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Drafted built the Layoff Network to connect people to jobs faster, and it’s free for the Greenhouse community

Right now, layoffs are primarily happening as a function of cash conservation, as opposed to performance optimization. Because of this, many of the people coming out of companies are strong performers in their field – all they need is a direct introduction to a good company that’s still hiring. Learn about the Layoff Network, from Drafted CEO Vinayak Ranade.

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Adapting your company culture to a changing work environment

Being intentional about creating a positive and inclusive culture is already a challenge for many companies, and it can be even more difficult when economic uncertainties are calling for modified work environments. How can you ensure that your core company values transcend these changes and remain at the forefront of your business? Learn more here.

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6 areas business leaders should focus on when it comes to hiring

In 2020, many companies have adapted their hiring strategies toward a slowdown, an upturn in applicants, or a hiring freeze. These six areas of focus can help you get ready for what comes next.

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A recruiter’s guide to candidate relationship management in a hiring slowdown

Your relationship with candidates shouldn’t take a hit just because you’ve stopped hiring. Greenhouse Associate Recruiter Generi Talens provides helpful advice for providing a stellar candidate experience – no matter your company's hiring status.

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An introduction to Jamie Adasi, Greenhouse’s first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We should all strive to improve our emotional agility – And if leaders want to stay competitive in attracting and retaining top talent, they must create an environment where people feel inspired and motivated to build their careers. Jamie Adasi, Greenhouse’s first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, shares her perspective on DE&I processes and solutions, as well as her goals and vision for Greenhouse.


In a virtual working world, these talent leaders provide human connection

As talent teams embrace virtual working, learn how Greenhouse, Glassdoor, Niantic and WillowTree ensure their communication with candidates stays human.


Get inspired by these 15 awesome career pages

Think of your career page as the first opportunity for candidates to visualize their future with you. Is your company a place where they could see themselves thriving and growing? The more detailed information you give on your career page, the easier it is for candidates to make that mental leap. What exactly does this look like in practice? We’ve curated 15 awesome career pages to give you some inspiration and ideas to try out. 

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4 considerations for recruiters when hiring slows down

Recruiters have always been able to embrace agility within dynamic circumstances – from last-minute schedule changes to candidate pipeline fluctuations. But what about when hiring slows down, or even temporarily stops? Our recent webinar, Recruiter ​agility​: Building a solid foundation when you’re not hiring​, revealed how you and your team can continue adding value to your organization, even when your hiring plans have changed.