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How to hire for emotional intelligence

In a rapidly evolving work environment, it takes more than just technical skills or qualifications for an employee to thrive, and employers are turning to a new indicator of an employee’s potential success – emotional intelligence. But how do you assess a candidate’s abilities in this seemingly soft skill? Read on to find out.

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Why interview Scorecards are critical in a virtual world

In this virtual-first world, it's vital to give every employee on your team an equal opportunity to share candidate feedback.


The next chapter for Greenhouse

Greenhouse recently secured a major investment from TPG Growth and The Rise Fund. It is a huge step forward for our company, and an investment that will accelerate product innovation, help us grow into new markets and bring us closer to achieving our mission.

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How to prevent microaggressions in the virtual workplace

Here's why business leaders must take a proactive role in preventing and combating the biases that can lead to harmful microaggressions.

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Greenhouse ethical principles: A framework for evaluating key business decisions

How companies choose to hire has a strong societal impact. At Greenhouse, we focus a great deal of effort on promoting fairness in hiring. To that end, we have recently launched a cross-functional Data, Product and Privacy Ethics Committee, to ensure that we navigate critical issues concerning the use of candidate and company data to drive hiring decisions with intentionality, transparency and ethical clarity.

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How international companies Trivago and Scout24 use structured hiring to create long-term hiring success

Alison dela Cruz, Talent Recruitment Lead at Trivago, and Matthias Schmeißer, Director of Talent Acquisition at Scout24 provide actionable results-driven advice on creating long-term hiring success.

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Discover Greenhouse’s newest integration partners

During this season of giving, and before the year comes to a close, we’d like to give a shout out to our newest Greenhouse integration partners, and share each of their unique strengths, so you can assess if any might be a good fit for you.

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The importance of diversity in leadership (and how to improve it)

Is your company leadership diverse? We explore the importance of diversity in company leadership and provide examples of organizations you can learn from.