise to get the best applicants faster.

  • Choice Screening

    We are more than background checks. Partner with us for exceptional service, compliance & education.

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    Experience The Choice Difference

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    We are an industry leading provider of Background Checks, Drug, Alcohol, and Medical Screening Testing, Professional Verifications, Driving Records, Credit Reports, Rental History, Medical Registries, Workers Compensation, and International Screening.  We offer compliance services: Online Consent Form and Adverse Action Letters in order to save you time, allowing you to reallocate your valuable resources.  Our unique technology features like Auto Order and Applicant Scan assist during the complex hiring process. Choice ReScreen is a post hire background screening service that helps you gain powerful insight after the initial job offer. Choice ReScreen assists in maintaining driver compliance, adhering to medical credentialing requirements, verifying newly earned credentials, and ensuring a safe work environment.  

    Our scope of services reach beyond background checks to provide you with a fully inclusive onboarding process.  Choice Screening’s Form I-9 Comply™, is our E-Verify and Form I-9 online management tool which virtually eliminates the #1 reason for fines during an audit – Form I-9 errors and omissions. 

    We pride ourselves on client education and providing an accurate scope of this highly regulated industry. We educate our partners on not only the true landscape of our industry, but on which products are most impactful for your applicants in order to aid you in remaining compliant all while achieving your goals. 

    The Choice Screening and Greenhouse Integration creates exceptional candidate experiences all by leveraging this fully inclusive and powerful platform to create a complete onboarding process.

  • CompuFACT

    Streamlining background checks and drug screens for over 24 years. FREE INTEGRATION. FASTEST RESULTS!

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    Customizable…No Cost Integrations…FCRA+ Compliant

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    Smart Background Checks and Drug Screens

    Established in 1994, CompuFACT is a background check and drug screening company committed to providing the most innovative products, competitive prices and caring customer service. Our capabilities are without boundaries, providing background checks from all across the world in formats that are customizable to your specific needs. Our one of a kind “Smartphone Plus” technology connects all internet connected electronic devices to the Greenhouse platform for stronger connectivity than what traditional integrations offer.

    The CompuFACT Benefits

    Speed Nearly half of our reports have instant turnaround speeds, with most of the remaining reports having a one to two-day turnaround time! Statistics show that CompuFACT is more than sixty percent faster than the competition.

    Experience With two and a half decades of experience, CompuFACT sets the bar by providing stronger compliance, smarter technology, and exceptional customer service.

    Free Integration CompuFACT’s “Greenhouse Direct” technology provides easier and a more secure connection to the Greenhouse platform. This seamless integration is customizable, tweakable, and usually free of charge.

    The “Smartphone Plus” Advantage

    Smartphone Plus technology connects you with prospective applicants like never before. Releases, reminders, and updates can be sent directly to your applicant’s email, tablet or mobile device. Smartphone Plus is your best option for eliminating frustrating Job Applicant connection failures.

  • Data Facts

    Data Facts’ background screening provides a full suite of products and U.S. based, personalized customer support.

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    Data Facts – Smart Screening, Smart Hiring

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    Data Facts’ background screening solutions provide clients with innovative, next generation technology and a personalized customer experience. This 360-degree support system is the foundation of our client relationships. Experience the fastest turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in background screening with Data Facts - because you deserve a better experience.

    No Offshoring All operations take place in the U.S. While we do provide global screening solutions, all Data Facts investigators work out of 1 of our 3 domestic operations centers. Not all countries operate with the same data privacy and security laws. With Data Facts, you can rest assured that all PII data is safe and secure. Additionally, all customer service and support are handled in the continental U.S.

    Mobile-Friendly Technology The Data Facts platform is the #1 background screening platform in the nation. With a full suite of pre-employment and post-hire monitoring tools, this easy-to-use platform provides best-in-class customer support, 99.99995% uptime, and comprehensive and continuous compliance updates. The enterprise grade application architecture ensures that your screening data is safe and accessible 24/7. Our cloud-based system is easy to use and provides maximum flexibility to fit your specialized needs. With powerful, mobile-friendly technology that’s compatible across any smart device, our platform integrates with Greenhouse to offer an end-to-end candidate experience.

    No Litigation in 30 Years - At Data Facts, we believe that it is our job to be fully compliant with the FCRA, but it is also part of our job to advise our clients on compliant screening practices.

    Customer Focused Organization – Our Core Values drive us to be the best customer service delivery team in the market. That’s why we make engaging with your dedicated Data Facts’ account team seamless and easy. We hand-select our most experienced representatives to handle your account, ensuring you receive white-glove treatment every time.

    100% Woman Owned – Data Facts is a 100% Woman Owned Business. We are a WBENC diversified supplier.

    Accredited – Data Facts holds an accreditation with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), formerly NAPBS. We also hold a SOC 2 certification.

    Data Facts Gives Back - Data Facts participates in many programs with local and national non-profit organizations. In 2012 we created the “Data Facts Gives Back” program which donates 10% of all new clients’ first month’s invoice to the charity of their choice. Over the last 6 years, Data Facts has donated over a quarter of a million dollars on behalf of our clients.

    Quality of Employees – Data Facts employees offer the longest tenure in the industry. Our Background Screening team members hold an average of 9 years of industry experience. All employees are FCRA Certified and must pass recertification tests every 2 years.

  • Employment Background Investigations (EBI)

    EBI’s integrated screening solution is secure, compliant and 100% American-made and supported.

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    Safe, secure, and easy to use. (For both you and your candidates.)

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    Employment Background Investigations (EBI) is a multi-award-winning provider of pre-employment background checks, drug testing, occupational healthcare, and I-9 compliance solutions for employers worldwide. We understand the unique nature of each customers’ business goals, and design custom screening programs to help them achieve their goals and create the company cultures they desire. Performing all of our operations 100% in the United States helps us maintain the highest standard of quality and accuracy our clients have come to expect.

    Top-of-mind for us is providing our customers a no-fuss user experience throughout the recruiting lifecycle. Our screening solution smoothly clicks in with Greenhouse’s platform, letting you drive the acquisition of top-quality talent both quickly and cost-effectively. Engaging EBI’s screening services can be launched at any point in your workflow.  You can even watch your screening progress with real-time status updates in your Greenhouse activity feed, including a unique ETA feature, so you know when to expect the final screening report.

    We’ve got your candidates covered too. Our Candidate Care Program includes a custom-branded candidate screening portal, an online help desk with real-time chat function, and a dedicated customer service hotline to support your candidates and provide the best experience possible.

    EBI’s hyper-focus on data security and compliance has positioned our screening technology as one of the premier products available today. Our solution ensures compliance and maximum data security through:

    • SMART form technology 
    • US-Based Customer support and Operations – No Offshoring
    • Customer Education through our Screening News Network
    • ISO 27001 certification for Information Security
    • ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management
    • NAPBS Accreditation
  • Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

    ESR provides on-demand access to global background screening, substance abuse testing and occupational health screening services.

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    ESR is a Strategic Choice for Employers.

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    Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is a leading, global screening firm providing on-demand access to compliant and accurate background screening services that empower our clients to quickly make informed hiring decisions. 

    We believe companies deserve a background screening partner they can rely upon to consistently deliver fast, accurate, affordable and compliant information through an innovative, highly-integrated solution that supports employer compliance with ever-changing laws. 

    We empower employers through an extensive set of services and powerful compliance tools that are embedded into our robust technology.   We ensure you can make decisions quickly and compliantly. ESR’s Assured Compliance® program is a no cost value add that takes the worry out of your compliance duties under local, state and federal laws.    We minimize your risk through the design and execution of a screening program built to ensure compliance. 

    Check Us Out!

    We offer many no cost value adds that cannot be found elsewhere.  Integrated with the most popular HR technology solutions!

    We encourage you to contact us to learn how we can help solve the challenges you are facing with your screening program.

  • ESS- Employment Screening Services

    Customized, compliant background and drug screening solutions for hiring safe and productive workforces.

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    Faster, Easier, Better Background Screening

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    ESS helps companies hire and retain safe and productive workforces by providing a broad range of background screening and drug testing solutions – from standard criminal searches and drug testing to more sophisticated intelligence solutions that validate credentials, monitors ongoing compliance, or analyzes social media activity.

    ESS operates nationally through a secure technology platform and domestically-based service professionals. The Company’s 25-year history and compliance focus have earned a solid reputation for helping organizations efficiently implement, manage, and control their background screening programs.


    • Criminal Background Screening
    • Drug Testing
    • Verifications
    • Electronic I9 and E-Verify
    • Industry Specific and Specialty Screening
    • Driver Monitoring (MVR)
    • Social Media Searches
    • Credit Reports
    • Vendor Compliance Management
    • Compliance Tracking


    While robust technology and product innovation are a given in this industry – we also take a very personal approach to tailoring services to help meet the specific risk profiles of our clients. It’s this personal approach and our unmatched level of service certainty that sets us apart.

  • First Advantage

    Fast, accurate, secure and compliant. Find out how we are the global leader in candidate screening.

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    Industry Leading Employer & Candidate Mobile Experience

    First Advantage is the world’s most trusted background check provider. With easy-to-understand background check results, you feel more confident about prospective employee, vendor and contractor decisions. Offering an advanced global technology platform, superior customer service and compliance expertise delivered by local staff who understand local markets, First Advantage helps customers around the world build fully scalable, configurable screening programs that meet their unique needs.

    Access criminal record searches; education, employment, and professional license verifications; global sanction searches; credit checks; fingerprint screening; drug testing and more. First Advantage supports over 35,000 clients worldwide with 26 offices throughout North America, Europe, India and Asia. Our 65 million international background screens annually cover 200+countries and territories. More information about First Advantage can be accessed at

  • GoodHire

    GoodHire background checks foster a legally compliant and delightful candidate experience all within Greenhouse.

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    Superior solutions built (and priced) for companies of any size.

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    GoodHire is an FCRA-compliant employment screening service that automates and simplifies the background check process. Available through both an easy-to-use web interface and full-featured, RESTful API, GoodHire’s affordable, comprehensive services empower companies of all sizes to make the best hiring decisions. Our experienced and knowledgeable US-based support team is dedicated to providing every employer a 5-star experience.

    The GoodHire Advantage

    Established Reputation. Industry-leading security infrastructure. World-class privacy team. Ethical steward of data. Recognized, reputable leader. Over 20K customers. eKomi rating of 4.7/5. Trust you can count on.

    Easy to Integrate and Flexibility at Scale. Our real-time API seamlessly integrates into your current processes for fast, reliable results. Adaptable for companies of all sizes, we enable you and your clients to screen candidates at scale.

    Your FCRA Partner. Our in-house Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) expertise ensures you and your clients keep abreast of changes and nuances. We take the guesswork out of FCRA-related issues to avoid legal headaches.

    Depth of Experience—More Than Just A Partner. We’re not just a partner, we’re also your advisor. We’ve turned our almost 10 years of people data and privacy work into powerful data solutions, and our US-based support teams will work alongside you to meet your hiring goals.

  • HireRight

    HireRight background screening integrates with Greenhouse - helping you hire and onboard talent more quickly.

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    HireRight - Helping People Get Hired.

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    HireRight is the premier global background screening and workforce solutions provider. We bring clarity and confidence to vetting and hiring decisions through integrated, tailored solutions, driving a higher standard of accuracy in everything we do. Combining in-house talent, personalized services, and proprietary technology, we ensure the best candidate experience possible. NAPBS accredited and based in Irvine, CA, we offer expertise from our regional centers across 200 countries and territories in The Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our commitment to get it right every time, everywhere, makes us the trusted partner of businesses and organizations worldwide.

    Learn more at

  • InfoMart

    Delivering the information needed to make informed, compliant hiring decisions.

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    Your Global Source for Identity & Background Screening

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    The InfoMart Difference
    Choose Streamlined Technology

    We have a documented history of innovation and integration. From our mobile candidate experience to our biometric identity verification tool, InfoMart is deploying first-to-market, modern screening tools. Our team is changing the way we process and think about traditional background screening service.


    Choose Speed You Can Trust

    Want your background check in under two days? You’ve got it. Automation, mature processes, and a well-trained team drive our industry-leading turnaround times. We gauge our performance using the metrics that matter to our clients.


    Choose an Unrivaled User Experience

    Our team has invested in developing an intuitive, user-friendly experience for both your team and your candidates. Our mobile, candidate-facing technology—ASAP ID—initiates a background check with verified identifiers in just 60 seconds. That’s speed, accuracy, and risk management—all in one platform.


    Choose Reliable, Certified Expertise

    As a founding and accredited member of NAPBS backed by a team of FCRA-certified analysts, when you select InfoMart as your screening provider, you’re partnering experience. Our time-tested service and tech have secured 20+ year relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

  • Onfido

    Powering automated background checks and identity verification for the world’s most innovative companies. 

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    Automate your background checks through Greenhouse

    Background checking has, until now, been slow, manual and error-prone. At Onfido, we use intelligent technology to automate the process, returning fast results you can count on so that you can focus on building great teams, fast.

    We accelerate the process at every stage

    1. Automatically trigger checks
      Set up your account to initiate checks as soon as your candidate has been hired.
    2. Automated searches
      Perform extensive, automatic checks via our integration with 286 major databases.
    3. Instant results
      Receive results within seconds for Identity and Document Checks.

    You take control of the checking process

    1. Online tracking
      Automate  audit logging and tracking through our dashboard.
    2. Status updates
      You receive visible status updates at every stage.
    3. Accessible reports
      Reports are available online the minute  checks are completed.
  • PeopleG2

    PeopleG2 Background Checks lead to less frustration, easy to access results, and hassle-free hiring!

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    Pg2 Hero Image 2019 Greenhouse V3


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    With the PeopleG2 solution through the integration, you can take advantage of a broad array of intelligence-gathering, due diligence and risk management solutions and services provide support for human capital decisions and transactions. Clients partner with us for both traditional and customized pre-employment screening and background checking. Pre-employment screening and background checking services are the cornerstone of our business, and our success is largely driven by a desire to offer differentiated service capabilities and more of a personal touch in an otherwise commoditized industry. We routinely win service contracts over larger providers in this arena due to our intense focus on customer satisfaction and providing unparalleled service quality.

  • SmartStart

    Simple, cost effective integrations and award winning service with the industry’s most modern background check company.

  • Smartstart Logo Color
    Smartstart Hero

    Free Integrations and Customization

    SmartStart provides worldwide employment screening services using the most modern technology and techniques. Our system has revolutionized an antiquated industry making SmartStart the most modern background check company in the world. Our combination of advanced technology and unique service methodologies has continuously made SmartStart a global leader.

    Through your integration with Greenhouse, SmartStart can provide faster solutions while substantially reducing the possibility of data entry errors. SmartStart offers an eApplication, electronic signatures, and highly customizable portals for both client and applicant. Our integration services come complete without charge. Our depth of service is second to none.

    Find out why SmartStart has become the leading screening solution provider for thousands of companies worldwide.

  • Sterling Talent Solutions

    Easily manage screening and onboarding from decision to day one with greater efficiency and compliance.

  • Sterling Color Logo
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    Screen and onboard with greater confidence and compliance

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    Sterling Talent Solutions provides hiring peace of mind by delivering a simpler, smarter background screening and onboarding experience for employers worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based background screening and onboarding solutions deliver accurate, reliable results and tools to maintain compliance throughout the hiring cycle.

    With 18 offices in nine countries, our team of more than 3,500 employees proudly serves over 50,000 customers around the world, including 25% of the Fortune 100. Sterling is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), a distinction earned by fewer than 10% of all background screening companies. 

    Sterling Talent Solutions is a service mark of Sterling Infosystems.

    Greenhouse + Sterling Talent Solutions

    Greenhouse and Sterling Talent Solutions unify hiring tasks, delivering a streamlined workflow from decision to day one. Our seamless integration allows you to easily launch hiring tasks from within the Greenhouse platform, reducing duplicate data entry and eliminating multiple logins. As your partners in hiring, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience for HR and hiring managers, candidates and new hires.

  • Universal Background Screening

    Background screening services with a commitment to personalized, responsive service and accuracy

  • Universal Logo Color 1 1
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    Comprehensive Background Screening Solutions

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    Employers trust Universal Background Screening to Deliver Hire Quality™

    Universal Background Screening provides comprehensive background screening services with a commitment to personalized, responsive service and accuracy in the information we provide. Our nationally (NAPBS) accredited services include exceptional turnaround time and ensure your organization meets and exceeds all compliance guidelines. We help companies coast-to-coast make the background screening process easier and ensure our clients know everything they need to know about prospective employees.

    NAPBS Accredited
    Universal is one of a small percentage of screening firms accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

    Personalized Service
    As a client, you are assigned a dedicated client service team knowledgeable about your account and screening program.

    Fast Turnaround Time
    Universal delivers industry-leading turnaround time, providing results in less than a 2 business day average for criminal searches and under 3 business day average for verifications.

    Legal Compliance
    We follow state and federal regulations and Industry best practices designed to protect your organization and assist in your compliance to reduce hiring risk.

    ATS & HRIS Integrations
    Universal is HR-XML Certified and integrated with dozens of leading ATS and HRIS solutions to help you further automate your screening and workforce management process.

    Advanced Client Portal
    Universal’s user-friendly, web-based solution simplifies the background screening process. Submit orders, view pending as well as completed reports in real time, 24×7.

  • Veremark

    Try our comprehensive background screening platform to build comprehensive profiles on your candidates

  • Veremark colour

    Insightful, accurate and trusted background checks

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    Veremark is a background screening and reference checking platform useable by any company that wants to hire with less risk.

    We have digitised and automated the traditional slow and manual processes that either get overlooked or cost companies time and money whilst providing a poor experience to the candidate.

    We create a lasting career passport on the blockchain for candidates to be able to reuse and hold verified proof of their key credentials.

  • Verified First

    Find out how our top-rated customer service and custom searches can simplify your hiring process.

  • Verified First Logo Color 1
    Verified First Hire With Confidence 1

    Premier pre-employment screening services

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    Verified First leads the industry with cutting-edge technology designed to simplify the hiring process. Our patent-pending integration can be set up in minutes and allows you to conduct background searches and read reports with just a few clicks.

    Whether you need criminal history or drug testing, credit reports or license checks, Verified First has screening options to suit your industry. Our client care experts will help you design custom searches to meet your industry and hiring needs. You have full control over what you order and who can see the results, thanks to our user-friendly online portal. Our innovative solution minimizes your data entry and speeds up the approval process. Most clear searches return results within minutes so you can onboard new hires faster. All non-clear results are examined by our in-house compliance experts for accurate reporting.

  • Vetty

    Vetty delivers frictionless background screening to scaling businesses. It's a Vetty good day!

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    Greenhouse Marketing Hero

    Frictionless Candidate-Centric Background Screening

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    Vetty delivers compliant background screening solutions through a seamless integration with Greenhouse. Vetty's ethos is fueled by the desire to constantly drive innovation in the background screening industry, the elevation of the onboarding experience, and consistent value-driven back to organizations.

    The easiest, and most intuitive platform to use. Bar none. You're tired of clunky platforms that are hard to navigate, or too cumbersome and confusing to figure out what you should do next, or what action you should take. Us too. That's why we built a product with an amazing user interface so that you, your team, and your organization loves using the Vetty platform. Navigate effortlessly, and with insight and alerts so that you're always in control.

    Applicant Friendly Vetty innovates traditional candidate entry systems with the Vetty Verified Profile. A digital experience that allows you to communicate with the applicant at ease and provides a direct line-of-sight and 100% transparency throughout the entire background screening process. The Vetty Verified Profile allows candidates to update, upload, and communicate directly with your operations/HR teams, effortlessly serving up actionable insight for them when needed most.

    Compliance Vetty Verified Profiles are easy to digest, color-coded, and deliver the information needed to make informed decisions, quickly. Our built-in compliance engine carefully acts on both national and state laws. Ensuring you identify violations and communicate compliantly, keeping you, and your business out of harm's way.

    Support Our in-country support team is available during business hours and beyond. Feel free to visit our website and chat live with one of our support folks, or tap us through Slack. We live, breath, and engage in the technologies that make us thrive together.

    Come dig in, it's a Vetty good day! We think you're going to love what we can accomplish together.

Candidate Feedback

Send surveys and gather feedback from candidates in the recruitment process.

  • Starred

    Starred automates Candidate and Hiring Manager Feedback and shows you what to focus on

  • C greenhouse page logo
    D Hero Image Greenhouse page image3

    Effortless automated Candidate Experience solution

    Request Partner Demo

    Starred is an automated feedback solution that plugs right into your Greenhouse pipeline. You’re in complete control over when and how you measure not only candidate experience, but hiring manager experience, too. Our integration runs in the background, so your recruiters can get back to their usual work with no extra admin needed. The Starred dashboards let you segment the data on all business levels, such as per recruiter, department, country, job role, etc. Our algorithm then measures what has the biggest impact, so we can help you prioritize your next steps to make better data-driven decisions.

    Why Starred:

    • Measure all Candidate Journey stages: rejected, withdrawn and hired
    • Hiring Manager feedback
    • Seamless set-up: you’ll be live within 30 days - that’s a promise!
    • Fully customizable surveys in your own branding
    • Highest response rates
    • Prioritized next steps, segmented data, and benchmarks
    • Custom Business Intelligence dashboards
    • Enterprise-ready (Data Security, Access Rights, etc)

    Fully customizable

    Starred puts you in the driver’s seat. Send surveys to rejected, withdrawn or hired candidates, and hiring managers at any stage of the candidate journey! You decide what to ask and when - you’re not limited to standardized feedback forms. Create your own surveys or choose one from our extensive template gallery and send it out without a worry.

    Starred invites and surveys are respondent-friendly, fully designed in your own branding and perfected to get you the highest response rates. The first question is already included in your invitation to boost click-throughs; the intuitive feedback forms are automatically optimized across all devices.

    React to feedback

    Feedback should be a conversation - that’s where our firefighting emails come in. You’ll be alerted when a candidate said they had a negative experience, allowing you to follow up and regain control of the situation. Automatically send happy candidates to review platforms such as Glassdoor, or ask them for a referral to expand your candidate pool.

    Data made actionable

    We understand you and your team are busy as is - instead of just showing you data, we show you your prioritized next steps. What has the biggest impact on your candidate experience? And what requires your focus first? Besides benchmarking your results internally on levels such as department, country, hiring manager, job role, etc., you can see how you compare to the industry. Our completely flexible BI dashboards let us create any additional dashboard your organization may need. A Recruiter Performance Matrix, you ask? Coming right up! You want a world map showing the NPS score of all the countries your candidates are from? No problem!

    Starred puts the human first

    We not only apply this mantra towards our respondents but to our users too. Starred’s solution is easy to use. Our dedicated support agents help new users go-live within 30 days and share best practices with them. That way we guarantee that Starred will have an ongoing impact on your candidate experience.

  • Trustcruit

    Automatically collect feedback from candidates and improve your recruitment process with data

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  • Trustcruit Logo Color 300X47
    Trustcruit Hero 960X460

    Measure and improve your candidate experience

    Request Partner Demo

    Trustcruit collects feedback from your candidates in 5 steps of the recruitment process; after application, after interviews, after rejection, onboarding and hiring manager follow up.

    Collecting feedback will help you work data-driven, benchmark your performance and improve your recruitment process. Average Trustcruit client improves their recruitment process 7,3-8,0 point in Net Promoter Score during the first 12 months.

    What Trustcruit clients improve, examples:
    After application
    - Technical errors minimized
    - Write better job ads
    - See your application process performance compared to other companies

    After interview
    - Filter and see what recruiters/hiring managers perform well in interviews. Support and coach those that are in most need!
    - Learn what recruiters are good at. Who creates the most ambassadors/promoters? Which are well prepared? Which book the interviews in an expected time-frame?

    After rejection
    - How many candidates say they never get a rejection?(on average 23% never get a rejection..)
    - How many say they would apply with you again? Do you perform over or under the benchmark?

    - How was your new colleagues first day?
    - How was the introduction to the company?
    - How was the introduction about the specific role?
    - How many already ended their employment and for what reasons?

    Hiring Manager
    - As a hiring manager, in general, did you get the support you needed from HR?
    - Did you get the support you needed to find the right candidate?

Candidate Travel

Tools that make booking candidate travel easier

  • NexTravel

    NexTravel works with companies to take the pain out of booking and managing travel for work.

  • Greenhouse Color Logo
    Cover 2 1 1

    Save time and money on business travel

    Request Partner Demo

    NexTravel makes booking and managing business travel simple. NexTravel works with thousands of companies to take the pain out of booking and managing travel for work, eliminating the need for costly phone calls to travel agents and headaches filing expense reports. Save up to 30% on your company business travel costs while accessing corporate discounts, easy travel policies and advanced travel approvals.

    With Nextravel, the onboarding process is simple and streamlined allowing employees to spend 70% less time booking travel. NexTravel has the highest online booking adoption in the industry with 98% of employees using the tool.

    Control your business travel costs, streamline corporate traveling booking and keep your travelers happy by joining NexTravel.

  • Pana

    Pana is the first corporate travel platform exclusively for world-class guest trips.

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  • Pana Logo
    Greenhouse Hero Min

    Make their first impression a great one.

    Request Partner Demo

    Pana manages guest travel from start to finish, including interview, event, contractor, intern and relocation travel. We deliver a clear and simple process for the team while maintaining a 5 star travel rating by your guests.

    Pana accomplishes this by taking work off your recruiters plates and coordinating travel that's within your budgets, timing, preferred vendors, and expense policies. The invite process takes under two minutes and Pana will handle it from there. For travelers and coordinators we're available 24/7, 365 for support, with under 5-minute response times. We can even avoid the candidate from having to float a single dollar themselves.


Send an offer letter for e-signature with ease.

  • DocuSign

    DocuSign helps businesses easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud.

  • Juro

    Juro is a contract collaboration platform that helps businesses agree terms up to 96% faster.

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  • Green Juro Logo
    Juro Greenhouse Hero

    Contract management your whole team will love.

    Request Partner Demo

    Give candidates an amazing experience with dynamic, responsive offer letters & employment contracts.

    Shorten your time-to-hire, deliver an amazing onboarding flow for new employees, and stop contracts from blocking the growth of your business. Talent and people teams adopting Juro as their contract management platform typically reduce time spent on HR documents by 75%.

    With Juro, contracts and offer letters are:

    FASTER: Map fields to Juro templates so you can generate contracts and offer letters without ever having to leave Greenhouse. Send them straight out for in-browser negotiation and eSigning - even in bulk. Once signed, you'll automatically have a record of the contract saved in Greenhouse, Juro, and any connected GDrive.

    SMARTER: Gain valuable insight on your contract workflow through our analytics stack and keep complete audit trails on contract activity. Use Juro’s Slack integration to stay up-to-date at all times. Combine Greenhouse data with Juro’s conditional logic to ensure candidates only see relevant content, like bonuses, commission levels and post-termination restrictions, in their offer letters.

    MORE HUMAN: Deliver the hiring and onboarding experience your candidates deserve, with Juro’s best-in-class, design-first, intuitive interface. Create harmony between HR and legal teams with a tool that high-growth businesses like Deliveroo, Envoy and Skyscanner use to delight customers with branded, mobile-responsive contract templates and eSigning.

Employer Branding

Take your company's employer branding to the next level.

  • Ironistic

    A Greenhouse partner since 2014 with many level 1-5 integrations specifically created to drive conversions.  

  • Ironistic Logo Color 1 1
    Greenhouse Hero 4

    Ironistic is a full service digital transformation company who provides and integrates with Greenhouse services and software.

    Request Partner Demo

    Ironistic ( is a woman-owned, full-service, online development and strategy firm headquartered in Alexandria, VA with a satellite office in Saint Louis, MO and Grand Junction, CO. All of Ironistic’s staff are U.S.-based employees committed to excellence and trained in digital production and marketing.

    Founded in 2012, but with industry experience going back to 1996, Ironistic delivers full-service website development and online conversion strategies to companies of all sizes and across all industries. Our team's experience includes working on some of the largest websites in the world such as, Toyota Financial Services, Freddie Mac, The Federal Reserve, Office Depot, Verizon, Campbells, Republic Airlines, Washington Redskins, DCS Corp, Buchanan Edwards, OAAA, Washington Auto Show, and hundreds of small and medium-sized companies, associations, e-commerce and non-profits.

    We have been working with Greenhouse since 2014 and have completed many level 1-5 integrations specifically created to drive conversions.   We understand the importance of testing and planning in order to drive users to their intended conversion like employment, participation and more.   Our partnership with Greenhouse is a natural one since we both focus the usability of our websites and software, making it easy to use and easy to administer.

    In addition, we find Greenhouse to be aligned with our values as we both honor our commitments and treat our customers like family. It’s not enough to provide expert digital solutions. We both invest time and energy into understanding your business and brand so that we can help you deliver exceptional online user experiences and ensure that every channel your brand interacts with meets your values and provides consistent service and outcomes. 

  • NextWave Hire

    NextWave Hire designs and powers better career sites complete with landing pages for your key roles, talent communities, and analytics.

  • Updated Next Wave Hire Logo 1
    Greenhouse Hero Image 1

    Attract and Convert the Best Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    NextWave Hire’s software is designed to build your employer brand and take the burden off your team.

    Career Sites
    Our team will design, build and host a search and mobile optimized site that shares your culture and adheres to your branding guidelines. We can have your site live in as little as 3 days. The best part, you now have the power to update this site through your dashboard.

    Our career sites come with microsites that share life inside your key departments so that job seekers can find their tribe within your organization.

    Talent Communities
    Passive candidates can stay in touch with your organization by opting into talent communities. NextWave’s platform keeps your talent pipelines up to date through monthly emails.

    Our analytics package helps you understand the candidate journey, and the effectiveness of your various employer branding efforts.

    Employee Advocacy
    Your employees are your best brand advocates. Encourage them share talent branding content through facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter through our platform.

    Employee Stories
    Underpinning our entire solution are authentic employee stories that dive deep into life at your company. We can collect hundreds of stories quickly via our platform. These stories then live in your microsites, talent community emails, and social media efforts.

  • Ongig

    Everything job descriptions: employer branding, candidate experience, text analysis & AI job search.

  • Ongig Color Logo Transparent Backgroud 1
    Ongig Hero Image Greenhouse Partnership 1

    Everything Job Descriptions!

    Request Partner Demo

    Ongig transforms your job pages to multiply your quality candidates.

    Our drag & drop career site builder lets you customize any job page for a "branded candidate experience."

    Your career site can now be powered by:

    • A.I.-based job search
    • Instant microsites
    • Dynamic job descriptions with video, pictures, recommended jobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, location info and other recruiting widgets

    All your job pages get optimized for mobile and SEO.

    And how's the text of your JDs look? Are they persuasive enough to attract the best talent?

    Our Job Description Text Analyzer examines the text of your job descriptions. It measures gender bias, positive sentiment, readability, SEO and more!

    Then, hand off your most important jobs to our professional copywriting team to rewrite your jobs on-demand.

    We also have a global Custom Video team to create a professional recruiting video for you within 5 days. The video can have music, voice-over, text-overlay and animation.

  • Career Sites attract & engage the best candidates so you can hire the right talent.

  • Bhavani Veylan Recruiting Logo 1
    Bhavani Veylan Grn House Hero V1 2 Min

    Successful hiring starts at your career site.

    Request Partner Demo

    Your career site is the top source of information for candidates - so what it says and how it looks impacts your recruiting ROI. Investments in employment branding and candidate experience translate into more applicants and improvements in quality of hires by as much as 70%.

    By giving candidates a reason to apply and easy ways to engage, career sites can amplify your recruiting results.

    How a Career Site Empowers Your Recruiting Success:

    • World Class Employment Brand & Design
      • We partner with you to understand your unique company culture and employee value proposition. Our employment experts craft a relevant, compelling company message that resonates with your ideal candidates and incites them to take action.
    • Outstanding Candidate Experience
      • Nearly two thirds of job seekers report having had a poor candidate experience, which can be costly to your recruitment efforts. With targeted SEO-friendly content and mobile-first design, your career site offers the information and ease of use that job seekers expect.
    • Seamless, Automated Greenhouse Integration
      • Sites seamlessly integrate with Greenhouse by automatically pushing open requisitions to your career site and social media, then redirecting candidates back to your application. Increase the visibility of your jobs without increasing your workload.

    Want to recruit and hire better talent?

    Find out what a Site can do for you.

  • Ruutly

    Ruutly transforms text job descriptions into beautifully-branded, interactive candidate experiences.

  • Ruutly Logo Color 1
    Ruutly Hero Image 1

    Transform Job Postings Into Candidate Experiences

    Request Partner Demo

    Online job description design hasn’t changed since the 90s. Why? Because that’s when they were brought online from newspapers and grocery store bulletin boards.

    Decades have passed since then and every element of your talent acquisition has evolved. You use a forward-thinking ATS, you’ve doubled down on social hiring and you’ve optimized every piece of the process and now it’s time to do the same with your online job descriptions.

    An integration with Ruutly gives your brand the power to evolve your job descriptions past text and bullet points to create a candidate experience that aligns with the experiences your candidates expect.

    Why Ruutly?

    Impressions that Last.

    When was the last time a candidate experienced your job postings? Not simply scanned them for keywords or potential salary information. Ruutly puts your brand front and centre of a memorable and lasting, interactive, candidate experience.

    Insights that Matter

    You want to know how candidates are experiencing your job postings. You want to know how long they’re spending there, what they’re doing while they’re there and what content converts. Ruutly tracks the data that matters: # of views, # of interactions, time on page and # of applies.

    Integrations that Win

    Ruutly integrates with your current recruiting tech. There’s no extra assembly and no complex IT involvement required. In most cases, you add your Greenhouse ID to your Ruutly profile and may need to copy and paste a single line of code into your job postings template. It’s. Dead. Simple. And we’ll help at each step of the way.

    Ruutly gives you the power to tell your brand story directly in your job descriptions, directly through Greenhouse, and track the impact it has on the candidate experience.

  • The Muse

    Over 500 companies of all sizes and industries use The Muse to attract the best candidates based on culture fit.

  • Themuse Logo Color
    Themuse Hero

    Showcase Your Culture + Attract The Best Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    The Muse is a reimagined career advice site that has helped over 50 million people improve their career and discover great companies to work for. The Muse creates picture and video-based profiles for companies that showcase the unique culture and working environment that make each company special. Job seekers can literally see what it's like to work at a company before they apply. Over 500 companies including Facebook, Uber, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb use The Muse to attract the best talent.

    Showcase Your Company Culture
    Ditch the walls of text. We'll show applicants what it's like to work at your company by visiting your office, interviewing your employees and creating gorgeous photos and videos. We put your job postings alongside your profile, helping our readers discover them.

    Attract the Right Candidates
    With a profile on The Muse, you'll access our highly motivated readers who come for our career advice, so you can reach passive job seekers who may not have heard about your company.

    Use it Everywhere
    Every video and photo we make for your profile is an asset you can use anywhere you're recruiting candidates. Highlight your culture on your company website, LinkedIn or Glassdoor pages, and social media feeds.

  • Urban Pixels

    Technology solutions for trusted brands. Custom integrations and APIs to support a seamless candidate journey.

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  • Urban Logo
    Hero 960X460 Min

    Technology Powered by Ideas

    Request Partner Demo

    Urban Pixels is a technology and digital marketing company that understands the power of ideas. As experts in marketing technologies, mobile applications and product development, we build clear, purposeful solutions for brands.

    From building dynamic digital experiences to implementing custom integrations and APIs for existing software, our expertise enables our clients to focus on engaging the best talent and telling their brands’ stories.

Expense Reporting

  • Expensify

    Reimburse candidates automatically with expense reports that don't suck! Expensify offers realtime, automated expense reports that save time for recruiters and candidates.

  • Greenhouse Marketplace 02
    Greenhouse Marketplace 03

    Expense reports that don’t suck!

    Expensify eliminates the pain of receipt and expense management with fully automated, realtime expense reports. Candidates can track receipts and submit expenses on-the-go with the easy-to-use mobile app, and recruiters can issue next-day reimbursements with the touch of a button.

    Reimburse candidates automatically

    No more writing checks and wondering when they’ll be cashed – Expensify offers automatic, next-day reimbursement with direct deposit, so candidates receive their reimbursement as soon as admins approve their expenses.

    Impress candidates with a smooth interview process

    With so much competition for top talent, every detail of a candidate’s interview experience can make or break their decision to join your team. Demonstrate that your organization is efficient and forward-thinking by polishing up the interview process with quick and painless expense reporting. Candidates will walk away with confidence that you value your employees’ time (and theirs!) and you’ll save time processing their reports.

    Invite candidates to Expensify directly from Greenhouse

    Just click “Invite to Expensify” in the Candidate Profile, and candidates will automatically be added to your company’s candidate expense policy.

    Additional Features:

    • Multi-level approval workflows - You control who approves each expense, including the option to set multiple layers of approval.
    • Customizable policies - Set clear expectations for how much candidates can spend on meals, transit, and other expenses, so there won’t be any surprises when it’s time for reimbursement.
    • Pay per candidate - No contracts, no implementation fees, and no monthly minimums. Expensify charges only $9 per active user for unlimited reporting, so no need to worry about recurring fees or deleting accounts after an interview.
    • Corporate card reconciliation - In addition to candidates, Expensify offers extensive functionality for employees and accountants. Manage all of your company’s expenses in one central place with best-in-breed features like corporate card reconciliation, per diem, global currency compatibility, and innovative automation.
    • Integrations with HR, accounting, and travel softwares - Streamline your organization’s entire administrative process by integrating expense management with HR, accounting, and travel softwares. Expensify integrates with Zenefits, NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks, Egencia, Uber, and many more services to automatically sync your company’s expense data across the board, for increased visibility and realtime transparency into your organization’s finances.
  • Reimbi

    Candidate reimbursement reimagined: super fast payouts, amazing customer support, great software.

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  • Reimbi Logo Wordmark 275
    Reimbi Hero

    Fast and easy candidate reimbursements

    Request Partner Demo

    Candidates should be reimbursed quickly with little effort. You don't want your job candidates waiting 4-6 weeks to be reimbursed for their interview travel expenses. With Reimbi, over 90% of candidate reimbursements are issued the same day the expenses are approved. Companies ranging in size from fast growing startups to the Fortune 500 are using Reimbi to improve their candidate experience and save hundreds of hours every month.


Send a new hire’s information to an HRIS system so they can be added as an employee.

  • BambooHR

    BambooHR is the No.1 HR software for small & medium businesses.

    Additionally integrates with Greenhouse Onboarding.

  • Bamboohr Logo Color
    Bamboohr Hero

    BambooHR - #1 HRIS for Small & Medium Businesses

    Request Partner Demo

    BambooHR is the leading provider of tools that power the strategic evolution of HR in small-to-medium-sized businesses. BambooHR’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Features include employee self-onboarding, electronic signatures, custom reporting, automated time-off tracking, and innovative performance management, just to name a few. Now HR managers have more time for meaningful work, executives get accurate, timely reports and employees can self-service their time off using a convenient mobile app.

    BambooHR’s clients include innovators like SoundCloud, Foursquare, Freshbooks, Stance, Fitbit and Squarespace, among thousands of others in more than 85 countries worldwide.

  • Bob

    A people OS for smart businesses

  • Top Bob Logo 2
    Header Image Bob 2

    A people OS for smart businesses

    Request Partner Demo

    Bob is a cloud based HR & Benefits platform that helps businesses attract, manage and retain their people by providing a set of people management tools that nurture the employee through his life cycle.

    By serving as a useful and engaging platform for employees and admins, bob also becomes an incredibly powerful data tool, delivering quick and relevant insights around people.

  • Collage

    Collage helps small to midsize businesses manage HR, payroll, and benefits seamlessly and online.

  • Kira Charron C  Hi Res Collage Color Logo
    Kira Charron D  Collage Hero

    Collage - HR, payroll and benefits made simple

    Request Partner Demo

    Collage is a customer favourite for providing easy-to-use and efficient HR, payroll, and benefits administration software. Our platform was built for the needs of small-to-medium businesses who want to make the transition from tracking employee information and benefits enrolments in multiple spreadsheets to using an automated and organized HRIS.

    Collage’s features include new hire onboarding, online benefits enrolment, document storage, time off tracking, and modern 360 reviews. In-house payroll experts can help you manage and process payroll, plus or software syncs directly with leading payroll providers and employee benefits carriers. That means when information is updated in one place, it’s automatically reflected everywhere else. You don’t have to switch vendors, carriers, or plans.

    Hundreds of companies across the country use Collage to eliminate painful manual processes, reduce errors, and improve compliance. With our seamless Greenhouse ATS integration, we’re making it even easier for businesses to grow their talent without growing their administrative burden.

    Get a free demo or try the platform for free to see how we make HR, payroll, and benefits a simpler, better experience.

  • Factorial

    Factorial HR changes the way companies manage their HR processes, through an all-in-one platform, improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Factorial Logo Primary Blue wide
    Image 5

    The All-in-one platform covering all your HR needs

    Request Partner Demo

    Factorial HR is an online space that allows you to centralize your HR processes in one single platform, helping you streamline costs, gain insights about your organization and focus on what really matters to your business. Factorial HR simplifies the way human resources are managed in small and medium-sized enterprises. For all the HR needs of your organization, including time-off management, document sharing, attendance tracking, recruitment, payroll, benefits, insurance and much more, Factorial has you covered.

    Improving Efficiency & Productivity

    Factorial is changing the way companies build human teams. To free up time for HR managers to focus on this goal, Factorial HR offers tools that allow them to take control of their day to day.

    With over 80% of an HR manager’s time typically spent on cumbersome and repetitive tasks, they tend to have little opportunity to focus on cultivating their team culture. With Factorial HR, the day to day tasks of HR are streamlined so that HR managers can spend more time focusing on increasing productivity in the workplace.

    As a result of automating much of the HR processes necessary to run a business. HR managers have more time to focus on building synergy and connection within their teams, improving employee satisfaction, and creating a defined company culture.

    Factorial supports HR managers, employees, and companies:

    HR Managers

    • Automate tasks - Allows HR managers more time to focus on building their teams. With automatically generated HR reports, payroll summaries, and time-off requests, you can streamline your HR processes.
    • Organization - Improve your recruiting process through a careers page, while keeping track of applicants via the applicant tracking system.
    • Support your team - Let your team manage their holidays and absences with ease.
    • Time tracking - Simplifies attendance and time management.


    • Employee Portal - Manage your personal profile in one place. View your payslips, contract, and other documents in your employee portal.
    • Customization - Easily request or modify time-off, manage your holidays and requested leaves.
    • Improved Communication - Stay up to date with all the events and happenings within the team.


    • Reports & Analytics - Keep better track of employee and company documents, payroll expenses, create your own reports panel, and generate custom reports.

    Optimizing business management - Generate your company’s organizational chart, and manage the workforce within the company.

  • Flock

    Simplify your HR, Benefits Administration, and Compliance with an easy to use all-in-one solution.

  • Flock Logo 1
    Flock Hero 1

    HR & Benefits Administration Solution for Business

    Request Partner Demo

    From onboarding to time-off tracking, benefits enrollment to ACA compliance, Flock makes your HR and Benefits Administration more streamlined, efficient and accurate by managing and automating these critical everyday processes. Flock centralizes all employee data and activity so it’s easily and quickly accessible while providing the detailed reporting administrators need. Now with the integration of Greenhouse into the Flock platform, HR professionals can automatically import all candidate information into Flock, further removing the administrative burden on HR. This lifts a major roadblock for companies, eliminating the unnecessary data entry and inconsistencies that occur with manual data entry.

    Flock also bridges the gap between the convenience of online HR tools and the personal insight of an experienced broker partner to configure the right benefits plan for your company. Whether you’re currently working with a broker you’re happy with, or in need of a new benefits advisor, Flock has a solution to meet your needs.

    Migrate to Flock... and simplify your HR, Benefits Administration, and Compliance with an easy to use all-in-one solution.

  • HR Cloud

    HR Cloud empowers teams to easily onboard new hires and drive employee engagement and communication.

  • Color Hrcloud Logo
    1X Greenhouse Hero 1

    With HR Cloud, There’s a Better Way to Onboard, Engage, and Recognize Your Employees

    Request Partner Demo


    Streamline the Onboarding Process

    Onboard delivers the onboarding experience today’s employees expect: automated workflows and a personalized portal that includes welcome messages, forms, videos, instructional content, and important documents. Give your new hires everything they need to hit the ground running and make their first day great.

    An Onboarding Experience Everyone Will Love

    With automated emails, easy-fill forms, direct deposit setup, and paperless, e-sign-enabled processes, Onboard delivers true self-service onboarding. New hires will breeze through checklists and onboard themselves before their start date—freeing HR to focus on more strategic initiatives.

    Improve Compliance

    Onboard offers compliance tools and alerts to make sure forms are completed and deadlines are met. This helps streamline the E-Verify process and lets you electronically sign, store, and audit I-9 forms and other documents on any device. Meet employee verification requirements and avoid costly compliance fines.


    Promote Employee Communications and Engagement

    With Workmates, any employee can find any other employee—whether they’re in the office, in the field, or working remotely—and connect with them using chat, email, Skype, a company feed, or Google Hangouts.

    Make Collaboration Fun

    Workmates delivers employee engagement features that make communication fun. Now you can spread company culture and share information with pictures, GIFs, videos, polls, and more.

    Recognize and Reward Employees with an Official Kudos

    Recognize employee accomplishments and motivate them with kudos and rewards. Give a digital high five, gift cards, corporate items, or other rewards. Top kudos recipients are showcased on a prominent leaderboard, encouraging future recognition and effort.

  • Namely

    Namely is the leading HR, payroll, and benefits platform for growing companies.

    Additionally integrates with Greenhouse Onboarding.

  • Namely Color Resized

    The leading end-to-end HR & payroll platform

    Request Partner Demo

    Namely is the leading end-to-end HR and payroll platform for growing companies. The system includes unified payroll, benefits administration, a robust HRIS, 360° performance reviews, time off tracking, goals, team planning, reporting, and more. In addition, each company is assigned its own account manager, available 24/7 for ongoing support, training, and customer success.

    Namely is built to scale with your growth. We’ve designed the system to be user friendly, engaging, and simple to use for self-service so that, as your company grows, your administrative work doesn’t. The platform is highly configurable to your organization’s structure, and our powerful permissions engine lets you designate the right access to any report, view, or function As you grow, you can easily update your templates, workflows, and organizational configuration, so you’ll never be stuck with an outdated process as your business evolves.

    Namely is used by some of the world’s most innovative and exciting companies from across media, technology, commerce, and professional services.

  • PeopleHR

    Modern browser-based HR system for streamlining workforce admin and supporting strategic company growth

  • people-hr-logo-color

    HR Software for Companies Where People Matter

    Request Partner Demo

    People is a modern HR system that streamlines your essential HR processes, and offers exclusive high-impact tools to help you grow your business and develop your workforce.

    People’s HR system was built by a team of HR software experts who wanted to do more than just make HR administration faster and easier. They wanted to give ambitious business owners and HR professionals a way to make a positive, noticeable difference.

    The software includes everything you need to run your workforce, including a modern employee database, and functionality for absence management, holiday planning, performance tracking and more.

    Employees can access their own records via self-service, and administrators can assign permissions to give managers more responsibility over their own teams.

    Here’s why People is becoming one of the most popular HR systems for ambitious, fast-growing businesses in the UK (and beyond):

    • People makes a tough job fun by providing challenges and rewards to encourage key operational improvements
    • People guides your decisions by giving prompts at key decision points, and benchmarking your performance against other companies in your industry
    • People lets you create visual reports that make big impact and tell compelling stories with your workforce statistics
    • People is optimized for any device, meaning it’s just as easy to use on a smartphone as it is on a desktop computer
    • People doesn’t eat your IT resources – the software is maintained and updated automatically, and data is stored on secure remote servers
    • People is affordable and transparently priced. There is a plan to suit every budget and company structure.
  • Rippling

    The world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT—from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps—all in one system.

  • White Logo 300X70
    Hero Image

    Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your HR & IT.

    Rippling is the world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT — from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps — all in one, integrated system.

    Onboarding a new employee? Just click a button, and Rippling will instantly: add them to payroll and benefits, set up their email account, deliver their work computer, and even create their user account across all your company's cloud apps, like Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Office.

    What takes you hours of work today — across HR, IT, and Operations — only takes seconds with Rippling. So request a demo, and take back your time.

  • Zenefits

    HR for the new world of work, trusted by over 10,000 small and medium businesses. Natively built HR, Payroll and Benefits technology to support your productivity, growth, and compliance.

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  • Zenefits Color Logo
    Zenefits Hero Image For Greenhouse Partner Listing April 2019

    HR, Payroll and Benefits for the New World of Work

    Request Partner Demo

    Your team’s time is best spent hiring and developing talent and leading your business - not doing data entry or wrangling antiquated software. The out-of-the-box integration between Greenhouse and Zenefits allows for a seamless transition from candidate management to on-boarding and employee management, providing your employees with a great new hire experience while eliminating delays and preventing data entry errors in the hiring process.

    Zenefits is a 100% cloud-based people platform that helps companies empower their modern workforces by delivering a seamless employee experience through applications including HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Performance Management, Compliance, and more. The beautiful, intuitive Zenefits experience makes frustrating HR tasks refreshingly easy, making your team happier and more productive.

    Enabling the Greenhouse and Zenefits integration allows Zenefits to access your job applications, jobs, and candidates in Greenhouse. When a job candidate is moved to the Hired state in Greenhouse, her data is synced in real-time with the Zenefits platform, allowing you to pre-populate the Zenefits on-boarding flow with the candidate’s first and last name, email address, job title, start date, and agreed-upon compensation.

    Greenhouse and Zenefits: seamlessly integrated to deliver a faster, better hiring and on-boarding experience

Job Advertising

Optimize and manage your recruitment advertising performance and leverage pay‐per‐applicant job ads.

  • Appcast

    Appcast is a new way to advertise your open jobs on a ‘pay-per-applicant’ basis, across a network of thousands of career and consumer sites.

  • appcast-logo-color

    Advertise Jobs That Need Applicants. Pay Only When Someone Applies.

    Request Partner Demo

    Appcast is on a mission to revolutionize recruitment advertising. As a team of recruiting industry veterans, technologists, and data scientists, we believe that data and software can help employers, publishers, and agencies alike dramatically improve recruitment outcomes, performance, and ROI.

    Appcast provides employers a new way to advertise their open jobs risk-free on a ‘pay-per-applicant’ basis across a network of 6,000+ career and consumer sites. Rather than spending per-click or per-posting, Appcast makes talent sourcing more effective with a guaranteed return-on-investment. It works with applicant tracking systems and requires no fees or long-term contracts – you only pay for the result you really want: a completed job application. Appcast also provides solutions for agencies and publishers.

    With Appcast…

    • Set advertising budgets by month or day, by job function, and by business unit
    • Using sophisticated ‘rules-based buying’ and programmatic job advertising, ensure that dollars are focused on ‘hard-to-fill’ or critical vacancies that need applications
    • Increase the visibility into your recruitment advertising efforts, evaluate the ROI on job ads and reposition your talent acquisition strategies appropriately
    • Measure and follow traffic arriving at your corporate career site from a job board that comes from a mobile device
    • Low mobile application rates will not effect your advertising spend because of our 'pay-per-applicant' pricing model

    Appcast is the winner of the 2014 HR Tech Top Product of the Year by HR Executive.

  • InHerSight

    InHerSight Is Your Source for Hiring Women.

  • Inhersight Logo Color 1
    Inhersight Hero X2 1

    Connecting Employers With Top Female Talent

    Request Partner Demo can help you hire bright, talented women to advance your business. On our platform you can:

    • Showcase Your Unique Brand
    • Highlight Your Company’s Benefits
    • Advertise Your Open Jobs

    To find, attract, and keep the right women for your company you want to give them a robust picture of what their experience will be.  We can help you craft the right message for your brand.

    Join hundreds of companies like HubSpot, BCG, Comcast, and UBER in showcasing your brand, benefits, and jobs to the thousands of women who visit InHerSight each day to find great workplaces.    

    Get your free employer account and claim your 30 days of FREE job listings today!

  • JobTarget

    Hire the right talent faster, more efficiently, and all from one convenient place

  • Jt Logo 300X62 Ltblue
    Greenhouse Partnership Jt Hero 960X460

    Right Sites. More Intelligence. Better Candidates

    Request Partner Demo

    An Unrivaled Job Site Marketplace

    We've spent years amassing the most comprehensive job site marketplace out there. With over 25,000+ job sites from every industry and function imaginable, we cover the most popular job sites, niches, collegiate job boards, state job banks, diversity job boards, and more. Even better, we've made it easy to access and manage them from a single platform, letting you spend more time on meaningful work and less time on manual, repetitive tasks.

    Get Scale and Relevance

    Reach the masses with the world's largest job sites and get in front of the right people with industry and function-specific job boards. You'll easily put together a complete job posting strategy that not only maximizes visibility for your jobs, but makes sure that your postings are present in the places that are most relevant to qualified candidates.

    Smart Recommendations

    With access to so many job sites, where do you start? Our intelligence engine removes the guesswork and recommends the sites that will help get you the best candidates. Years of job site performance data regarding which sites deliver the most relevant applicants, gives JobTarget users an advantage. Learn what has previously worked, and discover job boards that you may have never considered.

    Better Intel For Better Results

    Know where your best applicants are coming from. Learn which sites provide the best return on your investment, and optimize your posting strategy towards the sites that are delivering the best candidates. Measure and monitor it all through the JobTarget interface, and make more informed decisions that will help build your organization's most important asset - its people.

    Our Buying Power Saves You Money

    Our buying power gets you exclusive discounts on nearly 5,000 job sites. With over 100 million jobs posted through our platform and more than 1,000 clients, we are one of the largest hubs for job postings. Our clients of all sizes take advantage of the benefits that come with scale.

  • Jobtip

    Reach active & passive candidates using intelligent, targeted recruitment campaigns on social media.

  • Jobtip Color 268X70 1
    Jobtip Hero 960X404 1

    The smarter way to recruit via social media

    Request Partner Demo

    With more than 20 years in the recruiting and employer branding business, Jobtip™ has helped reshaped the entire recruiting industry. Today we’re a global leader in the HR tech space, pioneering smart recruiting solutions via social media with Jobtip Social Recruiting.

    Today, you won’t find the best candidates actively searching for openings on traditional job boards – they already have a good job. At the same time, 80 percent of all employees would be willing to change employer if the right opportunity arises. By using Jobtip Social Recruiting to target your ads on different social media platforms, your open positions will reach both passive and active job seekers.

    Jobtip Social Recruiting uses customized and carefully targeted ad campaigns specific to a certain group of people on social media platforms. You reach potential candidates where they are, regardless if they are actively or passively seeking new employment opportunities.

    With Jobtip Social Recruiting, you take the job offer directly to the candidates and reach relevant people on the platforms they use most.

    How We Target
    Only between 15-20% of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter users submit professional or job-related information in their personal profiles. At the same time, over 70% of the population is active and spends over an hour a day on these social media platforms. Unlike Facebook or Instagram’s own ad-targeting tools, Jobtip Social Recruiting has a custom-built solution that can retrieve secondary source information across other major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as other digital sources, such as Google and other web pages. This allows Jobtip Social Recruiting to deliver an unparalleled demographic accuracy not available elsewhere.


    What this means is that Jobtip Social Recruiting can reach potential candidates that have not submitted their professions, current or previous employers, or educational backgrounds on Facebook or Instagram, because Jobtip Social Recruiting retrieves information from secondary sources. In this way, Jobtip Social Recruiting is able to reach a much higher percentage of the potential candidate demographic than anyone else.

  • MindMatch

    MindMatch targets candidates across 1000+ consumer websites, job boards and social media platforms

  • Mind Match Logo Colour 1
    Hero Image Greenhouse 1

    AI-powered and data driven job advertising

    Request Partner Demo

    MindMatch is an AI-powered and data driven sourcing solution which increases the productivity of recruiters by 10x and helps them target more talent. This is done by an ad-distribution engine paired with an AI matching system.

    With sourcing applications being the costliest part of the recruitment process, MindMatch solves one of the biggest problems currently faced by recruiters and HR professionals.

    Using state of the art artificial intelligence and big data the system finds matching candidates on the open web. The matching candidates are then targeted with relevant job ads across thousands of consumer websites, job boards and social media platforms.

    Targeted job ads increase the likelihood of a candidate applying, this way the recruiter can receive more candidates from the web and not worry about posting on multiple channels.

    We at MindMatch believe that technology can be deployed to make people much more productive.

  • SEEK

    Apply with SEEK lets candidates use their SEEK Profile to prefill the apply form and attach their resume. Easy and fast.

  • Seek Aus B H Pos Cmyk
    160607 Seek Day 1 1877

    Improve the apply experience with ‘Apply with SEEK’

    Request Partner Demo

    Candidates are increasingly using mobile to search and apply for roles.  Making the apply process easy is key to connecting hirers with the right talent. 

    Apply with SEEK offers an improved candidate experience by pre-filling a candidate’s application on an apply form, hosted by Greenhouse. Candidate apply experience is quick and easy on desktop or mobile: by attaching information from stored CV and the option to prefill information from their SEEK Profile, candidates can enjoy a positive application experience that enhances employer brand perception. 

    Apply with SEEK offers a range of benefits to candidates and hirers:

    Hirers can:
    • Use an apply form hosted by their recruitment system
    • Improve  candidate brand experience
    • Manage applications in their recruitment system

    Candidates can:
    • Easily apply for roles via the hirer’s careers portal
    • Use their SEEK profile to prefill application information
    • Attach their stored CV to their application
    • Quickly and easily apply for roles on desktop or mobile devices

    About SEEK
    SEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses. SEEK spans across 19 countries and operates in four of the six fastest growing countries by GDP.
    SEEK’s purpose is to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. SEEK makes a positive contribution to people’s lives on a global scale.

    Since 1997 SEEK has been an integral part of Australia’s job-search process, and as the country’s leading employment marketplace is uniquely positioned to empower Australians with career, education and volunteer opportunities to create productive and fulfilling working lives.

  • SmartDreamers

    Committed to a better recruitment by making cutting-edge technology available at scale.

  • Logo 205X70 Black Min
    Hero Image Sd Min

    Reach and attract better candidates, faster.

    Request Partner Demo

    SmartDreamers is an enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution that provides users with a one stop shop or an all in one platform designed for Recruitment Marketing Automation.

    Clients can increase brand awareness and advertise open positions through a multitude of online channels, such as Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit etc.) or more niched channels, depending on the profiling industry (ie. Stack Overflow and Github for IT & Tech, Dribble and Behance for Design etc.)

    How does SmartDreamers help?

    · Provides access to a larger pool of talent

    · Reduces Cost per Hire

    · Accelerates hiring process

    · Promotes Employer Brand Awareness

    · Competitive edge over competing companies

    · Offers state of the art recruitment technology

    Automated advertisement process

    80% of candidates are not active on classical job platforms. Reach 12x more potential candidates on multiple online channels, where people actually spend time.

    ATS Integration

    Smartdreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem and is an end-to-end recruitment solution, helping you easily advertise across the web and convert high potential leads into your future talent.

    Landing Page Editor

    Drive candidates into a smart recruitment funnel to increase conversion rates with up to 70%. Tailor made microsites designed to sell your employer brand, boost candidate experience and convert potential candidates to into new top hires.

    Data Driven Recruitment

    Integrated Advanced Analytics to track and improve your recruitment efforts. Real time data helping you optimize and make informed, fast decisions to drive your future strategy.

  • VONQ Recruitment Marketing Platform

    VONQ’s recruitment marketing technology: the gateway for hiring teams to attract the right applicants

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  • VONQ logo hi res 300x70
    VONQ hero 960x460

    VONQ’s recruitment marketing technology

    Request Partner Demo

    VONQ offers recruitment marketing technology to turn passive and active candidates into qualified applicants. Being the global gateway to attract applicants, our fully algorithm-powered recruitment marketing technology offers hiring teams access to all the media channels in the world (incl. generic and niche job boards, aggregators, online hubs & communities, social media channels, e-commerce, news sites, and even apps) and helps them select the most relevant channels for their jobs. To steer recruitment teams’ success, we offer performance data analytics and job market insights.

Job Boards

Syndicate job postings across the internet.

  • Broadbean

    Post jobs to 7000+ channels & source track each application to see which channel work best for you.

  • Bb Logo 1
    Broadbean Hero 01 1

    Distribute your job adverts fast and effectively, whilst saving time and money.

    Request Partner Demo

    Broadbean is the global leader in job advert distribution and candidate sourcing technology. We give clients the opportunity to refine their entire recruitment process and give recruiters more of what they need - Time.


    • Job Posting allows you to post jobs to your preferred channels and track the source of applications with an easy-to-use application.
    • Access the world’s largest network of job boards, free and niche job sites, as well as social channels, in excess of 7000.
    • Use one platform to multi-post your job adverts, and review, rank and contact your applicants in one easy process.


    • Start directing your advertising spend to those channels that deliver the highest quality candidates for your business.
    • Utilize granular reporting to measure your recruitment strategy return on investment.
    • Fully traceable application process enables you to measure performance at a company, team and individual level.

    “Using the Broadbean system has allowed our consultants to increase productivity & has eradicated time spent by the consultants posting the same role onto various job boards and has produced much more specific responses.”

    Hannah Hodgkinson – Marketing Manager, Reuben Sinclair

    “Our life is so much simpler now we have Broadbean, we can track everything and hence always know our exact advertising costs down to cost per application. This has enabled us to really pin down our advertising strategy and subsequently see significant savings.”

    Andrew Groves – Head of National Resourcing, Yell

  • Built In

    Built In is the #1 employer branding and recruitment platform for startups and tech companies.

  • Built In Color Greenhouse
    Built In Hero Image

    Great Companies Need Great People. We Can Help.

    Request Partner Demo

    Built In is a network of online communities connecting startups and technology companies with passionate tech professionals in six of America’s hottest markets: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles and New York City. We help you share your employer brand, tell your story, participate in community events and recruit the right candidate for every position.

    Make the Right Hires - From software development and operations to sales and marketing, our diverse user base of more than 700,000 highly-skilled active and passive job seekers are looking for opportunities in tech. More than 12,000 startups and tech companies rely on Built In to find, connect with and hire top talent.

    Promote Your Employer Brand - Introduce yourself to the local tech community with an engaging company profile that highlights your culture and helps you build a cult-like following of talent. 50% of our users view a job after viewing a company profile.

    Tell Your Story - You know you’re awesome. Make sure everyone else does, too. Our content will help you tell your story and highlight everything that makes your company a dream destination for local techies. Our readers are informed, engaged and passionate about all things tech.

    Get Involved in Your Local Tech Community - Tech pros don’t do job fairs. They want meaningful and unique experiences, and we’ll help you provide them. Host or attend events at the coolest workspaces and nightlife hot spots.

  • CreativeGuild

    Unlimited job postings to our global community or designers, engineers, marketers, and managers.

  • Christina Hug Creativeguild Logogh
    Christina Hug Herobanner

    Find your next hire with CreativeGuild.

    Request Partner Demo

    See what brands like Netflix, Adobe, SYPartners, VSCO, Buffer, and more have already discovered.

    Unlimited job postings, global exposure, and the ability to sync directly with your Greenhouse job board.

    Unlike other job boards in our industry our audience is 70% female, and interested in full-time, contract, and/or remote work.

    ‘Creative’ doesn’t just mean design, the top five job titles in our community are: Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Marketing Manager, Software Engineer, and Project Manager.

    What people are saying:

    “I’ve never seen a platform be such an effective tool to attract clients, collaborators, and new hires across so many disciplines.” Sarita A.; Brand Marketing Manager, MailChimp

  • DiversityJobs

    Post your jobs on and our network of niche job sites to reach women, military veterans, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, people with disabilities, members of the LGBT community and other minority groups.

  • Dj 300Px Color 1
    Hero Greenhouse 960X460 V2 1 1

    Engage Targeted, Diverse Candidates with

    Request Partner Demo has a history of helping employers engage the best, most relevant job seekers who are also highly diverse.

    Our company was established in 1997 as, which became the first job board connecting Hispanic bilingual job seekers with recruiters searching for multilingual and multicultural professionals.

    We launched in 2006 to connect African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, women, veterans, the disabled, members of the LGBT community, and other niche groups with diversity-friendly companies.

    Our diversity recruiting solutions work successfully for employers ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies hiring across all job functions and industries.

  • FlexJobs

    A better way to find great candidates for your remote and flexible job openings.

  • Fj Logo Tagline 2018 Center No Background 70Pxl 1
    Fj Hero Image 1

    Fill your remote and flexible job openings.

    Request Partner Demo

    FlexJobs helps employers fill their remote and flexible job listings with great candidates. Whether you're a start-up, small, mid-sized, or large company, FlexJobs is ready to help you discover, engage with, and hire qualified candidates for your flexible, remote, freelance, and part-time jobs. We help your company emerge as a leader in remote and flexible work. We position your flexible employer brand and jobs through targeted email messaging, hiring webinars, newsletter inclusions, blog posts, video promotion, events such as the TRaD Works Forum and more! We're passionate about what we do and are dedicated to accomplishing this with integrity, effectiveness, and great customer service.

    Our expertise in flexible and remote recruiting has been featured in many trusted media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Workforce, Entrepreneur, Recruiting Trends,, Inc., U.S. News and World Report, Marketplace Money, and hundreds of others.

    If you are looking to attract and source top talent by leveraging your flexible employer brand we encourage you to request an invite today!

  • Glassdoor

    Employer branding and job advertising products, which help employers recruit top talent faster.

  • Glassdoor Logotype Rgb
    @2Xgreenhouse Heroimage Main 1 1

    We help people find the jobs they love and help companies attract top talent.

    Glassdoor combines all the latest jobs with millions of reviews and insights to make it easy for people to find a job that is uniquely right for them. As a result, Glassdoor helps employers hire truly informed candidates at scale through effective recruiting solutions like job advertising and employer branding products. Launched in 2008, Glassdoor now has reviews and insights for more than one million companies located in more than 190 countries. For more information, visit

    Glassdoor® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc.

  • Indeed

    As the world's #1 job site, Indeed helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit.

  • Color Logo Indeed 1

    More quality applicants for Greenhouse clients

    As the world's #1 job site, Indeed helps employers reach quality applicants via desktop and mobile devices. With more than 150 million people using Indeed every month to find jobs, employers have the opportunity to reach top candidates in every field.

    Greenhouse clients use Indeed to attract top talent. That’s because Greenhouse is integrated with Indeed Apply, allowing job seekers to easily apply directly to jobs on Indeed from any device. Indeed Apply provides the best mobile application experience for candidates and the highest conversion rate for employers. As a result, Greenhouse clients can source more high-quality candidates from Indeed at a lower cost.

    Discover more easy and effective ways to hire with Indeed

  • Jobbio

    Jobbio is the world’s first inbound hiring platform to help you attract the best talent.

  • Jobbio Logotype Red
    Greenhouse Image Min

    Join the inbound hiring revolution

    Request Partner Demo

    Our inbound hiring platform gives companies new and unique ways to reach and attract the candidates they want to hire

    The Jobbio platform enables companies to attract relevant talent to their roles through smart advertising and content placement across our extensive partner network and careers marketplace

    How? We combine Talent Marketing, Employer Branding and a great Candidate Experience to ensure you reach, engage and capture the best talent.

    How we capture the best talent:

    1. Talent Marketing

    We put your jobs in the right places

    Exclusive Media

    Jobbio has formed exclusive partnerships with the world's largest media organisations

    Jobbio Marketplace

    Millions of professionals are looking for their next opportunity on Jobbio everyday

    50+ Job Boards Partners

    We instantly post jobs on the biggest job boards in the world like LinkedIn, Google, Glassdoor, Indeed and more

    2. Employer Branding

    Jobbio enables you to leverage your Employer Brand to differentiate you from competitors

    Employer Branded Channel

    Easily use imagery, video and text to showcase your unique company culture to give talent an insight into why they should want to work for you

    Unlimited Job Postings

    Let your culture shine through across unlimited (yes unlimited!) job postings

    Employer Branding Content Creation

    Our branding experts can help create engaging imagery, video and other Employer Branding content to help you tell your story

    3. Candidate Experience

    Talent love applying through Jobbio because its simple, quick and is fully mobile enabled

    Join the 6,000+ companies hiring through Jobbio today.

  • JobSync

    JobSync posts your Jobs on Facebook’s new Job Search app & syncs your applicants with Greenhouse.

  • Jobsynccolor

    JobSync: Automatically Post your Jobs on Facebook

    Request Partner Demo

    JobSync enables you to post all of your jobs on Facebook’s new Job Search app, leveraging the native apply on Facebook which delivers your jobs to the largest audience on the Internet. JobSync automatically posts your jobs and manages the application process so users can apply while on Facebook and have their application delivered directly into your Greenhouse account. This allows recruiters to focus on candidate contact and keeps them working in a single platform. JobSync enables recruiters to focus their time on things that move the business forward rather than repetitively entering data or manually posting jobs. With a very easy set up process, and a low flat monthly cost, JobSync makes getting jobs and applications from millions of monthly active Facebook users effortless!

  • Monster

    Monster is dedicated to helping recruiters and candidates find the right fit.

  • Purple Teal
    Monster Header Min

    Find the right fit fast with Monster

    Request Partner Demo

    Monster is a global leader in connecting the right people to the right jobs. Every day, Monster aims to make every workplace happier and more productive by transforming the way employers find talent and candidates find careers. For 25 years, Monster has worked to transform the recruiting industry.

    Monster’s integration with Greenhouse creates a better candidate experience by simplifying the application process. Candidates who apply on Monster are fed directly into Greenhouse without extra steps required.

    The integration also streamlines the job posting process for recruiters. When Greenhouse customers post jobs, they are fed directly to Monster’s extensive network. Recruiters get automatic, cross-source posting, without ever needed to leave the Greenhouse platform.

  • Periodix

    We leverage AI to source you with freelancers and contractors that match the job requirements.

  • Periodix Color Logo
    Periodix Greenhouse Hero Image

    Helping you hire relevant contractors faster

    Request Partner Demo

    Periodix helps you find freelancers, contract and part-time workers really fast. Why bother with AI, when you can browse candidates on your own, as you always have? Because time is money, you can interview pre-qualified candidates sourced by Periodix instead of screening for hours.

    When you posted a job, in just seconds Periodix artificial intelligence system instantaneously matches the preferences and experience of the job seeker with your open position requirements. The result is a sourced candidates with an extremely high likelihood of being hired. It takes into account your desired pay rate, the skill set required for the job, and a host of other variables to serve you better candidates than you would find anywhere else. Just give Periodix a shot and experience faster hiring!

  • Relocate

    Just the place to easily attract top Tech Talent from abroad.

  • Color Logo 1
    Hero Image 1 1

    A Simple Way to Get Top Tech Talent From Abroad

    Request Partner Demo

    Relocate is the right place to attract top-tier software developers who are ready to relocate. It’s more than just a job board. There’s a built-in pre-selection option, allowing both companies and 
    job seekers to basically filter their prospective applicants/relevant job options. 

    By posting job openings on the Relocate website, companies get access to our candidate database of tech talent from around the globe. 

    How it works: 
    • You send us the links to your job ads – we post them for you. 
    • You tell us about your relocation perks – we verify and promote them for you. 
    • You set up your filters and get a list of pre-selected (relevant) candidates. 
    • Peruse the detailed developer profiles forwarded you through ATS/email. Hire the best-fit candidates for your technology jobs globally with Relocate

  • Secret Tel Aviv

    Reach over 250,000 top candidates in Israel, New York, and London

  • Jonathan Stark Stlv Logo
    Jonathan Stark Secrettlv Hero Image

    Start getting great applications today!

    Request Partner Demo

    Secret Tel Aviv’s recruitment website is quickly becoming one of the most active in Israel, specializing in Hi-Tech. We also now have Job Boards for London and New York!

    How does it work?

    Once you set up the Secret Tel Aviv Greenhouse Integration, every time you add a new job to your Greenhouse platform, it will automatically get pushed to the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board. Once approved, it will be live, and you will start to receive top candidates! The job will remain on the Jobs Board until you close on Greenhouse – we will then get notified and close on our Jobs Board.

    How much does it cost?

    Setting up the integration and listing your jobs is absolutely free! We do offer several premier services to help you find even more great candidates, including Highlighted Listings, Company Branding, and Jobs Fairs.

  • Stack Overflow

    Put your opportunity in front of millions of developers today.

  • Logo So@1 C Gray 1
    Sohero 1

    Hiring Developers? Look No Further.

    Request Partner Demo

    Stack Overflow is the preeminent site for developers to get answers to their coding questions, share knowledge, and find better jobs. We serve over 40 million professional and novice programmers around the world every month. Developers are building the future, and Stack Overflow is here to help them do that.

    Stack Overflow Talent helps employers understand, reach and attract developers on the platform they trust. Companies using Stack Overflow Talent can get their job listings in front of millions of developers who use Stack Overflow. We know which candidates match the job criteria based on their behavior on Stack Overflow (the keywords they search, questions they look at and answer). Clients can also access our database to find the right candidates for their jobs. Our search prioritizes new and recently active candidates, maximizing our clients’ chances of reaching interested applicants.

    We’re the experts on developers, and we're here to help clients find the right candidates for their jobs.

  • StepStone

    Get all your applicants’ profiles smoothly transferred to your Greenhouse ATS.

  • High Res Logo
    Atsi Hero Image

    Never Lose a Candidate

    Request Partner Demo

    Maximise your candidate applications

    Want to make sure you get all your candidate applications straight to your Greenhouse ATS when advertising jobs on different job boards?

    StepStone has partnered with Greenhouse to ensure your jobseekers complete your application forms smoothly with relevant and up-to-date information.

    ATSi Apply improves the jobseeker journey by making sure he never has to enter same data twice during apply process and that his application goes straight into your ATS. The application drop-off is minimised and you get the maximum value out of your job ad. Let’s make sure all relevant candidates enter your application process!

    How can the integration be enabled for your company?

    If your company is already using one of StepStone jobboards and Greenhouse as an ATS, the integration could be easily switched on for you. Please contact us at or visit to find out more.

    About StepStone

    More than 60,000 companies use the StepStone job boards successfully for the recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff. Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses today. We operate over 10 top brands with 60 million visits and more than 600,000 jobs per month.

    Our main brands are: totaljobs (UK), Jobsite (UK), Caterer (UK), StepStone (DE, BE, FR, NL), (IE), irishjobs (IE). Please visit to learn more about us.

  • VentureFizz

    VentureFizz helps tech companies in the Boston area hire great talent through our BIZZpages and Job Board.

  • Venturefizz Logo Transparentgreenhouse 1
    Greenhouse Hero 1

    Boston’s Top Resource For Startup & Tech Hiring.

    Request Partner Demo

    VentureFizz ( is Boston’s digital platform focused on technology, entrepreneurship, and career inspiration. 

    We write about the fastest growing companies and the people behind them making waves.  Our Job Board is the most active in the Boston tech scene and our BIZZpages offer a behind-the-scenes look at the area’s hottest companies. 

    Our audience is a narrow yet powerful set of eyeballs. It includes a wide range of titles and individuals across the Greater Boston tech industry: software engineers, web developers, product managers, marketers, business development and sales, client services, operations, and more. 

    Our BIZZpages help companies grow their employment brand and drive recognition within our highly targeted audience.  They are an important component of VentureFizz’s “career inspiration” mission.  

    Each BIZZpage allows a company to showcase the various aspects of their organization, company culture, and job openings. 

  • WayUp

    WayUp is the only site where employers can attract and hire a targeted audience of students and recent grads from any U.S. college.

  • Way Up Vertical Full Color
    Wayup Hero Image

    #1 Marketplace For College Students to Get Hired

    Request Partner Demo

    WayUp is the largest online marketplace exclusively for U.S. college students looking for part-time jobs, summer internships, virtual gigs and full-time jobs upon graduation.

    Employers are able to use WayUp to specifically target students all across the US. Once an employer posts a job via WayUp, they are able to filter for diverse candidates by selecting specific attributes such as university, GPA, major, languages spoken etc. Only the students who meet these qualifications are able to see the job posting and apply for it - saving time, money, and increasing overall efficiency. Employers are able to post across as many college campuses as they want, allowing hiring managers to dive into WayUp’s student base, comprised of nearly half a million college students, 72% of whom account for underrepresented minorities.

    On the flip side, when a student signs up for the site (completely for free), s(he) is able to fill out a comprehensive student profile. Once a student creates a profile on WayUp, (s)he only sees jobs that (s)he is qualified for and can apply for a job using this profile, simply by selecting ‘apply’. Students are also able to filter jobs by industry and season depending on what job they’re looking for e.g. they can apply for part-time jobs during the semester or over the summer, internships and entry-level jobs after they graduate. Since students are only shown jobs that they qualify for, they are already a step up in the job-application game.

  • ZipRecruiter

    Post your job to 100+ job boards and target 25MM job seekers in ZipRecruiter's job alert emails with a single click.

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  • Zip Recruiter Color

    Need candidates fast? Give your job a boost!

    Request Partner Demo

    ZipRecruiter Boost provides the broadest reach of any job posting product by distributing your job to more than 100 job boards with the click of a button directly from Greenhouse. ZipRecruiter Boost also enables precision targeting and featured placement in ZipRecruiter job alert emails to 25MM job seekers. ZipRecruiter Boost leverages “smart buying” technology to intelligently sponsor jobs on the right boards and takes advantage of its large purchasing power to pass along discounted rates to you. ZipRecruiter is the fastest growing hiring solution in the industry and believes finding the right candidate should be simple and easy. ZipRecruiter is located in sunny Santa Monica, CA and has over 250 employees.

Job Research

  • TapRecruit

    Write job descriptions that are proven to attract more diverse and qualified candidate pools.

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  • Greenhouse Logo Rgb
    Tap Recruit Header 2

    Data-driven job descriptions and analytics tools

    Request Partner Demo

    Use data to Improve the fairness of your hiring process. TapRecruit’s products empower hiring teams by helping them make evidence-based recruiting decisions. Our customers use our tools to design fairer recruiting processes that result in more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

    Smart Job Description Editor

    Ever wonder how job content impacts your hiring process? The TapRecruit Smart Editor helps hiring teams collaborate to write job descriptions that are proven to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools. We use the outcomes data from 10’s of millions of job descriptions and rigorous data science to help your team make thoughtful decisions about language, job titles and skills groupings.

    Analytics Tools for Hiring Teams

    Overwhelmed with data? TapRecruit Smart Analytics ensures that everyone on your hiring team is making data-driven recruiting decisions. Easily diagnose quality and diversity issues with your inbound funnel using robust and intuitive dashboards. Smart Analytics is available to all integrated Greenhouse customers. No CSV’s required.

    Smart Salary Estimates

    Curious about a job’s local market salary? With the Smart Salary Estimator, you can analyze your job’s skills, experience, education and location requirements to see a multi-faceted salary estimation. Salary estimates automatically update as your team edits your job description.

    TapRecruit is free to try.

OFCCP Compliance

Government contractors can meet OFCCP job posting requirements and promote and advertise their job openings in a wide reaching way

  • America's Job Exchange

    OFCCP Compliance Management solution for job distribution, effective outreach and diversity recruiting.

  • Item C  Hi Res Color Logo 1
    Item D  Aje Hero Image 1

    AJE’s OFCCP Compliance Management Solution

    Request Partner Demo

    More than 1,000 federal contract employers trust America’s Job Exchange to fulfill their job posting, reporting and outreach obligations as required by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). And as part of our commitment to helping our customers achieve audit success, we also offer 24/7 audit support services led by a former DOL Director.

    We invite you to learn more about our OFCCP Compliance Solution and how AJE can help you reach more diverse candidates. Our solution includes:

    OFCCP Required Job Distribution

    Jobs are sent to state job banks (ESDS), One-Stop Career Centers, CBOs, and leading veterans and disabled-focused websites, including two sites run by AJE. We also set-up and manage your state job bank credentials and provide ongoing support.

    OFCCP Outreach Management

    Our Outreach Management tools, including exclusive access to over 7,500 community-based organizations, ensure you have the resources needed to fulfill your outreach good faith efforts.

    24/7 OFCCP Audit Support

    Led by a former DOL Director, our team provides comprehensive audit support from receipt of the scheduling letter through each phase of the compliance evaluation process.

    Reports & Metrics

    Our easy-to-navigate employer portal is where you can access real-time and historical job reports required for OFCCP compliance. Sophisticated reporting features also help your recruiting team understand the best performing diverse sites that are returning the most candidates.

    Dedicated Service Team with OFCCP Expertise

    We are committed to making life easy for our customers, an ideal reflected in our exceptional service and quick response time. Your team of OFCCP experts are always available and ready to help you meet your OFCCP obligations, as well as assist you in maximizing your diversity recruiting efforts.

  • JobTarget

    Hire the right talent faster, more efficiently, and all from one convenient place

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  • Jt Logo 300X62 Ltblue
    Greenhouse Partnership Jt Hero 960X460

    Right Sites. More Intelligence. Better Candidates

    Request Partner Demo

    An Unrivaled Job Site Marketplace

    We've spent years amassing the most comprehensive job site marketplace out there. With over 25,000+ job sites from every industry and function imaginable, we cover the most popular job sites, niches, collegiate job boards, state job banks, diversity job boards, and more. Even better, we've made it easy to access and manage them from a single platform, letting you spend more time on meaningful work and less time on manual, repetitive tasks.

    Get Scale and Relevance

    Reach the masses with the world's largest job sites and get in front of the right people with industry and function-specific job boards. You'll easily put together a complete job posting strategy that not only maximizes visibility for your jobs, but makes sure that your postings are present in the places that are most relevant to qualified candidates.

    Smart Recommendations

    With access to so many job sites, where do you start? Our intelligence engine removes the guesswork and recommends the sites that will help get you the best candidates. Years of job site performance data regarding which sites deliver the most relevant applicants, gives JobTarget users an advantage. Learn what has previously worked, and discover job boards that you may have never considered.

    Better Intel For Better Results

    Know where your best applicants are coming from. Learn which sites provide the best return on your investment, and optimize your posting strategy towards the sites that are delivering the best candidates. Measure and monitor it all through the JobTarget interface, and make more informed decisions that will help build your organization's most important asset - its people.

    Our Buying Power Saves You Money

    Our buying power gets you exclusive discounts on nearly 5,000 job sites. With over 100 million jobs posted through our platform and more than 1,000 clients, we are one of the largest hubs for job postings. Our clients of all sizes take advantage of the benefits that come with scale.


Kick start and streamline new hire on-boarding

  • Greenhouse Onboarding

    A great candidate experience helps you hire the best talent - great onboarding ensures you retain them

  • C Color 1
    D  Hero Image 1

    Improve the Onboarding Experience

    At Greenhouse, we design tools that help companies create and navigate the new world of work. Our customers are some of the most innovative, respected brands in their market, and are committed to empowering their people to excel. With Greenhouse Onboarding, organizations cultivate a great new hire experience, setting their teams up to be successful from day one.

    Deliver a Great New Hire Experience:

    Greenhouse Onboarding helps companies carry the excitement candidates feel from offer acceptance through a new hire’s first day - so they become and stay engaged.

    Improve Onboarding Collaboration:

    Effective onboarding requires efforts from multiple departments, not just HR. Greenhouse Onboarding fosters collaboration through task management and clear delegation of responsibilities.

    Automate Administrative Tasks: 

    Between sending out communications, collecting necessary documents, and making sure the right people are completing the right tasks on-time, there's a lot to keep track of when bringing on a new hire. Greenhouse Onboarding automates manual tasks to save you time and reduce human error.

    Create a Consistent Process:

    The more efficiently you onboard, the happier new hires are and the sooner they add value to your company. Creating a consistent process enables you to measure your onboarding effectiveness and improve over time.

  • Sora

    Automate and personalize employee onboarding, offboarding, and all the key moments in between.

  • C horizontal color
    E hero

    HR automation for growing companies

    Request Partner Demo

    Growing companies want their People teams to be engaging and retaining employees. But these teams spend all of their time on all of the tedious tasks it takes to keep up with onboarding and offboarding employees.

    Onboarding a single employee means sending a bunch of customized emails, entering the same data again and again, and chasing down a ton of people — from getting IT to order a laptop to have a manager to schedule weekly one-on-ones.

    Most companies end up manually tracking these tasks in giant, out-of-date spreadsheets that aren’t talking with any of their HR tools.

    Sora is an HR automation tool that makes it easy for you to build and personalize workflows for onboarding, offboarding, and all the key moments in between. It works with your existing HR tools, like Greenhouse, so you can automatically send a welcome email, schedule a new manager training, or even deliver an anniversary cupcake to the right employee at the right time.

  • UltiPro Onboarding

    Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud solution is designed to improve the employee experience.

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  • 300X70 Color Logo 2
    Ultipro Header Image

    UltiPro® simplifies complex HR processes 

    Request Partner Demo

    Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud HR, payroll, and talent solution helps organizations improve the employee experience at all levels, beginning with personalized recruiting and onboarding that fosters long-term relationships and continuing with convenient, role-based access to pay, benefits, and development information. With UltiPro, HR can rapidly process payroll; leverage flexible time solutions; offer a modern approach to learning; facilitate productive performance, succession, and compensation management; and measure employee sentiment using advanced survey technology. Most importantly, UltiPro is supported by powerful business intelligence across all its solutions that helps organizations drive smarter, people-focused results.

Productivity & Collaboration

Tools that enable team collaboration and productivity

  • Coda

    Coda is a new type of document that blends the best of docs, sheets, and data from Greenhouse.

  • Icon Coda Logo Color@2X
    Greenhouseq4 1

    It's a new day for docs

    Request Partner Demo

    A recruiter’s life can often feel chaotic. From sourcing the right candidates from myriad channels, to negotiating interview schedules with your hiring managers, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Greenhouse is a critical source of truth for recruiters to understand where candidates are in the process. And now with Coda, recruiting teams of all shapes and sizes can take Greenhouse data and build it into a new doc to codify their unique ways of working.

    Use a series of spreadsheets or documents for customized weekly pipeline reports or role progress? Use the Recruiting Pipeline template and visualize your application and job data exactly how you need it. Need a more consistent way of setting up onsite interview loops, accounting for every interviewer’s feedback throughout the process? Try the Interview Day template to combine candidate information with interviewer notes and scores. You can even check out how the Box recruiting team uses Coda to coordinate hundreds of interviews with their Candidate Coordination doc.

    And now, as a Greenhouse user you can skip the line to get access by clicking here. We can't wait to see what you Coda.

  • DataGrail

    Simplify compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and similar regulations

  • Dg Ls Rgb
    Hero Image

    Simplify compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more

    Request Partner Demo

    DataGrail helps Greenhouse customers comply with Europe’s (GDPR), California’s (CCPA), Nevada’s (SB 220) and similar privacy regulations. The regulations require on-demand access and deletion of a requester's personal data -- particularly anything that may be associated with an email address -- across all business systems.

    Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with DataGrail allows Greenhouse customers the ability to perform request and deletion of personal data. DataGrail also allows for unification of communication preferences via a Preference Card that integrates with all the leading customer-facing systems.

    Integration Video Tutorial: Here

    How to use the DataGrail Integration with Greenhouse:

    • Your company’s designated team that handles Privacy Requests will use this integration to query the API to retrieve a candidate record upon their request
    • Should the Greenhouse Site Admin need to be consulted to process the Privacy Request the designated team will contact them for further action

    Need help?

    Please contact for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox provides easy-to-use collaboration tools and the fastest, most-reliable file sync platform.

  • Dropbox Preview 1
    Dropbox Sharing 1

    Best-in-class content collaboration platform

    Dropbox keeps more than 500 million registered users on the same page with easy-to-use collaboration tools and the fastest, most-reliable file sync platform. From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, we make teamwork better.  

    • Collaboration. No matter where you're located, you can work with your team on everything from recruiting, to planning, to sourcing, and hiring with Dropbox. 
    • Sharing. Securely share files with individuals outside your organization, such as candidates, clients, and hiring partners. 
    • SmartSync. Get access to your Dropbox files and every folder that's been shared with you, right from your desktop. Your content is automatically saved in Dropbox, so all of your files are archived and retrievable.
  • Emissary Text Recruiting

    Get responses 10X faster than email. Start texting candidates in Greenhouse today.

  • Color

    Reach talent faster and get more responses today!

    Request Partner Demo

    Start texting candidates from within Greenhouse to transform your productivity instantly. The talent you’re trying to reach uses texting more than any other feature on their smartphone… more than voice, more than email, more than anything else by far!

    The numbers tell the story. Recruiters that use texting get responses in minutes, not days. That’s because 95% of text messages get read in the first 3 minutes. Recruiters that rely on email often don’t get responses at all.

    Emissary helps you harness the power of texting seamlessly in a scalable way, right within Greenhouse. You can text one candidate or one hundred candidates in minutes. Emissary even syncs conversations back to Greenhouse if you text from other sites like LinkedIn or Indeed. It’s totally automatic.

    Text candidates with Emissary and make your life easier.

  • Honeit

    Automatically schedule, record, transcribe and search phone interviews. Share interview intelligence.

  • Honeit Logo
    Honeit Header

    Honeit turns phone interviews into talent insights.

    Request Partner Demo

    Automatically record, transcribe and search your phone interviews. Instead of taking notes, enjoy your conversations and easily search interview data and share interview intelligence.
    Honeit interview technology combines audio intelligence and workflow automation to schedule, screen and submit talent faster. Automate interview scheduling with Honeit scheduling links. Discover the best questions and answers with interview intelligence. After a call, share a few interview highlights to showcase candidate personality, knowledge and technical skills - using a candidate's own voice.
    Interview collaboration enables Recruiters to ask the tough questions and makes it easy for hiring teams to hear and assess interview answers with zero misinterpretation or bias.

    Honeit features include:
    Automatic Scheduling
    Sync your calendar, set your availability and share your link.

    Interview Transcription
    Transcribe the entire interview, questions and answers.

    Call Recording
    Never forget a conversation or key interview moments.

    Tracking & Analytics
    Track email opens, clicks and interview analytics.
    Search Interviews
    Search live phone interview questions and answers.

    Interview Guides
    Utilize structured interview guides for any skill-set.

    Interview Clips
    Automatically create shareable clips and highlights.
    Team Projects
    Cooperatively schedule, screen and assess interviews.
    ATS IntegrationAutomatically export real-time interview data.

  • PieSync

    Integrate Greenhouse with nearly 200+ applications for an automatic 2-way candidate sync. Manage your candidate data whenever you want and sync it real-time to any other application. Setup workflows to save time and automate your data.

  • Aron Gosselin Piesync Logo Greenhouse 205X70
    Aron Gosselin Greenhouse Hero Image

    Sync your candidates two-way in real-time

    Request Partner Demo

    PieSync works in the background and syncs your candidates two-way and in real time between your favorite cloud apps. This means you’ll have access to the most up to date candidate information, no matter where you are or who entered the data.

    * No more Data Entry Errors

    PieSync syncs all your candidates bidirectionally across your favorite cloud apps, so you only have to enter contact data once. Because you only have to enter your data once, you’ll dramatically decrease manual errors.

    * No more import/export of your contacts

    With PieSync, you no longer have to manually import/export your data. PieSync automatically transfers your data, and any updates you make, in real time, across all your connected cloud apps.

    * Sync changes, including deletions and unsubscribes, in your favorite cloud apps

    Don’t worry about unsubscribes or deletions, PieSync syncs those too!

    * Keep track of your candidates, so you never lose a contact again

    Have you ever found yourself searching through your emails for that ONE phone number? No more! PieSync will sync this data across all your connected cloud apps.

    * Share accurate candidate information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.

    PieSync can sync your marketing, sales and customer care platforms together, so your teams can have a 360° overview on every candidate at all times.

    * 3 Minute Setup

    Select the apps you want to connect, set up the connection, then hit Start syncing.

    * Customize

    You can change the sync direction, create filters to manage subsets of your contacts, sync deletions or unsubscribes, and select one of your apps to be the central database. You can also pause the sync at any time

    Ready to sync Greenhouse? More info

  • Slack

    Slack connects you to the people and apps you work with every day, no matter where you are or what you do.

  • Slack Rgb
    Multi Device Group 1

    Connect with the people and tools you work with every day.

    With Slack, you get real-time communication features like messaging and calls, a searchable index of all your files and conversations, and integrations with a growing number of handy bots and apps. With all your work in a single place, you can quickly access the context, people, and tools you need to work productively with your team. Now everyone can finally be on the same page and get their work done. Slack: It’s where work happens.

    Not using Slack yet? Slack is free to try out for as long as you want, so go ahead and create a new team to get started.

  • TalentWall

    TalentWall converts your candidate pipeline into a real-time interactive card wall.

  • Talentwall Logo Blue 1
    Final Cardwall 1

    Hire Faster, Smarter, and More Collaboratively

    Request Partner Demo

    Inspired by the Agile principles and best practices that transform software delivery teams: people over process, communication, transparency, collaboration, and big visible charts, it is our mission to bring these transformative concepts to talent acquisition teams everywhere, and for us that begins with TalentWall.

    TalentWall converts your candidate pipeline into an interactive card wall, reflecting your Greenhouse candidate data in real-time. Inspired by agile principles, TalentWall brings much-needed transparency and collaboration to Talent teams.

    TalentWall has over 700 end users from 30+ companies in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands.

    In today’s high stakes and complex recruiting space, TalentWall puts the focus back on moving candidates through the pipeline, allowing you to hire better, faster, and more collaboratively.

    TalentWall is a…

    Command Center for Recruiters: Recruiters gain quick understanding of urgent tasks allowing them to prioritize their day. Since you can see when candidates were most recently “touched” candidates will never slip through the cracks again.

    Hiring Manager Portal: Hiring managers can easily answer the question they care about most how close are we to making hire?

    Dashboard for Recruiting Managers: Hiring Managers gain critical insights for business planning.

    Executive Summary: Provide your Executive team with a real-time snapshot of the candidate pipeline -- without the manual work.

    Collaboration Tool: Use TalentWall during Hiring Manager 1:1s, Talent team meetings, or any time you’re reviewing the recruiting pipeline to get everyone on the same page quickly and easily.

    Improve candidate experience -- since you can see when candidates were most recently “touched” you’ll never let another candidate slip through the cracks again.

  • Zapier

    Zapier helps you connect and automate the apps you use to hire, so you can spend more time on human work.

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  • Brand Assets Images Logos Zapier Logo 1 Min
    Greenhouse Hero Banner 1 Min

    Want to add candidates to an email marketing list, a CRM, or a spreadsheet? With app automation tool Zapier, you can automatically get your Greenhouse info into the app where it’s most valuable to you.

    Zapier offers a free trial for 14-days where you can try out connecting Greenhouse to over 1,300 apps on Zapier for free. If you need a week or more of time to try it out, please write in to the Zapier Support team.

Recruitment Marketing

Manage and engage prospective candidates before they are active applicants.

  • Beamery

    Source, attract and engage candidates with a Recruitment CRM powered by machine intelligence.

  • Beamery Color Logo
    Beamery Hero Image

    Treat Candidates Like Customers

    Request Partner Demo

    Your ATS is for applicants, but what happens when the best candidates don’t apply.

    Modern recruiters understand this. They know that to get the best talent they have to be proactive, they have to source and engage with candidates that haven’t applied. This is why the ATS can no longer function as a standalone, you need a platform that manages the candidates that aren’t in your application process.

    Beamery lets recruiters source, attract and engage hiring prospects long before they apply.


    Capture contact information and social profiles with the Browser Extension, manage prospects in talent pools and boost reply rates by over 300% by personalizing your outreach with CRM data and using targeted drip campaigns.

    Recruitment CRM

    Beamery CRM constantly enriches your database with fresh social and professional information, connects to all your other tools (email, calendar, social, ATS) to unify your data, and lets you use keyword search and filters to identify relevant talent in seconds

    Recruitment Marketing

    Nurture candidates with targeted email campaigns to increase the number of hires from your database by 40%, automate candidate nurture with drip campaigns and target talent with triggered messages based on their behaviour (e.g. send candidates that abandon applications a reminder to go back)

    Employer Branding

    Attract new prospects with events and branded landing pages, convert passive candidates who don’t apply with smart calls-to-action and take control of your candidate experience with custom surveys that give you real-time data on what candidates really think

  • Gem

    This recruiting platform integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Greenhouse and enables teams to find, engage, and nurture talent.

  • Gem Color Resized
    Greenhouse Hero@2X 2

    Find, Engage, and Nurture Top Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    Gem is an all-in-one recruiting platform that integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Greenhouse. It enables world-class recruiting teams to find, engage, and nurture top talent.

    Recruiters use Gem to build lists of people to reach out to, find email, and automate follow-ups. Gem saves time, doubles response rate, and gives visibility into what’s working.

    Teams use Gem to collaborate on candidates, discover best practices, and never reach out to the same person twice. Managers unlock visibility into their team’s pipeline because every touchpoint is automatically tracked. And everything syncs to Greenhouse with best-in-class data integrity.

  • Phenom People

    Discover, engage, and retain top talent throughout the entire lifecycle from a single platform.

  • Joseph Pierce Phenom Medium
    Joseph Pierce Phenom Hero

    A single platform for every talent experience.

    Request Partner Demo

    Phenom People delivers a single platform for Career Sites, Candidate Pipeline, CMS, Chatbot, Internal Mobility & Referral Application, Talent Analytics, and AI. The Phenom platform helps Greenhouse users create a seamless, engaging experience for candidates as they browse your career site and go through the application process. Serving some of the largest organizations in the world, Phenom’s platform eliminates multiple point solutions, reduces cost, and increases ROI for talent acquisition and talent management.

  • Rake

    Place an Apply Later button on your job pages & increase application conversions by as much as 14%!

  • Hi Res Color Logo Rake 1
    Hero Image Rake 1

    Capture, Engage, Retarget & Convert Candidates.

    The Problem

    According to studies by Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, The Talent Board and others, over 42% of candidates do not apply to jobs right away. This means that candidates visit your career site, see jobs they are interested in, but are leaving because they aren’t ready to apply just yet. In fact, the #1 roadblock to candidate engagement is the inability to capture interested candidates.

    So, who are they? How do you get in touch with them?

    Will they come back and apply to that job they were interested in?

    The Solution

    Enter Rake’s Apply Later™ solution.

    Simply place an Apply Later button on your job pages and see an increase in application conversions.

    With Rake, two things are accomplished. First, it provides a service to the candidate by allowing them to get reminders to apply to that job they were interested in. Reminders are via email, calendar and sms messaging.

    Second, start collecting contact information and learn about who is visiting your site and what they are interested in. Since the candidate has indicated an interested in a specific job and intends to apply later, this is a very warm lead. It also provides you with an opportunity to leverage your employer brand and start a dialog with that candidate.

    Your Brand. Your Data

    Rake is a white labeled solution. We customize the look and feel of the button and communications, thus providing candidates with seamless experience.

    The collected contact information is entirely yours and can be inserted directly into Greenhouse as a prospect.

    Easily turn on the Apply Later™ button and be up in running in days!

  • Resource

    Modern recruiting outreach with powerful email automation, analytics and contact data.

  • Greenhouse Partnership Resource Logo Color 300X66
    Greenhouse Partnership Hero 960X460 No Logo Min 1

    Modern recruiting outreach

    Request Partner Demo
    • Master sourcing with the first Outbound Recruiting Platform, trusted by the world’s leading recruiting teams.
    • With Resource, you’ll drastically increase response rates, nurture relationships with passive candidates and cut your sourcing time in half using powerful automation and insights.
    • Easy to set up and completely free to try. Resource is the all-in-one platform that helps you master outbound recruiting.
  • VONQ Recruitment Marketing Platform

    VONQ’s recruitment marketing technology: the gateway for hiring teams to attract the right applicants

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  • VONQ logo hi res 300x70
    VONQ hero 960x460

    VONQ’s recruitment marketing technology

    Request Partner Demo

    VONQ offers recruitment marketing technology to turn passive and active candidates into qualified applicants. Being the global gateway to attract applicants, our fully algorithm-powered recruitment marketing technology offers hiring teams access to all the media channels in the world (incl. generic and niche job boards, aggregators, online hubs & communities, social media channels, e-commerce, news sites, and even apps) and helps them select the most relevant channels for their jobs. To steer recruitment teams’ success, we offer performance data analytics and job market insights.

Recruitment Optimization & Analytics

Optimize your recruiting organization with these tools.

  • Atipica

    By building the world’s first Inclusive AI, we’re mobilizing the future of diversity through predictive analytics.

  • Logo Color
    01 Hero960X460

    Request Partner Demo

    Atipica is a talent discovery engine that uniquely combines both artificial and human intelligence to help companies realize the lifetime value of their recruiting data. Our bias-free approach focuses on the competencies and skills that truly matter to uncover the best people for the job, every time.

  • Brilent

    Brilent automatically finds and ranks all the candidates in Greenhouse that match your open role.

  • Brilent Color Logo
    Brilent Hero Image

    The Intelligent Candidate Recommendation Engine

    Request Partner Demo

    Looking to match the best candidates to your open positions? Brilent has you covered.

    Brilent's core technology instantly and intelligently matches candidates in Greenhouse to a company's open positions. By quickly identifying quality candidates, the software speeds pre-screening and lets recruiters focus on building relationships. The company's algorithms go beyond simple keyword search results to uncover talent deep within an applicant tracking system and display ranking recommendations that are easy to interpret and act upon.

    • Automatically match and rank candidates. Flip the integration switch in Greenhouse, and we’ll do the rest.
    • Unleash your ATS. Your next hire is probably already in your system.
    • We learn fast. Every action you take makes the system smarter, and improves our recommendations.
    • Spend time with people, not resumes. By automating pre-screening, recruiters can spend time where it matters - with candidates.
    • Trusted technology from a trusted team. Having worked on some of the toughest machine learning challenges at Facebook, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver the next generation candidate matching engine.
  • CiiVSOFT

    CiiVSOFT helps customers streamline hiring with an intelligent, interconnected suite of tools which automate recruiting tasks inside Greenhouse

  • Ciiv Blue 800X300
    Ciiv New Banner 191119

    Recruit smarter and more efficiently

    Request Partner Demo

    Are you looking to save time and streamline your recruitment and hiring process? CiiVSOFT has you covered.

    CiiVSOFT helps Greenhouse customers to automate key, time consuming recruitment tasks with an instantly accessible solution powered by Augmented Intelligence. Our task automation and intelligent recommendation technology works inside the ATS meaning users experience all the benefits of time saving automation without ever having to leave the Greenhouse platform.

    We enable customers to automate application review and screening, database searching, sourcing, candidate referral and recommendation; right inside Greenhouse.

    “This product has huge potential. With CiiVSOFT’s tools we can leverage our existing candidate pool, discovering quality candidates within our ATS. CiiVSOFT has also helped us focus our talent acquisition on the right candidates for the right job.”

    Martin Kilcline, Director of People Systems at Agoda

    Key benefits

    • Fast, simple setup and implementation
    • Save thousands of hours by automating manual recruiting tasks
    • Streamline hiring, improve candidate experience and engagement
    • Seamless, 24/7 synchronisation with Greenhouse
    • Eliminate the risk of bias and inconsistency
    • Multi-lingual processing supports hiring on a global level
    • GDPR and data privacy compliant

    Get in touch to arrange a demo and see how CiiVSOFT can turbo-charge your recruitment process

  • Employee Cycle

    Track and analyze HR metrics from all your different HR systems in one real-time people dashboard.

  • Employee Cycle Colored Transparent Logo
    Employee Cycle Hero Image

    All your HR Data in one Real-Time Dashboard.

    Request Partner Demo

    Employee Cycle provides small and medium-sized companies with an all-in-one and data-driven view of the workforce. This happens by transforming disparate workforce data into a centralized, real-time, and goal-oriented HR dashboard. By leveraging the accessibility of APIs from a wide variety of cloud-based HR systems, companies can now understand their entire workforce in one place, serving as an automated “HR source of truth”.

    When you connect Greenhouse to Employee Cycle, you can better answer questions around your recruiting process including the following:

    • Am I hiring candidates fast enough to hit my hiring plan?
    • Where are most of my candidates being sourced from?
    • How efficient is my hiring funnel?
    • Do I have enough candidates in my pipeline?

    Also, since all of your data will be together, you’ll also be able to answer questions like the following all in the same place:

    • Why is my turnover so high in specific departments?
    • How much is turnover costing me?
    • Why is our diversity so low in specific departments?
    • Why aren’t many of our employees completing their performance reviews?

    Having this automated "HR source of truth" simplifies the HR reporting process to make smarter decisions faster, allowing HR and People leaders to proactively identify and analyze workforce trends, save costs, and avoid risks.

  • Fivetran

    Fivetran builds technology to help analysts replicate data into a cloud warehouse.

  • Rachel Guerra 1809 Greenhouse Marketplace Listing Logo Min
    Rachel Guerra 1809 Greenhouse Marketplace Listing Hero Min

    5-minute-setup, zero-maintenance pipelines.

    Request Partner Demo

    After a five-minute setup, Fivetran replicates all your applications, databases, events and files into a high-performance data warehouse. Our standardized cloud pipelines are fully managed and zero-maintenance. 

    Shaped by the real-world needs of data analysts, Fivetran technology supports agile analytics, enabling data-backed decisions across organizations. We’re focused, transparent and trusted by businesses that run on data.

    Get started today with a free trial today!

  • HiringSolved

    Use AI to unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data, increasing efficiency by 10X or more.

  • Hiringsolved Logo Full Color
    Hiringsolved Header Image

    We Make Candidate Discovery Easy

    Request Partner Demo

    Recruiters spend over 60% of their day searching for information. TalentFeed+ provides an intelligent platform to automate candidate search and match functions across all enterprise data sources and the social web, increasing recruiter efficiency by 90%.

    We use artificial intelligence to automate candidate matching, increase diversity, reduce time to fill jobs, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data, increasing efficiency by 10X or more.

  • HRDiversifyd

    HRdiversifyd is a diversity analytics software that enables an organization to proactively track and measure diversity, and identify any bias and discrimination during the recruiting process.

  • Hrdiversifyd Logo Copy
    Screen Shot 2019 07 15 At 2 55 31 Pm

    Diversity Enabled

    Request Partner Demo

    HRdiversifyd is a diversity analytics software that enables an organization to proactively track and measure diversity, and identify any conscious or unconscious bias and discrimination during the recruiting process. The product “guarantees” diverse states of candidates in real-time at any given point during the recruiting process and empowers the recruiting team with real-time recruiting data to take deliberate action. Finally, there is software that provides a way to make sense of the diversity data collected during the recruiting and talent acquisition process and can measure it against the diversity objectives defined by your organization. Let us help you go beyond the status quo of just saying you're diverse, but giving you the ability to prove it.

  • Ideal

    Ideal’s AI screens thousands of resumes, new and old, to instantly identify who to interview.

  • Ideal Logo Color
    Ideal Hero Image

    Use AI to know exactly who to interview, instantly.

    Request Partner Demo

    Ideal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate low-level, repetitive recruiting tasks and swiftly move top candidates through the recruiting funnel.

    The Problem:
    ● Overwhelmed with applicants, some employers report that over 65% of their resumes go untouched.
    ● Employers are often sitting on a gold mine of thousands of previous candidates within their ATS, but are unable to re-engage them for new requisitions.
    ● Candidate outreach is tedious and inconsistent.

    Ideal’s Recruitment Automation Solution:

    ● Ideal’s AI ensures that every single resume is screened and graded without bias.
    ● Ideal can also screen and shortlist previous applicants. By screening past candidates, employers can rediscover talent and triple their qualified applicants. 
    ● To save recruiters even more time, Ideal automatically engages top candidates to gauge their interest in the role.

    Employers using Ideal’s recruiting software have, on average:
    ● Reduced screening costs by 75%
    ● Tripled their qualified candidates 
    ● Increased recruiter productivity by 3.7x

    How It Works:
    Ideal integrates directly with Greenhouse, without changing your existing workflow. If your team knows how to use Greenhouse, they already know how to use Ideal!

    Ideal allows HR professionals to focus on their most value-adding tasks: interviewing and building incredible teams.

  • Interseller

    Interseller finds candidates’ emails, automates recruiting emails and syncs straight to Greenhouse.

  • Hi Res Logo 1
    Hero Image 1

    Find candidates’ emails and automate your workflow

    Request Partner Demo

    Recruiting teams know that to find the best talent they need to reach out to potential candidates that would be the best fit. Interseller increases the productivity of your recruiting team by automating the manual tasks involved in sourcing and engaging with prospective candidates.

    Recruiters are empowered with tools to source, contact, and keep Greenhouse up to date without needing manual data entry. All of these tools are streamlined allowing recruiters to do all of this in the click of a button.

    Find contact information for the candidate from social profiles such as Github, LinkedIn, and Angellist using our chrome extension. Emails are verified so you know messages will be delivered.

    Quickly send smart personalized emails to candidates you find with drip campaigns. Campaigns are integrated with Gmail, track email opens, and automatically follow up with candidates that have not yet replied.

    Prospects will be synched over to Greenhouse including all enrichment data about the candidate such as company, title, website, and social links.

  • Joonko

    AI-powered diversity and inclusion coach, which can identify and solve unconscious bias in real-time

  • Joonko Logo 1
    Hero 3 1

    Meet your AI-powered diversity and inclusion coach

    Request Partner Demo

    Joonko is an AI-powered diversity and inclusion coach for companies, which can identify and solve unconscious bias in real-time.

    Joonko leverages your company’s existing data (from different SaaS platforms) to identify unconscious workplace bias as it occurs, and immediately engages the relevant executive, manager or employee with insights and recommendations - enabling them to make real-time corrective actions.

    With a simple integration to your Greenhouse account, you can ensure a more diverse and equal hiring process. Joonko will constantly analyze your recruiting pipelines and will suggest actions, when needed, to increase the number of women and people of color applying to positions, helping you ensure that no great candidates are overlooked and provide you with a high level view of trends and your progress.

    Want to learn how Joonko can help you achieve company-wide diversity and inclusiveness? Contact us today!

  • Mixmax

    Close more candidates with personalized email outreach, automated followups, and instant scheduling.

  • Mixmax Color
    Mixmax Hero

    Close more candidates with personalized email automation

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    Mixmax is the communication platform custom-made for sourcers and recruiters. We integrate with Gmail so you get the time-saving benefits of automation — without losing your personal touch.

    Track opens, clicks, and downloads with read receipts
    Know exactly which candidates open your message and when. There are candidates who open your message 10 times but don’t reply — now you can follow up and give them the nudge they need to move forward.

    Schedule meetings instantly
    Schedule phone screens and interviews without the back-and-forth. You can even schedule on your hiring manager’s calendar.

    Write faster and better with templates
    Create and save templates to reuse and share with your team. You also get analytics for opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations, so you know which messaging is most effective.

    Personalize bulk emails instantly with Mixmax Sequences
    Send hundreds of personalized emails in minutes with sequences. With delegated sending, you can send messages from your hiring manager’s Gmail account.

    Set reminders to follow up
    Now it’s easy to keep in touch with candidates who play the long game. With reminders, you never miss a follow-up.

    Schedule emails to send later
    Send emails when your candidates will read them. Write an email at night and send it in the morning, or whenever your candidate is most active in their email.

    Make your emails stand out
    Set your company apart with embedded YouTube videos and visual web previews. 

    Embed polls and surveys
    Easily add polls and surveys to get focused responses from your recipients. 

    Share any email to Slack or other services
    Turn any email you receive or send into a link to share on your favorite services.

    Know how your team is performing
    Create custom reports with Insights, so you know which sourcers and recruiters are reaching out to more candidates and getting better results.

    Get the whole team up to speed
    We offer customized trainings to get your team up to speed in an afternoon. 

  • MyAlerts

    Capture talent interest (before they apply) and build a strategic talent pipeline for your company.

  • Myalerts Color 1
    Hero Myalerts

    Is Your Career Site Your Best Recruiter?

    Request Partner Demo

    MyAlerts helps you capture and engage talent inside your Greenhouse platform resulting in hiring 5x to 10x more talent who visit your career site.

    From early interest (pre-apply) to post-hire (internal mobility), MyAlerts helps engage talent for their entire career by keeping them aware of job opportunities that match their specific interests as they grow and change their skills and interests.

    MyAlerts helps your company build a strategy talent pipeline which will deliver better talent faster than relying on outside sources.

  • One Model

    Get more insights out of your Greenhouse data and connect it to data from your other HR systems.

  • One Model 1
    One Model Hero

    Get more insights from your company’s people data.

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    One Model helps people understand their people analytics. By extracting workforce data from multiple sources, analyzing it with predictive modeling capabilities, normalizing the data, and then loading it all in one place — our platform — HR departments benefit from the cleanest, clearest visual possible. Use these insights to predict employee behaviors, reduce costs, and improve performance.

    One Model’s Greenhouse API Connector exports data from your Greenhouse account and imports it into your instance of One Model.

    Once imported, One Model transforms your Greenhouse data into a structure that is optimized for analytic reporting and data science. (If you are familiar with data modeling, this means that we will load your data into fact and dimension tables within a data warehouse.) This transformed data set allows you to generate recruiting efficiency reports on your pipeline, offer acceptance rates, time to hire, etc. Because the data has been reorganized for analytics, you can easily cut metrics like time to hire by key recruiting dimensions like source, recruiter, department, office, etc.

    One Model also connects your Greenhouse data to data from your other HR systems. For example, you might link candidate records from Greenhouse with employee data from your core HR system. This allows you to develop recruiting effectiveness reports, covering topics like new hire performance, termination rates by hire cohort, etc. This means you can have a connected view of employee outcomes from sourcing to termination and every step in between.

    Once set up, the connector can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Param is AI-enabled recruitment solution which helps you to shortlist, screen and schedule applicants without any manual intervention.

  • 300X70 Color
    960X460 Hero Image

    Use AI to screen & engage applicants on Greenhouse.

    Request Partner Demo uses AI to automate the tedious and manual recruitment tasks and helps the organisations in identifying relevant candidates from the pipeline.

    The Problem:

    • When an organisation posts a job, they receive applications and a recruiter has to review each and every resume either to shortlist or to reject them.
    • Employers need to pick-up the phone, pre-screen each of the shortlisted applicants, this is time consuming when employers are dealing with huge volume.
    • Scheduling and engaging the applicants further takes lot of manual efforts and this impacts candidate experience.

    The Solution:

    • uses AI to help the recruiters in identifying the top qualified candidates directly within your Greenhouse dashboard.
    • also automatically pre-screens the shortlisted candidates on behalf of the recruiter, which removes any manual effort in the process.
    • To further help the recruiters and save their time, schedules the candidates and engages them further. It automatically reaches out to past candidates and re-engages them for the new requisitions.

    How it Works: integrates with your Greenhouse account and you can start using features on Greenhouse without even changing your existing workflow.

  • Payscale

    Compensation software solutions to get pay right.

  • Pay Scale Logo Full Color Web 1
    Hero Pay Scale Greenhouse 1

    Compensation software solutions to get pay right.

    Request Partner Demo

    PayScale provides organizations of any size compensation software tools that combine rich data and unique algorithms to get comp right.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Creating structure
    • Benchmarking
    • Survey management
    • Employee communication
    • Analytics and trend reporting

    As compensation is an organization’s largest expense, it’s critical for HR and business leaders to leverage fresh, detailed compensation data from a sizable source to help recruit, retain, and engage people while remaining focused on the bottom line.

  • PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics

    Out-of-the-box recruitment reporting & analytics to help you make smarter hiring decisions

  • People Insight Dkgrey 2016 R 300X70Px 1
    Dashboard Hero 960X460 1

    Unlock the potential of your Greenhouse & HR data

    Request Partner Demo

    PeopleInsight, a recruitment & workforce analytics “pureplay”, is built to integrate all sources of disparate recruitment, HR, and talent data, and deliver end-to-end reporting and workforce analytics.

    We tackle a universal problem - tons of disconnected people and productivity data, stuck in disparate systems across HR and the business, underutilized for decision-making purposes.

    Unfortunately, many make-do with cobbled-together spreadsheets which don’t stand steady when it comes to data integrity, scalability, adding multiple data sources, powerful visualization and segmentation.

    At PeopleInsight, we are your reporting, analytics and decision-support umbrella which integrates your transactional recruitment, HR and talent systems and data sources into one single view of the truth.

    Our out-of-the-box solution quickly and seamlessly connects your relevant data sources to deliver must-have talent acquisition & workforce analytics.

    Starting at $1,000/month, our Talent Acquisition Edition is an analytics platform and fully managed service, built specifically for companies looking to gain deep insight into both recruitment efficiency and effectiveness – affordably, rapidly and constantly evolving to meet each company’s specific needs.

    This now means your Recruitment Ops team can spend more time actually using your data to drive decisions, versus wasting time preparing spreadsheets.

    Companies running Greenhouse can now integrate seamlessly with PeopleInsight through the Harvest API.

    Feed us your raw, native format data, and we do the rest.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • Pocket Recruiter

    Autonomously sources, screens & selects candidates, reducing time to submit whilst improving quality.

  • Felix Wetzel Pocket Logoblue
    Felix Wetzel Hero 2

    Stop searching, start engaging

    Request Partner Demo

    Pocket Recruiter autonomously sources, screens & selects candidates, reducing your time to submit by more than 40% whilst improving the quality to a candidate to interview ratio of 90%+.

    It can mask a candidate’s personal identifiable information to ensure a mitigate the bias in the selection process.

    The underlying AI

    Our machine learning is specifically designed for talent acquisition and comes with built in pattern matching that enables it to match job descriptions to potential candidates with high accuracy right out of the box.

    Additionally, the AI engine learns from historical data from your existing ATS as well as from every user interaction, using its own unique supervised learning algorithms.

    Pocket Recruiter also continuously analyzes new candidates and jobs, searching for patterns on its own, and enriching its own vocabulary, through our own advanced unsupervised learning methods.

    The journey

    Pocket Recruiter performs 6 different steps:

    1. Through our API with Greenhouse, we analyse the historic data. Who have you hired before, who is currently in the job, who are the top performers. This results in an institutional knowledge for talent acquisition and an understanding what good looks like for you.
    2. We extract, read and understand the job description - what does a candidate require to be a qualified candidate.
    3. We combined the learnings from step 1 and 2 and build a super sophisticated search string. It is used to Searches, selects, scores and ranks candidates from all sources (internal and external) in seconds. The same criteria are used to screen, score and rank in-coming applications.
    4. We learn from your TAs’ actions and generates new criteria based on learning.
    5. We syncs candidates with your existing workflow in Greenhouse ensuring organizational compliance and minimal workflow interruption
    6. You can set timings and thresholds for Pocket Recruiter to do the sourcing, screening and selecting for you autonomously, without any human intervention

    The features

    • Self-learning AI
    • Job board and LinkedIn integrations
    • Intelligent sourcing and pipelining
    • Search existing staff
  • PredictiveHR

    Enable people analytics and AI to predict talent trends and their financial impacts to your business

  • 300px Color PHR Logo 1
    960px Hero Image 1

    Empowering HR through People Analytics

    Request Partner Demo

    With over 20 years of HR experience, PredictiveHR has been at the forefront of instilling data-driven, actionable insights to empower HR leaders nationwide.

    At PredictiveHR, we understand each company possesses challenges. This can stem from aggregating and reporting on data from multiple HR or enterprise systems, or constantly managing numerous spreadsheets to gather data.

    All of these factors play a significant role in holding your company back from solving their most pressing workforce issues. This is why we do extremely well in helping our clients focus on the challenges affecting them the most.

    In partnering with Greenhouse, our SaaS platform enables people analytics by utilizing AI to predict talent outcomes and financial impacts to business outcomes. The PHR Platform aggregates people analytics, predictive, workforce planning solutions, and HR systems expertise into a comprehensive data set with a real-time dashboard with rich visualizations.

    Any software can identify problems. PredictiveHR is the only comprehensive solution empowering executives with insights from their people, finance, and operational data, no matter where that data lives.

    Our AI platform, Integrity, takes your disparate systems and data sources, aggregates, normalizes, and gathers insights from every source. Our Executive Lens delivers clear visibility into your organization with robust reports and visualizations to reveal business and performance opportunities.

  • RecruitBot

    Your AI-Based Recruiting Assistant

  • Logo 06
    Screen Shot 2018 08 01 At 1 49 40 Pm 2

    Your AI-Based Recruiting Assistant

    Request Partner Demo

    Hire Faster

    RecruitBot's machine learning algorithms review tens of thousands of resumes instantly--applying your exact preferences as it does so. You'll be able to screen more inbound candidates than ever before, and you'll be able to screen every resume already in your system as well. Consequently, your company will find and reach out to star candidates faster than your competitors do. Your hiring won't just be faster--it will be cheaper, too.

    Hire Better

    RecruitBot evaluates resumes impartially, so it will find great candidates that you may have missed from unconscious bias. With RecruitBot on your side, you'll unearth great candidates from non-traditional career paths, or more diverse ethnic, regional, and collegiate backgrounds. And RecruitBot's integration with Greenhouse means that it can get recommendations from the large repository of candidates that have already applied to your company through Greenhouse. After all, just because a candidate wasn't a perfect fit for your company when they applied, that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be an extraordinary fit for an open position now.

    Reduce Recruiting Bottlenecks

    RecruitBot's objective analysis also emboldens recruiters to advocate for borderline candidates that they might have otherwise rejected, for fear of wasting a hiring manager's time. This happens even for well-calibrated hiring teams, where studies have shown that hiring managers would have liked to interview up to 30% of these rejected borderline candidates. With RecruitBot, everybody wins: hiring managers see more good candidates, and recruiters are encouraged to trust their expertise.

  • Recruitics

    Stop wasting money and start advertising jobs smarter with Recruitics Analytics today, for free.

  • Recruitics Logo Color 242X70@2X 1
    Hero 906X460Jpg 1

    Buy smarter and advertise more efficiently. Start for free!

    Request Partner Demo

    Everybody’s heard that half the money you spend advertising job openings is wasted. The trouble is, it’s hard to know which half. That’s why we built Recruitics Analytics; it’s like Google Analytics, but for recruitment marketers and talent acquisition pros who advertise job openings online. 

    Recruitics Analytics automatically tracks visits, applications, and conversion rates across all of your jobs and job ads, and uses this data to tell you:

    ● where your applicants really come from,
    ● which of your jobs candidates are most interested in, and
    ● which job sites deliver the most applicants for your money - and which don’t.

    Best of all, Recruitics Analytics is free. Of course we have paid products, but our free Analytics isn’t the stripped-down, useless teaser version that most free products are.

    With Analytics, you’ll have everything you need to make data-driven marketing decisions at your fingertips, saving you time and money.

    So get your data with Recruitics Analytics, and stop wasting half your job ad budget. Go to to get started today!

  • Restless Bandit

    Find, connect with, and retarget the best candidates already in your ATS with Talent Rediscovery.

  • Logo Color 2 1
    Hero 5 1

    Find your best candidates—instantly

    Request Partner Demo

    Our Platform
    Talent Rediscovery is a full-spectrum software platform with everything you need— from rediscovering and retargeting your best candidates to enriching and deduping your data

    Talent Rediscovery algorithms automatically find the best candidates you already have in your ATS, so you can:
    • Reduce time to hire by 40%
    • Boost candidate response by 14x
    • Eliminate unconscious bias
    Restless Bandit puts the advantages of powerful email automation in your hands. It lets you easily reach out to scores of passive candidates automatically, while also providing a personal touch and seeing metrics like open, click, and reply rates.

    Restless Bandit sets up ads your candidates will see when they surf the web or spend time on Facebook, to remind them of your interest and to reapply to your company for that specific role.

    Resume Refresh protects your talent pool investment by automatically updating the resumes in your database. It periodically searches for and enriches them using publicly available data.
    Restless Bandit's intelligent algorithms can instantly tell which profiles in your ATS are unique candidates (even if they have the same name), and which are just different versions of the same profile.

  • Scoutible

    Scoutible’s game-based talent discovery platform uses machine learning to predict job performance.

  • Scoutible Color Logo
    Scoutible Hero

    Mobile Gaming Platform for Discovering Rockstar Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    Scoutible’s machine-learning approach to performance prediction is validated by decades of psychological research into Sales and Customer Service success. Our Performance Predictor can predict job success in these roles 2x better than job interviews, 3x better than work experience, and 4x better than education level.

    Applicants to your jobs will be instantly invited to play Scoutible mobile games, which take just 20 minutes. Scoutible then analyzes and ranks your talent pool, instantly providing you with a shortlist of perfect-fit candidates based on their predicted performance (ex: 97% Sales Aptitude). In addition, you receive a report detailing each candidate's individual personality (like work ethic, sociability, and intellect).


    • Predict a candidate's future performance pre-hire!
    • Reduce time-intensive resume screening and interviewing, allowing you to widen the funnel
    • Free up your recruiters so they can spend their time where it counts: Acquiring top talent
    • Screen out bad hires, which can cost up to 200% of annual salary to replace, not including lost productivity
    • Uncover and quantify the hidden strengths of candidates and what they will be like to work with, pre-interview
    • Differentiate your employer brand and enhance your talent pipeline
  • Tabnex

    Keep your candidate data up-to-date and complete automatically and in seconds using our integration.

  • Coloured Turqoise Logo
    Hero Image Min

    Enrich your candidate data in seconds

    Request Partner Demo

    Tabnex is a real-time enrichment platform. We take your candidate’s existing information and enrich it with insights and data to help you make smarter, faster, and better hiring decisions. With Tabnex Enrichment, you get to minimize job application forms, enhance your sourcing efforts, and easily surface the right talent with increased data searchability. Tabnex is your weapon of choice you bring to battle to compete for the talent you need.

  • Turbo Hire

    Human-like AI built on Contemporary-World Information to spot only those candidates you would love to meet and eventually Hire

  • C  Logo High Res Colour
    D  Hero Image 960 X 460

    Interview only those you will Eventually Hire

    Request Partner Demo

    Turbo Hire is like Alexa for your recruitment needs which helps you to Identify best talent in your applicant pool using the power of Human-like AI.

    • Turbo Hire reads the CVs of applicants
    • Overlays the information contained in CV with Contemporary World information
    • Allows Business (Hiring Manager) and Recruiters to work closely

    Understand Every Candidate

    Business world is moving fast, and every candidate has unique experiences, described by her in her own unique and individual style.

    Turbo Hire summarizes each CV in its core details with Who did What, Where, When, How and How Long paradigm so that you can understand each candidate in a big-picture mode.

    Competency – People who have the required competency for a job

    Each Candidate, in course of career and work, performs myriad tasks and roles. Turbo Hire has built world class Competency Engine (backed by years of research in psychology) that identifies each Candidate’s Primary and Secondary Competencies.

    In addition, we have put power of Psychology and Natural Language Processing in hands of recruiters, who can now find the right talent. You will be amazed by how it makes your routine tasks easier.

    Context – People who have worked in companies like mine

    Turbo Hire has built its proprietary data set on Companies (where candidates work) to know that Wells Fargo, Maersk, Google are not just different words in the CV, they meaningfully point to different companies in different market segments.

    Not just with known names, but even with unknown names, Turbo Hire will help you find those candidates who are contextually closer to your company’s work environment.

    And, if you wish to proactively pursue hiring candidates from certain other industry say, Healthcare Equipment, you could do that too!!

    Education – People who satisfy the required education background

    Once again, Turbo Hire has built its own dataset on Academic Institutions of the World and variety of academic programs candidates go through.

    Turbo Hire makes is super easy for you to pick only those candidates who meet required academic background necessary for the position you have.

    What we promise?

    The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. The Human-like AI of Turbo Hire helps you meet only those candidates whom you would hire. Saving you effort, money and most importantly the executive time.

    Reduce Talent Identification effort by 70%

    Reduce your hiring cycle from weeks to days

    Reduce number of Interviews by 2/3rd

    Reduce and recover your job marketing expenses

    Welcome aboard to the new paradigm of understanding Human Potential

  • Valilly

    Software to quickly collect, identify, target and convert talent into successful job placements.

  • Valilly Logo
    Hero Image

    Valilly: Talent Intelligence

    Request Partner Demo

    Endeavoring to change the HR Tech game, the team at Valilly set upon themselves the task of building a one-of-a-kind human resource cloud offering, comprising of several different applications, each built with the goal of providing top-notch quality, efficiency, and value to hiring decision makers. This bold objective led to the creation of the Valilly Talent Intelligence ecosystem, derived from an ingenious coupling of talent management solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Thanks to the tireless number of hours spent by Valilly software engineers bashing away at their keyboards, human resource professionals and hiring decision makers now have the ability to quickly find that needle in the haystack hire that they desperately crave. As astonishing as that all sounds, the most shocking aspect of using the Valilly platform to many of Valilly’s early clients, is the amazing cost savings that using Valilly, rather than traditional recruiters, provides them.

    But that’s not all that Valilly’s evolutionary Talent Intelligence platform provides and plans to become. With the ambition of a gallant conqueror that has been amassing a force that is second-to-none, Valilly intends to become the dominant force in the HR Tech industry, forever changing the way companies source, recruit, hire, manage, and transition talent. Continuously looking to steamroll through the human resource barriers faced by hiring managers each day, Valilly has the means and drive to push the boundaries of Talent Intelligence innovation to heretofore unrealized new heights.

    For all those companies that have been expending large resources to find the talent that they need, to then dishearteningly come away with unsatisfactory returns, Valilly’s Talent Intelligence is the safety net to their needlessly depreciating values. For all those hiring managers that have spent a myriad number of hours seeking that desperately needed employee to turn around their company, tapping into Valilly’s Talent Intelligence allows them to now allocate that tirelessly wasted time for sleep. For all those that have been demoralized by the lack of talent management tools offered by the applicant tracking systems and talent software solutions currently on the market, Valilly provides the medicine to cure them of their frustrations. For all those companies drowning in red from HR expenditures, Valilly is here to provide them with the life raft needed to bring them to safe shores.

  • Vettd

    Auto tag every talent profile in Greenhouse with skills, relevant roles, experience level, and more.

  • C Vettd Color Logo
    D Vettd Hero

    AI for Talent Classification within Greenhouse

    Request Partner Demo

    Vettd is the missing layer of your HR technology stack that interprets, classifies, and labels natural language. Anyone using Greenhouse can use Vettd's AI to auto tag every resume with skills, relevant roles, experience level, or any additional attribute you value. Stop spending time manually tagging resumes and dramatically improve the data your team relies on for hiring, sourcing, planning, and more.

    Vettd's AI is trained and customized by you with the help of Vettd's experts. It becomes a powerful asset that is exclusive to your organization. Vettd is hosted independent of Greenhouse making it possible hook multiple HR applications together with a common AI layer. Using Vettd's AI requires no change to recruiter workflows and provides impactful decision-making support. Supercharge Greenhouse with AI for talent classification today.

    • Skill Analysis
      • Identify and label relevant skills based on AI models trained to understand your perspective.
    • Role & Project Matching
      • Match profiles to specific roles, position groups, or projects using AI models trained to understand a structured talent hierarchy.
    • Position Leveling
      • Use AI to dive deep into a specific role to understand nuanced capability levels.


    Save time tagging & searching

    Stop reviewing and tagging resumes manually and spend time on more impactful tasks. Search your candidate database with more purpose by filtering through tags assigned by AI.

    Reduce Bias & Improve accuracy

    Tag resumes with more consistency and less bias than your manual resume screening and review processes.

    Improve search efficiency

    With deeper metadata on each candidate, your team is able to search and discover candidate records by skill, job role, experience level, and more.

    Stop missing quality hires

    With AI reviewing 100% of your resumes, you can be confident that you're not letting all-star candidates slip through the cracks.

    Continuous talent management

    Easily maintain a talent database that you can rely on with no change to your current workflow.

    Improve decision making

    Backed by robust data, more informed talent decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence than ever.

  • Workvisa

    Workvisa provides simple, efficient management of immigration processes and compliance requirements.

  • Workvisa Color Logo
    Workvisa Hero Image

    Manage work visas with ease

    Request Partner Demo is a powerful, easy-to-use system for companies hiring skilled foreign talent. Designed with efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity in mind, allows HR and legal teams to manage immigration processes and compliance requirements for seamless recruiting and faster onboarding. 

    Pre-Hire Immigration Assessments: Workvisa’s integration with Greenhouse allows you to request pre-hire immigration assessments directly from your Greenhouse dashboard for candidates who need immigration sponsorship. You can choose to receive assessments from our team of legal experts, or from your own immigration counsel through our Workvisa platform.

    Automated LCA Compliance: Workvisa’s intraLCA™ plugin system provides powerful tools to simplify the Labor Condition Application (LCA) filing and compliance management process through an automated and almost completely paperless system. This helps employers onboard new H-1B workers faster, while reducing the risk associated with compliance errors. intraLCA™ can also be used to allow outside counsel to automatically post required notice of filings directly on your Greenhouse job board, electronically generate and maintain Public Access Files (PAFs), and submit LCAs directly to the Department of Labor portal in a fraction of the time it takes to submit them manually.    

    Data Tracking & Document Management: Workvisa can provide your HR and legal teams with a simple, easy-to-use platform to track complex immigration data. Our platform features powerful document management and data collection tools, custom reports, matter management and case tracking, and more. Workvisa is designed to cater to the specific needs of your business. Our team is comprised of industry experts with decades of experience in helping companies navigate complex business immigration requirements by leveraging technology and innovative solutions. Workvisa is backed by multi-factor authentication, robust APIs and third-party integrations, and 24/7 customer support. Contact us today to find out how Workvisa can help you manage your in-house immigration practices. 

  • X0PA AI

    Hiring is an art, we made it a science. Bring the highest level of objectivity into your hiring process with X0PA’s predictive analytics.

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  • X0 PA 300x70
    X0 PA Hero

    Maximise objectivity in hiring, predict loyalty and performance and identify talent with best culture fit.

    Request Partner Demo

    Hiring is an art, we made it a science. Bring the highest level of objectivity into your hiring process with X0PA’s predictive analytics.

    X0PA AI is an intelligent SAAS hiring platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to source, score, and rank talent to identify the best fitting candidates for each organization's needs. Hire with precision and the highest level of objectivity. We say that hiring has been a subjective process for too long, but X0PA made it a science. Using deep tech tools combined with an efficient workflow platform and integrated tools, we bring you a seamless, unbiased and precise hiring process.

    X0PA is the only platform that combines advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and RPA to scale the recruiting process. It transforms your employee retention and your recruitment expenditure by helping you hire the right candidates and reallocate existing employees to more suitable and satisfying roles. By automating tasks, X0PA removes subjectivity and human error from traditional processes and creates the objective and transparent recruitment solution that both organizations and candidates can trust.

Reference Checks

Streamline the reference check screening process with tools that automate and gather candidates’ personal and professional references.

  • Crosschq

    Crosschq’s cloud-based platform brings reference checking into the 21st century.

  • Crosschq Logo New 05
    Screen Shot 2019 06 14 At 12 31 07 Pm

    Human Intelligence Hiring

    Request Partner Demo

    Fast, transparent, bias-free reference checking.

    Generate amazing new job prospects.

    Crosschq provides a cloud-based application that brings efficiency to the archaic process of conducting personal reference checks. Our online SaaS software efficiently gathers, analyzes and authenticates reference information about a candidate. This information is used by recruiters and hiring managers to 1) make better hiring decisions; and 2) help onboard new employees. In addition, Crosschq reference checking generates valuable new job prospects that are automatically uploaded into your Greenhouse ATS.

  • RefNow

    Simple Employment Reference Checks

  • Logo Ref Now 223W
    Greenhouse Hero

    Fast and Easy Automated Reference Checking

    Request Partner Demo

    RefNow allows companies to make smarter, more informed recruitment decisions by providing online employment reference reports. Founded in 2017 from its London Headquarters and now operating globally to serve large organisations, startups, charities and schools. Created out of a frustration with the time consuming referencing process, RefNow's mission is to free up peoples time from referencing with a user friendly platform offering user/team management, custom questions, and ID checks.

  • Searchlight

    Searchlight’s gold-standard references and rich data analysis help companies hire top performers.

  • Color Png
    Greenhouse Hero Final

    Identify top performers in your hiring funnel.

    Request Partner Demo

    Searchlight reimagines professional references as a better way to increase the predictive validity of your hiring process. Our reference data can give you more confidence in your hires, double onsite-to-close rates, and develop custom coaching plans for your team.

    We’ve conducted thousands of automated reference checks on behalf of our partners, so that they can make the best hires while reclaiming productive hours and building better, more diverse teams. All while providing exceptional candidate and reference experiences. For more information, visit our website:

  • SkillSurvey

    SkillSurvey’s cloud-based solutions help organizations make more informed hiring decisions faster.

  • Adv 132 Greenhouse Partner Marketing Color
    Adv 132 Greenhouse Partner Marketing Banner

    Reference checking done right.

    Request Partner Demo

    Your people are your organization, and the people you attract, manage and develop will be – by far – the single biggest driver of your success. But too often, hiring is based on ‘gut feel’ and unreliable data because obtaining real feedback from references is hard. SkillSurvey Reference® is a cloud-based, data-driven solution that helps you quickly access job-specific feedback on a candidate’s soft skills and core competencies from people who know how your candidate performs on the job, their references.

    Much of the criteria you use in hiring decisions is limited to the information the job candidates provide to you – so having the perspective of those who have worked with your candidates in the past will help you better understand if they will be a fit for the position you are trying to fill. We offer two options for reference checking so you can select the referencing model that meets your hiring needs.

    The Pre-Hire 360® workflow is a scientifically validated, job-specific process that has been proven to reduce turnover for cause. With the Pre-Hire 360 workflow you can:

    REDUCE TURNOVER. Client research results show involuntary turnover can be reduced by over 35% (in just the first year).

    INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Free your recruiting teams from phone-tag, data collection and reporting tasks - so they can focus on finding more great candidates. When you add up the significant staff time-savings, lower potential turnover costs and reduced third-party expenses, the solution provides a significant return on investment.

    IMPROVE THE HIRING JOURNEY. Use data-driven insight to guide the interview process and make more strategic decisions. With our candidate comparison report, behavioral interview guides, and reference feedback report we make it easy to get the information you and your hiring managers need to make more informed hiring decisions.

    CONVENIENT, CLOUD-BASED AND MOBILE SOLUTION Makes it easy to get started and for candidates and references to respond anytime, anywhere— via text messages and email. On average our customers see an 85% reference response rate in just a day or two.

    ONLINE DASHBOARD MANAGEMENT AND REPORTS Helps recruiters manage open positions, survey selection, and communications regardless of the workflow chosen.

    EXPAND YOUR TALENT NETWORK. Tap into a new source of passive candidates with SkillSurvey Source® by inviting references to join your talent community and requesting candidates to provide referrals to discover a new, and ever-growing talent pipeline.

    We also offer a customer configured workflow so you can tailor how you reference check for different jobs and levels of employees to provide a best fit solution that matches your organization’s reference checking needs. Using this feature, you define both the reference process and questions used by your organization for specific groups, segments or types of jobs.

    CONFIDENTIAL You determine if responses are confidential or not

    REFERENCES You determine the number of references required

    QUESTIONS Customers can author the questions asked of references or leverage questions from the Pre-Hire 360 library

    See first-hand how quick and easy it can be to get insightful feedback from references with our free 30-day trial of SkillSurvey Reference:

  • Veremark

    Try our comprehensive background screening platform to build comprehensive profiles on your candidates

  • Veremark colour

    Insightful, accurate and trusted background checks

    Request Partner Demo

    Veremark is a background screening and reference checking platform useable by any company that wants to hire with less risk.

    We have digitised and automated the traditional slow and manual processes that either get overlooked or cost companies time and money whilst providing a poor experience to the candidate.

    We create a lasting career passport on the blockchain for candidates to be able to reuse and hold verified proof of their key credentials.

  • VidReferencing

    Gather critical information on hundreds of applicants without picking up the phone or engaging in long email threads.

  • Vid Col Logo 300X70
    Two Tablets Wide

    Reference checking made easy with VidCruiter.

    Request Partner Demo

    Typically, reference checks are one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and potentially unproductive stages of the recruitment process. Having to schedule time to conduct reference checks, playing phone tag with applicants or referees, and getting dry or meaningless cookie-cutter responses are just a few examples of how traditional reference checks often waste your hiring team’s time.

    With VidReferencing, your organization can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of its verifications of employment by making them digital and automating the process. Candidates simply enter their references’ contact information and the system automatically sends the referees your customized set of questions. Referees have the convenience of completing the reference check at any time on the device of their choice. Our automated reference checking system has enabled our clients to conduct reference checks earlier in the process, giving them faster access to more information for each candidate while enabling their recruiters to dedicate their time to other more productive activities.

  • Zinc

    Zinc's Automated Referencing. Creating unforgettable candidate journeys.

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  • Luke Shipley Brand Green
    Luke Shipley Greenhouse Retina

    Creating unforgettable candidate journeys.

    Request Partner Demo

    Zinc ( is redefining the reference check by offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking data and opening up new insights. Zinc transforms referencing from a painful part of your process into the most impressive.

    Zinc’s scalable technology facilitates unforgettable candidate journeys. With automated texts and a mobile-friendly user experience, referencing has never been so smooth. Gift your candidates with blockchain-backed reference data that’s reusable throughout their career.

    Zinc gives you in-depth reviews from past employers, reducing time from new joiner to high performer.

    Here are a few reasons to boost your ATS with Zinc:

    • Faster ROI on new hires:
      Past employer feedback enables tailored onboarding, reducing the time from new joiner to high performer.
    • Save time:
      Start collecting references in a couple of clicks. Automatic follow-ups and updates mean you can spend more time interviewing and less time chasing. Receive candidate insights directly in Greenhouse.
    • Transform candidate experiences:
      Gift candidates with their references. Through blockchain technology, candidates can truly own and control their data, and reuse it throughout the rest of their career.
    • Flexible & built to scale:
      Try for free, cancel, pause or change your plan at any time. Zinc grows with your hiring needs, putting a consistent process in place ensuring diligence across all roles.
    • Eliminate bias:
      Zinc’s custom question sets remove bias from referencing. You’ll gain deep insights into cultural fit and optimum work styles from the people who know candidates best.
    • Seamless sharing:
      Securely share candidate profiles with a link and view it instantly on any device. No more downloads, passwords or email attachments.

    Request a demo to start transforming your candidate experience today.

Referral Sourcing

Source candidates through your employees' own networks.

  • Consider

    Consider gets referrals from your colleagues, searches online profiles, and matches historical applicants to your open jobs.

  • Consider Logo Color 2X
    Consider Hero 2X

    Talent Sourcing on Autopilot

    Request Partner Demo

    Loved by hiring managers and recruiters alike, Consider truly puts talent sourcing on auto-pilot.

    Are you tired of painstaking keyword searches on many sites, nagging employees for referrals, and buying lots of expensive licenses?

    Post your jobs in Greenhouse and let Consider do all the hard work to find just the right talent for you.

    Consider will automatically

    • Translate your job description to the perfect query and search across online profiles from every talent website
    • Find matching candidates known to your colleagues and ask for recommendations over Slack and email.
    • Match each historical applicant in Greenhouse against all open jobs, and route the best matches to the right hiring teams.
    • Highlight the evidence that easily explains why the talent is a great match
    • Provide contact information and introduction possibilities from your colleagues
    • Track your email conversations and introductions in one place
    • Synchronize Consider-sourced candidates back to Greenhouse

    Power users can use Consider’s advanced search engine built with natural language clauses over millions of features to run the most precise talent search.

    Insightful Analytics help you identify and reward the top sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers and individual contributors.

    The platform is built on web-scale classification, ranking and recommendation algorithms, ensuring 10X quality.

    Consider is built with pride to be a secure, GDPR-ready cloud app that you can deploy in minutes. See it in action with a personalized demo.

  • Drafted

    Drafted is the world's first referral network. Get introduced to your best hires.

  • Drafted Color Logo
    Drafted Hero Image

    Introductions Beat Resumes

    Request Partner Demo

    Referrals make the best hires. Finding the right team and hiring the right people is all about who you know. Drafted is the world’s first referral network. Within the first 2 minutes of signing up you will:

    1. Get recommendations for passive candidates in your 2nd and 3rd degree networks.
    2. 3x employee engagement when it comes to referrals using Drafted’s smart matching.
    3. Create an instant rewards program that works both inside and outside your company.
    4. Sync your jobs and candidates with Greenhouse.

    Studies show that 40% of referrals that get hired come from sources outside your company. What’s more, referred hires stay longer, perform better, and are more likely to be happy at their jobs.

    1. Track - The Drafted + Greenhouse integration means you’ll never miss a referral again, and your referral pipeline will be topped up with the click of a button.
    2. Scale - Drafted supercharges your Greenhouse implementation by increasing your reach beyond your first degree network and incentivizing people outside your company to refer.
    3. Engage - Drafted makes it really fun and rewarding for community members to engage with your employment brand by smart-matching referrals and taking care of reward logistics. It’s the first app that let’s people make $5,000 for just clicking a thumbs-up.

    Drafted makes it easy to execute referrals as a strategy because it takes care of all the reward logistics (like 1099’s and tax issues, stakeholder notifications, flat monthly pricing).

    See for yourself with a 14 day free trial.


    The platform your employees use to recruit the best people they used to work with.

  • employeereferrals-logo-color

    Transform your workforce into a recruiting machine.

    Request Partner Demo is the world’s #1 Employee Referral Platform. Your employees use it to recruit their friends to your open positions and earn cash rewards. It’s incredibly easy to use. Your employees can make referrals from their workstations, tablets, and mobile phones. Our clients see referrals increase up to 10x and cut their hiring costs by up to 30%.

    Your employees will love it. You can run special campaigns, games, and raffles with just a few clicks.

    Your recruiters will also love it. Since it’s integrated with Greenhouse they won’t have to move any data back and forth or do any double entry.

    Let’s get in touch. We’d love to show you how it works.

  • ERIN

    Improve the referral process and empower employees to participate in your employee referral program.

  • Erinlogo 70
    Heroimage 1

    The Leading Smart Employee Referral Software Tool

    Request Partner Demo

    Enable employees to easily make referrals to source the highest quality candidates as quickly as possible!

    Mobile Employee Referrals

    Empower your employees to participate in your employee referral program without interrupting their day job. The ERIN mobile app sends push notifications when new jobs are created and allows employees to make referrals with a single tap!

    Referrals Tracking

    Transparency and real-time communication is the foundation of any successful employee referral program. Allow your recruiters, HR, and employees to see who has been referred, who has been hired, and what bonuses have been earned.

    Smart Referral AI

    Your employees know hundreds of professionals, but are only thinking about a handful of possible candidates when they consider referrals. ERIN allows employees to connect their contacts to be automatically alerted when they know someone that is a good referral for your open positions.

    Bonus Builder (Tiered Referrals)

    Leverage referral bonuses to boost employee retention and tenure. The Bonus Builder feature allows you to build bonuses to be paid overtime – to employees and candidates! Track each bonus and payment date in ERIN and with our automated referral bonus due notifications.

    Filter and Export Referral Data

    When you implement ERIN you’re going to get a lot of referrals! That’s why we’ve made it easy to view and filter the data so you can quickly find the metrics you need. Need to know how many referrals have been made and hired in a specific department? No problem! You can even export the data to a .csv to use however you’d like!

    Referral Finder

    Sometimes your employees need to be prompted to make an awesome referral. The Finder allows you to search for Smart Referrals that match a job you are recruiting for and ask for a referral, without exposing who the contact is until your employee makes the referral!

    Internal Mobility

    Want to allow your employees to put their own names in for a position? Enable our internal mobility feature to allow employees to refer themselves! ERIN will automatically exclude employees from earning bonuses when they apply themselves.

  • Firstbird

    An employee referral program that turns your network into a recruiting engine.

  • C 1
    D 1

    Turn your network into a recruiting engine.

    Request Partner Demo

    With Firstbird you create your own network of Talent Scouts and encourage them to share your jobs on their social networks and make candidate referrals. Firstbird is packed with gamification and communication features to ensure your network of Talent Scouts stays engaged and is rewarded for certain activities. Setup your free account and watch those referrals roll in.

    After setting up your account, you can invite your employees, alumni, and business partners to become Talent Scouts. Your Talent Scouts will share your company’s jobs on their social networks from their computer or smartphone, and refer candidates through their personal recommendations. The end result is an inflow of quality applications from candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. You can easily track the source of each referral and reward your network once you start making those hires!

    Firstbird seamlessly integrates with greenhouse, creating a bridge between your ATS and the management of your referral network, making your hiring and referral journey a one-stop shop:

    1. Publish your jobs from Greenhouse to Firstbird automatically, and we will distribute it to all your Talent Scouts.

    2. Referrals received from your network are automatically migrated to your Greenhouse account, carrying all the information you need (who referred the candidate, from which network, etc.).

    Firstbird offers a free version for unlimited evaluation. Give it a try.

  • RippleHire

    RippleHire is an award winning gamified employee referral product. Hire better, faster, effortlessly.

  • Ripplehire Color
    Ripple Hire Hero Image

    Gamify employee referrals and hire top talent effortlessly.

    Request Partner Demo

    RippleHire gamifies your employee referral program, delights your workforce and helps you source top talent effortlessly. Use gamification to engage your workforce. Leverage social sharing and make it easy for employees to advocate positions in your organization. RippleHire helps employees track their referrals and rewards automatically. Build an inclusive recruiting culture on the foundation of trust and transparency.

    As recruiters, your time is better spent on processing candidates than soliciting referrals. You can use powerful search to easily identify the right candidates. Get insights and analyze what works and what doesn't. See how many candidates viewed your jobs, how many clicked/applied and understand how your program is doing. Use the data to implement better hiring strategies and measure impact.

    RippleHire is an ISO 27001 certified company. All your data is safe and secure with us.

    Introduce RippleHire, delight your workforce and hire better, faster, cheaper.

  • Teamable

    Teamable hires better in less time by matching top talent in their employees' networks to open positions.

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  • teamable-logo-color

    Hire top talent faster.

    Request Partner Demo

    Teamable is the enterprise employee referral engine, transforming the employee network into the company’s high performance talent pool. Teamable uses the collective wisdom of a company’s entire social graph to turbo charge enterprise recruitment.

    Teamable’s intelligent software massively improves the speed and quality of hires by replacing email and spreadsheet-based employee referral programs and recruiting methods with intelligent software.


Sync calendars with different programs when scheduling interviews.

  • Calendly

    Impress top candidates and connect with them before anyone else with Calendly's automated scheduling.

  • 300X70 1
    Hero2X 1

    Schedule interviews without the back-and-forth

    Request Partner Demo

    In today’s competitive recruiting market, it is more important than ever to connect with candidates as soon as they’re interested. This can be difficult when you have many roles to fill and very few resources. Losing hours from your busy days to back-and-forth emailing with top-of-funnel candidates takes away from more strategic recruitment efforts.

    Automate scheduling with Calendly and give your candidates an outstanding interview experience every time, so you can focus on what you do best—sourcing, engaging and closing top talent. You’ll accelerate and simplify the entire hiring process by connecting with quality candidates faster and closing the interview loop sooner.

    • Improve time-to-hire metrics by empowering candidates to self-select their preferred interview times with recruiters and hiring managers.
    • Save hours each week by reducing back-and-forth in coordinating high-volume, early stage interviews, like phone screens and one-on-ones.
    • Always come prepared and reduce no-shows by collecting information through custom questions and sending automatic reminder notifications.
  • ConveyIQ

    Convey enables companies to create customized communications based on where candidates are in the hiring process through messaging, scheduling, screening, and interviewing – all in one integrated platform.

  • Untitled Design 3
    Conveyiq Hero Image

    Intelligent Candidate Engagement Platform

    Request Partner Demo

    ConveyIQ changes the way enterprise companies engage with talent, using automation to transform and elevate candidate experience. Our candidate engagement platform connects seamlessly with your ATS to deliver an intelligently automated and highly individualized candidate experience, letting employer brand values and personality shine through.

    The technology powers and customizes every aspect of the hiring journey; from screening to two-way email and text messaging to digital interviewing and scheduling. ConveyIQ also allows companies to survey candidates throughout the entire journey and provides the analytics recruiting teams need to make the candidate journey better, every step of the way.

    The results? Higher quality hires, an optimized hiring funnel, and more productive and empowered recruiters who can direct their focus on talent acquisition strategy and adapting to the future demands of their company’s workforce.

    Leading brands in over 95 countries work with ConveyIQ to hire the best talent. To learn more, visit us at or email

  • GoodTime is the first Talent Operations Platform that intelligently automates interview scheduling, facilitates interviewer training and provide comprehensive metrics around interviewing processes.

  • Goodtime Logo Dark@2X
    Goodtime Hero Image402X

    Spend time with candidates not calendars

    Request Partner Demo

    GoodTime's platform is built specifically for recruiting organizations focused on driving candidate experience while empowering recruiting teams.

    Reinvent Your Candidate Experience

    Candidates schedule faster with GoodTime. Our platform reduces the number of touch points needed to schedule each interview step while providing custom branded, mobile-friendly candidate experiences.

    Own Your Communication

    We automate scheduling while keeping all direct candidate contact in your control. Don’t let a machine take over your communication, let us take over the busy work so you can focus on what you do best- sourcing, engaging, and closing top talent.

    Schedule Faster

    Recruiting teams spend up to 60% of their day scheduling and rescheduling interviews. The Greenhouse and GoodTime partnership increases efficiency in the interview scheduling process allowing teams to schedule interviews 10x faster.

    Innovative recruiting teams choose GoodTime to give them the edge to hire faster.

  • Google Calendar

    With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to keep track of important events all in one place.

  • Interview Schedule

    Streamline the most manual steps of recruiting scheduling with Interview Schedule.

  • Interview Schedule Color Logo 1
    Interview Schedule Hero Image 1

    Streamline your recruiting scheduling today.

    Request Partner Demo

    Interview Schedule supercharges recruiters and coordinators to handle scheduling complexity with ease.

    Schedule Faster
    Find the best schedule in seconds, without playing Calendar Tetris. No more manual untangling of interviewer calendars.

    Integrate Existing Systems
    Connect your calendar and ATS to simplify your workflow and minimize time toggling between tabs.

    Flexible Scheduling
    Meet the needs of your candidates and team. Handle preferences and complex requirements with ease.

  • My Ally

    Developed for enterprise HR teams, My Ally is the leading Talent Lifecycle Management solution. Our Source-to-Retain platform gives organizations the tools to discover, hire, onboard, and retain the right people to fuel business.

  • Myally Color
    Greenhouse Partner Graphic V2

    Your AI Recruiting Assistant for Coordination

    Request Partner Demo

    Meet Sky

    Sky is My Ally’s artificial intelligence assistant for Talent Lifecycle Management: sourcing, scheduling, hiring, onboarding, retention, development, and offboarding.

    • Single-Source AI: One bot to manage your entire talent experience.
    • Conversational Intelligence: Sky keeps data flowing from Greenhouse.
    • One Experience: Make sure every candidate/employee has the same experience.


    Hiring top talent begins with assembling a great pool of qualified active and passive candidates. My Ally helps you discover and attract the right people with AI-powered sourcing.

    • Customizable Talent Shortlisting Engine
    • AI-Driven Candidate Scoring & Matching
    • Candidate Outreach Campaigns


    Reduce the cost and time it takes to hire, increase acceptance rates, and improve the candidate experience. My Ally helps you hire the right talent with AI-powered recruitment coordination.

    • AI-Assisted Scheduling and Time Negotiation
    • Activity Center with Full Log of AI Actions
    • Live Link: Time Slot Selection for Candidates


    Improve the quality and speed of onboarding to reduce the time to full productivity, and build AI-driven development plans to keep employees engaged longer with AI-powered retention.

    • Custom Onboarding Plans
    • Upskilling & Cross-Skilling
    • Next-Gen HR Front Desk

    Business Impact

    • Enjoy the confidence of 10x more relevant candidates
    • Schedule interviews 5x faster with AI interviewer negotiation
    • Hire great talent with 40% higher offer acceptance rate
    • Remove frustration for new hires with 25% faster onboarding
  • Outlook 365

    With Outlook 365, it's easy to keep track of important events all in one place.

  • Reschedge

    The world’s most advanced scheduling engine for interviews, gets candidates in front of hiring managers faster.

  • Reschedge By Schedule Once Color 1 1
    Hero Image 1 1

    Reschedge - Take the hassle out of interview scheduling.

    Bringing the right people on board is critical to a company’s success, and Greenhouse is the ideal applicant tracking system for helping employers identify a qualified pool of candidates. But narrowing the list through live interviews remains a major obstacle for everyone involved - hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike.

    Interview coordinators have to juggle interviewer and candidate availability, line up panel and manager interviews, reserve conference rooms and deal with last-minute changes. A great deal of time is wasted on logistics rather than high-valued activities and top talent can be lost out on.

    With its patent-protected technology, Reschedge offers an industry-first solution designed to automate the scheduling and rescheduling of interviews. A sophisticated rule-based algorithm is used to combine interview requirements, hiring manager availability, and resource constraints to offer the best possible schedule options. From simple one-on-one interviews, through to panel interviews and all-day sequence of interviews, Reschedge can handle it all in a matter of seconds.

    By integrating Greenhouse with Reschedge, you can get more out of your Greenhouse platform. The Reschedge interview scheduling process can be initiated directly from Greenhouse by a click of a button. Reschedge fields are automatically prepopulated with data from Greenhouse, eliminating the need to enter information twice. When a schedule is selected, Reschedge adds an event in the interviewers’ calendar with a link to the interview kit and scorecard in Greenhouse. Once the scheduling process is done, the results are synced back to Greenhouse, updating the interview details for the candidate. Together, Reschedge and Greenhouse make interview scheduling a breeze.

  • Yello

    Accelerate your hiring process and schedule interviews in seconds with Yello’s scheduling suite.

  • Yellologo 300X70
    Interviewdaymockup 205X70V2

    Easily schedule interviews in seconds with Yello.

    Request Partner Demo

    Yello provides an-end-end talent acquisition platform built for recruiting teams to improve employer brand, drive hard costs savings, and improve ROI on recruitment spend. Yello’s platform integrates with Greenhouse so your entire recruitment team can discover and engage top talent in your pipeline no matter where you meet them- from recruiting events to job boards. Yello is the industry leader when it comes to scheduling. From scheduling phone screens to interviews at career fairs to video interviews, our suite of solutions saves recruiters valuable time allowing them to focus on more strategic projects. And with our newest product, Interview Day Scheduling, we infuse artificial intelligence to propose optimal interview schedules, making your team look like recruiting superheroes.


    Book candidate interviews faster & power up your recruiting funnel with Meeting Assistant.

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  • C Zoom Ai Greenhouse Logo Nov 2019
    E Zoom Ai Greenhouse Hero Image Nov 2019

    Smart Scheduling for the Entire Recruiting Funnel

    Request Partner Demo Meeting Assistant is the smart all-in-one meeting scheduler for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR teams.

    In an industry growing increasingly competitive and demanding, helps recruiters cut through the noise and hire faster. With the and Greenhouse integration, Greenhouse users can go deeper into the most important parts of their job like sourcing and vetting candidates by automating their entire meeting scheduling process.

    By eliminating the back-and-forth of interview scheduling, recruiters can focus more on finding the best candidates, building relationships with them, and hiring them before someone else does!

    Simply create a account to power up your hiring funnel. In addition to Greenhouse, integrates with 60+ apps including calendar and work applications like Chrome, Outlook, and Slack.

    Here’s what you can do with the

    • Quickly schedule meetings with candidates synced from Greenhouse
    • Easily book 1:1 screening calls by sharing a personal scheduling link
    • Seamlessly schedule group meetings with’s intelligent group algorithm
    • Schedule meetings on behalf of team members (ex. hiring managers) and automatically pool collective availability (candidates only see interview time slots where all members of the hiring team are mutually available)
    • Automatically log meeting details to the current stage in Greenhouse
    • Receive an audit trail of your scheduling process by automatically logging key activities in the Greenhouse activity feed (ex. when a meeting is requested, confirmed or declined)
    • Simplify interview preparation by viewing candidate insights (including a direct link to a candidate’s record in Greenhouse) via meeting briefings, email, chat or our People Insights feature

    Interested in scheduling interviews faster? Book a quick demo with our team and get started with a free 7-day trial of our Professional Plan.

    Have more questions? We’d love to learn more about your recruiting goals and how can help. Send us a note at

Single Sign-On

Eliminate the need for yet another password by configuring Greenhouse with a single sign-on tool.

  • Bitium

    Bitium's flexible, easy-to-use identity platform keeps mid-market and enterprise companies secure.

  • Bitium Logo Color
    Bitium Hero

    Bitium is an Enterprise Ready Identity Platform

    Request Partner Demo

    Bitium is a cloud-based identity platform that includes single sign-on, credential management, and analytics for mid-market and enterprise companies. Bitium’s flexible, easy-to-use solution allows IT to operate more efficiently and enables CIOs to be the agent of change inside their organization. Founded in 2012, the company aims to give organizations the ability to securely manage access to all of their web-based applications in one place, accelerating employee adoption of these applications.

  • JumpCloud

    JumpCloud connects employee identities to their systems, applications, and networks.

  • Jumpcloud Logo Color
    Jumpcloud Hero Image

    JumpCloud is your Directory-as-a-Service ®

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    JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) is the single point of authority to authenticate, authorize, and manage the identities of a business’s employees and the systems and IT resources they need to access.

    Directory-as-a-Service securely connects employees with systems, applications, and networks through a single unified cloud-based directory, replacing the need for on premises solutions such as Active Directory® and OpenLDAP.

    JumpCloud supports all major OS platforms, Google Apps, Office 365, among others, and is designed to control and manage user access to both internal and external IT resources.

  • Okta

    Okta helps IT leaders design and optimize experiences for employees, partners, customers, and products.

  • Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology.

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    Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. Our IT products uniquely use identity information to grant people access to applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections. Out platform securely connects companies to their customers and partners. Today, thousands of organizations trust Okta to help them fulfill their missions as quickly as possible. 

  • OneLogin

    OneLogin provides single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications.

  • Onelogin Logotype White Rgb
    Greenhouse Integration One Login Devices 960X460 1

    OneLogin Single Sign-On and Active Directory Integration

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    OneLogin's integration allows Greenhouse customers to provide employees with single sign-on to Greenhouse and all of their cloud applications. This offering also includes real-time directory integration with AD, LDAP, or Google allowing IT to seamlessly onboard users and give them one-click, secure access to all their applications across mobile, web, and desktop. 

  • PingOne

    PingOne® enables organizations to deliver single sign-on for users with just one username and password.

  • Rippling

    The world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT—from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps—all in one system.

  • White Logo 300X70
    Hero Image

    Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your HR & IT.

    Rippling is the world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT — from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps — all in one, integrated system.

    Onboarding a new employee? Just click a button, and Rippling will instantly: add them to payroll and benefits, set up their email account, deliver their work computer, and even create their user account across all your company's cloud apps, like Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Office.

    What takes you hours of work today — across HR, IT, and Operations — only takes seconds with Rippling. So request a demo, and take back your time.


    SAASPASS secures all your digital assets with Multi Factor Authentication together with Single Sign-On

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  • Hi Res Cl 1
    Hi Res Hero 1 1

    Securing your company and your reputation with MFA

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    SAASPASS is the Only Full-Stack Identity & Access Management Solution which truly allows a company to move beyond passwords. SAASPASS provides Multi Factor Authentication, Single Sign On, Account Sharing across the board for all applications ranging from the cloud to on-premise to your Macs/PCs with a high level of convenience. SAASPASS allows your company to secure all of its digital assets but also gives the ability for your customers/employees to secure all of their personal digital assets also, as most hackers use social engineering to breach your company through “island hopping."

    SAASPASS integrates with Greenhouse and hundreds of other applications such as SalesForce, Zendesk, G Suite and many others. Go ahead and Sign up!


Connect, share and promote jobs on social networks.

  • Call-Em-All

    Call-Em-All is a mass messaging service that delivers text messages and phone calls to large groups.

  • Logo Callemall S2
    Greenhouse Hero

    Fill jobs faster with automated texts and calls

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    Call-Em-All has been the mass messaging leader for recruiters since 2005. Text messaging and automated calling has changed the way recruiters do business. Our service empowers a single person to fill an entire order with just one text and/or voice message. In minutes, you can reach five people or 50,000.

    Call-Em-All is the only platform that gives you the ability to text individual candidates or message large groups. There are no group size limitations, no delays in message delivery, and no limit to the number of users who can access the system. Easily manage replies to your messages online.

    Your candidate database is one of your most valuable tools for filling jobs. Call-Em-All enables you to reach more candidates, and do it faster than the competition. Call, text, or both - we give you a competitive advantage.

  • Canvas

    The next generation of talent is texting. Meet them where they are with Canvas.

  • Canvas Wordmark Green
    Canvas Hero 1 2

    Screen your next candidate over text.

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    Start texting candidates to acquire insights and drive decisions faster than ever before. Easily filter out unqualified candidates in order to move more of the right candidates on to the next phase in your interviewing process. Utilize amazing features such as the Questions and Resource Library, Quick Send, Chat Transcripts, In-line Calendar Invites and more to create magical moments for recruiters and candidates.

    We created a category as the world’s first text-based interviewing platform. Canvas isn’t just informing candidates of an opportunity or having a casual dialogue, though of course we can do that. We are a purpose-built system to acquire insights from candidates to drive decisions and help recruiters scale in place of the 140-year-old phone call.

    See how Canvas and Greenhouse products work together!

  • Facebook

    Facebook gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

  • Grayscale Texting

    Leverage texting & AI to engage with candidates directly within Greenhouse.

  • Grayscale Logo Color
    Grayscale Banner Gh Mktplace 1

    The easiest way to text candidates in Greenhouse

    Request Partner Demo

    Personal inboxes are noisier than ever, and so many recruiting emails go overlooked. The new generation of candidates far prefers texting, but it’s a real pain in the butt to use your personal device for sending messages. 😱

    Sound about right?

    You need a texting platform that integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse and is tailor-made for recruiting.

    That’s where Grayscale comes in. 🙌

    We designed our texting platform with Greenhouse in mind, so you can:

    -Text candidates directly within Greenhouse

    -Send personalized bulk messages to candidates

    -Trigger messages via stage change in Greenhouse

    -Import conversation transcript to the Activity Feed in Greenhouse

    -Text on-the-go with our handy mobile app

    And if you’re looking to supercharge your texting capabilities, we also offer:

    -Text apply functionality to capture qualified leads at hiring events and store locations

    -Automated candidate screening

    -A calendar integration for scheduling interviews

    Interested in learning more?

    Check out this demo or click ‘Request a Demo’ above to schedule a custom demo with us.

  • JobSync

    JobSync posts your Jobs on Facebook’s new Job Search app & syncs your applicants with Greenhouse.

  • Jobsynccolor

    JobSync: Automatically Post your Jobs on Facebook

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    JobSync enables you to post all of your jobs on Facebook’s new Job Search app, leveraging the native apply on Facebook which delivers your jobs to the largest audience on the Internet. JobSync automatically posts your jobs and manages the application process so users can apply while on Facebook and have their application delivered directly into your Greenhouse account. This allows recruiters to focus on candidate contact and keeps them working in a single platform. JobSync enables recruiters to focus their time on things that move the business forward rather than repetitively entering data or manually posting jobs. With a very easy set up process, and a low flat monthly cost, JobSync makes getting jobs and applications from millions of monthly active Facebook users effortless!

  • Jobtip

    Reach active & passive candidates using intelligent, targeted recruitment campaigns on social media.

  • Jobtip Color 268X70 1
    Jobtip Hero 960X404 1

    The smarter way to recruit via social media

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    With more than 20 years in the recruiting and employer branding business, Jobtip™ has helped reshaped the entire recruiting industry. Today we’re a global leader in the HR tech space, pioneering smart recruiting solutions via social media with Jobtip Social Recruiting.

    Today, you won’t find the best candidates actively searching for openings on traditional job boards – they already have a good job. At the same time, 80 percent of all employees would be willing to change employer if the right opportunity arises. By using Jobtip Social Recruiting to target your ads on different social media platforms, your open positions will reach both passive and active job seekers.

    Jobtip Social Recruiting uses customized and carefully targeted ad campaigns specific to a certain group of people on social media platforms. You reach potential candidates where they are, regardless if they are actively or passively seeking new employment opportunities.

    With Jobtip Social Recruiting, you take the job offer directly to the candidates and reach relevant people on the platforms they use most.

    How We Target
    Only between 15-20% of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter users submit professional or job-related information in their personal profiles. At the same time, over 70% of the population is active and spends over an hour a day on these social media platforms. Unlike Facebook or Instagram’s own ad-targeting tools, Jobtip Social Recruiting has a custom-built solution that can retrieve secondary source information across other major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as other digital sources, such as Google and other web pages. This allows Jobtip Social Recruiting to deliver an unparalleled demographic accuracy not available elsewhere.


    What this means is that Jobtip Social Recruiting can reach potential candidates that have not submitted their professions, current or previous employers, or educational backgrounds on Facebook or Instagram, because Jobtip Social Recruiting retrieves information from secondary sources. In this way, Jobtip Social Recruiting is able to reach a much higher percentage of the potential candidate demographic than anyone else.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn the world's largest professional network with more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

  • TextUs

    TextUs is the world's leading real-time communication platform for business.

  • Text Us Logo Color 300X70Px
    Textus Hero Image

    Business-class text messaging™ and cloud voice software

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    TextUs is the world's leading real-time communication platform changing how businesses communicate with their leads, candidates, and customers.

    With 10x the response rate of traditional communication, real-time communication uses conversational text messaging combined with cloud voice software to connect with people in real-time.

    TextUs empowers professionals to provide a one-to-one connection to their customers, engage contacts with personal outreach, and dramatically accelerate the way we get business done.

    With real-time communication you’re not cold calling your contacts, or expecting a response from an impersonal automated email: You’re opening a conversation and asking them to respond when they’re able. On their terms.

    For the first time, you’re having a real conversation and dialog with contacts.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is your window to the world. Get real-time updates about what matters to you.

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Get creative in your candidate sourcing efforts by searching proprietary databases, boosting employee referrals, and managing a fleet of agencies.

  • Ai4JOBS by ThisWay

    Stop reading resumes. REVEAL best applicants now! We’ll connect you in minutes.

  • Ai4Jobs Fullcolor 300X70Px 1
    Ai4Jobs Heroimage 960X460

    Stop reading resumes. REVEAL best applicants now…ThisWay!

    Request Partner Demo

    Identify the best applicants for every job instantly! REVEAL by Ai4Jobs is now available inside Greenhouse. With the click of a button, our software ranks and scores all applicants for any job with no change to your workflow.

    Improve your time-to-fill job metrics and sourcing success rates by 47%. Built by HR and technology experts, we do the high-tech part so your recruitment team can do the high-touch part. Start talking to the best applicants now…ThisWay!

  • AmazingHiring

    AmazingHiring is a powerful search engine for technical recruiters.

  • C Color Logo 1
    D Hero Image 2 1

    The Ultimate Search Engine for Technical Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    AmazingHiring is a powerful search engine for technical recruiters. It solves two major problems: how to find more candidates and how to assess the candidates before an interview.

    The system aggregates software engineering and data scientists’ profiles from more than 50+ sources and creates «consolidated profiles» – so you can immediately see skills and professional achievements of a candidate as well as possible ways to communicate with him/her. We use Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms to evaluate each candidate, analyzing both their code and ratings on professional sources.

    You can also create “live” resumes – uploading CVs for candidates so that the resumes will always stay up-to-date – based on the information about the candidates available in the Internet. When you upload CVs, they will stay private – only recruiters from your company will be able to see them.

    With AmazingHiring, you’ll find real technology stars: their profiles are starred (or marked with medals) for outstanding achievements on various professional sources. Besides, you can always select different ranking for your search results depending on whether you want to see “open source stars” first, or those, who are the best on Stackoverflow (or on Kaggle, or on Google Play)

    Use «Show Hidden Stars» button to expand your search horizon. The feature displays candidates who don’t tend to be visible or never share their data within professional social networks, keeping only profiles on selected software development resources.

    In addition to its basic sourcing function, AmazingHiring provides a market analysis. For instance, you can see statistics about companies: breakdown on the use of technologies inside a company, or top 5 companies specialists come from and top 5 companies people join upon leaving this particular company. Also, you can see stats on candidates’ “seniority level” for your search results.

    And last, in AmazingHiring you can save candidates into “Vacancies” (folders) and process the saved candidates later.

    Get your secret technological advantage!

  • AngelList

    Over 13000 companies hiring. 100% free.

  • angellist-logo

    The Fastest Way to Recruit Top Talent

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    Recruit top startup talent with AngelList. Trusted by top startups and VC firms, AngelList is the leading platform for recruiting top startup talent.

    High-quality candidates:
    Reach over 200K active candidates, including over 75K developers and over 14K designers. 6,000+ new candidates weekly.

    100% free:
    Posting a job is free. Meeting candidates is free. Hiring is free. That's why over 3,200 companies have hired candidates from AngelList.

    Saves you time:
    Stop digging through an inbox full of résumés. Connect with high quality candidates in one click.

  • Betts Connect

    Betts Connect offers next-level visibility into talent profiles, so you can hire faster and smarter.

  • Betts connect clr blue 300x70
    Connect greenhouse hero

    Betts Connect: Your Dream Hire Is a Few Clicks Away.

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    It’s time to get smarter about recruiting.

    Screening unqualified candidates takes time, and gets you no closer to hiring for your open headcount. Meanwhile, every day you go without filling revenue-generating roles costs your company money.

    Betts Connect, the new online platform from Betts Recruiting, brings you more efficiency and better quality control in your hiring process, so you can hire your dream candidate faster than ever. The platform gives you full access to the extensive Betts network of elite revenue-generators. That means you draw from a network filled exclusively with qualified, vetted professionals open to new opportunities. No more screening for basic qualifications. No more cold outreach. Just one big network of accomplished revenue generators waiting to hear from you.

    Betts Connect empowers you to:

    • Draw from a network of thousands of talented professionals
    • See key details that other professional profiles don’t offer
    • Connect directly with candidates within the platform

    Anatomy of a Betts Connect profile:

    With Betts Connect, you can focus on the candidates’ success - not just their work history. Get key information about each candidate like:

    • Average deal size and cycle
    • Targeted salary
    • Ideal roles and locations
    • Verticals sold into, with notable accounts
    • Typical sales quota
    • Callouts of key accomplishments

    With comprehensive profiles instantly available to hiring managers, Betts Connect is streamlining the process of connecting you with the top professionals in your region for revenue-generating roles. Say hello to your new hire.

  • BountyJobs

    Engage top recruiters & receive curated candidates in our third-party recruitment marketplace.

  • Bo Jo Logo B
    Bo Jo Hero Image

    Hard-to-fill jobs solved

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    Sometimes sourcing talent for business-critical positions requires a little help. Our web-based platform features a marketplace of over 10,000 highly-qualified agencies and a performance-based matching algorithm that helps hiring teams of all sizes find and engage the recruiters for each of their roles.


    Now you can have the power of BountyJobs in your Greenhouse account. Greenhouse now integrates with BountyJobs allowing you to harness the power of the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace on your positions in Greenhouse.

    Tackle your hard-to fill roles with BountyJobs. We enable you to:

    • Find the right help

    We know the right recruiter makes a difference, so we’ll help you find the best match possible

    • Move fast

    You need someone now so all of our recruiters on a single contract- start today, no delays

    • Work smart

    Our tools make working with your recruiter and finding your perfect candidate simple, you’ll see

  • Bubblesort

    Attract top talent by visually expressing your startup’s uniqueness

  • Bubblesort 1
    Bubblesort Cover

    Request Partner Demo

    The best way to express your startup’s uniqueness

    Bubblesort consolidates all your company's most attractive qualities into one user friendly and accessible resource.

    Our emphasis on visuals and fun fact graphics serve to market your company’s appeal in the most effective way.

  • CareerBlitz

    Fully automated sourcing from past applicants. Get 40% reply rates & 5-10 more interviews each week.

  • Careerblitzwhite@300Px 1
    Hero Photo Bg White 1

    Turn past applicants into future hires

    Request Partner Demo

    CareerBlitz is an AI sourcing platform that turns past applicants into hires.

    We believe companies are sitting on a goldmine of resumes: past applicants that may not have been a fit a couple years ago, but are a great fit for open roles today.

    Rather than evaluating a candidate at one snapshot in their life — an initial resume screening — CareerBlitz tracks candidates over the course of the career and intelligently resurfaces candidates when they’re a fit for your open roles.

    Candidates delivered weekly:

    Each week, you get 10-15 curated candidates delivered to your inbox sourced from your past applicants. Each candidate has context on why they were chosen, and a full set of personalized email templates & follow-ups.

    With the click of a button, CareerBlitz automates outreach to these candidates and sends appropriately timed follow-up messages to increase responses.

    As a result, CareerBlitz users consistently hit 40% reply rates on outgoing messages and >60% of teams set interviews in their first week.

    Refreshing candidate information:

    To create a holistic profile of a candidate’s skills and abilities, CareerBlitz aggregates online information from social profiles (LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, and more) and tracks the additional roles this person has held after applying to your company.

    In addition, our AI reviews the candidate’s most recent resume on file as well as their interview notes and rejection information to understand why this candidate wasn’t a fit previously. We look for skill gaps, missing soft skills, and general experience levels to accurately review candidates.

    Using AI to intelligently resurface profiles:

    After creating this full candidate profile, measured from the viewpoint of human interviewers coupled with public social data, we employ 2 algorithms to resurface candidates for your roles: skill mapping and trend analysis.

    CareerBlitz’s proprietary skill mapping technology specifically looks for skill information from the open job description to map base level technologies to their related synonyms and unique identifiers.

    Technical terms like Python will be mapped to related libraries and frameworks (Django, Flask, Numpy, Pandas) while non-tech terms like prospecting are mapped to terms like (lead generation, X, Y).

    This allows our AI to properly find candidate that meet skill qualifications even though they may not explicitly state this in their resume.

    Next, we use trend analysis to understand current trends around this role: general career progressions, new skills common to the role, and standard promotion tracks to uniquely identify candidates that are about to make the jump to a similar role but would have otherwise been missed.

    Sending candidates to your inbox:

    Once candidates are resurfaced by CareerBlitz, we use AI to generate marketing-optimized, personalized messaging to ensure each candidate has a fantastic candidate experience.

    Every single email sent through CareerBlitz is uniquely personalized based on the candidate’s past accomplishments, how these accomplishments specifically relate to the open role, and information about your company.

    After sending out the initial message, we employ channel switching to follow up with the candidate through text messages, LinkedIn messages, and emails to increase response rates.

    Adding a human touch:

    As an added level of personalization, every CareerBlitz message is reviewed by a member of our Customer Success team to include another human touch in your recruiting process.

    We believe every person in the world has a perfect-fit job out there based on where they are in life and who they are as a human being. If we match someone to their perfect-fit job, they're going to have a life where they feel happy, fulfilled, and financially secure.

    At CareerBlitz, we've built the technology to solve this enormous matching problem between job seekers and employers to quickly place candidates into their perfect-fit role.

  • Censia

    Take weeks off time-to-hire with Ideal Candidate Modeling plus AI Insights to go beyond the resume

  • Censia Official 282X69
    Censia Hero 730X456

    Model top performers and find look-alikes in minutes

    Request Partner Demo

    Censia Talent Intelligence is the first intelligent people platform powered by AI and data science to match enterprises with people with radical efficiency and equality. Find the best candidates in minutes, including the 95% of talent that’s passive and not applying for jobs.

    Sourcing for a role is typically a laborious manual search process, and it has become the biggest impediment to hiring quality and speed. Censia is changing the way we think about this entire process, how we define each role, how we search for candidates and how we engage the best people.

    The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform uses real people - top performers in your company or the industry - to model The Ideal Candidate for every role. Modeling based on real people focuses on the key attributes that make for a great performer in any job.

    Our AI-powered data platform matches the model against 100% of the talent pool, passive and active, and delivers the best candidates in minutes. Censia brings huge gains in recruiting efficiency, reduces bias, and drives better alignment between recruiters and hiring managers.

    Censia customers identify the best candidates in minutes, get them into interviews in days, and hire in 1/3 of the time it used to take. Now their recruiting teams spend their time on high value tasks that improve the candidate experience, improve the brand, and better serve the needs of the business.

  • Circular

    The community for talent referrals where recruiters hire and improve their candidate experience

  • C Color Logo
    E Hero Image 1

    Hire top talent referred by other recruiters

    Request Partner Demo

    Recruiters’ best kept secret

    Circular is the invite-only community for startups and tech companies where their in-house recruiters not only hire the best curated candidates, but also improve their candidate experience by inviting them to Circular.

    It’s free, 100% GDPR compliant and contribution-based.

    Hire talent referred by other recruiters

    In only 2 steps you could be hiring the best tech, design, product and marketing talent.

    1. Create a position in less than 20 seconds and receive candidates selected by our recruiters. All of them are referred, open to new opportunities and hand-picked for your position by our talent team.

    2. Do you like what you see? Send candidates interview requests introducing yourself and adding a tentative date for your first interview. 90% of our candidates answer, 50% of them accept the request!

    And yes, it’s free. Hire unlimited candidates with no fees while we are in beta. We just ask you to contribute by inviting candidates too.

    Improve your candidate experience

    Invite to Circular those remarkable candidates you interviewed but couldn’t hire. As simple as sending them an invitation through Circular or if you prefer, sharing your unique invitation link in your communications with them. And if you feel like doing it, you can also add a referral that will boost their chances of getting the best interview offers.

    Of course, our invitation system is GDPR bulletproof.

    If candidates accept, they’ll sign up as new Circular candidates having access to exclusive interview offers from other recruiters in the community. And all thanks to your invitation!

    Measure you candidate experience

    In Circular you can also measure how your candidate experience improves with our free Candidate Net Promoter Score tool. Get access to qualitative and quantitative feedback from your candidates. Create surveys, send them by email or share them by link. See how your CNPS and your team’s improve month by month after start using Circular.

  • Clinch

    Recruit more effectively: surface your best candidates — before they hit apply.

  • Clinch Logo
    Clinch Hero

    Clinch. The smart recruitment marketing platform.

    Request Partner Demo

    Most visitors to your careers page (90%, in fact) are not there to apply for a job. Not today, anyway. They’re there to find out about you as a potential employer. These individuals demonstrate great interest in your organisation; however, the problem is, unless they make an application, you have no way of knowing who they are.

    Until now.

    Clinch Talent is the first step in building a better talent network, helping employers attract, identify, and really get to know these passive candidates — before they hit “apply.”

    Clinch leverages the proven practices of content marketing — helping you build better careers content and delivering key information on the candidates who engage with that content. This improved flow of information in the pre-application stage makes it much easier for both sides to figure out if they are a good fit.

    By improving the flow of information between candidate and employer in the pre-application stage, Clinch allows for the creation of a more personalized candidate experience and gives you greater control over the quality and quantity of candidates in your ATS.

    The result?

    Smarter sourcing, better informed candidates, and more effective, more efficient recruiting all around.

    Here’s how it works:

    Bring job listings to life: Wrap rich-media content around your existing jobs for eye-catching pages that are sure to engage and convert the right kinds of candidate. Do it quickly and easily using the Clinch page editor: no design experience required!

    Identify your most engaged candidates: Monitor candidate behavior. See who is browsing your careers content, which pages they’ve visited, and what jobs they’re looking at.
    Review content performance: With the help of custom heat-mapping technology, see which content is proving most popular with candidates.

    Automate candidate messaging: Create personalized messaging and let the Clinch workflow tool make sure the right message is delivered to the right candidate (and/or team member) at the right time.

    Integrate with your ATS: Import jobs and build rich-media landing pages for those jobs automatically. Post-application, let the transfer of additional candidate information to your ATS help you make easier hiring decisions.

  • CloserIQ

    CloserIQ is a modern recruitment firm that connects top sales talent to the world’s fastest growing companies.

  • F4Ea8687 0B5D 4Eac B1C8 Ba3C0A77D4C8
    Hero Image 1

    Connecting High-Growth Companies with Top Sales Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    CloserIQ empowers sustainable growth by helping companies build high performing sales organizations. Recommended by 450+ global employers and leading institutional investors, we are a talent strategy firm that helps companies attract, hire, advance, and retain top sales talent.

    Our services:

    • Professional and executive search
    • Talent architecture and organizational design
    • Compensation and performance management

    Roles we recruit for:

    • Individual Contributors: SDRs, SMB & Enterprise AEs, CSMs, AMs
    • Leadership: SDR & AE Managers, Head of Sales, Chief Revenue Officers
    • Operations & Enablement: Sales Operations, Solution Engineer, Recruiters

    Primary markets:

    • Boston
    • New York City
    • San Francisco

    Our work:

    • Recruited the first two Enterprise Account Executives at Trello.
    • Built Oscar Insurance’s inside sales and customer support teams with 250+ hires over two years.
    • Helped Justworks scale from Series A to D through recruitment of 7 SDR’s, 12 AE’s and 5 leadership hires.
    • Helped leading international startups like Algolia, Usabilla, Riskified, GBG, and Lightspeed recruit their first US sales leaders.
    • Regularly lead sales strategy workshops for VC's, incubators, and public sector accelerators.

    Learn more about how CloserIQ is helping companies and individuals reach their full potential:

  • Codeity

    Codeity is a talent sourcing and matching platform that makes it easier for companies to source, evaluate, and connect with technical talent.

  • codeity-logo-color

    Meet qualified candidates in minutes

    Codeity is a talent sourcing and matching platform. We match developers with tech companies and makes the hiring process less painful by making it easier for companies to source, evaluate, and connect with technical talent. Codeity offers Greenhouse users an optimized sourcing tool that is easy to integrate within their hiring workflow. Companies can create a job on Codeity in minutes and be matched with qualified candidates real-time.

  • Connectifier

    The better way to discover, qualify, and connect with exceptional candidates.

  • connectifier-logo-color

    Request Partner Demo

    Connectifier: Contact more qualified candidates

    Connectifier is search powered recruiting software that helps in-house and contract recruiters more easily discover, qualify and connect with exceptional job candidates. By leveraging a constantly growing database of more than 400 million candidate profiles, Connectifier makes it possible for recruiters to be more competitive and to find just the right candidate at just the right time.

    Connectifier Auto Search is a web browser extension that pops up whenever a user views a profile on social sites like LinkedIn and GitHub to provide additional information like email addresses and phone numbers. Connectifier Search allows users to search Connectifier's candidate database directly.

    By using direct contact information like emails and phone numbers instead of native professional network messaging such as LinkedIn’ InMail, it’s possible to improve candidate response rates by 2x or more, and to cut response times to hours or days instead of weeks.

    Connectifier is used by 10s of thousands of recruiters today, including recruiters from private companies and 45% of the Fortune 100. What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today.

  • Consider

    Consider gets referrals from your colleagues, searches online profiles, and matches historical applicants to your open jobs.

  • Consider Logo Color 2X
    Consider Hero 2X

    Talent Sourcing on Autopilot

    Request Partner Demo

    Loved by hiring managers and recruiters alike, Consider truly puts talent sourcing on auto-pilot.

    Are you tired of painstaking keyword searches on many sites, nagging employees for referrals, and buying lots of expensive licenses?

    Post your jobs in Greenhouse and let Consider do all the hard work to find just the right talent for you.

    Consider will automatically

    • Translate your job description to the perfect query and search across online profiles from every talent website
    • Find matching candidates known to your colleagues and ask for recommendations over Slack and email.
    • Match each historical applicant in Greenhouse against all open jobs, and route the best matches to the right hiring teams.
    • Highlight the evidence that easily explains why the talent is a great match
    • Provide contact information and introduction possibilities from your colleagues
    • Track your email conversations and introductions in one place
    • Synchronize Consider-sourced candidates back to Greenhouse

    Power users can use Consider’s advanced search engine built with natural language clauses over millions of features to run the most precise talent search.

    Insightful Analytics help you identify and reward the top sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers and individual contributors.

    The platform is built on web-scale classification, ranking and recommendation algorithms, ensuring 10X quality.

    Consider is built with pride to be a secure, GDPR-ready cloud app that you can deploy in minutes. See it in action with a personalized demo.

  • CrediBLL

    CrediBLL is an artificial intelligence company that combines machine learning and human intelligence to simplify niche hiring. Hire Top Machine Learning, Cloud, Big Data, Full Stack, IoT, Robotics and Hardware Design Verification Engineers on our platform.

  • Credibll Logo 300X70
    Employer Hero Image

    CrediBLL is a niche-technology focused job search marketplace. Matching (In)CrediBLL talent with credible employers.

    Request Partner Demo

    CrediBLL is an AI-powered job search marketplace for machine learning, big data, full stack, and cloud & design verification professionals. We offer an intuitive user interface for employers. Clients can define their hiring needs, on board their co-workers, schedule interviews, make offers, and communicate with job seekers.

    CrediBLL offers web & mobile applications for job seekers to complete their profiles, indicate when they are ready to make next career move, accept or decline offers made to them by the various employers, and communicate with employers within the job seeker.

    All job seekers go through our unique vetting process which includes digital profile validation, social contribution verification, and technology screenings by our subject matter experts (SMEs).

    Our vetting process, machine learning algorithms, niche technology focus, and experience simplify talent acquisition for employers hiring on our marketplace.

    At CrediBLL, we bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities. Job seekers are given additional mentorship to help target missed opportunities, provided relevant information in skill gaps, and prepared for interviews with specific clients.

    CrediBLL provides additional benefits for employers by creating job-based targeted marketing anonymously to attract the best job seekers. Employers get a pool of vetted job seekers for their specific needs, which helps them to reduce the prolonged cycle of niche skill hiring.

  • Crosschq

    Crosschq’s cloud-based platform brings reference checking into the 21st century.

  • Crosschq Logo New 05
    Screen Shot 2019 06 14 At 12 31 07 Pm

    Human Intelligence Hiring

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    Fast, transparent, bias-free reference checking.

    Generate amazing new job prospects.

    Crosschq provides a cloud-based application that brings efficiency to the archaic process of conducting personal reference checks. Our online SaaS software efficiently gathers, analyzes and authenticates reference information about a candidate. This information is used by recruiters and hiring managers to 1) make better hiring decisions; and 2) help onboard new employees. In addition, Crosschq reference checking generates valuable new job prospects that are automatically uploaded into your Greenhouse ATS.

  • Eightfold

    Source 90% faster, cut attrition 25% & recruit diverse candidates with the power of AI

  • Eightfold Color Logo
    Steve Feyer Eightfold Hero Image

    Hire faster, reduce attrition & add diversity

    Eightfold delivers the Talent Intelligence Platform, the only complete solution for the talent needs of enterprises in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Embedded machine learning and deep learning technology give the Talent Intelligence Platform unprecedented speed, scale, insight and capability to drive the talent acquisition, talent management and diversity metrics that matter to HR, recruiting, finance, and senior leadership teams.

    Eightfold Talent Acquisition provides unparalleled capabilities for businesses to find, engage and hire new staff faster and at lower cost than ever before possible. Eightfold reveals instant pipelines of qualified talent from everyone in the talent network: current applicants, current staff, past applicants, and alumni. Engagement tools with AI-powered personalization achieve unprecedented response rates. Inbound applicants can be matched with best-fit roles to increase the likelihood of application and hire. Overall, recruiters can source top candidates in a fraction of the time required by legacy tools, and reduce time-to-hire substantially.

  • Entelo

    Entelo’s software uses predictive analytics to help organizations find, qualify and engage with in-demand talent.

  • entelo-logo-color
    Gh Entelo Hero 01 Min

    Entelo gives companies a competitive advantage in building great teams.

    Request Partner Demo

    As the competition for top talent intensifies, we’ve experienced a fundamental shift in how companies approach talent acquisition. The demand for outbound recruiting means that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates using traditional inbound recruiting strategies. In fact, 47% of recruiters say they cannot find enough qualified candidates for their open roles.

    On average, recruiters spend 13 hours/week (almost two full days!) sourcing candidates for a single role. With most recruiters sourcing multiple roles concurrently, they often have no time remaining to build meaningful relationships with candidates.

    Given these constraints around time, resources, and candidate volume, over 50% of recruiters won’t meet their hiring goals. There has to be a better approach.

    Designed with the modern recruiter’s daily workflow in mind, Entelo leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, to help your team source faster, smarter and better.

    Focus your efforts and join the likes of Cisco, Genentech, Lyft, Netflix, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Target to build your team.

  • Fetcher

    Easily source, recruit & contact your ideal candidate. Tell us who you need and we'll find them.

  • Fetcher Logo 1
    Scout Hero 1

    Automated candidate sourcing.

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    We find top talent:

    Fetcher combines artificial intelligence and human intuition to fill open positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.

    Rich profiles delivered to you:

    We gather candidate background information from multiple sources, summarize it, and highlight the key elements in someone's background. We notify you when new talent is available & send gentle encouragement through the recruiting process.

    You contact candidates:

    Personalized emails are sent directly to candidates from the hiring manager or HR team, greatly improving the likelihood of a connection. Better still, responses are sent directly to your inbox.

  • Finalist

    A marketplace created by companies submitting and receiving who made it to final round interviews .

  • Logo Color
    Hero Greenhouse 2

    Find Vetted Candidates & Generate Revenue

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    Finalist is a marketplace designed to accelerate and simplify recruiting by matching companies with expertly vetted candidates. 

    We've accomplished this by creating a network of companies that refer top candidates—those who made it to the final round of interviews—whom they opted not to hire “silver medalists”. Recommended candidates are then matched with similar positions at other companies in the network. 

    When one of these candidates lands a new position within the network, a placement fee is split between the referring company and Finalist.

  • Flo Recruit

    Make recruiting events easy, effective, and paperless.

  • Katherine Allen florecruitlogo 1 1
    Katherine Allen Hero Image 1

    Make recruiting events easy, effective, and paperless.

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    Hire the best candidates faster at all of your recruitment events with Flo Recruit. Flo Recruit offers an easy-to-use platform to help you streamline your event management, digitally capture paper resumes, and gather feedback on candidates from your employee representatives.

    Candidate Registration & Check In

    Enable candidates to register before or during your events on their own laptops, phones, or on any technology you provide. Our flexible system enables you to keep the line moving or check in an entire room all at once. During registration, ask candidates your custom qualifying questions and give them the opportunity to upload relevant documents. Use check-in to track attendees and no-shows at all of your events, giving your team a full picture of conversion rates.

    Diversity Metrics

    Hire more diverse talent by tracking metrics like candidate ethnicity and candidate gender identity at your events. Give your team a complete picture of your top of the funnel at events. Although the diversity data form is optional, we see a 95% completion rate of this information from candidates.

    Employee Feedback on Candidates

    Give your employees an easy and effective way to submit feedback on candidates they meet at events. With our simple to use system that integrates into an employee’s daily life and role, our clients have tripled the amount of feedback employees have submitted on candidates at events.

    Instant Analytics & Powerful Automations

    Use filterable dashboards to understand the performance of your events like never before. All data updates in real time so you know exactly where you stand at every moment. Use automations, like personalized emails to candidates and bulk downloads, to stay present with candidates and stay on top of your data.

    Invite Only Events

    Gather interest from event attendees to gain access to your invite-only events. Use Flo Recruit to screen candidates individually and automate communications to them about their attendance status.

    See all features at

  • GigaMe

    An intelligence-based algorithmic space made to eliminate floods of unqualified resumes. 

  • Color Transparent 900 X520 1 1
    New Hero Image 6 B 1

    Imagine a better hiring process for everyone

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    We believe exceptional Engineers are one of the foundations from which iconic companies flourish. At GigaMe, our goal is to bring together talented engineers with remarkable companies in order to enable both to thrive and prosper. To consistently deliver and exceed our client’s expectations, we maintain a narrow focus by concentrating on the top quintile of in-demand engineering professionals.

    By utilizing leading edge algorithms combined with our omnisourcing™ capabilities, we strive to make the process of bringing interested engineers and hiring managers together to allow both unparalleled reach and highly efficient use of time and effort.

  • Gloat

    Gloat's AI connects you with its anonymous marketplace of top talent and lets you tap into the elusive passive talent market effortlessly. 

  • Logo300 1
    Hero 7 1

    Top tier talent is just a click away.

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    Gloat is an anonymous AI-based integrated career development and recruitment platform matching talent with open positions in real time.

    Gloat’s anonymity feature enables top tier talent to stealthily job search from the comforts of their current positions. In fact, 78% of our users are passive job seekers allowing you to reach the unreachable. We turn passive talent active everyday by showing them the exciting opportunities for the next step in their careers. The anonymity element also fights discrimination and fosters a more diverse hiring process. The greater visibility Gloat provides candidates in the hiring process, really does attract the most desirable candidates looking to maximize their career potential.

    Let our algorithms work for you by pre-vetting relevant candidates for each one of your unique openings to save you time and energy. Once our AI matches the ideal candidates for your job postings, you can add your own personal touch when expressing your interest to your potential new hires. Interested candidates will then choose to reveal their full profile and contact information, which will fully integrate with your Greenhouse.

  • Hachi

    Hachi helps employers hire talented candidates from their employees' social and professional network

  • Hachi Logo Color 1
    Hachi Hero Image 1

    Data-driven, One-click Referral Hiring Platform

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    Hachi helps employers hire talented candidates from their employees' professional and social networks, using data-driven, one-click referrals. 

    We have intelligently automated the employee referral process, making it super easy for your employees to refer. This increases the volume and velocity of referrals, while significantly reducing your hiring cost and time-to-hire.

    Hachi is built on top of a massive database of 60 million professionals from 200K companies. We help you leverage not just the immediate network (direct connections) of your employees but also their extended network (friends of friends) that's spread across various social and professional networks. This expands the reach of their recruitment drive exponentially - even small teams with 8 employees can reach out to over 1.7 Million professionals through their employee network on Hachi.

    It takes less than 15 minutes to signup and get started.

  • hackajob

    We want to revolutionize tech recruitment, to make it easier for employers to hire the best talent.

  • Hi Res Colour Logo 1
    Hero Image 3 1

    Fast Track Your Recruitment Process

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    hackajob is an online platform that allows employers to fast track their recruitment process by hiring engineers who have already proven their ability in a specific domain. Users go through our in-depth technical assessment process, which highlights their true ability, allowing you to fill open roles fast.

    You can receive new and verified candidates daily generated by our machine-learning based matching engine and simply invite your favourites through to interview. You also have access to our on-demand, validated talent pool that are actively or passively looking for a new role, to build a high quality and relevant shortlist. Finally, you can use hackajob’s advanced assessment tool as a testing platform to screen candidates that you find from other sources. Post multiple tests for different hiring teams, covering Development, Testing, Data, Architecture and DevOps, and only give access to the relevant hiring teams.

  • Handshake

    Handshake is the official early talent recruiting platform to proactively source and engage qualified candidates from all backgrounds.

  • Handshake Colorlogo 1
    Handshake Heroimg2 1

    Proactively engage & build brand with early career talent

    Handshake is the only early talent recruiting platform that connects employers, early career talent, and colleges in one place. Thanks to more than 800 college & university partners, employers have access to proactively search and engage with over 4M student & alumni profiles that are verified by their college career centers. Top early talent recruiting organizations use Handshake to personalize their employer brand to stand out from talent competitors, connect with more quality event attendees and applicants, and build a more efficient recruiting engine with custom market intelligence. Employers like IBM, Box, and M&T Bank have taken ownership of their early talent strategy with Handshake as their trusted partner. For more information, visit

  • HireArt

    We present you with the most qualified, prescreened candidates.

  • hireart-logo-color

    Love your Recruiter.

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    HireArt is full-stack recruitment at it’s finest. We combine candidate skill testing, video interviewing, and best-in-class sourcing to help employers find, engage, and vet talent for sales and customer service roles.

    Our hiring platform combines the efficiency and scalability of technology with human judgment, allowing us to deliver candidates in a frictionless, cost-effective way. We’ve helped build teams at over 500 companies including Google, Airbnb, and Facebook, and have worked with young startups make critical early hires.

    Join the many Greenhouse clients who have used HireArt to find the people they need to serve on the front lines of their business.

  • Hired

    Hired is a job opportunity marketplace created specifically for Tech Talent.

  • Hired Color Resized
    Greenhouse Integation

    Intelligent Technical Talent Matching Platform

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    Hired connects you to an unrivaled network of qualified, mission-driven technical talent who are actively looking for their next full-time or contract opportunity — and who are eager to make an impact.

    Increasingly, in-demand technical talent such as developers, product managers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers are opting out of the traditional job search. With private Hired profiles, they can signal when they are actually looking and state exactly what they want from their next opportunity.

    Hired Helps You Hire Faster

    Hired empowers hiring managers and recruiters to significantly accelerate sourcing efforts. Each week, Hired delivers a curated list of responsive candidates directly to you, so you can spend less time sourcing and more time interviewing and hiring.

    • Over 90% of HIRED candidates respond to interview requests, with 50% moving on to the interview phase
    • 25 days average time to full time hire
    • Less than 10 days average time to freelance hire

    How Hired Works

    The Hired Intelligent Talent Matching Platform marries intent with quality to give you access to a highly qualified pool of candidates for in-demand technical roles.

    All Hired candidates are actively looking for new roles and have been screened by a combination of proprietary algorithms and a team of human curators made up of former university admissions officers and technical recruiting experts. And as the network rapidly continues to grow, the platform becomes increasingly powerful and efficient.

    Clients also receive personalized support from a Hired account manager every step of the way. Optional quarterly reviews ensure that you are utilizing best practices in your recruiting efforts and getting the most out of Hired.

  • Hiretual

    Search 700M+ professionals from the open web with AI technologies made by recruiters for recruiters

  • C Logo 1 1
    Hero Image 1 1

    Recruiter's Best Friend - Make Your Life Easier

    Request Partner Demo

    Hiretual is the only complete people sourcing solution powered from scratch by Artifical Intelligence and the hottest and most beloved talent acquisition platform. Hiretual is built to make your life easier and become your best friend that comes alongside your recruiting process by its very design - “for recruiters by recruiters.”

    We receive tremendous support from the community and more than 85% of our partners are hooked on our AI sourcing daily. Upgrade to Hiretual Pro and enjoy the powerhouse at the top of the funnel and 10x faster sourcing:

    • Drive the sourcing AI assistant to work for you 24/7 with up to 99% accuracy
    • Search without limits across 35+ different platforms
    • Quickly find 700M people's contacts from one of the biggest databases in the world
    • Re-discover new value from your team's old work by refreshing old applicants in your Greenhouse with current job titles, companies, compensation ranges, indicators of availability, and other professional analytics
    • Collaborative sourcing at your fingertips with shared projects, notes, candidate stages, and messaging history
    • Full integration with Greenhouse and other HRIS systems

  • humanpredictions

    Recruit highly technical, passive candidates with humanpredictions, recruiting software built for and by the tech industry. 

  • Humanpredictions Logo Colour@2X
    Hero Image 3

    Efficiently source with predictive human-centric data

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    The market for hiring in tech is competitive, and people in software are skeptical, rarely responding to recruiters. With inboxes already full of job opportunities, how does your company differentiate and attract the right people when we know in this industry spamming doesn’t work. 

    Humanpredictions scours public data to uncover behavior changes and make timing predictions. We give you more powerful, organized data search tools allowing you to search by specific skills found deep inside niche sites. Our platform is organized by individual updates and behaviors, signaling when it might be a good time to reach out and engage in a meaningful and tactful conversation.

    This is the future of recruiting: more advanced aggregators and noise filters to allow you to focus on the most important aspect of your job— building relationships with people. 

  • Hundred5

    Hundred5 opens new communication channels for companies to connect with talent.

  • Hundred5 Logo 1
    Hundred5 Candidate Driven Recruitment Min

    Add a Net New Source of Candidates

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    The best talent isn't looking and applying for jobs. And they don't want to interact with recruiters in the old way anymore. To win the war of talent, the recruitment process needs to work for passive job seekers – it has to be fun, worthwhile and rewarding.

    In other words, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to apply for a job.

    With targeted ads, Hundred5 takes the job offer directly to candidates on the channels they use most. And instead of asking to send in a resume or jump on a call, it allows people to peek inside the job by solving a quick challenge, relevant to the position.

    In this way, talent is more likely to engage, as they can discover their fit before either side commits more time or money to the process. Once they know they are good for the job and get an ego-boost from it, the company has to convince the candidates that the company is good for them, too.

    With Hundred5 your company will:

    1. add a net new source of candidates;
    2. engage more people with better candidate experience;
    3. spend time with the “warm” leads only

    “It was the best test/application I have ever taken. It was kind of fun.” James, the candidate

  • Indeed Prime

    Indeed Prime is a tool to help you hire top technical talent who are open to new opportunities.

  • Color Logo Indeed Prime 1
    Hero Image Prime Laptop Blue 1

    Access qualified candidates interested in new roles

    Indeed Prime offers direct access to elite, high intent candidates in software engineering, data science, UX/UI, sales, and other backgrounds. Using technology and a team of top recruiters, Prime hand-picks candidates that have standout characteristics: working experience at top companies, a range of robust technical skills, top performance on coding challenges and elite CS education. Only the top 5% of candidates pass the Prime screening process and coding challenges.

    Spend less time sifting through piles of resumes and more time connecting with interested top-tier talent. 

    • Unlimited contact, unlimited hire subscription pricing
    • 25 day average time to hire
    • 5 day contact to interview average 
    • 90% candidate response rate with 57% positive response rates

    Start your free trial now


    Where companies like Facebook, Quora, and Lyft go to hire senior engineering talent. On, candidates who've already excelled in rigorous technical interviews come to you.

  • Iio Logo Color 300X70
    Iio Hero Image

    Hire vetted, senior engineers... fast

    Request Partner Demo

    Want to hire like Facebook, Quora, Lyft and more? helps top companies like these hire great engineers, and we'll be your best-converting channel for these candidates. With our platform, you can go from first conversation to offer in as little as a week.

    It works like this. We provide engineers with free, anonymous practice interviews. These interviews are a huge draw, and as a result, we get a steady stream of great talent coming to us. We use data from these practice interviews to identify top performers, who then come directly to you. Because we use data, not resumes, our candidates end up getting hired consistently by top companies like Facebook, Quora, Uber, Twitch, Lyft, Yelp, and many more. Moreover, because our platform is anonymous and people are graded on what they can do, not the logos on their resumes, we've built up a truly diverse community of engineers and can provide our customers with a consistent pipeline of great candidates they would not have had access to otherwise.

    We have staffed multiple teams using These are engineers whose resumes or backgrounds are atypical, but when given the chance perform better than most candidates.  - Chris Lyon, Technical Recruiting Manager, Twitch

  • Intro

    Intro is the world's leading platform for outbound recruiting.

  • Greenhouse C
    Greenhouse E

    The platform for outbound recruiting.

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    Intro is the world's leading platform for outbound recruiting. Build a world-class tech team by letting Intro find and get you in touch with qualified candidates.

    Millions of people express themselves on the open web, building a dynamic picture of their professional life. Intro use this information to help you find the perfect match for your team.

    Discover the power of automated sourcing today.

  • JamieAi

    JamieAi is a platform that sources and filters talented individuals in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence fields

  • Jamie Ai Colour 1
    Greenhouse Hero 3

    Intelligently connect with data professionals

    Request Partner Demo

    By combining human and AI-powered processes, JamieAi efficiently connects Data Professionals in search of a new job with organisations looking for new talent.

    How does it work?

    • Create a job posting and go live in minutes. Be as detailed as possible with regards to who you are and what you are looking for in a candidate.
    • Your job posting is approved and shown only to candidates with criteria that closely match your requirements
    • The best matches arrive in your inbox, after having been approved by our match review team
    • Connect directly with candidates, arrange your interviews and control the offer process
    • Welcome the newest member of your team

    AI driven, human authorised. Every match is reviewed by our team before being sent to ensure that only candidates with a strong match make it to your inbox. Our streamlined, unbiased and cost-efficient processes deliver unmatched value in comparison to traditional recruitment.

  • Jobbatical

    Jobbatical connects employers with the best technical and business talent worldwide

  • Jb Logo Color
    Jobbatical Hero

    Hire talent who will circle the globe for you.

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    Jobbatical is a platform that connects employers to top technical, creative and business talent around the globe. Companies who post jobs with Jobbatical gain exclusive access to Jobbatical’s fast-growing community of high-quality web developers, designers, marketers, business developers, and other professionals who are ready to relocate for the right career opportunity.

    In today's increasingly mobile world, there's no reason a company should relegate their hiring campaign to local talent. Go global with Jobbatical to find an exact match and increase diversity and perspective throughout your company. We help with immigration to 38+ countries, and members who take a Jobbatical receive continued support and professional development through Jobbatical's community.

    Employers who use Jobbatical receive assistance crafting and promoting a compelling job offering, get branded marketing opportunities, and gain access to a database of 145,000+ candidates from 180+ countries. The Jobbatical platform surfaces high quality individuals likely to succeed in each specific position and encourages them to apply. Hiring managers can track applications as candidates move through the hiring process with Jobbatical's seamless integration with the Greenhouse ATS.

    To date, the Jobbatical platform has helped companies from 56+ countries find and hire the best web developers, designers, marketers, business developers and more. Extend your hiring campaign globally and hire the best candidate for the job with Jobbatical.

  • Jumpstart

    Where University Recruiters source, engage and hire top, diverse college engineering talent

  • Gil Feig C
    Gil Feig D

    Source and engage top, diverse college engineering talent

    Request Partner Demo

    With Jumpstart’s intelligent technology, University Recruiting no longer needs to be a game of massive volume. Gone are the days of overflowing inboxes and hours of time wasted sifting through thousands of resumes. Through Jumpstart’s suite of products, from event management to AI-powered sourcing, recruiters at companies like Lyft, Adobe, Flexport and JPMorgan save time, increase efficiency and connect directly with the world’s best, diverse college engineering talent.

    Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what some of our partners are saying:

    If you are in the University Recruiting space, you MUST give Jumpstart a try. You will not be disappointed. And well, like me, you may find it to be your #1 platform to use.” - Chris Garinger, University Recruiter at Tesla

    “Jumpstart has become one of my team’s favorite platforms. We have sourced diverse top talent and continue to do so. All of the students are really responsive and eager to speak with us. We’ve been very happy with the talent that we have come across on here.” - Marisa Cavanna, Sourcer at Adobe

    “My team and I used Jumpstart to help us find amazing and diverse talent during our largest hiring season to date. I loved how I was able to connect with students before heading to campus and source for students I might have missed. It's powerful to be able to see students beyond their resume and really make meaningful connections. Ultimately, Jumpstart is a great, user-friendly platform that our team will continue to use to grow our University program!” - Katelyn Amidon, University Recruiter @ Lyft

  • Ladders

    A cost-effective and time-saving way for recruiters to connect with career-minded candidates.

  • Ladders Logo Teal 1
    Greenhouse Hero 1

    Free tools. Free searches. Free posts.

    Request Partner Demo

    The fact that it’s always free to post jobs and search for candidates is just one of the ways we’re a unique opportunity for recruiters. Here are some others.

    Quality candidates

    We have more than 9 million career-minded professionals who pay to use our service. These people are serious about advancing their careers. And many of them are actively looking for a new position.

    Targeted matches

    When you post a job, we help bring the right candidates to you. Scanning resumes and pulling information from profiles, our searches focus on industry, specialties, and target job titles.

    Support opportunities

    Need some cost-effective help finding the right candidates? FitFinder is a personalized service we offer our recruiters that delivers 5 - 7 interested and qualified candidates within two or three days.

    Learn more at


    Still searching? is the candidate-driven tech jobs marketplace that will help you find top tech pros.

  • Landing Jobs Color
    Landing Jobs Hero

    The best way to reach top tech talent

    Request Partner Demo is a tech recruitment marketplace dedicated to matchmaking top tech professionals with curated job offers from top employers. With a chronic tech skills shortage across the globe, high calibre candidates are in high demand and yet are still lost in the noise of generic jobs boards or overlooked by recruitment agencies that lack increasingly complex sector knowledge.

    We’re living through a time of radical change on how top tech talent is found in tech clusters all around the world; from a market where the employer has usually held most sway to one where candidates are in the driving seat. Unlike just a few years ago, companies must go after the limited pool of talent, rather than wait to be showered with applications from candidates.

    At we’re with you all the way through. We’ll help you source, evaluate and engage with candidates from day one and along the entire hiring process. Not everyone has time to sift through an endless pile of CVs. We make sure only the best, with the right fit, will reach your desk. We’ll save you time, money, and more than anything else, we’ll make you look like a star.

    We offer a free-to-post model for employers, with a self-service platform charging an 11% fee on a successful hire’s gross annual salary. We’ll meet you at 9%, when we consider a €500 retainer to drive commitment and engagement from both parties. and Greenhouse

    The integration between and Greenhouse will make your life way easier. Instead of copy-pasting, or exporting tons of profiles from one platform to the other, you’ll be able to sync your jobs between them.

    Every time we review a new candidate for one of your job offers, we’ll automatically export their application and profile to Greenhouse. That way you can manage your entire hiring pipeline without even needing to log in to Everything will be made readily available in your Greenhouse account. Hassle-free. One-shot.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn the world's largest professional network with more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

  • Meritocracy

    Meritocracy uses data to help companies engage and hire the best-fit professionals.

  • Meritocracy Logo Blu
    Meritocracy Hero

    Your digital Head Hunter.

    Request Partner Demo

    Meritocracy combines proprietary photo-video content with programmatic advertising campaigns, to spot and engage the best-fit professionals online. 

    Our technology learns from recruiters’ choices over time and optimizes your company visibility across each channel, letting you reach out exactly to the talent you’d want to hire. 

    Once in Meritocracy, potential candidates can explore your company through fly-on-the-wall content showcasing workspaces and daily life, proving 90% higher application-rate than comparable online services.

  • MoBerries

    MoBerries is the leading on-demand talent acquisition network and real-time sourcing service connecting actively looking candidates to companies via AI-based matching which allows reaching more, better candidates, faster. Efficiently recruit the most suitable candidates with MoBerries.

  • Moberries Color Logo
    Moberries Hero

    Solving inefficiencies in the recruitment process.

    Request Partner Demo

    MoBerries revolutionizes the recruitment business by matching the best talent with great companies. It is the leading talent acquisition network and real-time sourcing service connecting actively looking candidates to companies via AI-based matching algorithm which allows reaching more, better candidates, faster. On-demand recruitment for employers, easy applying for job seekers. Hire faster by sourcing through matching based on hiring managers and candidates’ feedback. Efficiently recruit the most suitable candidates with MoBerries.

    MoBerries aims to provide businesses with on-demand recruitment using AI-driven applicant matching and access to a combined talent pool consisting of pre-screened candidates. Partners are expected to refer candidates that are unsuitable for their particular role to the talent pool, in exchange for access to pre-ranked candidates within the database. The MoBerries software filters candidate quality and can be directly integrated into companies' application tracking systems. This enables companies to hire candidates almost in real time. MoBerries is designed for digital companies, DAX companies, and Venture Capital funds.

    Businesses can create custom job postings for their openings, and outline the job description, location, skills and experience required, salary range, and more, using the template within MoBerries. The system then matches relevant candidates and businesses can review the profiles to see if they agree with the match. MoBerries facilitates the approval or denial of candidates and requests feedback in order to gather more insight for AI-driven matchmaking.

    • Benefit from access to a pool of prescreened and rated candidates within the MoBerries system. All partner companies receive a pre-filtered and pre-screened selection of candidates from the pool.
    • Create customized listings for job openings using the pre-built template by MoBerries. Outline the job description, skills required, salary, and more within the listing to find the most relevant candidates.
    • View applicants that have been sourced by MoBerries artificial intelligence and approve or decline them based on their profile.
    • Provide feedback on applicants to aid the AI-driven interface with matching applicants to positions. Give feedback on why each applicant was approved or declined so that the system can better match candidates in the future.
    • Integrate with ATS systems to synchronize applicant details once they are approved and speed up the onboarding process.
  • OneWire

    Source and recruit from the largest community of professionals in the financial services industry.

  • One Wire High Res Small 1
    Greenhouse Banner Updated 960X460

    Advertise jobs, search resumes and build a talent community for future hires.

    Request Partner Demo

    OneWire is a SaaS-based recruiting and sourcing platform that hosts the largest community of professionals in the financial services industry.

    Post a Job
    Advertise your open positions to the largest community of professionals in the financial services industry.

    Search OneWire’s Community
    Source relevant candidates using highly advanced search filters including licenses, skills, degrees and more.

    Receive Talent Alerts
    Get real-time notifications when candidates match your search and know when a candidate enters the job market.

  • Piazza

    Search for, build your brand with, and hire, technical students in ways you never could before.

  • piazza-logo-color

    We power student discovery and engagement like no one else

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    Piazza Careers is built on top of Piazza’s 5 year old market-leading class discussion platform, used by over 1.25M college students at all the top universities (and hundreds more).

    With Piazza Careers, you can:

    Run searches.
    You can be substantially more targeted at top schools but also go after long tail schools you would never otherwise visit. Run powerful searches like "Find me all MIT undergrads who were TAs to MIT’s hardest classes” or “Find me students in the top CS schools who’ve been coding since the age of 15” or “Find me seniors in the long tail who were top performers in mobile programming classes”.

    Build resume books.
    Get rid of inefficient interview costs by directly controlling the top of the funnel. Run relevant searches on Piazza Careers, organize results into folders that matter, and pursue high quality candidates. Never again start with a low yield stack of resumes.

    Message candidates.
    Use Piazza Careers to directly message your star candidates where they’re already spending 2-3 hours of their evening doing homework. See when they’ve read your message and get notified when they reply. Open rates on Piazza average 85%, and reply rates average 50% when you send them highly targeted messages. Compare that with other leading recruiting platforms where you might get 15-20% reply rates with this same population.

    Publicize events.
    Publish your campus events on the platform that students are deeply familiar with and are already engaged on. Let them know you (and your engineers) are coming to campus and that you’re eager to meet with them while there. Boost attendance and make sure the right students attend your events.

    Review RSVPs.
    Receive detailed RSVP reports ahead of time and review rich profiles for those students who will be attending your events. Identify the 10-15 students you really want to be establishing relationships with while on campus and even fill up some on-campus interview slots by doing your homework in advance. Put those dollars spent on campus activities to good use.

    Launch campaigns.
    Launch campaigns to establish year-round meaningful relationships with your core audience. Reach hundreds of students at once with a highly personalized message. Let them know about exciting technical challenges that your engineers are working on. Or simply find creative ways to connect with students to build engagement with your brand.

    Target minority groups.
    Get access to women and other minority groups through a subset of very powerful search and target mechanisms. Reach 135,000+ women studying science, engineering and math subjects and 48,000+ specifically in computer science classes, plus thousands more representing other minority groups. Limited spots only.

  • Planted

    Planted’s smart matching algorithm connects top business talent with growing companies.

  • C  Hi Res Color Logo Transparent Background
    D  Hero Image

    Grow your team with top business talent

    Request Partner Demo

    Planted is a smart career platform that matches top business talent with growing and innovative companies. Here are some ways we make it faster and easier to find your perfect fit:

    We’ve got a curated network of top business talent.

    We’ve got qualified candidates ready for new opportunities in customer service, marketing, sales, product, operations, admin, and more.

    We’ll supercharge your hiring efforts.

    Our smart matching engine carefully curates your pool of candidates and shortlists the ones who best fit your needs. You can also filter candidates by attributes like school, degree, work experience, and location to reach your target profile.

    We’ll help you find someone fast.

    Needed someone yesterday? Our Customer Success team can set you up and send applicants your way in as little as 24 hours!

    We’ll help you stay flexible with a range of hiring options.

    We support a range of hiring options based on your needs. In addition to direct hire, we can also help you with trial-to-perm, project-based, contract work, or seasonal support.

  • PowerToFly

    Change Your Gender Ratios Across Tech And Beyond

  • Ana Martinez Logo 300X70 1
    Ana Martinez Ptf Hero 960 460Px 1

    Change Your Gender Ratios Across Tech And Beyond

    Request Partner Demo

    PowerToFly is the hiring and employer branding platform for diversity. We help companies connect with skilled women in tech, sales, marketing, finance, and beyond. We’re proud to be working with companies invested in diversity and inclusion that range from fast growing startups (Gitlab, Automatic, Buzzfeed) to Fortune 1000 companies (American Express, Viacom, Time Inc, Verizon). Subscribers to our services have access to the following:

    • Access to the Hiring Platform containing profiles of over 100,000 highly skilled women
    • Sourcing and Research support from our Talent Acquisition Team
    • Employer Branding and Exclusive Events aimed at targeting women where they are with content that speaks to them

    We’re looking to partner with companies committed to building gender balanced teams and diverse inclusive workplaces.

  • Pymetrics

    Pymetrics matches people with compatible careers and companies using a series of neuroscience games.

  • pymetrics-logo-color

    We use Neuroscience to Optimize Talent Management

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    Pymetrics is the next generation career search marketplace. Using big data, neuroscience and machine learning, we are reinventing the recruiting industry by recommending optimal career paths to job seekers and helping companies hire smarter.

    We assess cognitive and personality traits using a series of fun and quick neuroscience games, making it easier than ever to understand where people’s inherent characteristics can lead to success.

    With pymetrics, you can:

    Enhance your Brand: Show top talent that your company takes a forward-thinking, data-driven approach

    Uncover and Access Talent: Identify candidates who wouldn’t otherwise apply and who most closely fit your ideal trait profile

    Find The Right Fit: Use candidate and company trait profiles to place high-potential hires and improve their likelihood of success

    Develop Talent and Reduce Turnover: Use our internal mobility platform to identify opportunities for your existing employees

    Pymetrics is currently used by a variety of companies in finance, technology, consulting, consumer goods and retail.

  • Rakuna

    Rakuna is the event & campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young people.

  • Color Rakuna Logo
    Rakuna Hero Image

    Campus Recruiting Done Right

    Request Partner Demo

    Rakuna is the campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young people. Our platform includes the simplest mobile app to collect candidate leads and process paper resumes at recruiting events, and a central online hub for employers to manage their early-career talent pipeline.

    Unlike check-in solutions, our mobile app allows recruiters to be 100% engaging with candidates while collecting required information at finger tips, even when no Internet is available.

    On the web, recruiters can dive deep into metrics reports, design evaluation forms, collaborate with hiring managers and recruiting team, and customize automated follow-up emails to candidates to improve candidate relationship management.

    The integration between Rakuna and Greenhouse allows employers to push all candidates from Rakuna's database into Greenhouse with a click, ensuring complete candidate tracking and compliance.

  • RecruitiFi

    A SaaS recruiting solution which boosts employers' hiring by providing greater control and visibility into talent acquisition efforts.

  • Greenhouse Hero 1

    Improve the speed, quality & cost of agency recruiting.

    Request Partner Demo

    RecruitiFi has created a unique new category of recruiting known as the Expert Referral System (ERS), which allows companies to leverage all of their third party agencies along with our community of expert agency recruiters in a targeted and confidential manner.

    RecruitiFi uses real world data to match your roles to the top expert recruiters from our community at a low, flat placement fee, while allowing you to manage your own agencies in an efficient manner. Consolidate all your agency interactions and payments onto a single easy-to-use platform. Streamline your agency workflow, reduce unnecessary cycles of communication, and increase the quality and speed of your candidate submissions.

    Join the growing number of Fortune 500 companies that are utilizing RecruitiFi's ERS platform to quickly fill their open positions with vetted, qualified talent.

  • Resource

    Modern recruiting outreach with powerful email automation, analytics and contact data.

  • Greenhouse Partnership Resource Logo Color 300X66
    Greenhouse Partnership Hero 960X460 No Logo Min 1

    Modern recruiting outreach

    Request Partner Demo
    • Master sourcing with the first Outbound Recruiting Platform, trusted by the world’s leading recruiting teams.
    • With Resource, you’ll drastically increase response rates, nurture relationships with passive candidates and cut your sourcing time in half using powerful automation and insights.
    • Easy to set up and completely free to try. Resource is the all-in-one platform that helps you master outbound recruiting.
  • Resume-Library

    Search over 13 million candidates and import the best matches to your Greenhouse account!

  • Rl Logo Full Colour 300X70
    Rl Image Request 2 4

    Find Talent on the Fastest-Growing U.S. Job Site

    Request Partner Demo

    Resume-Library is America’s fastest-growing job board with over 13 million candidates from every industry nationwide. We guarantee fresh talent with 500,000 candidates registering their resumes every month!

    • Search and view an unlimited number of resumes
    • Import the strongest candidates to your Greenhouse account
    • Enjoy access for your entire team
    • Receive ongoing support from a dedicated account manager

    Simply log in to Resume-Library, enter your job criteria and we’ll quickly return the best matching candidates on our database. When you’ve found a candidate you want to contact, simply unlock their resume and import their details to your Greenhouse account.

  • RippleMatch

    RippleMatch delivers the best college candidates directly to employers.

  • Greenhouse C 1
    Greenhouse D 1

    Tired of job postings?

    Request Partner Demo

    Ripple combines industry expertise with predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence, and unprecedented reach across American universities to deliver the best college candidates directly to employers.

    Employers sign up for Ripple and fill out a detailed profile that informs our algorithms of the many factors that make up an ideal candidate. Our systems sift through tens of thousands of candidates to find the right matches and send customized emails to the best possible matches. We only contact excellent fits and only pass through students that have already expressed interest in a position. The end result is a streamlined feed of curated matches that are much higher quality than any employer could access using LinkedIn or a job board.

  • Riviera Partners

    Streamline your candidate pipeline and securely receive applications from your Riviera recruiter directly in Greenhouse. 

  • Full Rivi Logo
    Riviera Hero Image

    Exceptional Talent for World-Class Organizations

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    Industry Experience 

    Leveraging 15+ years of industry experience, we deliver an insightful approach that streamlines the end-to-end recruiter process. We match exceptional talent to world-class organizations. 

    Powered by Data Science 

    Using machine learning, our system identifies high quality candidates with relevant skills and experience and matches them to your open roles. Predictive models inform us which candidates are ready to move to focus our attention on the right candidates. 

    Recruiter Service

    Our expert recruiters work to push a steady stream of qualified candidates into your hiring pipeline. Riviera’s integration with Greenhouse makes this process easier than ever by automatically posting candidate application data directly into your Greenhouse job dashboard.


    Improve diversity, hire faster, and build stronger teams through your employee’s personal connections.

  • Roikoi Logo Color
    Roikoi Hero Image

    Hire great people your employees already know

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    We help companies who are committed to improving diversity in their workforce.

    Our recruiting platform helps you identify great people in your network beyond restrictive keyword booleans by asking employees a simple question: “who would you love to work with here?”

    We then make it easy to connect with those candidates through automated, personal outreach with introductions from the people on your team who know them best.

    The result is a more diverse candidate database capable of filling any new roles, from engineering to accounting.

    Browse Great Matches
    Identify 35 qualified referrals per employee in 5 minutes.

    Easy, Personal Outreach
    Engage candidates through personal, automated outreach with 50% response rates.

    Manage Through Hire
    Manage candidates effortlessly through your ATS or ROIKOI.

    Your employees all know great people – our platform lets you identify who they are, connect with them through those personal relationships, and ultimately reduce time to hire by 10 days.

  • SeekOut

    Find and engage talent across all industries, including developers, engineers & diverse candidates

  • John Tippett Seekout Logo Color
    John Tippett Seekout Hero Image

    Your unfair sourcing advantage

    Request Partner Demo

    Find talent faster:

    Don’t start your searches from scratch — SeekOut serves up fresh, relevant candidates for your exact need when you enter your target company and title.

    Get verified email addresses and social profiles for candidates with the click of a button.

    Reach out to candidates with personalized messages using SeekOut automated email campaigns.

    Become a diversity hero:

    Easily fill the top of your funnel with qualified, diverse candidates with SeekOut’s powerful diversity and veteran filters.

    Remove unconscious bias while sourcing with Blind Hiring Mode. It hides information that could reveal a candidate’s gender, race or ethnicity.

    Look brilliant and hire smarter:

    Grow your credibility and gain the upper hand with actionable insights about people, roles, and talent pools.

    Reach alignment with hiring managers, impress clients, add intelligence to your searches and outmaneuver the competition in finding top talent.

    Discover untapped Github talent:

    Find top global tech candidates that are invisible in other tools with SeekOut’s groundbreaking Github search.

    Enhanced profiles give a complete picture of expertise and experience and surface candidates whose technical capabilities can’t be found with other tools or through boolean searches.

  • Selected

    Hire the best teachers for your school. Instantly match and speak with hard-to-find talent.

  • Selected Color
    Selected Hero Image 960X460 1

    Hire the best teachers for your school

    Request Partner Demo

    Selected helps school recruiters and hiring managers source and hire the best teachers. 

    Talk to candidates this week through our matching platform:

    • Fast Results:  This is not a job board. Get instant access to candidates curated for immediate hire among our community of thousands of teachers and school leaders.
    • Quality Candidates Only:  You only see active candidates that meet your criteria. Every candidate is screened for qualifications and intent.
    • Hard-to-find Talent:  Our candidates are:
      • 70% 2+ years teaching experience
      • 40% STEM or special education
      • 40% people of color
      • 30% fluent in multiple languages
    • Free to Speak to Candidates:  Only pay a small, fixed fee if you successfully hire a candidate. No subscription, retainer, or hidden costs. 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
    • Mission-Driven:  We help teachers find schools they love. We help schools recruit and retain the best teachers. We do this through our unique, market-leading matching platform.

    Why integrate? Easily transfer candidate info (e.g., name, contact info, resume, and qualifications) from Selected to your Greenhouse ATS. This will allow you to seamlessly source and recruit candidates.

  • Showcase

    Video-first sourcing and screening tool for early career and volume hires. We save companies time.

  • Showcase color logo

    Save recruiting hours with short-form video.

    Request Partner Demo

    Showcase is the video sourcing and screening tool that helps companies save time hiring the best talent.

    We give job seekers the chance to show off what they know and stand out from their resume. Employers can quickly find active candidates who have put their best foot forward, so both parties can confidently skip the outdated phone screen. You can also use Showcase to screen your existing candidates, and find out who is the best fit for the role and your company culture.

    Stop wasting time trying to find the best candidates using only their resume. Streamline your hiring process with Showcase, and start using video.

    Once you found your dream candidates, seamlessly import them back into Greenhouse and continue the rest of your interviewing and hiring process without interruption.

  • SingleSprout

    Building the best tech startups in NYC and LA

  • Single Sprout Color Logo
    Single Sprout Hero

    Building the best tech startups in NYC and LA

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    SingleSprout has successfully recruited top tech talent for 100 companies in NYC and LA, and has been featured in The Business Journal, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and The Manual.  We partner with companies where technology and design is a priority. We hire engineers, designers, mobile developers, data scientists, devops, and product managers, in impactful and challenging roles.

  • Skillist

    Hire based on potential, not pedigree, with our skill-based, identity-blind application process.

  • Matt Tucker Skillist Color 300X70
    Matt Tucker Skillist Employerheader2

    Where skill-based hiring happens

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    Hiring should be about what you can do, not where you come from. Skillist makes this possible with our skill-based, identity-blind application software. You’ll evaluate candidates based on their competencies rather than their credentials, creating fairer and more effective hiring outcomes for your company.

    With Skillist, you will not only hire from a more inclusive pool of talent, you’ll hire more efficiently too. Join us today!

  • Sompani

    Access and share top talent with partners companies in an exclusive Talent Pool offered to you by your Investor.

  • Artjom Simon Sompani Color 300
    Artjom Simon Sompani Hero

    Sompani Talent Pools - Access and Share top talent

    Our shared Talent Pool solution enables participating companies to access a stream of top pre-vetted talent.

    Our exclusive solution is offered by Top VC funds across the world to their portfolio companies as a solution in which they can:

    Access Top Talent

    Our system automatically crawls all your public vacancies and matches candidates to them resulting in an effortless stream of top pre-vetted talent that comes recommended by fellow companies in your investor’s portfolio.

    Share Great Candidates

    Each company that joins one of our exclusive talent pools can automatically share candidates they liked but did not hire and help them find a job in a partner company while also helping other companies grow with candidates they did not hire.

  • Sourceress

    Sourceress finds you the best candidates, and writes thoughtful, personalized emails on your behalf.

  • Sourceress Color
    Sourceress header

    Build great teams faster

    Request Partner Demo

    Sourceress is your candidate sourcing partner: we find and thoughtfully engage candidates so that recruiters and hiring managers can spend their time on higher-value activities — like evaluating and selling.

    How we do it

    With tailor-made machine learning models, we rigorously define what you’re looking for in a role, identify great candidates, and engage them with highly personalized introductions. Our process creates a stream of candidates that hiring managers are excited to talk to more than 85% of the time. We're experts at making that first connection between you and a potential employee incredibly personal, targeted, and effective — so that great candidates come to you.

  • Splash

    Splash helps leading brands harness the power of in-person marketing and track the impact of events.

  • Splash Turp
    Splash Hero

    Build and engage your talent pipeline with events.

    Request Partner Demo

    Events are the only recruitment marketing channel that enable you to promote your employer brand and engage top talent in-person. Splash’s event marketing platform helps leading brands and innovative talent teams harness the power of in-person marketing, providing all the tools they need to promote and measure the impact of their recruiting events. Splash’s integration with Greenhouse automatically syncs registrant and attendee data to your ATS so that you can quickly and accurately track candidates sourced from, and influenced by, events.

  • Stella

    An assistant for your talent team, Stella puts forward a shortlist so you can focus on interviews, not sourcing. 

  • Stella Color Logo
    Stella Hero

    Meet Stella - Your Talent Team's AI Assistant

    Request Partner Demo

    Using artificial intelligence, Stella doubles the productivity of your talent team by presenting a shortlist of up to 10 candidates for any open job. Stella can also improve diversity and the speed of hiring. With a focus on enterprises, that are large in size, or fast in growth, Stella is ultra-easy to use. It plugs into any ATS within 90 minutes and requires no change in process or upfront costs to implement.

  • Swoop

    Use your cellphone to process paper resumes. Simple, seamless, and in Greenhouse in minutes.

  • swoop-logo-color

    SwoopTalent Paperless Hiring

    Request Partner Demo

    Many college hiring fairs still use paper resumes, which create real headaches for recruiters. And many so called "solutions" to this problem are headaches in themselves. At Swoop, we worked with our customers to create the simplest solution you could ask for. Literally, all you need is a smartphone or tablet, and your paper resumes are converted to searchable, comprehensive talent profiles, with your resumes parsed perfectly, and sent to Greenhouse whenever you need them there. Swoop even automatically kicks off your follow up for you, and adds all of the tags and information you need about that candidate. Paperless intake couldn’t be easier!

  • TalentBin

    The web's largest passive candidate database.

  • 300 X70 Tblogo Color
    960X460 Tb Hero Image V2

    The web's largest passive candidate database

    Request Partner Demo

    TalentBin by Monster is the world’s largest passive candidate database with millions of public profiles aggregated across relevant websites that helps recruiters find, engage with, and recruit hard-to-find talent. Our profiles give you a full picture of a candidate's professional and personal interests, aggregated from their entire social footprint. Awesome information to start your conversation with.


    Connect your Greenhouse to LinkedIn and get more data about a candidate from GitHub and StackOverflow.

  • Vladimir Dybenko Tsp Logo 300
    Vladimir Dybenko Tsp Hero Image

    Get more data about a candidate than you expected

    Request Partner Demo

    Easily connect to your Greenhouse ATS and start sourcing available candidates immediately.

    TalentScan allows you to check all activities with the Candidate directly from LinkedIn!

    Write and share comments to the candidates directly on their pages, see the history of interaction with them, add to the selected job.


    * Legally!

    * No duplicates.

    * Support teamwork.

    * Work with a vacancy directly on the candidate's page on the Internet.

    * Collection and storage of the entire history of interaction with the candidate.

    Developed specially for Greenhouse.

    Coming soon:

    Get access to contact details of LinkedIn, GitHub and StackOverflow profiles.

    Quick, easy and legal manage candidates from GitHub, StackOverflow, XING and Dice.

    Open the candidate's page on one of the indicated sites and in one motion export profile data to your database - the machine will automatically fill in the key information about the candidate and find alternative contact details.

    TalentScan.Pro is your digital assistant in recruitment.

    Delegate routine to the machine - enjoy live communication!

  • TalentShare

    Connecting the best companies with the best candidates at the best time, when they're looking.

  • Logo Final Vertical Web 1 1
    Greenhouse Partner Image 1

    A Better Pipeline of Active Candidates

    Request Partner Demo

    TalentShare is a cloud-based application that matches active, high-quality candidates with open positions within our network of companies. Our members share qualified applicants they consider but don’t hire, maximizing value of sourcing budgets. We match these candidates with open positions, invite them to apply, and route them directly into recruiters’ workflow within Greenhouse. We then track the applicant’s progress through the hiring process and automatically update them at each stage.   

  • TopFunnel

    TopFunnel makes connecting with candidates easy so you can focus on building relationships.

  • Color Logo
    Hero Image

    Stop recruiting. Start building relationships.

    Request Partner Demo

    Your time is best spent interacting with people who will help build your company, not administrative tasks and data entry. TopFunnel frees you up to make connections and collaborate with your entire team to find the right people for your company. TopFunnel increases candidate engagement and saves you time by transforming the candidate engagement process into one click.

  • Triplebyte

    Triplebyte matches software engineers with companies based on technical fit.

  • Triplebyte Logo Color
    Greenhouse Graphic 1 1

    Hire engineers with Triplebyte

    Request Partner Demo

    Triplebyte is the best way to hire great software engineers. Engineers apply and go through a full technical evaluation with us. We test them their technical skills and verify what their strengths are. We take this data and use it to match them with companies who are looking for this strengths. We go far beyond basic matching of languages or frameworks. We dive into what kind of engineering style and approach each candidate has. With our Greenhouse integration you can easily get access to these candidates and track them through your hiring process.

    Triplebyte works with hundreds of companies, from Airbnb and Dropbox right down to three person startups. Companies trust our evaluation process and fast track our candidates straight through to final round interviews. This lets companies do less phone screening and concentrate on growing their business. Using Triplebyte lets your own engineers spend more time coding and less time interviewing.

  • Uncubed

    Attract strong, relevant candidates when you create and share short skills videos with Uncubed.

  • Uncubed Logo New Box Spaced
    Uncubed Gh Hero Image

    Attract the World’s Best Talent through Video

    Request Partner Demo

    Uncubed is one of the world’s most unique and powerful recruiting platforms. By combining the power of high quality skills-videos with our community of tech-driven millennials, we bring the best candidates to innovative companies.

    That’s because when you share a skill or a technique on, you’ll engage our audience, creating interest in your jobs and building your brand.

    So how do you get on It’s a simple process, and one that’s a lot of fun, too!

    Uncubed will work with your team every step of the way to conceptualize, shoot and produce a series of engaging videos featuring insights taught by your most talented employees. We share these videos with our audience of digital professionals on, driving higher quality and better informed candidates to your job postings.

    In fact, we feature your job postings alongside your videos on our site. Up to 35% of our viewers apply for a job after watching a video. Even better, though our integration with Greenhouse, we’ll be able to pass along video consumption data along with applications so you can tell which candidates have most engaged with your content.

    Whether you’re a big organization like IBM or a newer, smaller startup looking to scale, Uncubed will put together a video-led program that curates and drives the best hires for your team.

    For a demo of our platform, reach out to us at

  • helps technology companies to hire amazing engineering, product, and business talent.

  • Ud Logo Color
    Ud Hero Image

    Handpicked Talent Delivered Every Week

    Request Partner Demo is a leading marketplace for talent. Every week, we introduce growing technology companies to high-quality software engineers, designers, product managers, and businesspeople from the community. Only the top 10% of applicants make the cut, and all of our candidates are exploring the job market.

    We're a trusted hiring tool that's used by hundreds of top technology companies in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond.

    With, it’s never been easier to make your company’s next hire.

  • untapt

    Get perfectly matched tech talent using untapt’s machine intelligence platform. 

  • Untapt Logo Color
    Untapt Hero

    untapt, hire smarter with machine intelligence

    Request Partner Demo

    untapt is the place for tech talent. Using machine intelligence, our platform allows technologists to discover their future and get perfectly matched to their next position. Through our proprietary architecture, combined with structured and unstructured data, we've created a highly effective, precise and unrivaled hiring environment. It's an entirely new way to think about the talent marketplace.

  • Upsider

    Upsider turns sourcing into science by applying AI to quickly identify, engage, and nurture potential candidates.

  • C Logo Transparent
    Greenhouse Partner Listing Header Image

    Find and Engage the Best Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    Upsider turns the candidate sourcing process into science. The Upsider platform wraps a layer of AI around key sourcing steps: candidate identification, email engagement, and nurturing.

    Built by a team of former recruiters and hiring managers, Upsider applies AI technology to find a rich set of relevant candidates in a fraction of the time it takes for a manual search. The model makes non-obvious connections within the data that results in more targeted candidates.

    Recruiters can then use Upsider’s CRM and Email outreach technology to engage the candidates and turn them into interviews.

    All candidate data flows seamlessly between Upsider and Greenhouse, including a refresh of out-of-date profiles in Greenhouse.

    The result is a predictable, data-driven sourcing system that helps companies of all sizes find and convert the best candidates.

  • Vettery

    Vettery is the top talent marketplace to find fresh, curated job seekers in tech and business.

  • Vettery Logo Color
    Vettery Hero

    Find Better Candidates, Easy And Cost-Effective

    Request Partner Demo

    Vettery is the top talent marketplace for active job seekers. Over 1,500 hiring managers already use the platform to freely view and contact candidates whose backgrounds range from developers at tech giants or funded startups to analysts at major banks and consultancies. We add a new batch of qualified job seekers to the marketplace every Monday, ensuring that you have a constant, fresh flow of candidates.

    Our team uses proprietary sourcing tools to give you access to a breadth of job seekers otherwise not available through traditional recruiting channels. Each candidate featured in the marketplace is paired with a Talent Engagement Executive who will personally qualify and guide the job seeker through their search.

  • Visage

    Visage automates your passive candidate search & outreach by leveraging the power of AI and Crowdsourcing. Submit your job requirements and Visage delivers 50 triple-filtered, passive candidates in 48 hours.


  • Visage Green Logo Horizontal 170X70
    Hero Screen Real

    Automate your passive candidate search & outreach

    Request Partner Demo

    No more sourcing

    Visage automates your passive candidate search & outreach by leveraging the power of AI and crowdsourcing. Built for busy recruiters who don’t have time to waste building boolean searches and reviewing resumes, Visage automates manual tasks so you can focus on chasing the best candidates and interviewing. 

    No more resume reviews

    Submit your job requirements and Visage delivers 50 triple-filtered, passive candidates in just 48 hours. Our community of 3,500+ freelancers crowdsource candidates based on your specific requirement. The resumes go through a proprietary vetting process combining human and artificial intelligence. You won’t need to check the resumes.

    Contact candidates automatically

    Set-up personalized emails with automated follow-up. You email the candidates directly and start receiving interested candidate responses directly into your inbox. We notify you when a candidate opens your email a few times so you can follow-up with a phone call or connect on LinkedIn.

  • vsource

    vsource is a talent platform that integrates passive candidate sourcing with market intelligence.

  • Vsource Color Logo
    Vsource Hero Image

    Smarter Talent Acquisition

    Request Partner Demo

    In talent acquisition, time is of the essence. Senior recruiters engage in a competitive community where focus on making contact and locking placements in is diverted to time spent examining large pools of recycled candidates, incomplete or outdated profiles, and searching skill sets on job boards and social media.

    vsource enables you to remain in complete control of candidate qualifications and to prioritize live and future positions without having to do the legwork of research and data gathering. Our sourcing specialists operate smart technology for content extraction, resume parsing and advanced boolean their time each morning with a running start by initiating calls, assessing mapping intel, and ranking lists of candidates that were built overnight by vsource. Our unique solutions are unmatched as we merge science and human intuition to scale your recruiting operations and build your knowledge of your talent pool. We provide the tools and support for you to grow your team organically from the ground up based on your needs.

  • WayUp

    WayUp is the only site where employers can attract and hire a targeted audience of students and recent grads from any U.S. college.

  • Way Up Vertical Full Color
    Wayup Hero Image

    #1 Marketplace For College Students to Get Hired

    Request Partner Demo

    WayUp is the largest online marketplace exclusively for U.S. college students looking for part-time jobs, summer internships, virtual gigs and full-time jobs upon graduation.

    Employers are able to use WayUp to specifically target students all across the US. Once an employer posts a job via WayUp, they are able to filter for diverse candidates by selecting specific attributes such as university, GPA, major, languages spoken etc. Only the students who meet these qualifications are able to see the job posting and apply for it - saving time, money, and increasing overall efficiency. Employers are able to post across as many college campuses as they want, allowing hiring managers to dive into WayUp’s student base, comprised of nearly half a million college students, 72% of whom account for underrepresented minorities.

    On the flip side, when a student signs up for the site (completely for free), s(he) is able to fill out a comprehensive student profile. Once a student creates a profile on WayUp, (s)he only sees jobs that (s)he is qualified for and can apply for a job using this profile, simply by selecting ‘apply’. Students are also able to filter jobs by industry and season depending on what job they’re looking for e.g. they can apply for part-time jobs during the semester or over the summer, internships and entry-level jobs after they graduate. Since students are only shown jobs that they qualify for, they are already a step up in the job-application game.

  • Whitetruffle

    Source top talent automatically with intelligent candidate matching with 70,000+ tech candidates.

  • Whitetruffle Logo
    Whitetruffle Hero

    Hire smarter with machine learning

    Request Partner Demo

    Whitetruffle helps companies source candidates more intelligently by leveraging machine learning algorithms to deliver matches automatically from a pool 70,000+ candidates. Create a job in minutes and start receiving the most qualified matches automatically. Whitetruffle offers users direct integration into Greenhouse to make it even easier for companies to take advantage of our sourcing technology. Automatically push the most qualified and promising candidates directly into your existing workflow.

  • Woo

    Connect with off-the-radar tech talent and woo them by offering what they want.

  • Woo Logo Color
    Woo Hero Image

    Discover hidden talent who want what you're offering

    Request Partner Demo

    Woo lets you connect with off-the-radar top tech candidates who want to keep an eye on better opportunities, without the need of becoming active job seekers, the risk of their boss finding out, or getting spammed with irrelevant offers. 

    Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, our technology uses both skill set and candidate’s expectations to create accurate matches, focusing your efforts and sparing you from the inefficiency of the “Spray and Pray” method. 

    Get insights on your recruiting performance - find out how talent sees you, and why candidates accept or reject your approaches. 

  • is the revolutionary platform for hiring software engineers

  • Workshape Color Logo
    Workshape Herol 1

    Talk to Developers in no time - No agents, No placement fees

    Request Partner Demo’s innovative approach is to collect sentiment data, convert it into a visualisation of work, before matching to employers who have compatible to work opportunities. For in-house recruiters, this means no more writing job adverts or spending hours sourcing through candidate databases - just an intuitive and immediate way to discover and talk to software engineers.

    Features set includes social aggregation, in-app communication and self serve on-boarding. You can sign up and within minutes be pipelining software developers into your recruiting workflow.’s clients include leading technology companies like Google, Skyscanner, Lyst, Deliveroo, OLX, Zalando, Foodpanda, Catawiki among thousands of others in more than 20 countries worldwide.

  • WorksHub

    We build tech communities that enable companies to hire the hardest to find tech talent.

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  • Works Hub Color 1
    D Hero

    Hire The Hardest To Find Tech Talent

    Request Partner Demo

    Building a company is hard, hiring shouldn’t be.

    Through artificial and human intelligence we enable outstanding tech talent to discover new opportunities, share experiences and grow their careers. Our dedicated hubs bring rare tech communities together, attracting the world’s best technologists and enabling companies to hire the hardest to find talent quickly.   

    If you are looking for the latest talent across Functional Programming, Blockchain, JavaScript Programming or Artificial intelligence then get in touch.


Screen candidates with online skills tests.

  • Adaface

    Customized AI screening for each software role to evaluate all on-the-job skills, not just coding ability.

  • Deepti Chopra C  Color Logo
    Deepti Chopra D  Hero Image

    AI tech screening interviews that candidates like.

    Request Partner Demo

    Companies regularly miss out on the best tech talent due to ineffective filters. Interviewing all candidates ties up expensive engineering time and 50%* candidates refuse to give coding tests.

    We’ve built a conversational AI, Ada for first round tech interviews. Just like a senior engineer interviewing a candidate, Ada can analyse the candidate’s thought process and ask follow-up questions to accurately gauge skills. Ada customises the interview to the role and seniority level. Ada can discuss challenges based on fundamental skills like problem solving, algorithms, system architecture and on-the-job skills like programming skills and tech frameworks.

    Early adopters have seen a 100% candidate turnout rate as opposed to ~50% turnout rate with coding test solutions.

  • AdaptiLab

    Standardize your data science and machine learning hiring & identify quality candidates with automated technical screens

  • C  Adaptilab Color Logo
    D  Hero Image

    Machine Learning Code Screens designed for candidates

    Request Partner Demo

    We accelerate your Machine Learning hiring.

    All companies are struggling to hire the machine learning and data science talent they need to grow and compete in the modern data era. Recruiting for scarce, specialized engineering talent is time consuming, inconsistent, and impossible to scale. Machine Learning has a wide range of competencies that all need to be evaluated to ensure proper skill set alignment. Adaptilab has worked with hiring managers across industries to build the ideal technical screening tool to expedite and improve the most broken parts of the candidate hiring process: technical interviews.

    Why AdaptiLab? All-in-One Interviewing Solution Customized for Your Company’s Needs:

    Reclaim your engineering time

    Replace initial technical phone screens with automated assessments for all candidates. Never build another take home challenge again. We prepare customized datasets and domain-specific take home challenges unique to your job description.

    Standardize and scale how you evaluate Machine Learning talent

    Machine Learning has a wide range of competencies: data processing, data analysis, model development, feature engineering, general algorithms, and domain knowledge. Our interviews test all of these competencies using our library of hundreds of proprietary questions tailored to your domain.

    Guarantee an awesome candidate experience

    The days of whiteboard interviews for machine learning are over. We help you improve your candidate interview process by providing challenging and relevant problems that actually interest candidates. Our system automatically generates candidate feedback reports. 100% of candidates surveyed stated they appreciated followup feedback from interviews.

    Identify your top candidates and their strengths/weaknesses in real time

    Preliminary interviews are automatically graded and accompanied by score reports broken down by the candidate’s performance on individual competencies. Benchmark and stack rank all candidates and make decisions based on advanced performance analytics.

    What makes AdaptiLab’s Code Screen the best?

    Unique, Domain Specific Questions

    We provide the gold standard for anti-cheating mechanisms by providing unique questions and datasets for every data domain. This maintains standardization and efficiency in your hiring.

    Automatic Code Grading

    Receive immediate feedback on candidates. Our system automatically provides standardized technical score reports, candidate stack-rankings, and pass-fail threshold analysis.

    Data-Driven Hiring at Scale

    Our service becomes specialized to your company’s needs as you iterate on candidates. Benefit from having your own customized automatic interviewer, and grow your team at scale.

  • Affintus

    Identify top candidates before you read a single resume with Affintus pre-hire assessment and job matching tools.

  • Affintus High Res Logo 1
    Hero Image 1

    Hire Fast. Hire Smart. Reduce Turnover.

    Request Partner Demo

    Using our assessment services and job matching tools, companies have reduced turnover from 44% to less than 5% and reduced time to hire by up to 35%. We can help you, too.

    The Affintus assessment evaluates each candidate on three key work success factors: cognitive preferences, personality work style, and work culture match. Clients tell us that because Affintus ranks the best candidates first, they avoid spending time evaluating unqualified candidates.

    How many hiring mistakes did your company make last year? Using Affintus data, predictions of future performance are about three times more accurate than those based on job experience and about four times more predictive as years of education.

    Do you want to promote from within? With Affintus you can match current employees to the new job requirements to see each employee’s best next move.

    Do you struggle with recruiting? Use Affintus to match every candidate who has previously applied to new job openings to discover which people are a great fit. As your Affintus talent pool grows, you’ll be in a stronger and stronger position to hire rapidly. Think about what it would mean to have your first interview with a top candidate within two days rather than two weeks …or two months.


    A cloud and mobile enabled comprehensive portfolio of assessment tools to help you test talent for 100s of job roles.

  • Am Logo Color
    Hero Image

    Scientific assessment tools for making the right hiring decisions

    Request Partner Demo

    Aspiring Minds is a global leader in assessments for talent acquisition. Working with over 2000 corporations including 100+ fortune 500 companies, Aspiring Minds assessment products are used to evaluate millions of people every year across 4 continents.

    We have a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 assessments evaluating cognitive, language, behavior and functional skills. Our tools are used to effectively evaluate and predict success of talent across a wide spectrum of roles including technology, sales, analysts, customer service, delivery, operations, business processes, etc.

    Technology: Our assessment tools are adaptive and are highly reliable, precise and standardized. They are powered by patented state of art technologies utilizing item-response-theory (IRT), machine learning, artificial intelligence and simulations.

    Our tools are highly scalable and are hosted on the cloud. The assessments can be delivered over a variety of devices including mobile phones and are integrated with automated proctoring and 24/7 customer support. We are agile and work with our customers in a variety of hiring scenarios including campus recruitment, in-house testing, remote testing etc.

    Impact: Aspiring minds has very successfully helped organizations across a variety of industries to improve the recruitment efficiency and talent quality across roles and sectors. Some of our featured case studies.

    Some of our distinguished products include:

    AMCAT: An adaptive, standardized and reliable measurement of logical ability, quantitative ability, information synthesis, data interpretation and a wide range of functional skills. Read More.

    Automata: The world’s most sophisticated fully automated programming evaluation tool leveraging advanced machine learning technology to mimic technical interviewers. Read More.

    SVAR: Fully automated assessment of spoken English evaluating pronunciation, fluency, listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. Read More.

    AM Situations: Situation judgment assessments to reliably evaluate soft skills and practical intelligence across variety of competencies for sales, support, customer service, work place and managerial skills. Read More.

    Aspiring Minds conducts the world’s largest job readiness test AMCAT and provides job skill credentials to millions job seekers and students every year.

  • Arctic Shores

    With Game-Based Assessments, engage prospective talent and make fair selection decisions.

  • C Logo
    D Hero

    Attract and select the best people with Game-Based Assessments

    We are a global provider of Game-Based Assessments that deliver meaningful, job-relevant insights about people. We enable employers to differentiate their hiring process, raise brand awareness, engage prospective talent and make fair and objective selection decisions.

    Bespoke We optimize our solution by identifying the most important traits for your roles.
    Data Driven Reduce bias by introducing more objective data into your decision making.
    Inclusive Create selection and development processes that are accessible to everyone, whatever their background or seniority.
    Engaging Improve the user experience and differentiate your selection and development processes.
    Integrated Smooth integration with your ATS or career development systems.
    Branded Drive brand engagement by customising the games and reports.

    Arctic Shores is the proud winner of the InnovateUK Design in Innovation award 2015 and Disrupt HRTech award 2016.

  • Bryq

    Combined cognitive and psychometric assessment allows you to rank candidates on how well they fit the specific role and your company, making resume filtering faster and better.

  • Markellos Diorinos C Bryq Colorbw
    Markellos Diorinos D Hero 960

    Objective pre-hire assessment that works.

    Request Partner Demo

    Evaluating resumes is both slow and ineffective. Bryq helps you rank candidates based on how well they fit the specific role and your company.

    The Bryq 60-minute assessment provides:

    • Scientifically accurate, in-depth insights for your candidates
    • Cognitive skills scored across 4 dimensions (Verbal, Logical, Numerical, Attention to Detail)
    • Personality traits scored across 16 dimensions

    Over 700 job profiles give you predefined profiles for most common job roles, allowing you to:

    • Objectively identify the most promising candidates
    • Remove bias from the filtering process
    • Uncover hidden gems

    Pricing starts at $50/month. For more info visit

  • Cangrade

    We analyze what drives success in your organization and use this information to help you make your next great hire.

  • C Logo Full
    D Hero Image 1 2

    Request Partner Demo

    AI-Powered Pre-hire Assessments

    To begin, we need to understand what success looks like in your organization. What key business metric are you looking to achieve in your team? Our talent management solutions are driven by predictive analytics, and our predictive analytics are calibrated on the answer to this question.

    The first step in any Cangrade partnership is for us to conduct a “Benchmarking” assessment that matches your success metric to the levels of a range of personality markers, motivational aspects, and soft skills in your current employees.

    Once our predictive analytics calculate the keys to success in your organization, we use them to power our suite of Strategic Talent Management products. We also provide you with the detailed report of your team's success drivers.

    Predictive Job-Fit Scoring

    The chances are that Cangrade's job-fit scoring algorithm,  produced as the result of benchmarking your existing team, will be the most accurate tool at your disposal to predict a future employee success.

    Cangrade score is a two-digit number from 1 to 99 that is calculated by the machine learning algorithm that takes into the account all the existing patterns that were found to lead to employee success.

    Personality Report

    Cangrade's personality report provides an insight into the factors that led to scoring a candidate a certain way. This is a great tool to increase the adoption of the assessment technology among your HR staff and hiring managers. It gives them a sense of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses even before an in-person interview.

    Structured Interview Guide

    Our strong recommendation is to conduct a personality assessment before an interview. This way not only you are able to focus your HR professionals' and hiring managers' time on more qualified candidates, but also you can inform your interview by the assessment results. Cangrade's Structured Interview Guide is built specifically to serve this purpose

  • Central Test

    Central Test provides online reliable testing and job matching solutions.

  • Logo Ct Color 300X70 1
    Visuel Greenhouse 940X460 1

    Predictive Assessment Solutions and Job Matching

    Request Partner Demo

    Central Test is a leading expert in talent assessment providing reliable online testing and job matching solutions. Central Test offers a wide range of innovative psychometric assessments – personality, motivations, cognitive abilities and specific skills - targeting all types of position and responsibility level.

    Our assessments, delivered in 13 languages, are designed using innovative and modern methods, and strictly respect the standards in psychometric and data security.

    Central Test predictive matching model is based on a multi-criteria approach and offers a finer and predictive analysis of a candidate’s potential from the early stage of selection.

    With partner network support in 80 countries, and assessments delivered in over 13 languages, Central Test helps 4, 000 clients across the globe to optimize their human capital management.

    Central Test and Greenhouse

    Central Test and Greenhouse are integrated so you can now use Central Test assessments directly from your Greenhouse account.

    And we made it easy for your integration: all you need to do is add your Central Test API key to your Greenhouse account and start administering tests and viewing results directly in the Greenhouse Candidate Scorecard.

  • ClassMarker

    Create custom recruiting and training exams.

  • Classmarker Logo
    Classmarket Hero

    Build custom exams to recruit the right candidates

    Only you know your business, that's why creating custom exams, specific to your requirements, is critical when understanding which candidate best suits the role.

    ClassMarker is trusted by thousands of Businesses worldwide for their Recruitment and Training needs. Take at look at some of our fortune 500 clients.

    ClassMarker Features Overview
    • Secure & private
    • No software installations required
    • Custom Certificates & Exam Branding
    • Give Exams with public & private options
    • Create Assistants to help manage your account
    • Results automatically graded & viewable in real time
    • PCs, Macs, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook
    • View a Full list of features

    Flexible Exam settings
    Test Candidates with confidence, set time limits and include random or specific questions.
    See our easy to define Exam Settings.

    View Detailed Exam Results
    Each Candidates detailed Exam results & Analytics can be viewed and exported anytime. See Results Screenshots.

    Exam Branding
    Add your Logo and colors to Exams

    ClassMarker and Greenhouse - Integration Overview
    No need to pre-register candidates on ClassMarker, the ClassMarker/Greenhouse integration takes care of everything for you. Candidates will receive an email to take their exam, and results are instantly available within ClassMarker and Greenhouse.
    1. Create exams in ClassMarker
    2. Assign exams to candidates from within Greenhouse
    3. View candidates results from within Greenhouse

    Online Testing has never been easier!

  • Codeground

    Now, optimize your hiring funnel with Codeground’s tailor-made domain specific online assessment test. You can now effectively shortlist candidates based on multiple criteria, all from the comfort of your cabin.

  • Logo Color
    Banner Image Copy

    Online Assessment Platform for Hiring Domain Supercharge your recruitment now!

    Codeground’s online assessment tests helps you gauge one candidate’s behavioural, functional, technical and cognitive skills in a quantifiable manner.

    • Experience the influence of tailor-made assessments as per the required profile.
    • Get access to detailed reports with logical and analytical analysis of the candidate.
    • Get complete access to sample tests and free trial of tests.

    How does it work?

    If you are a Recruiter, You are a few counts away from conducting a test with a potential recruit for your organization

    • Register
    • Create a test
    • Send out invites to candidates
    • Collect the automatically evaluated test reports of your candidates to shortlist.
  • CoderPad

    CoderPad lets you instantly write and execute code collaboratively with an interviewee, right in the browser.

  • coderpad-logo-color

    The Best Way to Interview Programmers Online

    What is CoderPad? CoderPad lets you instantly write and execute code with an interviewee, right in the browser. It sports a collaborative text editor and shared realtime consoles. You can execute code written in most languages within seconds of starting an interview with a programmer.

    The standard phone screen or onsite interview formula for programmers hasn't changed much in the last decade. You ask a small programming question and the candidate writes out an answer as best they can on either a whiteboard or shared document in something like Etherpad. It's a thankless task, bereft of the thousands of tools programmers have invented to make coding intelligible.

    CoderPad offers a kinder path for interviewers and candidates who are sick of whiteboarding coding questions. It's 2014 - programmers should program and computers should compute. CoderPad runs your code against real compilers and gives you powerful REPLs to play with.

    CoderPad + Greenhouse

    Now that Greenhouse has a CoderPad integration, you can send Greenhouse invitations with links to a unique CoderPad session ahead of time to interviewers and candidates. Simply add your CoderPad API key to your Greenhouse account settings and hit "Add CoderPad Link" when scheduling an interview. It'll generate a unique link for that interview so that when the appointed time rolls around, both parties can jump into the CoderPad session without any awkward exchange of links on the phone or email.

  • CodeScreen

    Create and use real-world take home coding tests to automatically identify your developer candidates' likely level of performance on the job.

  • Icon And Text@2X
    Hero Image

    The world's first automated take-home coding test platform

    Request Partner Demo

    What is CodeScreen? CodeScreen is the world's first automated take-home coding test platform and lets you screen developers 10x faster than what was previously possible.
    CodeScreen lets you create and use real-life take home coding tests that will indicate the candidates likely level of performance on the job

    Candidates take CodeScreen tests using their own IDE and resources and CodeScreen is completely integrated with GitHub, which means candidates perform the test in an environment that they are most comfortable with, resulting in them giving their best showing in the test.

    CodeScreen also provides out of the box support for automated test suite scoring in multiple different languages and provides support for hidden tests, which allows companies to test each candidate solution against test edge cases.

    Early adopters are seeing a massive increase in accuracy and efficiency with using CodeScreen compared to existing coding test providers.

    How it works?

    1. Company creates test based off our template generators or chooses from CodeScreen's library of accurate real-world tests.
    2. CodeScreen creates a private repo, inside the CodeScreen user account, for the candidate to complete the test. The contents of the repo created in Step 1 are copied over into this newly created private repo and the candidate is given access.
    3. Candidate completes the test at home using their own IDE and resources within the time limit defined by the company.
    4. Candidate submits the test and their access to the private repo is revoked. Their solution is then automatically scored against the suite of test cases that the company defined when creating their test and run through SonarQube.
    5. The company is notified of the result and is given a test report and access to the private repo that was created for the candidate to complete the test.

    CodeScreen currently supports the following languages/frameworks:

    • Java
    • JavaScript (Node.js)
    • Python
    • PHP
    • Go
    • Ruby
    • Scala
    • .NET
    • Angular
    • AngularJS
    • React
    • React Native
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Django

    Support for Rust, Clojure, Vue.js, Ember.js, and Laravel is currently in development and will be available soon!

  • CodeSignal

    Assess candidates' technical skills quickly and easily.

  • Codesignal Logo
    Codesignal Screen 1

    Find and evaluate hidden engineering talent in one step.

    Request Partner Demo

    CodeSignal is the most advanced technical skills assessment platform on the market. There is a solution for every stage of the hiring process.


    Scale top of the funnel hiring efficiency with proctored assessments

    • Request CodeSignal Certifications from your candidates to identify top candidates early in the process
    • Reduce engineering time needed to build and maintain coding challenges
    • Rely on our assessment proctoring technology and AI-powered plagiarism checks to move candidates forward with confidence


    Measure a variety of highly specialized skills with tailored tests

    • Design tests using our default test templates or a library of over 4,000 questions
    • Configure languages, test duration, question difficulties, and more to suit your needs
    • Let our state-of-the-art plagiarism tool evaluate the likelihood of plagiarism and flag suspicious behavior


    Conduct on-site or live interviews with CodeSignal’s advanced IDE, robust task library and collaborative code editing

    • Leverage the collaborative editing functionality of our advanced IDE to do one-on-one or many-to-one interviews with technical candidates
    • Choose from a list of 4,000+ predefined questions or ask custom questions on the fly
    • Playback and share session recordings right after the interview to your entire hiring team for review
  • Codility

    Gauge your developer candidates' real-life skills with deeply accurate CodeCheck assessments.

  • Codility Navy Big

    Find, screen, and hire stronger engineers, faster.

    Request Partner Demo

    Codility helps tech recruiters and engineering hiring managers find, screen, interview, and hire talented engineers.

    Real-life Skills Testing: Reduce false positives or false negatives in your recruiting process using Codility's online screening platform. With CodeCheck your hiring teams to see how their candidates actually code and would perform on-the-job tasks. Automatically scored reports, full code playback, plus detailed insights into plagiarism attempts give your Hiring Managers the information they need to qualify a candidate.

    Engaging Interviews: It's hard to refactor code on a whiteboard. Your interviewers need a reliable tool to help them run real-life interviews with candidates with real-time interaction and collaboration. With CodeLive they can quickly set up an interview room, in the format that works best for them, and connect with their candidate either virtually or in-person. After the interview, they can quickly submit their feedback for the interview, ready for the rest of the hiring team to proceed.

    Aside from Screening and Interviewing, Codility also helps your development teams train their engineers, engage online with potential hires, and build a stronger technical employer brand globally. What sets us apart from the others is our attention to quality, reliability and scalable support whether you're recruiting 5 or 500 engineers this year.

    “I can’t see a reason not to use Codility - it’s an invaluable tool for screening and evaluating technical candidates.”

    -Richard Green, Technologies Leader at Citi

    "Codility is a really efficient way to quickly identify and find people who can code well."

    -Josh Feintuch, Lead Tech Recruiter at Flatiron Health

  • Correlation One

    Evaluate 50+ data science & analytics skills, including Statistics, ML, SQL, Python and many more.

  • C1 Logo Color
    C1 Hero Image

    Elevate your data talent

    Request Partner Demo

    The need for data talent is growing exponentially, but most companies struggle to identify and hire truly outstanding candidates. To solve this problem, Correlation One developed the first standardized assessment platform exclusively for data science and analytics talent.

    The C1 Assessments Platform is currently used by data talent leaders like Citadel, Wayfair, Experian, CanadaTire, Point72, Korn Ferry, GSA Capital, and more.


    Evaluating data science and analytics skills is time consuming -- many companies spend up to 75 hours per hire!

    With C1 Assessments, the best candidates won’t slip through the cracks, and flawed candidates won’t waste your team’s valuable time and resources.


    'Data Scientist' is an oft-used umbrella term that, in reality, spans dozens of different roles and skills.

    Correlation One helps you define your unique data science & analytics roles, and the most important skills for each role. We then build custom assessments for each role, so that you can make hiring decisions with confidence.


    The C1 Assessments Platform covers over 30 advanced data skills, from hard skills like Python, Statistical Modeling, and Machine Learning, to softer skills like Data Visualization and Data Inference.

    The C1 Assessments platform includes over 1500 individual questions, all developed by leading Ph.D. and industry experts.

  • Criteria Corp

    Criteria’s aptitude, personality, and skills tests help you make more informed hiring decisions for almost any position.

  • Criteria Logo Wordmark
    Criteria Hero Image

    Make Better Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Tests

    Request Partner Demo

    Criteria Corp is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. Our mission is to make high-quality pre-employment testing solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Criteria Corp offers a comprehensive test portfolio of aptitude, personality, and skills tests that are applicable to almost any type of position, from sales representatives to administrative assistants.

    Pre-employment testing can provide tremendous value to your organization by reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and lowering hiring and training costs. Our flat-fee pricing model allows unlimited use of all tests in our portfolio, making it easier for you to test candidates at the front-end of the hiring process. Our goal is to help employers save time and make more informed hiring decisions by providing relevant, objective data about candidates.

    Criteria Corp. and Greenhouse

    Criteria Corp and Greenhouse are integrated so that you can administer Criteria’s tests and view the results all within your Greenhouse account. All you need to do is add your Criteria Corp API key to your Greenhouse account to begin administering tests that can objectively measure some of the skills and personality traits listed in the Greenhouse Candidate Scorecard.

  • CSPA

    Save Time and Money Evaluating Software Engineers with CSPA’s Free Proprietary Assessments

  • Cspa Colorlogo 300X178 Cropped
    Greenhouse Marketing Hero 960X460

    Free Technical Assessments For Software Engineers

    Request Partner Demo

    As you grow your technical talent and deepen your organizational expertise, the CSPA will help you scale your screening process and recruit top talent. Our comprehensive exam is built to give you a thorough understanding of your candidate, even before you engage with them.

    Our proprietary assessments are designed by 30+ industry experts and experienced engineering managers to ensure efficacy and prevent biases.

    Whether you're a technical recruiter or an engineer manager, the CSPA enables you to further assess candidates beyond the limitations of traditional interviews. With the CSPA score, you can compare candidates’ technical ability objectively, in seconds.

    The best part is - CSPA’s assessment service is free for employers, saving you both time and money.

  • cut-e

    cut-e provides online talent analytics solutions in more than 40 languages and worldwide locations.

  • C  Strapline Hi Res Color Logo Jpg 1
    D  Hero Image 1

    cut-e online assessment solutions

    cut-e is a world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection, and development of talent. Test innovation, user-friendly reports, and a solid scientific basis are trademarks of the cut-e products. Solutions that help cut-e clients become more successful identifying, developing, and retaining talent. cut-e works in more than 40 languages and is available in 32 locations worldwide. Each year, cut-e assesses more than 12 million candidates and works with and supports many companies and organizations worldwide to improve their HR decisions.

  • day100

    Avoid unsuccessful hires by ensuring the right EQ match between your candidates and team - before you make the hire

  • Day100 Color Logo
    Day100 Hero Image Updated

    Hire People, Not Paper

    Request Partner Demo

    Avoid unsuccessful hires by ensuring the right EQ (emotional intelligence) match between your candidates and team - before you make the hire.

    People are complex and multi-faceted. With day100, we recognize those differences and help you align people together for success.

    day100 provides you three critical benefits:

    • A deep understanding of the human qualities that will uniquely lead someone to have the highest chance of success in working in a specific job with a specific hiring manager
    • A thorough understanding of the human qualities & EQ (emotional intelligence) strengths of every candidate that you choose to assess
    • In-depth analytics identifying potential gap-areas and human qualities strengths & weaknesses

    For more info and to see a demo, visit us at

  • DevSKiller

    At DevSKiller we make assessing programmers skills look like their 1st day at work, that’s the best way to recruit them.

  • Dev Skiller Color
    Dev Skiller Hero Image

    Automated online programming skills assessment

    At DevSKiller we make assessing programmers skills look like their 1st day at work.

    Here you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can also verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. DevSKiller helps you verify programming skills with online coding tests which consist of real-life programming tasks and code review challenges.

    It is easy to use for recruiters and provides them with automated coding scoring.

    With DevSKiller you get 3 ways to assess coding skills: you can use ready to use assessment, generate your own from predefined catalog of coding tasks or create your own coding tasks using your own code base.

    DevSKiller – what you can achieve?

    By using DevSKiller you make your screening and sourcing process much more effective, efficient and accurate. Thus:

    • You decrease time-to-quality-hire significantly
    • You decrease not only a number of pointless interviews but also time of programmers spent on tech recruitment by 30-40% without hindering the recruitment process
    • Twice as many candidates who pass screening phase get hired meaning that preselection process is more accurate

    DevSKiller – how we do it?

    We help you effectively recruit tech talents thanks to DevSKiller unique features:

    1. We cover all of the most popular programming languages, frameworks and libraries

    With DevSKiller you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. Why is it important? Without it a developer will struggle himself to code everything by himself from scratch and just waste their and company’s time. If a programmer is familiar with libraries and frameworks then he can use it like lego to make what they need and write code only where it is necessary. By doing it this way their work is much more efficient.

    2. We verify real coding skills through programming tasks and code review challenges

    DevSKiller doesn’t use algorithmic tasks as they cannot serve as a proof of programmer’s abilities and ability to solve programming problems. Our coding assessments can consist of: choice question, programming tasks and code review challenges. We use coding tasks to let programmers show their skills in action. Code review challenges evaluate candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices. It gives very accurate information about developer’s experience, their approach to code quality and efficiency of debugging and finding traps. Such an assessment should be obligatory when recruiting senior developers.

    3. Our assessments imitates natural programming environment

    Our coding tests are open-book exams, we let programmers use external sources and their favorite IDE just as they do on a daily basis at work. The best programmer is not the one that learns everything by heart, but the one who knows how to use the knowledge that is already developed and is able to build their solution on the top.

  • DoSelect

    DoSelect is the world's most accurate technical assessment platform.

  • Logo Color
    Hero 4

    From Software engineers to architect, DoSelect provides real world assessments for all levels and roles.

    Request Partner Demo

    DoSelect is a SaaS platform that is geared to supply Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Workforce Planning teams with technical acumen data in the internal employee pool as well as candidates being considered for open roles. DoSelect enables this measurement by exposing personnel to real-life application scenarios which closely replicate their actual work environment, a far cry from reliance on Whiteboard Rounds and Performance Ratings which do not empower teams to quantify the exact measure of technical skills. The advantages of a DoSelect intervention are being seen at new hiring where talent acquisition teams can visualize the performance of the candidate on technology stacks they are working with, training effectiveness where learning teams are able to quantify the skills gap between top and bottom performers on a particular technology and workforce planning teams where they can place better bids for projects by understanding the current skills bank in the organization.

    DoSelect's public launch has since seen forward looking organizations like Amazon, Tata Communications, InMobi, Atom Technologies, ZeOmega, Houzify etc embrace it for technical measurement.

  • Echovate

    People analytics that drives retention with a focus on pre-interview, strategic onboarding and team optimization.

  • Echovate Color
    Echovate Hero Image

    People analytics that drives retention.

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    Echovate is a people analytics platform with a focus on pre-interview, strategic onboarding and team optimization.  We bridge the gap between pre-hire screening and employee engagement. 

    Getting the ‘right people in the right seats on the bus’ is a critical driver to high impact business outcomes.  We take a unique approach with a focus on the individual contributor and what makes them successful.  We are able to define where that person will be most effective and why.   We then give you the insights and tools to maximize their post-hire effectiveness. 

    We break this down into four key areas:

    Talent Alignment

    Where and why will this individual fit in the organization? How do you make sure they are not just great at interviewing and selling themselves?  With Echovate we visually represent the statistical significance and probability of success of a person through a similarity score to another person and to a persona.  With that similarity score we are able to define where in the organization that person will be most effective and why. 

    Talent Mobility

    Through our persona-based mapping we can better align employees and candidates to the right area and positions in the organization.  Design a career path, maximize your candidate pipeline and find undiscovered talent in your organization. Personas are fully customizable to drive organizational design.

    Team Optimization

    The ability to replicate the success of teams, groups or locations is paramount to success. We analyze the totality of the team and what makes them successful. Based on this known success we can look at everyone in your organization and recommend placement as you look to grow and optimize the people you already have. We can even tell you which team that new candidate should be assigned to and what manager they should report to maximize success.

    Strategic Onboarding

    Tactical onboarding is all about compliance.  What about strategic onboarding? We offer insights and coaching tools to help maximize their first 90 days, a critical retention milestone.

  • Empirical Hire

    Machine Learning based assessment platform for ongoing hiring optimization. Assess-Validate-Adjust.

  • Hi Res Color Logo 1
    Hero Image 3 1

    Turn your recruitment into a learning process

    Empirical Hire platform enables companies to utilize their people metrics to transform people-related decisions into a learning process.

    Using a 10-15 minutes pre-hire assessment, we help you predict who will stay longer and perform better.

    We do this by Comparing recruiting scores to actual performance, Tapping the traits that have the highest predictive power, and Adjusting our platform to better predict performance.

    Why Empirical Hire?

    Hire right with data- Empirical Hire improves your hiring process by adding a data driven AI layer to your professional judgment. Our screening test is based on sound behavioral science and actual performance data in order to help you pick the best from the rest.

    Eliminate hiring biases - By constantly comparing test results to actual performance we can make sure our test doesn't discriminate different groups in the population. We only use assessment methods that were found to be unbiased.

    Reduce turnover – By comparing our test results to employees' actual performance we can utilize the traits responsible for higher retention and help you identify applicants who will stay the longest.

    Optimize for top sales and service - Our machine-learning algorithm is specially designed to identify high-potential applicants in sales and customer service positions with traits that resemble existing top performers in the company.

    Improve as you go - Our AI system gets smarter with every new data point, constantly optimizing recruiters' decision-making.

    Awesome applicant experience - Short and powerful! Applicant experience is important for your ongoing brand-building. That's why we select only questions with high predictive power to build a 15-minute test that will create an engaging applicant experience.

    Our platform allows organizations/HR to:

    • Utilize existing KPI data to accelerate the recruiting process predictive ability.
    • Learn and improve from each recruiting success and failure.
    • Map each position unique DNA and see how each applicant compares.
    • Continuously track recruiting success rate and ROI and become a true strategic business partner.
  • eSkill

    With customizable tests and advanced simulations, eSkill helps you deploy valid tests for pre-employment selection.

  • C  Color Logo 2 1
    D  Hero Image 3 1

    Assess Who is Qualified in Minutes

    Request Partner Demo

    Since 2003, eSkill has been an expert provider of online skills testing for applicant screening and staff training for thousands of organizations around the world. eSkill lets hiring managers easily select or customize relevant job-based tests from a library of over 600 modular subjects and subtopics across a wide range of disciplines, including Microsoft Office, Software, Language, Clerical, Customer Service, Call Center, Accounting and Finance, Medical and Nursing, Legal, Industrial, Retail Sales, Food Services, and more. eSkill’s questions and leading-edge simulations recreate software programs and work environments to assess how well candidates can perform actual job tasks.

    eSkill is for you if you’ve always wanted to:

    • Hire skilled candidates more accurately and quickly
    • Have valid data to support and legally defend your hiring decisions
    • Have the ability to easily customize tests or deploy your own tests online
    • Assess the detailed skill levels of candidates and staff scientifically
    • Give applicants a professional preview of what knowledge is required for the job
    • Assess training needs and readiness prior to expensive training programs

    Companies like Randstad Technologies, Coca-Cola, Zappos, ADP, Orvis and Paychex appreciate the wide selection and customizability of eSkill pre-employment assessments, which allow them to hire high performing employees.

    What makes eSkill the premier skills testing product? At eSkill we offer:

    1. Easily customizable, relevant and valid tests from our industry-leading library for any job or training objective.
    2. Dedicated Client Success Managers who help you configure your tests and deployment plan.
    3. The ability to add your own test content to use by itself or blend with eSkill’s ready-made questions.
    4. Access to a massive 600+ subject library for building tests from a selection of ready-made job-based and single-subject tests.
    5. Class-leading advanced simulation tests that replicate real-life work environments.
    6. EEOC-compliant assessments that have gone 15 years without legal challenge.
    7. A reliable and pleasant test experience for candidates and trainees – taking a test requires nothing but an Internet browser.
    8. Integration of eSkill testing with your existing applicant database, applicant tracking system or learning management system.

    Overview of Testing Experience

    • Administration: Online, requires nothing but an Internet browser
    • Results Turnaround: Immediate
    • Available 24/7, uptime 99.9%.

  • Filtered

    The complete IT competency platform that helps companies identify, assess, and develop tech talent.

  • Filtered Logo 70
    Filtered Hero Image 2018

    Say goodbye to wasted time on the wrong candidates

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    Filtered is a complete IT competency platform that helps companies identify, assess, and develop tech talent like data scientists, software developers, database administrators, QA engineers, and more.

    It is used by top names like Coca-Cola, Georgia-Pacific, UPS, Home Depot, Bayer, Express Scripts, Nielsen, and Lyft. They are hiring the next generation of talent and using Filtered to cut through the noise and focus on only the best candidates in their pipeline.

    Here’s why companies of all sizes use Filtered:

    Focus on the important things

    Evaluating candidates has never been better. Watch how your applicants solve difficult problems, explain their solutions, and score against other people. You don’t need to be technical to know if your candidate is a good fit.

    Have confidence in your candidates

    Every interview is analyzed before it hits your inbox. Filtered protects you from wasting time on fraudulent or cheating applicants. You will be alerted if anything seems out of the ordinary.

    Built and perfected by seasoned recruiters

    We know Filtered works because we use it ourselves. Way back in the day, Filtered grew out of a small data science consulting company who needed a better way to assess the quality of incoming candidates. Our team has spent tens of thousands of hours making this the best solution out there, and we think you’ll agree.


    This integration is focused on the Filtered Assessment product. Import your Filtered interviews, send invitations to candidates, and see results without ever leaving Greenhouse.

    Key features

    • Library with thousands of questions of all skill levels and technical areas
    • Easy-to-use video interviewing
    • Test for proficiency in Java, SQL, C#, Python, HTML, and more
    • Test data scientists with millions of rows of data in Jupyter notebook
    • Watch what the candidate was looking up online while they code
    • Confidence Analysis report to protect you from cheaters and identity fraud
    • Options to hide personal information which might create biases
    • Custom-branded interviews and landing pages
    • No limits on candidates or applicants
  • FluentIQ

    The new standard in English communication skills testing.

  • Fluentiq Logo Orange 241X70 1
    Original Fluentiq Hero960X460 1

    Meet your unfair hiring advantage

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    FluentIQ will tell you straight away which applicants have sufficient English communication skills for the role you are seeking to fill. FluentIQ empowers you to recruit only the best communicators from the widest possible talent pool.

    FluentIQ is an English Communication assessment for the 21st Century. Using FluentIQ, you can quickly and cost efficiently screen for the English communication ability required for a role.

    Why you need FluentIQ:

    1. Right now, from thousands of candidates, you have no way of knowing who has sufficient English communication skills for the jobs you are trying to fill.
    2. Manual, highly inefficient, and subjective processes to determine this are wasting your time, limiting your talent pool, and costing you money.
    3. FluentIQ will help you filter your candidates right at the start so that you ONLY spend time looking at those who have the ability to communicate effectively for the role.

    FluentIQ gives modern recruiter’s a distinct competitive advantage. With FluentIQ, you can pre-screen faster, recruit from a much larger talent pool, and build diverse teams.

    Start using FluentIQ Test Center to improve the recruitment outcomes in your business.

  • Fortay

    Fortay is a leader in culture scaling: Hire the right talent faster, promote diversity and nurture your company culture.

  • Fortay 1
    Hero 1

    A smart culture scaling platform for leaders!

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    Building a high-performing company culture is one of the most important priorities for the leaders of any organization. 

    Fortay provides a holistic data-driven toolset that enables to scale or evolve your company’s culture, as well track and improve employee engagement!

    Your best people define your company's unique cultural profile, and with our cultural benchmarking tools, you can screen candidates for relative team fit. Unlike psychometric (persona) based solutions, Fortay focuses on the collective beliefs and values of your best employees.  Fortay promotes diversity by focusing on objective results for relative culture fit in just 5 minutes. 

    Our solution will help you identify promising candidates faster, reduce screening times, and significantly reduce your cost per hire. We also complement technical and cognitive tests to hire the best candidates. 

    Here’s what you can expect by implementing Fortay into your hiring process:

    • Increase both hiring efficiency and quality of candidates

    • Objectively nurture or evolve your company culture

    • Leverage actionable insights to improve employee engagement

    Here’s what our customers are saying:

    “We started using Fortay when we were first building out our recruiting system and have made it our primary initial screen for candidates. It solved a unique problem we had: how to hire for culture without bias. Furthermore, it has allowed us to cut down time spent on candidates with a very low culture match by prompting all candidates to take the Fortay survey in advance of our initial discussion.” -- CTO

    “When we introduced Fortay into our hiring process, it helped to very quickly identify individuals who may not be a good team match before spending time assessing or interviewing for their technical or professional fit. Fortay has helped reduce the risk of favouring skills fit over culture fit, and it has saved us an average of 10-20 hours for each role by removing candidates early on who just are not the right overall fit for our company.” -- Daryl

    "I absolutely loved the cultural assessment of my own employees as it told me a few things I had not even considered. It has an eerie ability to take those normally intangible aspects of culture and transforming them into something useful and actionable. Right now, it is providing a valuable piece of objective data about the job candidate my team and I use to help make a decision on who we will offer a job. Since I've started using it, it helped with 3 hires and we are just getting started"  -- CTO

  • Geektastic

    A global community of talented software engineers support our unique peer review code challenge platform.


    Designed to enhance candidate experience, increase candidate participation in your challenges, deliver deep technical insight into your candidates.


    Free up your in-house development teams by ensuring they only interview the best job applicants. 

  • Geektastic Logo Engineeringtalent Geektastic Etalent Black Alpha 250X 1
    Header For Integrations Page 1 1

    The only technical assessment platform to offer peer reviewed code challenges. Gain deep technical insight through human reviewed code challenges.

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    Geektastic is the only code challenge platform that uses a universally accepted peer review process rather than machine automation to thoroughly assess your candidates.                           

    Using Geektastic means you will never filter out a good candidate by mistake and avoid wasting time with developers that can crack an algorithm, but still write unmaintainable code.

    We offer you 

    Complete flexibility

    • License our code challenges or create your own on the platform
    • Use our talented review team or your use you own developers to carry out the peer reviews
    • No annual subscription, you only pay when you are hiring

    Improved candidate experience

    • Candidates prefer to know that they are being thoroughly assessed by a human rather than a machine
    • Candidates can see where they went right and wrong in their solution
    • Candidates have the right to respond to their review (it’s amazing how much you can tell by their response)
    • All reviews are anonymous, so you can deliver on your diversity promise 

     We make sure you only interview the best applicants for your software engineering roles. 


    Put your hiring on auto-pilot with Skill Assessments (coding and 40+ types of interactions), Video Interviews and real-world Performance Tasks.

  • Logo Color
    Glider Banner

    A.I. powered Competency-based Hiring Platform

    Request Partner Demo powers skill based hiring practices for some of the world’s best brands. Whether you are trying to make your recruiters more efficient or save valuable interviewing time, the platform has a place in your recruitment process. Our advanced analytics provides insights into potential top performers early in the recruiting process and helps your organization make better and more informed decisions. Fast growing organizations rely on to create a sustainable pipeline of vetted candidates and build great teams. 

    Choose to automatically assess candidates via – traditional assessments with proctoring, performance tasks or video interviews. Our assessments cater to a wide variety of job roles. Find tailor made assessments for job roles related to Engineering, Data Science, Customer support, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, etc. Our robust assessment engine has performed more than 100 million evaluations. 

    GLIDER comes pre-loaded with a bank of readymade assessments suited to every job role. You can utilize these pre-made assessments from our library or create custom evaluations from scratch using 40+ interactive question types (Coding, Video, Categorization, Matchmaking, Heat map, Analytical, Likert, Comprehension, Aptitude etc.) to assess various attributes. 

    The platform is uniquely suited to assess design, critical thinking and analytical skills of software developers. With coding environments in more than 45 different languages, you can assess not only the ability to logically think and program but also the mastery of the specific language constructs. In addition, you can quickly get deep insights into code quality, performance and completeness of every submission and replay every candidate action. Taking this further, you can also deliver adaptive assessments that are personalized to the candidate and change in real-time based on the candidate’s skill.

    A live interview enables a interviewer to connect face-to-face via webcam with a candidate no matter where they are located. The sessions can also enable screen sharing and have access to a workpad for the candidate. These sessions can also be recorded and shared.

    We uniquely combine standard assessments with automated video pitch interviews within the same platform - making it engaging and fun for the candidate while at the same time being able to uncover key elements of candidate performance. 

    Candidates can be assessed on real-world projects, be it debugging an issue in a lifelike project with an IDE or demonstrating the ability to use custom software. Our virtual-machine based platform simulates the daily work environment of candidates and captures their performance on the task - you can look at the final task performance summary or replay every step.

    GLIDER’s state-of-the-art proctoring and anti-plagiarism features ensure integrity of the assessment results. Video recording, screen-capture, screenshare, log every candidate action. Whether the user switched tabs on the browser to Google an answer, or copy-pasted text from a different source. For the most demanding test situations, GLIDER also supports live proctoring where a remote human proctor continuously monitors the candidate. GLIDER can detect plagiarism on descriptive answers and code samples and alert you on the risk of plagiarism by candidates.

  • HackerEarth

    The simplest way to source, screen and interview developers.

  • hackerearth-logo-color

    Hire Top Technical Talent At Scale

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    Hiring programmers is not only a tedious process but also very time consuming. Right from the process of sourcing a pipeline of potential candidates, to short listing the right ones to ultimately conducting numerous rounds of interviews to hire the best candidate can take up a significant amount of time and effort.

    And even after jumping through so many hoops there is no guarantee that you have hired the right candidate. HackerEarth has built a suite of products that help you not only reduce time and effort in hiring the right candidates but also ensure that you hire only the best developers for your organization.

    HackerEarth offers 3 solutions for technical hiring

    Developer outsourcing: Only 3% of all the candidates who enter a recruiting funnel, eventually get hired. HackerEarth, through it’s unique model of programming challenges/hackathons, helps you to build a pipeline of pre-­filtered candidates who have an active intent. HackerEarth has a thriving community of developers where thousands of developers log in every day to improve their programming skills, compete against each other and discover jobs. Target the right set of candidates for your organization using HackerEarth’s unique skill matching engine.

    Technical Assessment: Over 85% of candidates drop out before reaching the final stage of hiring process. HackerEarth’s holistic technical assessment tool allows you to easily and quickly identify the best developers in your talent pipeline. Identify the right candidates for the job by giving them programming assignments that simulate the actual work they will do in their job. Interview only those candidates that meet your bar.

    Remote Interviewing: Over 50% of the candidates under­-perform in phone interviews, particularly more so in case of technical interviews. That’s because telephonic interviews can be uncomfortable and might not bring out the best in a candidate. Interview programmers right in their comfort zone with HackerEarth’s remove interviewing tool, that has a programmer friendly web­-based code editor and seamlessly video/audio functionality.

    Read what some of our customers have to say

    With the traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio is 20:1 (out of 20 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify one suitable engineer). But with the HackerEarth approach, the success ratio was 4:1 (out of 4 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify a suitable engineer)­ - Intel Security

    There are many pros to using HackerEarth recruit. We've saved a lot of time in the hiring process. But what has been even more important has been the quality of candidates that we have been able to unearth using HackerEarth recruit. Some of the candidates that we hired from campuses were in fact, better than our lateral hires. I'm not sure if we could have found such people using the conventional method. - Symantec

  • HackerRank

    HackerRank for Work: source, screen, and hire the world’s best technical talent.

  • Hackerrank Color Resized
    Hackerrank Hero 1

    Skills-Based Hiring with HackerRank for Work

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    Every single company needs technical talent. It doesn’t matter if you’re in healthcare or entertainment, building a strong engineering team is essential to stay competitive. So, how do you get the best talent? By evolving from the traditional resume-based approach to the proven, skills-based hiring strategy.

    HackerRank for Work helps companies find the right developers by providing a simple, easy-to-use platform that gives recruiters and hiring managers the power to source, screen, and hire the best tech talent in the world. By sending coding challenges that test for the skills you need, candidates qualify themselves based on how well they do.

    So, how will HackerRank for Work transform the way you build your world class engineering team? We’re glad you asked.

    • Smarter Sourcing: Replace low-turnout, cumbersome career fairs and clunky LinkedIn searches with engaging, online coding challenges. Supplement those challenges with an existing community of over 2 million developers and quickly widen your talent pool.

    • Faster Screening: Resumes only tell part of a candidate’s story and most recruiters are drowning in resume overload as it is. Instead of manually reviewing hundreds of resumes, post a coding challenge tailored to your job description for the HackerRank community to tackle. Then, invite the best participants for an onsite or phone interview.

    • Accurate and engaging skills-based assessments: Ditch time-consuming and inaccurate interviews using whiteboards, notepads, and unrelated code samples. Integrate your phone interview with live, real-time coding challenges. Using our built-in, web-based IDE, candidates code and compile while you watch and evaluate their coding skill and style.

    • Higher Quality Hires: Now that you’ve surfaced the top candidates in your pool, you can use our platform to dig deeper into the skills of your top performing candidates. By getting quantifiable information at the first step of the interview, you’re left with more time to evaluate soft skills to find the perfect fit. .

    Don’t just take our word for it though. Here is what some major industry players are saying about us:

    • "HackerRank Jobs brings us the highest quality applications compared to all of our other sourcing methods combined."

      —Selina de Ruiter, Technology Recruitment Manager at

    • “HackerRank makes it easy for tech companies to test applicants’ skills using challenges (and it makes it easy for potential applicants to figure out who’s hiring)”


    • "HackerRank has actually allowed us to look for diamonds in the rough that our old process didn’t give us the time or resources to look for."

    —VMware, senior staffing manager, Mathias Connot.

    • “BlackRock uses HackerRank to evaluate each of the several hundred programmers hired annually to work on improvements to its critical Aladdin software, the investment and risk-management platform that handles $15 trillion in assets.”


  • Harver

    AI-assessment platform designed to make excellent hiring achievable for companies of all sizes.

  • Harver Logo 1
    Harver X Greenhouse Banner 1

    Selection Technology for Better Hiring

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    Harver is an AI powered pre-employment assessment and predictive hiring platform used by some of the world's most successful brands. Harver's proprietary AI algorithm uses IO Psychology and Data Science to help you predict a candidate’s chance of success in your organization.

    By measuring your candidates’ aptitude, culture fit, soft skills and more, you get the data necessary to make data driven hiring decisions. At the same time, the fun, on-brand and engaging character of the Harver assessment process makes sure your candidates have an amazing candidate experience as well.

  • Hire Smarter

    Hire Smarter is predictive hiring for sales teams – you’ll know which candidates are likely to stay and succeed pre-hire.

  • Greenhouse Color Logo
    Greenhouse Hero Image

    Hire Smarter is predictive hiring for sales teams

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    Imagine your team improving sales 30% by this time next year. All you have to do is hire smarter. Here’s how:

    • Model

    The first step is to figure out what makes your best sales reps successful. To do this, we use a behavioral survey to measure 11 key sales attributes of everyone on your team, combine results with historical performance data, and generate a predictive hiring model, optimized for performance and/or turnover.

    • Predict

    Then, your job candidates take the survey so they are measured on the same 11 attributes. Hire Smarter algorithms predict if a candidate is a good fit by comparing their results to the model.

    • Select

    Each candidate is given a fit score – the higher the score, the better the fit. So you can make the best hiring decisions, we’ll also highlight candidate strengths and weaknesses, generate meaningful interview questions, and provide tips on how to make the candidate successful post-hire.

    Hire Smarter helps you hire more winners, reduce attrition, and hire faster. Our customers report significantly improved team performance and up to 40% improvement in attrition rates after using Hire Smarter.

  • HIREarci

    Screen job candidates accurately and automatically with our powerful testing engine and skills tests

  • Hirearci Color Logo
    Hirearci Hero

    Automated, standardized skills assessment service

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    HIREarci is an on-demand testing platform that empowers recruiters and hiring managers to quickly and effectively evaluate the skills of a candidate during the recruiting process. Recruiters get access to premium, proven screening questions that are crowdsourced from experts around the world, and a powerful adaptive testing algorithm that accurately and dynamically grades the candidate’s knowledge in a multitude of different domains. With HIREarci you can screen for all your critical skills across multiple disciplines (domains) using a single platform and interface and send only the best candidates through to the next step. 

  • Hired Assessments

    Hired Assessments is an assessment platform designed to evaluate technical talent better and faster.

  • Hired Assessments Logobw
    Hired Assesments Hero

    Hire based on skill with Hired Assessments

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    Hired Assessments makes it faster and more efficient to evaluate technical candidates. We work directly with our customers and their engineering teams to build customized evaluations and pride ourselves in offering the best user experience not only for recruiters & engineers but also for candidates.

    Engineers spend hours doing phone screens, giving out the same problem over and over. Why not automate that process and help your engineers get back to shipping that next mission critical feature or bug fix? It takes just minutes to set up real-world coding problems with Hired Assessments! Challenges are also automatically graded using test cases, empowering your recruiters and engineers with a meaningful score for each candidate.

    Hired Assessments + Greenhouse

    Now that Hired Assessments integrates with Greenhouse, you can easily send out challenges to your candidates directly from Greenhouse. To set up the integration, just navigate to Settings -> API Access in your Hired Assessments admin dashboard and copy the "Greenhouse" API Key. Then paste it into your Greenhouse account! It's that simple.

  • Humantelligence

    Culture Analytics and AI for hiring, increased engagement, lower retention and optimal performance.

  • Logo Color 300X70
    Ht Hero Image 960X460

    Measure Culture, hire for predictive performance

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    Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence and talent analytics to measure team culture and assist companies recruit for predictive success and high performing teams. With Humantelligence companies can streamline the recruiting process, significantly improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover. The Humantelligence Platform uses the world’s most advanced, and shortest, 12-minute behavioral self-assessment tool and applies talent-centric AI to provide companies with advanced culture insights to drive optimal workforce performance and to hire for culture and predictive success.

    Humantelligence Benefits:

    • Measure & build a thriving culture
    • Hire for diversity of thought
    • Increase team productivity & performance
    • Significantly reduce turnover
    • Increase employee engagement and retention at every level
    • Eliminate subjectivity in the hiring process
    • Streamline the hiring process by over 30%
    • Streamline the interview process by 80%

  • Interact

    AI based Tech Hiring Platform for Secure Assessments enabling enterprises to build teams 4X faster 

  • C Interact Logo Resize 1
    D Interact Hero 1

    Secure Tech Assessment Platform for Fast Hiring

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    Businesses are run by people. It is the quality of the people that work at any given workplace that determines the success/failure of that particular company. So, how do you ensure that you have the best people working with you at all times? By taking a page out of the book that is Interact, and ditching the traditional interviewing process. 

    Interact is a comprehensive recruitment suite for companies to find the right people in a secured, authentic and super fast manner. Interact gives recruiters the luxury of time, while also giving the feeling of working with the candidate from the comfort of their office. Say good-bye to travel expenses for all those flights over to your office. Now, simply get the one or two you wish to meet down to your office. 

    Interact has a vast library of questions(and assessments for the busy recruiters) that helps recruiters create assessments that are tailored for the candidates and helps them find the best fit for any given role. 

    This is what Interact adds to the shopping cart while recruiting: 

    Secure Assessments: Interact has a patent pending algorithm that tracks the motion of the candidates while they are taking the assessments and certifies them based on the honesty of their submission. You no longer have to worry whether the code that a candidate submitted was truly his. Interact has that covered for you. 

    Faster Screening: With Interact, you can send multiple invites at once, and see the candidates take up the assessments. You can even collaborate with your team members to assess the reports and shortlist the best candidates from the list. 

    Higher Quality: With no stone left unturned in a bid to ensure that the quality of the candidates that are accepted is the highest, your team will only get the best of the best. With Interact, Never miss another bright candidate or hire a false positive. 

  • Interview Mocha

    Mocha's most comprehensive skill assessment solution enables you to hire job-fit candidates; faster.

  • C  Hi Res Color Logo Transparent Background Max Width 300Px Max Height 70Px
    D  Hero Image 960Px X 460Px

    Make data driven hiring decisions with automated skill assessments

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    With Interview Mocha’s skill assessments, easily invite, assess, share and view powerful reports within the Greenhouse workflow or;

    Upload the candidate’s data in Interview Mocha platform to do the same. Improve your entire recruiting process, and bring on the best quality hires fast & easy.

    Interview Mocha offers skill assessment for every job role including aptitude skills, technical skills, business skills and more.

    Greenhouse clients like Takealot, Security Bank, Optiver, Mojio have already trusted us.

    Delighting you in every step of your assessment process. Mocha will help you to –

    • Identify and hire job-fit, skilled candidates more accurately and quickly

    • Save time, hassle, and indulge in a smooth recruitment process

    • Recruit with lightning speed and reduce turnaround time

    • Validate your voice with data analytics and powerful reports

    • Get training & onboarding with our experts whenever you want

    • Understand the skill-gap analysis for better workforce planning

    • Improve your interview ratio to the hiring ratio

    Understanding candidate’s skills can be painful without the right tool with mocha you get –

    • Latest digital 2.0 skills, 800+ IT skills, 200+ other domain-specific skills covered

    • On-demand assessments

    • Easily customize assessments according to the job description or allow us to do it for you

    • Choose from coding simulators, logic box (automated; new, fun & quick coding tests) and eight other question types.

    • Hover over 100,000+ question banks

    • Automate the process with our 1-click Greenhouse integration

    • Sophisticated user-based access control

    • Mocha’s customer excellence assessment

    • Dedicated Account Manager

    Need ready assessments according to your job description? Don’t worry; Mocha team will always be there to help you!

  • InterviewBit Assessments

    InterviewBit Assessments is a fresh approach to test technical talent using an automated Interview Simulator.

  • Ib Logo Colour
    Hero Image

    Assess your candidates without having to interview them

    Request Partner Demo

    InterviewBit Assessments is a fresh approach to test technical talent using an automated Interview Simulator.

    InterviewBit Assessments supports automatic evaluation of various assessment types like

    • Data Structures & Algorithms
    • Approximate/Heuristic based Algorithms
    • Data Science & Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Objective MCQ & Text questions across various domains
    • Database Management Systems
    • Shell Scripting
    • Scenario-based QA tests

    This also supports Project/Assignment/Subjective questions which can be used in domains like Rails, Django, Spring, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Android, iOS, System Design etc.

    InterviewBit Assessments’ distinctive features include:

    • Interactive Hinting
      • Assessments cannot be boolean as real-life interviews aim to judge the candidate’s skill level. So, InterviewBit Assessments have hints (when used result in score deduction) which help the candidate move forward when stuck.
    • Question Clarification
        • In real-life interviews, questions are intentionally left vague for the candidate to figure out by asking the right questions. It’s the same case with us, using the Question Clarification, candidates can ask our system for the expected output.
    • Automatic Reminders
        • InterviewBit Assessments help you remind the candidates to attempt the test periodically.
    • Plagiarism Detection & Prevention
        • InterviewBit Assessments runs a proprietary software to detect plagiarism in candidates’ code to find the similarities. It also has configurable settings to restrict the user from malpractices.
    • Live Session Support
      • InterviewBit Assessments has a 24/7 live support to help the candidates in case they are facing issues while attempting the test.

    InterviewBit Assessments hosts a library of questions that created by a pool of ex-ICPC World Finalists, high rated Codeforces & Topcoder coders. All the questions go through a cycle of rigorous testing in each of the supported languages.

    Other features of InterviewBit Assessments include Section Management, Team and Access Management, Adding Questions to a test for Review, Questions Shuffling even at a section level, Questions randomization from the current test pool or the entire InterviewBit Library, Remote Proctoring Settings like recording events like tab switches, periodic screenshots and snapshots, IP Restriction etc.

  • Journeyfront

    Acquire the right talent in high volume roles using AI-powered assessments to predict performance and retention.

  • Jake Butler C Jf Logo Color 300X57
    Jake Butler E Header 11 2019

    The Most Accurate High Volume Hiring Software

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    Acquire the right talent in high volume roles using Journeyfront’s AI-powered Assessments to predict candidate performance and retention. Journeyfront uses a brief assessment to evaluate the traits of your best (and worst) employees and create a model of the ideal hire, including attributes such as interests, values, competencies, and personality. Candidate assessments are measured against this data, so you can better predict performance and likelihood of turnover. As we track actual results alongside predicted data, we’ll be able to improve your company’s unique hire model and optimize Journeyfront’s future predictions.

  • McQuaig

    Get a comprehensive look at your candidates with McQuaig’s personality based assessment tools.

  • 03 Colour Logo 1
    04 Hero 1

    Make more informed hiring decisions

    Assess candidates with McQuaig assessment tools, and discover highly detailed insight into candidates’ personality profiles. The moment an assessment is complete, Greenhouse clients can leverage McQuaig reports to make more informed hiring decisions and avoid the costs of a bad hire.

    • Uncover candidates’ natural strengths and weaknesses to better predict on-the-job success
    • Generate comprehensive, action-oriented reports to determine next steps with each candidate
    • Explore positive and negative indicators of each personality trait to observe throughout the interview or on the job

    By integrating with Greenhouse, we’re making it even easier for you to hire more accurately, more economically – and most importantly, more confidently.

  • Moonshot Insights

    Quickly identify the future performance, culture fit, growth, and longevity of your job applicants.

  • Kyle Treige Moonshot Insights Logo Small
    Kyle Treige Moonshot Insights Hero Image

    Understand their values, alignment with your team.

    Request Partner Demo

    By understanding an applicant's psychology and your company culture, you can quickly identify their future job performance, culture fit, growth potential, and longevity at your company. Education, experience, skills, and other resume data weakly correlate to job success. 46% of new hires fail within 18 months because growing companies are trusting the wrong data. Predict job success with 4x more accuracy than a resume by assessing for an applicant's behavior, cognitive ability, and personality with our 20-minute evaluation.

    Applicant predictions are designed for your company and constantly improve with more data. Compare an applicant's predicted job performance, culture fit, growth potential, and longevity across your applicant pool and company. Assess for values alignment and workplace preferences. Understand their workplace behavior, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Objective Management Group

    OMG's sales-specific candidate assessment helps you avoid costly hiring mistakes.

  • Omg Logo 1
    Hero 1

    Accurate & Predictive Sales Hiring Recommendations

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    Hiring great salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders is no easy task. Too often, candidates have a charming personality, perfect track record and great resume but don't perform when placed in a sales position.

    Objective Management Group's (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment solves this problem by giving employers a detailed report on the candidate's sales-specific strengths and skills, along with a custom-tailored recommendation of whether a candidate should be interviewed. Having assessed nearly 1,000,000 salespeople, OMG's research shows that 92% of recommended candidates who are hired move to the top half of the sales force within a year, and 75% of candidates that OMG doesn't recommend but are hired anyway fail within 6 months.

    Our Sales Candidate Assessments are the most accurate predictor of sales success at your specific company. We help our clients develop custom criteria for sales success in your business and integrate it to our time-tested criteria for success in sales. Then, with our unique sliding scale, we set the hiring criteria to a level appropriate for the demands of the position. Finally, you’ll have the ability to track all of your candidates online where you can sort, filter and identify trends according to the findings.

    Top Sales World has awarded OMG its Gold Medal for Top Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool for 5 consecutive years. 

    The unique insights we provide include:

    • The Will to Sell - Learn whether your candidates have the Desire and Commitment it takes to be successful in sales. Also discover insights into their Outlook, whether they Enjoy Selling, how Motivated they are, and whether they are Extrinsically or Intrinsically Motivated.
    • Recommendation - Our Recommendation combines our proven criteria for sales success with the unique challenges of each sales position. OMG recommends candidates based on their ability to succeed in the role.
    • Sales DNA - Sales DNA is at the core of a salesperson, and explains whether they have strengths that will support desirable outcomes or weaknesses that will sabotage those outcomes.
    • Competencies - OMG's competencies give detailed insight into the skills and strengths that a salesperson possesses. Some of the competencies we measure include Hunter, Consultative Seller, Qualifier, Closer, Sales Posturing, and Account Manager.
    • Development - OMG's development findings include whether a candidate is Trainable, whether a candidate is Coachable, and a candidate's Figure-It-Out-Factor™ (i.e. how quickly they can come up to speed).
    • Sales Quotient - OMG's Sales Quotient finding is the single best measure of how strong a salesperson's skills are.

    OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment is designed to be easy to use for both you and your candidates. Simply tell us about your sales position, and we'll give you a unique link to provide to candidates. Candidates complete an online questionnaire, and then you receive a PDF with the assessment results by email. Simple!

    Sign up for a free trial to get started today.

  • Optimize Hire

    Optimize works with Wharton School experts to provide custom pre-employment tests and prove results.

  • Optimize Greenhouse Logo
    Hero Image

    Custom Tests, Proven Results

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    Optimize Hire is a pre-employment testing company that provides custom behavioral and task-based tests for companies hiring on all scales. Optimize Hire tests are created and customized by researchers at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania based on decades of psychology research to ensure they predict, as accurately as possible, the success of applicants in your workplace.

    Optimize Hire tests are designed to be short and highly accurate. Call today to schedule a demo.

  • OutMatch

    AI-powered assessments for smarter, faster hiring PLUS on-demand interview, onboarding, and career pathing guides.

  • Adam Crouch Outmatch Colorlogo 205X70
    Adam Crouch Outmatch Hero 960X460

    Hire the Right People and Discover Hidden Talent

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    OutMatch is more than a pre-employment assessment. We’re a talent discovery platform.

    Our AI-powered assessments are designed to help you discover and maximize talent – not only in your applicant pool, but across your entire workforce.

    Never again will you lose a good candidate who didn’t happen to apply for the right role. Never again will you miss a chance to increase mobility and grow your internal talent pipelines.

    With OutMatch, you’ll know instantly if a candidate is right for the role, or if they’re a better match for another position in your company. You’ll also have personalized interview, onboarding, and career pathing guides at your fingertips to help ensure that every hire is successful.

    Choose from nearly 900 predictive job profiles and start discovering talent today!

  • Pipplet

    Pipplet’s language evaluation measures job candidates’ real language skills in a business context.

  • A And C Logo Black
    D Hero Image

    The next-generation language evaluation

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    Pipplet is an online language evaluation service, providing HR professionals an efficient method of measuring the language competency of job candidates in a professional context.
    Pipplet includes an interface from which recruiters can send test invitations to job candidates, allowing them access to an interactive online test platform in which candidates pass a thirty-minute test designed to measure their real spoken and written skills in a given language. The candidates' responses are recorded and sent to a network of native language experts, who give a thorough evaluation based on the CECRL framework. Pipplet then provides these results, via email and the client interface, to recruiters within 24 hours.

  • Plum

    Plum combines AI and I/O Psychology to help organizations hire, grow, and retain top talent.

  • Plum Logo Wtag
    Plum Header Min

    Human potential quantified like never before.

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    Plum's mission is to help companies hire, grow, and retain top talent with the power of AI and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. By measuring talents such as adaptability, innovation, and communication, Plum hosts the single largest database for quantifying human potential at every stage of the employee journey — predicting successful hires, and informing professional development, strategic workforce planning, and emerging leader capability.

  • Pomello

    10-minute culture surveys and analytics predict hiring outcomes like performance and turnover.

  • Logo Color 1
    Hero Image Greenhouse

    Screen Candidates for Culture Fit

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    Pomello helps companies screen talent for culture fit. Backed by 30 years of research at Stanford University, our models assess an applicant's degree of compatibility across key intrinsic motivators and core values. In just 10 minutes, scores predict outcomes such as engagement, performance, and turnover.

  • Qualified

    Assess real-world engineering skills, with code assessments and collaborative coding interviews.

  • Logo Qualified Large Color 1
    Qualified Banner For Greenhouse 1

    The most effective way to assess development skills

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    Qualified enables companies to find the best engineers based on their real-world development abilities. This takes place in the form of code assessments and collaborative pair-programming interviews, which can easily fit across a companies hiring process.

    This gives your team the ability to make more accurate hiring decisions, speeding up your hiring process, and saving productivity hours in doing so. These improvements have been found to create immense value through the impact of better hires, while drastically cutting the ~$22,750 companies spend in lost employee productivity that goes into each new hire.  

    Qualified Assess 

    Screen with Code Assessments

    Our code assessments take place in a rich development environment, and are then auto-scored (0-100%) using integrated test frameworks such as Mocha, RSpec, and JUnit. This allows us to support assessments that test for proficiency across frameworks, databases, object-oriented programming, project-based skills, API understanding, and test-driven development (TDD). 

    Qualified Interact

    Interview with Collaborative Coding Sessions

    Pair-program with candidates in real-time through our collaborative code editor. It gives rich functionality, with full access to test-cases and results for ease of code validation. It will greatly improve the effectiveness of your phone screens as interviewers code with the candidate in a realistic environment. 

  • QuantHub

    Build exceptional data science and analytics teams through AI-driven tech screening and skill development.

  • Color Logo 01
    Greenhousehero Page 001

    Hire analytics professionals with confidence

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    In order to achieve the disruptive potential of AI, we MUST get the people part right…but most companies aren’t. They are hiring using manual, antiquated, tech screening processes that are time consuming, error prone, and that impede diversity. They are also typically upskilling their employees with generic, often intro level, training across the team.

    At QuantHub, we recognize that AI roles are different, so we don’t just assess programming – we cover statistics, visualization, wrangling, modeling, etc. QuantHub is a SaaS subscription-based platform written for data scientists by data scientists, providing skill tests, data challenges, and skill development plans completely tailored to the unique characteristics of the advanced analytics space. By leveraging Item Response Theory with a proprietary Bayesian scoring algorithm, QuantHub hones in on the detailed skill profiles of candidates/employees and leverages QuantHub’s position targeting technology to align employees with clear career trajectories and continuous skill developmental opportunities.

  • Recualizer

    Evaluates personalities, cultural values, potential talents to make more objective. 

  • Recualizer Color
    Recualizer Hero Image

    Discover the Person Behind the Resume

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    Recualizer is personality evaluation tool that asks to draw an object and then answer couple of questions about those drawings. It is not about drawing skills, it is about WHAT would you imagine when you are asked to and WHY, the technique is called projective personality testing, based on neuroscience. The scientific aspects of our testing technique was adapted from clinical psychology that has been researched in leading schools of psychology and neuroscience and re-modified to serve in discovering personalities. It is highly accurate since it checks conscious and unconscious personality strengths and weaknesses. Unlike any other test out there, recualizer is not self-reflecting (Q&A’s about you), it is more who you really are. This makes the benefit of the test as simple as deep and accurate profiles that measure future potential, core personal values and hidden talents. It is also easy and fun to perform.

    As hiring company you can evaluate all your candidates and enjoy ranked, analysed pool of applicants and consider the top matching ones for further consideration. Dynamic ranking is built-in to the application and can be modified/re-set at any time, which gives you the opportunity to consider the same pool for multiple vacancies/ positions.

    We can help you make more objective, analysed and informed hiring decisions and backup your gut feelings. 

  • Remote Interview

    Hiring Developers? Save screening time by coding tests, take-home projects, and pair-programming interviews!

  • remote-interview-logo-color

    Hire the best developer, faster!

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    “Use Remote Interview to hire the best tech talent.” -

    “Save hundreds of hours by using Remote Interview screening platform” - TheNextWeb

    "Remote interview allows potential employers to watch the engineer code in real-time to insure he or she is qualified.” -

    Save time by automating technical screening process! Remote Interview measures technical skills of candidate automatically before they start the interview process.

    These are some of the highlights of how Remote Interview can improve your hiring:

    Screening using coding tests

    • Screen candidates based on skills not on their CV
    • Pick our tests or create your own!
    • Measure coding as well as analytical skills

    Take-home projects

    • Check real-world software development skills.
    • One stop solution to manage take-home projects.

    Real-time pair-programming interview tool

    • Watch your candidate code in real-time
    • Powerful code editor
    • Panel interviews, audio/video chat, notes taking, and much more!
  • Retorio

    AI-recruiter who automatically determines candidate fit based on their personality and communication behavior

  • Retorio Logo Color
    Greenhouse Header 1

    AI-Soft Skill Recruiting for Fit Determination

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    Today, interpersonal skills are key. However, crucial soft skills are hard to tell from a resume. Use Retorio’ AI to reveal people's talent and fit in advance.

    How Retorio works

    1) With Retorio you can build your own soft-skill job profile. You can determine which soft-skill factors are important to you (e.g., friendliness, pronunciation, etc.).

    2) Use our video interview and invite candidates to present themselves. Standardize your recruiting process by asking the same questions to each candidate and make results comparable.

    3) Let us do the work. Retorio’s AI analyses the personality and communication behavior of your talents and automatically ranks them based on their best fit.

    Your benefits

    1) Enhanced Candidate Quality: The objective soft-skill assessment provides a fit score and in depth insights.

    2) Reduced time to Hire: An improved screening process means a faster, but still qualified hire.

    3) Tailored: Tell our system, which kind of candidate fits best in your organization. We compare - you can filter faster.

    Benefit from the latest psychological insights paired with artificial intelligence incorporated in your hiring process. We constantly improve and adapt our work alongside with empirical validated scientific insights.

    You will get a more efficient recruiting through our support due to faster, better insights about your candidates.

  • Saberr

    Get a fit score between the candidate and each member of your team. Based on values and personality.

  • Joint Logo 1
    Hero 2 1

    Data driven candidate to team fit.

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    Find candidates with that fit the culture of your business and your teams. 

    Saberr measures culture fit and values alignment - the invisible ingredients that are critical to high performing teams. 

    With a 15 minute survey you understand the fit and relationship dynamic between each person in the team. 

    Assess risks and opportunities to make more informed decisions while hiring and provide existing teams with practical advice on how to deal with challenges and avoid conflict.

    Saberr's mission is to help you improve the quality of new hires, increase productivity and reduce the cost of attrition

  • SHL

    Apply precision to talent decisions for competitive advantage

  • Shl No Tag 01 1
    Hero Image 01 1

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    SHL, the global leader in talent innovation, helps more than 10, 000 companies transform productivity through deeper people insight. Powering the future of business, our data and tools are proven to drive stronger, more sustainable business outcomes. Greenhouse customers can access the world’s largest and most proven provider of selection and assessment services covering virtually all industries and job categories. SHL customers see tangible business outcomes such as better employee performance, increased sales and staff retention which all leads to higher revenue and profit. SHL deploy solutions in more than 110 countries and 30 languages.

  • SimpleCitizen

    Run immigration assessments automatically and securely with our global mobility web application.

  • C Simplecitizen Color Logo
    D Hero

    Easy to Run Candidate Immigration Assessments

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    SimpleCitizen makes it easy for businesses to hire international talent and manage a comprehensive global mobility program. The software is a central hub that connects employers, employees, case teams, and even vendors to work together on each mobility case.

    Companies can use SimpleCitizen to track employees' immigration status, prepare work authorization applications, and keep track of important immigration deadlines. We also offer an online questionnaire that allows companies to screen candidates to determine their immigration eligibility.

    Greenhouse Recruiting's assessment integration with SimpleCitizen allows you to seamlessly add SimpleCitizen’s immigration screening assessment to a job's interview plan.

  • Sokanu

    Sokanu works with organizations to improve the way they select and optimize their human capital.

  • sokanu-logo-color

    Hire The Best People Using Science

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    Our mission is to help optimize human capital. We want to help companies make human capital decisions in the same way they make financial capital decisions - using data-driven rigor and analysis. Sokanu is committed to working with the world’s leading organizations and governments to measure and optimize their people using data. We help organizations understand what traits and characteristics define their top talent. We use that data, along with our leading cloud-based assessment tool to help them measurably hire better people and track success. Managers can use that same data to better support, understand and develop their talent.

  • Talegent

    Fully configurable Talent assessment solutions to help you make the most Intelligent hiring decision

  • C

    Our assessment platform is built to do your bidding

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    Talegent brings together a full range of innovative predictive analytics tools – all within a single platform that was developed from scratch to adapt to your every need. Designed to be modular, we have an assortment of assessments at your disposal.

    Choose the tools to plug and play:

    PATH Personality: A questionnaire designed to provide deep insight into what motivates individuals and the way they think, communicate and interact.

    PATH Cognitive Ability: Drawing from our proprietary research, these assessments measure verbal, numerical and logical reasoning.

    PATH Skills Tests: Ranging from clerical to IT job skills, these assessments carry a data set of over 300 hands-on job skills.

    Gamify: The first ever realistic game-based simulation that is directly catered to your company and the roles you are looking for.

    FIT Job Simulations: Talegent Full Immersion Testing allows you to assess candidates under virtual job conditions to measure their situational awareness and judgement.

    Video Interviewing: Get a sense of the person that’s behind the scores, with full autonomy to set your own questions, time limits and preparation times.

    Psychomotor: Accurately measure reaction times and visual coordination with our state-of-the-art, easily portable machine testing units.

    Talegent is the right choice for all your hiring needs. Here’s why:

    We deliver creative solutions for predicting human performance by combining latest psychometrics and technology with design to maximize candidate engagement and predictive accuracy.

    Flexibility: Select any combination of components. Just add or drop as your needs change. Talegent gives you total control to configure the overall solution that best meets your needs.

    Scalability: Using cutting-edge technology and the world’s fastest and most reliable server, our platform handles volume with ease and near – 100% uptime.

    Ease of Use: Talegent’s intuitive UI makes it easy for your HR team to configure and administer assessments right out of the gate. No additional training necessary.

    Relevance: A comprehensive range of standard reports plus custom options allows you to access and disseminate the results data that matters to you most.

    Universal Compatibility: Supports all common browsers: (Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox Google Chrome on PC & Mac) and mobile devices (Android & iOS on smart phones and tablets)

  • Talytica

    Talent Analytics, custom machine learning models, assessments, auto-reference checks & auto-phone interviews.

  • Logo Full Color 300 X70 1
    D Hero Image 960 X460 1

    Stop guessing. Use your top & bottom worker’s real data.

    Request Partner Demo

    Talytica is committed to being the world’s top provider of integrated, data-driven custom talent analytics solutions. Period. No two companies are the same, and the best worker in one company isn’t the best for another. That’s why, our mission is to create personalized, client-specific solutions using the best in:

    ● Machine Learning
    ● Assessments
    ● Automated reference checks
    ● Automated phone interviews
    ● Culture pulses
    ● Automated exit interviews

    This portfolio of tools enables us to give you hand-crafted solutions uniquely tailored to your business. Every one of our clients gets senior management attention in crafting specific solutions that evolve over time, and are built and then continually re-built on the historical data of your top and bottom performers.
    We make hiring great people a fun, data-driven science with fair, simple , effective & repeatable outcomes. Personalized attention combined with speed, ease-of-use, breadth of tools and powerful analytics are what set us apart.

    Our flat-fee model lets you pick the tests and features that make sense for you, and move automation up the hiring funnel to speed time to hire, and focus more attention on top prospects.

    All of these tools enable you to drive down turnover, reduce bias and improve the average performance of the people you hire.

    Talytica & Greenhouse

    Talytica & Greenhouse are integrated for easy deployment of all solutions. This integration gives you the ability to select and automate candidate testing, customize the stages & events when and where each test should occur and view all results within your Greenhouse account. And, if you don’t see what you want or you aren’t satisfied, we’ll build it for you. So, get in touch.

  • Tazio

    Tazio assessments and video interviews reduce time to hire, improve objectivity & candidate quality

  • Tom Stroud Tazio Logo Colour
    Tom Stroud Greenhouse Hero Image

    Helping You Identify the Best Candidates Faster

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    Tazio lets you combine aptitude tests, situational judgement tests and video interviews into a single, fully branded mobile-friendly assessment process. Enabling you to identify the best candidates more efficiently and objectively.

    Integration with Greenhouse lets you more accurately predict which candidates will perform best, onboard fastest and stay longer. Helping you to reduce time to hire and recruiter workload. 

    Candidate benefits

    • Engaging, mobile-friendly process
    • Greater insight into your roles
    • Faster and simpler applications
    • Timely & meaningful feedback

     Recruiter benefits

    • Cuts time to hire by up to 50%
    • Reduces recruiter administration
    • Eliminates scheduling headaches
    • Improves candidate engagement

    For over eight years, Tazio has worked with hundreds of employers, interviewing thousands of candidates every week. Companies from all sectors and sizes benefit from our cost-effective price plans.  

    Special offer: Tazio offers all customers a 14-day, unlimited trial. Signup at and enjoy all the premium features for free!

  • Test Partnership

    Quickly and accurately assess any volume of candidates using our cutting edge suite of assessments.

  • C Color Transparent
    D Hero Image

    Engaging and predictive candidate assessments

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    Test Partnership provides valid, reliable, and engaging psychometric tests for candidate assessment. By combining the latest technology with cutting edge science, our assessments quickly and accurately measure the essential psychological traits which underpin performance at work.

    Our product offering includes:

    • Gamified assessments
    • Aptitude tests
    • Situational judgement tests (SJTs)
    • Personality questionnaires
    • Skills tests
    • Bespoke assessments

    Test Partnership and Greenhouse

    Test Partnership and Greenhouse are now integrated, allowing you to use our suite of assessments directly through your Greenhouse account.

    All you need to do is request the Test Partnership API key from us (contact us at and add it to your Greenhouse account. From then on, you can administer our assessments and access the results straight from your Greenhouse account.

  • TestDome

    Pre-employment Skill Testing using samples of actual work, for best prediction of work performance.

  • Nenad Horvat C Testdome
    Nenad Horvat D Testdome Hero

    Automated Pre-employment Skill Testing

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    TestDome provides a platform for automated pre-employment skill testing.

    To test if a candidate will be good at work, we give them a sample of actual work. Science has proven that this has a better correlation with work performance than indirect measures such as IQ tests, personality tests or education level.

    Our pricing is based on Packs, that allow users to test a certain number of candidates (with the price per candidate decreasing as you go for more candidates), and these Packs never expire.

    TestDome covers these testing domains:


    Database: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL

    Front-end/Web: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, TypeScript

    Front-end/Frameworks: ASP.NET, Node.js, React.js, WordPress, Ruby on Rails

    Mobile: iOS, Android

    Back-end/Languages: Java, .NET, C#, C++, C, VB.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby

    OS: Linux



    Numerical reasoning

    Verbal reasoning

    Logical reasoning

    Project Management

    Customer Service

    Digital Marketing

    Data Science

    SW Quality Assurance

    Accounting & Finance

    Administrative Assistance


  • The English Quiz

    Fully adaptable English assessments that help you quickly and efficiently hire the right talent.

  • Theenglishquiz Logo Bw 126X70Px 1
    Hero 1 1 Min

    Assess only the English skills you need.

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    The English Quiz provides a solution to a common problem facing today’s recruiters: how to effectively assess candidate skills while offering a great candidate experience.

    Based on a modular architecture, the SaaS platform features a vast portfolio of ready-built tests, varying in skills assessed and test duration, all designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations.

    The flexible tool allows talent acquisition professionals to assess only the relevant English skills required for a specific job.

    The English Quiz includes:

    • Library of 20 ready-made English skills tests
    • CEFR-graded results in less than 24 hrs
    • Streamlined and modern assessment interface
    • Rapid reporting and actionable insights
    • Group testing capabilities
    • Advanced online invigilation measures
    • Official English language certification (France)

    The English Quiz enables talent acquisition managers to quickly and effectively evaluate English levels, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions.

  • The Hire Talent

    The Hire Talent is a pre-hire testing company that predicts applicant on the job success.

  • Wide Logo Small
    Art Blueprint Brainstorming 8704

    Pre-Hire Tests For Predicting On the Job Success

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    The Hire Talent’s pre-employment assessments predict on the job success in candidates so you feel more confident when hiring. Our testing program assesses personality, interpersonal & communication skills, behavioral aptitude, honesty, integrity & attitude for a well-rounded approach. Our software is fully supported, administered & managed online via your own personalized client portal system. We offer complimentary reporting consulting, tons of hiring tools & resources to help you hire better people.

  • The Predictive Index

    Rapidly learn whether applicants are a natural fit with our efficient assessments and tools.

  • Pi Logo Color 205X70
    Pi Greenhouse Hero 960X460

    Amazing insight into how people work in minutes

    The Predictive Index combines proven assessments with powerful insight-generating software, activated by a global training network, to help you hire the right people, take action to build better teams, and understand how to help your people thrive.

    PI combines software that generates powerful, easy-to-consume insights about jobs, individuals and teams with a workshop curriculum that inspires experts, managers, and employees to apply those insights to their unique organizational challenges.

    The software provides powerful tools to help managers understand themselves and tailor their management style, individuals to better understand how to work together and teams to better understand how they thrive.

    PI helps you to not only understand what’s happening in your organization but what steps and actions you can take next to drive your people’s productivity forward.

    Employee insights act as a company superpower—a sort of x-ray vision that not only helps you understand what makes your current workers tick, but also helps you predict someone’s future behavior and interactions.

  • Traitify

    Traitify is a scientifically validated, 90 second image-based personality assessment.

  • Hi Res Color

    The World’s Fastest Assessment

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    Traitify is the fastest behavioral assessment in the world. Scientifically validated and built for the modern attention span, Traitify is mobile first and easy. Applicants interact with a series of images and in about 90 seconds, we build their personality profile.

    Greenhouse customers can use the results to assess fit for specific jobs, then prioritize applicants based on their score and make data-driven hiring decisions. You can also use Traitify personality results to guide how you interview candidates.

    Use Traitify to reduce turnover costs by up to 30%, to decrease time-to-hire by up to 40% and offer a modern fun candidate experience which reflects positively on your employment brand.

  • TTI Success Insights

    Reveal the potential of candidates with assessments that are proven predictors of cultural fit.

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    Hire Successfully with Assessments

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    TTI Success Insights is the world’s go-to source for research-based, validated assessments and talent management solutions. TTI Success Insights uses assessments to help leaders make quality hires by quantifying behaviors, motivations, competencies, emotional intelligence, stress, and values. With the assessments provided by TTI Success Insights, leaders make informed decisions about talent by comparing the results from an individual to the job, the team, and culture of the organization. These online assessments enable organizations to effectively meet their human capital needs by providing leaders with data to make the best hiring decisions.

    With over 30 years in the assessment space, TTI Success Insights assessments are in over 90 countries and translated into 40 languages. Learn how over 100,000 companies have used TTI Success Insights assessments to recruit and develop the best talent for the team, the organization, and the success of the business.

  • Vervoe

    Uncover hidden talent with AI-powered skill testing.

  • Vervoe Logo Color 1
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    Candidates showcase their talent and AI recommends the top performers.

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    Vervoe gives you the ability to hire the top talent your competitors will overlook by making hiring entirely about merit.

    Instead of spending your valuable time screening candidates to decide who to interview, all candidates showcase their talent in real-world scenarios without being arbitrarily screened out.

    Machine learning algorithms analyze candidate responses and recommend the best performers, saving you time and letting the real talent shine through sooner.

    This allows you to focus on the best candidates, whose skills have already been validated and are least likely to churn.

    Join our happy customers and hire the best candidates!

    "This tool has increased the chances of me recruiting good staff 10x" (John Hollands - Director, RWP Group).

    The quality of candidates we've hired is fantastic, and we recognise that there were certain biases and errors we've overcome by using Vervoe." (Con Frantzeskos - CEO, PENSO).

  • Willowy

    Schedule take home tests with deadlines and time limits, delivered via email.

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    Take home tests with deadlines and time limits

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    Willowy helps hiring managers organize and deliver take-home interviews.

    Automatically schedule take-home interviews

    Candidates automatically receive email instructions and can start their take-home interview assignment when it suits them. There's no need to email back-and-forth to find a suitable time in advance.

    Set due dates & time limits

    Add a time limit to each interview assignment and a due date for each candidate to make sure they are meeting your expectations.

    Interview candidates in bulk

    Setup a day, week, or month worth of candidates at once. Optionally schedule their test start times and review the results as they are completed.

    Easily share candidate results

    Share the interview submissions with hiring managers, team leads, or any other relevant parties with the click of a button. Reviewers do not need a willowy account.

    Drag and drop your own interview materials

    Upload your PDFs, Word documents, and other files you use to test your candidates. You provide the evaluations and we'll handle the emails, scheduling, and test results.

    Notifications for completed candidates

    Automatically receive an email notification when the candidate has completed their assessment.

Video Interviewing

Screen candidates by having them record a short video answering a set of predefined questions.

  • AutoView by Aspiring Minds

    AI-scored video interviews to screen and identify best-fit talent without the hassles of on-site interviews.

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    Video interviews help them tell their story.

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    AutoView video interviews reduce time to hire by up to 80% and give recruiters insight into candidates’ personality, knowledge and experience beyond their resume.

    Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), AutoView is an online AI-scored video interview platform that’s easy-to-use and even easier to administer. An intuitive dashboard makes creating consistent, structured interviews simple while one-click scheduling gives recruiters the power to instantly invite one or many candidates to a video assessment. Easily track candidate progress and send reminder alerts from the dashboard.

    AI scores candidates’ facial expressions, speech and content which provide recruiters actionable insights on their skills, state of mind and likely organizational fit. A full interview replay is easy to review and share with others. AutoView video interviews are engaging and available anytime, anywhere on any device so candidates can showcase their skills, knowledge and experience at their convenience.

    A resume paints a picture. Video tells their story. Make faster and more informed hiring decisions with AutoView – AI powered video interviews from Aspiring Minds.

  • Cammio

    Cammio helps employers add personality to the CV with a best-in-class candidate experience.

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    Optimize your recruitment process with video.

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    Cammio is an award-winning, powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. We uniquely combine live, automated and video pitch interviews within one integrated platform that is easy and fun to use. Market leaders including ManpowerGroup Solutions, SONOS EMEA, European Stability Mechanism and Metro Cash & Carry rely on Cammio to power their daily search for the best candidate while reducing recruitment cost and time-to-hire. Get rid of unnecessary travel and difficult scheduling. No talent to waste with Cammio! Simply interview valuable candidates around the world through your web browser.

  • ConveyIQ

    Convey enables companies to create customized communications based on where candidates are in the hiring process through messaging, scheduling, screening, and interviewing – all in one integrated platform.

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    Intelligent Candidate Engagement Platform

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    ConveyIQ changes the way enterprise companies engage with talent, using automation to transform and elevate candidate experience. Our candidate engagement platform connects seamlessly with your ATS to deliver an intelligently automated and highly individualized candidate experience, letting employer brand values and personality shine through.

    The technology powers and customizes every aspect of the hiring journey; from screening to two-way email and text messaging to digital interviewing and scheduling. ConveyIQ also allows companies to survey candidates throughout the entire journey and provides the analytics recruiting teams need to make the candidate journey better, every step of the way.

    The results? Higher quality hires, an optimized hiring funnel, and more productive and empowered recruiters who can direct their focus on talent acquisition strategy and adapting to the future demands of their company’s workforce.

    Leading brands in over 95 countries work with ConveyIQ to hire the best talent. To learn more, visit us at or email

  • is a cloud platform to plan, track and conduct job interviews.

  • Easyhire Logo Color
    Easyhire Hero Interview Management Platform

    Request Partner Demo is an online interview management platform that brings consistency, efficiency and agility to your talent selection process.

    • Plan and structure your interviews with appropriate questions, evaluation criteria and rating scale.
    • Engage in a live phone or videoconference anytime, anywhere. Conduct the interviews with your compiled list of questions while making notes and rating candidate’s responses all from one screen.
    • Quickly and easily share interview recordings, feedback and notes. Collaborate with your team to make evidence based hiring decision.

    With Greenhouse integration, setup and conduct interviews from within Greenhouse account and access real-time notes and feedback taken during the interview from Greenhouse dashboard. is used by some of the worlds most innovative and exciting companies from across technology, commerce, healthcare and professional services. Its simple and affordable plans suit every budget and company structure.

    Special offer: For a limited time, offers one month free for customers. Signup for and experience all premium features for free!

  • Hireflix

    Create video interviews and invite candidates to record their answers at their own convenience.

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    Automated Video Interviews

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    Hireflix is a video interview platform.

    We make the hiring process less painful by enabling companies to pre-record interview questions and invite their candidates to record the responses when it suits them best.

    No more Scheduling

    There’s no need for scheduling of the interview as the candidates can complete it when it suits them best. This is great for candidates that live in other time zones, or if they are currently only able to attend the interview outside working hours. Recruiters can organize their time better and screen more candidates at a faster rate.

    Faster Time-to-Hire

    As candidates move through the hiring funnel faster and more candidates can be screened in the initial phase of the process, time-to-hire is typically shortened significantly.

    Easy Setup

    The setup is easy. Just record the questions you have for your candidates, and add Hireflix as a stage in Greenhouse. They will receive an invitation email to watch the interview and record their responses. You’ll be notified when the candidates complete an interview, and you can start reviewing the responses.