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Article, Distributed hiring

What hiring looks like right now: Best practices from Hipcamp, Sonder and Greenhouse

The world of recruiting is always in flux. Companies grow and contract, and hiring needs shift as a result. But at this exact moment, most of us are facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. In…

Article, Distributed hiring

When hiring slows down, you don’t have to: A recruiter’s guide to adapting

As we adapt to rapid changes in the economy and uncertainty in the world around us, many companies are making critical pivots to their business strategies. If you’re a recruiter, you might find that…

Article, Distributed hiring

Your guide to distributed hiring and remote working in 2020

With the majority of companies expanding their distributed work models in 2020, it’s more important than ever for companies to create processes and set expectations to reach their business goals…

Article, Talent strategy

What is talent management?

Consider every touchpoint that a candidate has with your company, from their initial application and interview process to receiving an offer, going through onboarding and being promoted. Taking this…

Article, Hiring tech stack

News: Greenhouse is Textio’s first ATS integration

Customers of both Greenhouse and Textio can now seamlessly get Textio’s data-powered language insights directly within Greenhouse to make creating and publishing job descriptions easier, smarter and…

Article, Distributed hiring

A helpful guide for managing remote teams

Whether you’re just getting used to a new work-from-home norm or are already well versed in the distributed lifestyle, being a good manager to those who aren’t physically around you can be a…

Article, Distributed hiring

Best practices for interactive remote interviews

As the world moves toward increased virtual interaction with candidates, there are a number of considerations that must be addressed. First, it’s important to make sure your team has the tools,…

Article, Structured hiring

The hiring mindset series: How to implement candidate scorecard adoption

If you’re familiar with the idea of structured hiring, you’re likely also aware of the vital role it plays on the path to talent success. If you’re new to the idea, structured hiring is an approach…