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Uncovering Key Candidate Motivations On Your Phone Screens

Hired Min

Matt Hughes is Hired’s Head of Talent. For more from Matt and the rest of the team over at Hired, subscribe to their recruiting blog.

As soon as you get on the phone with a candidate, there’s a prescribed catalog of what you’re supposed to uncover. Comp expectations, reasons for taking the call, current responsibilities and their relevance to the open role, the list goes on. These tidbits are largely aimed at determining how close of a fit your candidate is, and whether they should continue to an onsite for future evaluation. While this is often the first box you have to check if you’re hoping to pull off a successful phone screen, it doesn’t tell the entire story, and you could be setting your team up for wasted time spent interviewing.

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A Hiring Manager's Perspective: Synergizing With Recruiters

Pawel Rzymkiewicz Head Of Engineering @ Codility

VP of Engineering @Codility, Paweł loves working with teams on process improvement and facilitating great communication. He has in-depth knowledge about agile processes and techniques, and an intuitive feeling about how to apply these techniques in teams.

Recently I had the opportunity to co-host a webinar focused on creating effective partnerships between recruiters and hiring managers. I teamed up with Ariana Moon, a Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse, to discuss ways to establish this alignment and build that synergistic working relationship.

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How to Optimize Outbound Recruiting for Sustainable Talent Pools

Britt Ryan Square Min

Britt Ryan is the Head of Recruiting at Entelo, where she spearheads the company's strategies to attract, engage, and hire the best talent. She has previously held recruiting leadership roles at Lithium Technologies, Salesforce, VISA and several other leading companies.

The talent market is more competitive than ever. In the past year, the U.S. unemployment rate went from 5.3 percent to 4.9 percent—and the number of employed individuals rose by nearly 60 thousand (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is great news for the U.S. economy, however, it’s a challenge to talent acquisition professionals trying to convince happily employed people to make a change. Where to begin? Make sure you have an optimized, and healthy pipeline of candidates from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Here are six ways to optimize your outbound recruiting, to build sustainable sources of talent.

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New eBook: How a Talent CRM Will Help You Win at Hiring

Ariana Moon Headshot 2

Ariana Moon is a Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse—and a proud one at that! She partners with hiring managers across all teams at Greenhouse to learn what they do and help them hire the best people for their teams. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to Latin dancing and loves exploring her physical limits almost as much as she loves eating sweets.

Last week, our co-founder and president announced the launch of Greenhouse CRM, which allows you to focus on what really matters: building and maintaining relationships at scale.

Taking a few steps back, we also want to provide recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition professionals with helpful information on the evolution of CRMs, why they’re useful, and best practices for using them. 

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4 Tips: How to Recruit and Hire the Right Remote Workers

Jen Mc Kenzie

Jen McKenzie is a freelance writer from New York, NY. She is fascinated by all things having to do with words, business, education and cutting-edge. When Jennifer is not busy writing, she enjoys taking long walks and spending time with her two pets Brando & Marlon. You can reach Jennifer on Twitter @jenmcknzie.

Technological advances have enabled workers in many fields to complete their daily tasks from any location where they have an Internet connection. There is no longer a need to be tethered to or bound by a traditional office space. With the number of remote workers rising, you may be thinking about taking advantage of the benefits associated with hiring a remote worker yourself. When you hire remote workers, you can expand your search for qualified talent to all corners of the world. Remote workers may also be more productive and require less overhead. 

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New eBook: Does Your HR Tech Stack Stack Up?

In the $15 billion dollar HR tech industry, new startups are constantly reinventing HR as we know it. It seems like there’s a new solution popping up practically every day. If you’re like us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pressured to keep up with the latest and greatest. After all, no one wants to stay stuck in the past or rely on outdated tools, especially when modern technology contributes to business success. And according to Josh Bersin, ten years ago might as well be the Stone Age.

“The types of technology used, the experiences they deliver, and the underlying designs are new. And even more importantly, the way we manage people in companies has changed, making many of the traditional HR systems purchased only a decade ago seem out of date.” - Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

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Twitter Takeaways from Glassdoor Recruit 2017

English Taylor

English Taylor is a Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse where she gets to write and share stories about recruiting every day. Her favorite part of the job is connecting with Greenhouse customers. English has experience working as a copywriter and content strategist at startups, advertising agencies, and media companies. Want to talk Greenhouse or grammar (ideally both at the same time)? Connect with English on LinkedIn

The Greenhouse Team just wrapped up at Glassdoor Recruit 2017 in Chicago! In case you weren’t able to make it to the Windy City for the event, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our top Glassdoor Recruit takeaways, captured via Twitter, about recruiting and retaining informed candidates:

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Strengthen Your Talent Community With Personalization

Laura Yipit

Laura Rottingen is the Recruitment Manager at YipitData, which analyzes web data to provide KPI estimates and answer key questions for investors. She partners with Hiring Managers across all departments to help them optimize hiring processes and ensure high quality hires. Outside of work, she loves to read, cook and travel. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Google “employer branding” and you’ll find an endless list of articles on the shift to a candidate-driven market and why it’s crucial to attracting top talent. What the articles won’t say: The impression you’re creating isn’t the end of the game. No amount of amazing marketing will make a product successful if the user experience doesn’t follow through. When I think about building a strong talent community, I think about personalizing the experience a potential candidate has with our interview process and within our company.

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The Launch of Greenhouse CRM: A Message from Greenhouse’s Cofounder

Jon Stross

Jon Stross is President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse. At Greenhouse, Jon drives the product strategy and works closely with customers and partners to build a platform that improves recruiting performance. Before founding Greenhouse, Jon served as the GM for and was responsible for the global rollout of the business.

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of Greenhouse CRM, which allows you to build your most valuable asset: your talent network.

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