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New eBook: 3 D&I Strategies from Lyft's Talent Team

English Taylor

English Taylor is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. Her favorite part of working with Greenhouse is getting to connect with employees and customers. English has experience working as a copywriter and content strategist at startups, advertising agencies, and media companies. Want to talk Greenhouse or grammar (ideally both at the same time)? Connect with English on LinkedIn

According to McKinsey, diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform homogeneous ones. Additionally, Harvard Business Review states that diverse organizations are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

Besides being the right thing to do, establishing diverse and inclusive workplaces has tremendous business ROI. Recruiters are on the frontlines of diversity and inclusion, yet in order for them to have long-term impact, they must be a company-wide effort. As a talent professional, how do you go about conducting a company-wide concert focused on diversity and inclusion?

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Creating a Dynamic Headcount Plan

Maia Josebachvili

Maia Josebachvili is VP of Marketing at Greenhouse. Maia has a decade of experience building and scaling teams. She was the Founder & CEO of Urban Escapes where she was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30. She later sold the company to LivingSocial and went on to run several business units there, hiring and managing a team of 800 full and part-time employees across the country. In a previous life chapter, Maia was a professional skydiver with 750+ jumps. Follow her on Twitter.

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen in our industry over the last few years is the shift towards a more strategic and consultative Talent Acquisition function.

In most businesses, the biggest impact on the bottom line is human capital. Headcount is often the #1 biggest line item in the budget and also the biggest driver of a company’s success. This creates an incredible opportunity for recruiters to have a meaningful impact on the business. More and more, I’ve seen recruiters take on consultative roles with their executives to maximize their organization’s investment in human capital.

A great example of this can be seen during headcount planning. Rather than simply filling a list of open jobs, as a member of a new People team, recruiters are taking a strategic approach to hiring and headcount planning.

One tool that can help you make educated recommendations on which hires need to be made—and when—is the dynamic headcount plan. In this post I’d like to share a framework we use here at Greenhouse for how you can create a dynamic headcount plan for your organization.

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The Launch of Greenhouse Events App: A Message from Greenhouse’s Co-founder

Jon Stross

              Jon Stross is President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse. At Greenhouse, Jon drives the product strategy and works closely with customers and partners to build a platform that improves recruiting performance. Before founding Greenhouse, Jon served as the GM for and was responsible for the global rollout of the business.

Hot on the heels of the release of Greenhouse CRM,  I’m excited to announce the launch of Greenhouse Events App, a companion to the CRM.

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Why a Data-Driven Recruiting Solution is Critical for a Strong Candidate Experience

Katie Di Cioccio Headshot

Katie Di Cioccio is a Recruiter for Greenhouse where she manages the recruiting process for high-volume entry- and mid-level roles across both operational and technical teams. Given the thousands of candidates she’s interacted with since joining Greenhouse in 2015, it’s safe to say that she’s a seasoned professional in delivering top-notch candidate experience.

Greenhouse was recently named a Top 5 Applicant Tracking System by GetApp. We’re thrilled to be recognized this way—we believe our focus on creating an exceptional candidate experience by using data in our recruiting process sets us apart. Here’s how we do it.

One of our six main culture attributes at Greenhouse is being “customer focused.” Although I realize that some of our customers may be reading this post (hi there!), as a recruiter, I have very few interactions with Greenhouse customers on a daily basis. But what I’ve done, along with the rest of the Recruiting team, is interpret our candidates as our “customers.”

We all know the age-old saying, “The customer is always right,” but unfortunately, not every candidate is going to be the right fit for the job. So how do you provide a top-notch candidate experience to every professional you engage with, knowing only a few of them will ultimately be hired?

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The 5 Modern HR Innovations Improving the Employee Lifecycle

Casey Headshot

Casey Marshall is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Greenhouse. She teams up with Greenhouse partners and customers to tell a story and share insights into ways companies can improve their recruiting. She loves that this job allows her to build relationships with thought leaders and showcase how innovative companies are changing their recruiting approach. Connect with Casey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

As a people-person, you are committed to your employees. The ultimate goal is to hire top talent and keep that talent engaged. If you’re recognizing areas in the employee lifecycle that need improvement or perhaps you’re seeing top talent leave your company, you’re not alone. Most (if not all companies) are trying to improve their employee lifecycle. What we do know is that the employees we have are everything. But what we don’t always have the answers to is how to keep these employees at our organizations.

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4 Reasons to Reach Back Out to Previously Considered Candidates

A recruiter’s best resource is their talent community. Why start a new search from scratch if you already have a network of talent right at your fingertips? Candidates who have previously gone through the interview process and did well are a fantastic place to start. Here are 4 reasons you should consider reaching back out to them when a new role opens up.  

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Uncovering Key Candidate Motivations On Your Phone Screens

Hired Min

Matt Hughes is Hired’s Head of Talent. For more from Matt and the rest of the team over at Hired, subscribe to their recruiting blog.

As soon as you get on the phone with a candidate, there’s a prescribed catalog of what you’re supposed to uncover. Comp expectations, reasons for taking the call, current responsibilities and their relevance to the open role, the list goes on. These tidbits are largely aimed at determining how close of a fit your candidate is, and whether they should continue to an onsite for future evaluation. While this is often the first box you have to check if you’re hoping to pull off a successful phone screen, it doesn’t tell the entire story, and you could be setting your team up for wasted time spent interviewing.

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A Hiring Manager's Perspective: Synergizing With Recruiters

Pawel Rzymkiewicz Head Of Engineering @ Codility

VP of Engineering @Codility, Paweł loves working with teams on process improvement and facilitating great communication. He has in-depth knowledge about agile processes and techniques, and an intuitive feeling about how to apply these techniques in teams.

Recently I had the opportunity to co-host a webinar focused on creating effective partnerships between recruiters and hiring managers. I teamed up with Ariana Moon, a Senior Recruiter at Greenhouse, to discuss ways to establish this alignment and build that synergistic working relationship.

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