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Why structured hiring is key to Datadog’s successful global expansion

Greenhouse recently held a webinar exploring how our customer Datadog uses consistent, structured hiring to fuel their global expansion, hosted in partnership with Crosschq and Starred. The event…

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7 strategies for effective international recruiting

With the competition for talent getting even tougher, more and more companies are seeing the need to open up their hiring strategies internationally. But there are subtle differences when it comes…

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How the City of Fort Worth chose Greenhouse to create a successful data-driven hiring process

Neena Kovuru, Assistant Director of HR at the City of Fort Worth, reveals how she chose Greenhouse and is using it to create a data-driven hiring process that helps attract and retain great talent.

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Join the Talent Makers at Greenhouse Open Forum to learn how to make hiring a competitive advantage

Your favorite hiring conference is going virtual. Join us for Greenhouse Open Forum, coming soon to a screen near you – free for all attendees. Here’s what you can expect at the first event of Open Forum 2021: Join the Talent Makers on May 4.

Article, Industry news, Structured hiring

How Greenhouse Services provide enterprise companies with customized guidance for hiring success

We’ve expanded Greenhouse Services solutions with new additional offerings, like consulting and designing hiring solutions for enterprise customers. Find out how we can help you optimize your entire recruiting process.

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Women's History Month: How to prioritize intersectional inclusion in the workplace

Every year, March is designated as Women’s History Month. This is a time to celebrate the achievements and struggles of women fighting for their rights and for the rights of underrepresented groups. It feels particularly poignant this year because of the impact of the pandemic and how it is threatening decades of progress for women in the workplace.

Article, DE&I

Understanding the science of hiring bias (and how to overcome it)

Want to make better hiring decisions? If your answer is yes (and we certainly hope it is), it’s time to make an honest and critical assessment of bias. When you understand all the ways bias can creep into your hiring decisions, you can make changes that will limit its effects. Not sure how to do that? We’re here to help.

Article, Recruiting metrics

Toast tackles recruiting data storytelling with Greenhouse Report Builder

Whether you’ve ordered a latte online, picked up some tamales at your local farmers market or settled up after a round of beers at your favorite brewery, chances are you’ve interacted with one of Toast’s online ordering or point of sale solutions. Here's how Toast uses Greenhouse Report Builder to achieve talent acquisition success.