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Article, Onboarding

How UK-based company Cutover onboarded over 75% of employees remotely

More and more employees starting jobs remotely means that hiring managers and people teams need to be much more intentional about creating a welcoming experience for new hires. Here's how to do it effectively.

Article, Candidate experience

Enhance the candidate experience with Greenhouse’s new candidate self-scheduling feature

We are excited to introduce candidate self-scheduling, a more efficient scheduling tool available directly through Greenhouse Recruiting. Find out how this new feature enhances the interview experience, saves both candidates and hiring teams time and accelerates the hiring process.

Article, Recruiting metrics, Talent operations

Drive efficiency and improve accountability with the new Greenhouse report dashboards

Our dashboards offer users an at-a-glance view of the most important core metrics and trends associated with offers and hires, recruiting efficiency, sourcing and pipeline health.

Article, Employer brand

New employee stories can boost your employer brand in a remote world

More team members are working remotely and more candidates are seeking remote-first positions. And with these changing times, employer branding and methods of creating employer brand content are changing, too.

Article, Candidate sourcing

Why we’re excited about acquiring Interseller

Today we welcome Interseller to Greenhouse. We acquired Interseller’s sourcing automation technology to give our customers the ability to do their talent sourcing from within Greenhouse. With this addition Greenhouse, long known for being the leader in structured interviewing, will now also lead in outbound sourcing and CRM.

Article, Industry news

Mission-driven and ready for what’s next

At Greenhouse, we're continuously focused on realizing our mission to help companies become great at hiring and reducing bias in the process. Thanks to that focus, we've achieved over $110M in annual recurring revenue this year.

Article, Distributed hiring & work

6 key insights from the Resources for Humans Virtual Conference 2021

Do we all possess the capacity to lead with empathy? We explored this topic during the Lattice Resources for Humans Virtual Conference which brought together over 40,000 HR professionals to learn from over 40 industry leaders and professionals, including Serena Williams and Adam Grant. Catch the highlights here.

Article, DE&I, Distributed hiring & work

How Manara is unlocking an untapped pool of women software engineers from the Middle East

The rapidly growing talent base in the Middle East and North Africa represents a big opportunity for global tech companies. Find out how in this article by this social impact startup backed by Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors – Manara.