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Article, Talent operations

Optimize and streamline: Build teams with a focus on clarity, security and compliance

Through a few basic adjustments to your hiring workflow and system configurations, you can ensure your hiring team is well-positioned to engage candidates thoughtfully and easily and bring in the right talent at the right time. Here's how.


Optimize and streamline: Structure workflows for data-driven outcomes

Measuring your hiring efforts relies on the data you gather throughout your entire recruiting process. Having structured workflows will make it easier to report on performance metrics, keep stakeholders informed and maintain data integrity. Optimizing your data quality can be a huge lift. Here’s some guidance to help you get started.


Optimize and streamline: Structure your hiring process for efficiency

Whether you're new to structured hiring or your process could use some fine-tuning, we know that optimizing your hiring process can seem overwhelming. We’ve organized this process into three actionable steps so you can quickly build the structure you need to increase your team’s hiring efficiency.

Article, Recruiter tips

Saving time, making time: Introducing the new scheduler in Greenhouse

In the nuanced and fast-paced world of hiring, even seemingly small changes can make a big impact. Here's how the new scheduler in Greenhouse can help.

Article, Talent operations

The GDPR checklist for HR professionals

In this post, we’ll cover a quick overview of the regulation, outline a few scenarios for you to consider and make some recommendations to help you plan how to keep your hiring process GDPR compliant.


How Talent Makers champion DE&I

In this article, we explore a few ways that Talent Makers – from talent leaders, to talent magnets, to talent partners – can boost diversity, equity and inclusion in their hiring strategies.

Article, Distributed hiring

Boosting work from home productivity: Part 2 – Ideas for managers

When managed well, distributed teams can operate with the same productivity, purpose and potential as co-located teams. In the first part of this series, we shared tips on how your team can structure and plan for success. Now, we’ll share a few additional ways to kickstart productivity on your remote teams.

Article, DE&I, Recruiter tips

Tips for staying inclusive when using Auto-Advance in Greenhouse

Our own Auto-Advance feature in application review gives users the ability to set criteria that will automatically progress candidates from application review to any future stage of the interview process. Learn how to stay inclusive in this process.