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The people of Greenhouse: Meet Meghan

In this installment of The People of Greenhouse series, we’d like to highlight and introduce you to Meghan Lewis, our incredible Manager, SMB Account Management. Learn about what being adaptable means to her – from her desk to the football field – and what it means to have a collective inclusive mindset in the workplace.

Article, Recruiter tips

10 HR and recruiting blogs every talent leader should read in 2022

We’ve curated the top 10 HR blogs that will help you stay on top of the news, views and trending topics in our industry. Check it out here.

Article, Industry news

Why enterprise companies like Lyft, Podium and Rally Health choose to grow with Greenhouse

Curious about the enterprise applicant tracking system of choice? Here’s why more and more enterprise companies are using Greenhouse to create bigger and stronger teams that help them win.

Article, Recruiting metrics

Ready for better data driven recruiting? Follow these tips from talent leaders

Without data, recruiting is just guesswork. If you want to get a real sense of how your team is performing, make accurate forecasts for the future and earn the trust of your executives and other stakeholders, data has to be part of your recruiting toolbox. But where do you start? Learn how in this blog.


The people of Greenhouse: Meet Henry

In this installment of “The people of Greenhouse,” we’re thrilled to introduce you to Henry Tsai, our new VP of Product and Design. Learn what caught Henry’s attention about Greenhouse during the interview process, how he’s planning to elevate the Product and Design practices at the company and what belonging means to him.

Article, Distributed hiring & work

Structured hiring and workplace inclusivity across the globe: Why Greenhouse is expanding in Dublin

Greenhouse opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin in January 2020, and has since tripled its workforce to serve over 700 customers in the EMEA region, like HubSpot, Intercom, LearnUpon, Poppulo, Webdoctor and Why did we decide to expand in Ireland, and why now? Find out in this blog.

Article, DE&I

Why fair chance hiring should be part of your DE&I strategy

What role does fairness play in your DE&I strategy? Leaders at Greenhouse, Justice Reskill and Checkr came together to discuss how you can prioritize fairness and DE&I in your hiring strategy. Find the highlights from their conversation here.

Article, Onboarding

How UK-based company Cutover onboarded over 75% of employees remotely

More and more employees starting jobs remotely means that hiring managers and people teams need to be much more intentional about creating a welcoming experience for new hires. Here's how to do it effectively.