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How to build a strategic sourcing strategy

Finding and hiring the right people has never been more important than in today’s competitive talent market. When it comes to sourcing candidates, having a strategic sourcing strategy enables you to expand your search, discover quality candidates and create a strong talent pipeline. In this blog, we’ll explore three key sourcing strategies to help you build and optimize your candidate sourcing approach.

Article, Hiring tech stack

How to future-proof your tech stack with the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud

At the 2022 HRTech conference, the Greenhouse team joined WorkTech Founder and Principal Analyst George LaRocque on stage at the Partnership Summit to share what we’ve learned from building and scaling a category-leading integration partner ecosystem.

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Company catfishing – new Greenhouse data shows candidates are swiping left on employer interview processes

We’re revealing the latest findings of our pulse survey from the Candidate interview and employer brand report.

Article, Hiring tech stack, Industry news

Streamline your hiring process with the new Greenhouse and Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR integration

We’re excited to announce support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, seamlessly integrated into Greenhouse Recruiting to streamline the hiring process.

Article, Recruiter tips

Betting on recruiters: How to avoid burnout

With the ebbs and flows of the economy, and still a record high number of open jobs, recruiters are working around the clock to fill open requisitions and hire talented people. And many have been feeling the pressure, becoming overworked and depleted. Here are a few tips to learn how to avoid recruiter burnout.

Article, DE&I, Hiring tech stack

How machine learning can tackle key recruiting problems

In a revealing session at Greenhouse Open 2022, learn how machine learning can be used help tackle recruiting issues and hear Greenhouse’s take on the potential benefits, risks and approaches.

Article, Industry news, Recruiting metrics

Recruitonomics: How to boost your recruiting strategy with labor market data

In his Open session, “Recruitonomics: How understanding and applying labor market data is critical to compete effectively,” Appcast's Labor Economist Andrew Flowers takes us through the “Recruitonomics” framework and the impacts of the economy and the pandemic on hiring.

Article, Distributed hiring & work

How today’s talent trends are shaping hiring on a global scale

If you’re confused by recent economic shifts and what they mean for hiring, you’re not alone. We’re seeing a skyrocketing number of open jobs at the same time as reports of slowing growth and high-profile layoffs. If these apparent contradictions are leaving even economists stumped, how can you make sense of them as a talent professional? Greenhouse recently partnered with HiBob to explore what’s happening in the global talent market today and how that’s likely to inform your hiring for the rest of the year and beyond. Explore some of the highlights from their conversation here.