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Growing in the Greenhouse: Spotlight on Recruiting Coordinator, AJ Biggers

Recruiting Coordinators are the unsung heroes of the recruiting world. They work tirelessly to make sure candidates and interviewers show up at the right place at the right time. They balance busy schedules and navigate different departments’ priorities. And in the case of Greenhouse Recruiting Coordinator AJ Biggers, they do it with an infectiously positive attitude.

Did AJ Biggers always know he wanted to be a recruiter? Nope. His path to this field was a little circuitous. Like a lot of liberal arts students, AJ wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do after he graduated. But his first job out of college, working in his school’s career center, helped him realize how much he loved working with people and helping them find their dream jobs (or at least “jobs that they really liked” for those realists amongst us). We caught up with AJ to learn more about his career journey, his path to Greenhouse, and his role as a recruiting coordinator.

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What’s Data Got to Do with it? Sourcing Prospective Candidates

As a recruiter, sourcing is arguably one of the most important activities you’ll do, especially if you’re working for a newer company without an established employer brand. There are a few reasons sourced candidates tend to perform better in interviews than direct applicants:

1) The best job candidates are often already employed and fall into the pool of those who need to be sourced and 2) sourcing means you’re pre-screening potential candidates to ensure they meet an ideal set of qualifications. Plus, sourcing allows you to prioritize diversity and inclusion and intentionally prospect from talent pools with diverse backgrounds.

But how do you know whether your sourcing efforts are paying off? There are a few ways that you can measure this. We caught up with Greenhouse Senior Recruiter Ariana Moon to learn how the Greenhouse Recruiting team uses data and analytics to understand the success of its sourcing efforts.

Keep reading to learn some of the data points you’ll want to collect, as well as a few specific reports you can pull within Greenhouse.

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