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Boosting work from home productivity: Part 1 – Structure for success

When managed well, distributed teams can operate with the same productivity, purpose, and potential as colocated teams. In this two-part series, we’ll share a few best practices to help you cultivate productivity for yourself and your remote team, starting with the basics – structuring for success.

Article, Distributed hiring, Onboarding

3 essential tips for creating a virtual onboarding program

Whether you’re actively hiring or plan to hire soon, your hires will all need a quality virtual onboarding program when the time comes. We’ve made it easy to engage and support your new hires by identifying three areas of focus. Learn more here.

Article, Distributed hiring, Hiring tech stack

6 remote hiring tips for tech roles

Things aren’t always easy when it comes to remote hiring for tech roles. HackerEarth provides these 6 tips for success.

Article, Structured hiring, Talent operations

Optimizing the hiring process: How Talkdesk climbed the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity Curve (part one)

Learn how cloud-based company Talkdesk moved from the bottom of the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve to the very top in just one year.

Article, Distributed hiring

Stay agile in a distributed world with Greenhouse’s new integration with Zoom

Working remotely, adapting to a distributed company culture and implementing an all-virtual candidate experience have seismically shifted the way that organizations around the world approach recruiting and hiring. In order to help hiring teams manage these new challenges more seamlessly, we’ve launched two exciting updates in Greenhouse.

Article, Recruiting metrics, Structured hiring

Here’s how leverages recruitment analytics to put people first

Learn how Greenhouse customer elevates the human side of hiring by using a data-driven mindset and recruitment analytics.


How to reduce bias when automating a high volume of applications

Using auto-reject criteria during application review can bring greater efficiency to the top of your candidate funnel, but it can also bring the risk of negatively impacting applicants from underrepresented groups. Here's how to reduce that bias.

Article, DE&I

The people of Greenhouse: Meet Emmett

In our new People of Greenhouse content series, we’d like to reflect inward and highlight our diverse group of employees who not only make Greenhouse unique, but essentially who we are. We’d love for you to get to know Greenhouse Employee Experience Coordinator – and the glue that holds Greenhouse’s positive culture together both in person and virtually – Emmett Herrick.