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Six Tips for Employers to Attract the Mobile Millennial

Lewis Lustman

Lewis Lustman, Content Marketing Manager for HireRight, has worked in virtually all facets of marketing during the past twenty-five years, including stints in advertising and public relations firms. He’s also worked as a journalist for Los Angeles Magazine the Los Angeles Times, and numerous other publications. When not creating content for HireRight, Lustman sings and plays guitar in a couple of Southern California-based bands.

The unrelenting proliferation of technology suggests that hiring managers, recruiters, and background check companies need to become more technically savvy for a variety of reasons. A principal one among them may be that doing so is crucial for reaching and attracting the Millennial generation.

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The Real Impact of Successful Talent Referrals

Nathalie Rogers

Nathalie is responsible for content development, blogging, and social media at Firstbird. A marketing professional with experience across a number of different European markets and a wide range of sectors including music, fashion, and luxury travel industries. In her free time, Nathalie blogs about travel, food, and style.

How willing are you to change the way you reach out to talent, to increase not only your success hire rate but also your staff retention? A decade ago, that was the million dollar question, asked by companies who were looking to hire high-end candidates through the expensive and—most often than not—disappointing services of recruiting companies.

Today, with the advancement of technology, companies—independent of size—are relying heavily on their technological resources to reach out to candidates. However, despite having potential accessibility to a vast pool of talent, nearly two-thirds of employers prefer to use the more conventional hiring routes such as job boards, external recruiters and their company website.

How about the remaining one-third of employers? How do they manage their hiring process and how successful are they in recruiting top talent for their companies?

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Increasing Recruiting Efficiency with AI

Deepti Yenireddy

Deepti Yenireddy is the Founder & CEO of My Ally, a startup that is at the forefront of the AI recruiting revolution. Deepti believes in building human-centric artificial intelligence that will automate and digitize complex workflows for professionals. My Ally aids recruiting teams around the globe reclaim countless hours otherwise spent on mundane tasks like scheduling and coordinating interviews.

Today, we all use technology to manage our lives. We use various apps each day that help us connect to the rest of the world, keep track of our fitness and health, find a recipe to cook something special, find a doctor, the list goes on. But, when it comes to worklife, we’re often discouraged from depending on cutting-edge technology. Even after the latest artificial intelligence (AI) boom, stakeholders are hesitant to deploy AI into the process—specifically in recruitment.

One of the fears expressed by human resources (HR) and recruiting professionals is that AI will take away the ‘human’ from human resources. It is high time we look at the advantages that AI brings by taking care of time-consuming, routine tasks that recruiting professionals encounter on an everyday basis.

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How HR Can Become Agile with Retrospectives

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson is a Technical Lead on the Product Engineering Team at Greenhouse. He leads a team tackling the performance and scalability issues that are a sign of success in the startup world. He has equal passion for creating the right technical solution and building effective, happy teams.

There are many practices the Greenhouse Engineering team has used to become healthy and high performing. But if I had to choose just one to impart to another team, it would be the Retrospective. It’s easy for a People Team to adopt and it’s the one process that can improve all your other practices.

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Interview Training 101

Jacqui Maguire Headshot

Jacqui Maguire is Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse. She enjoys working on a team that is as passionate about structured recruiting and eliminating bias in hiring as she is. Jacqui discovered her passion for working with people while working in various roles in the hospitality industry. When she’s not partnering with hiring managers and candidates to find their next great match, she can be found cooking, baking, or hanging out with her dog, a slobbery boxer-mutt named Mo.

A common question I’m asked by colleagues in Recruiting, Human Resources, and People Operations is: How do you actually do interview training?

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Is travel overlooked in your candidate experience?

Brandon Pana

Brandon collaborates with world-class recruiting teams as an Account Manager at Pana. Pana is a travel agency for the 21st century, and their chat-based travel concierge won the 2016 TUMIxWired Innovation in Travel Awards. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and serves as a Venture for America Fellow in Denver, CO. Say hey to Brandon on LinkedIn.

By the time you’ve decided to fly someone out for an onsite interview, that candidate may be the most valuable person in your entire pipeline.  

Here’s why.

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Featured Image Greenhouse

Ensuring SaaS Data Security with SOC 2 Reports

The Cloud has reshaped the way even the largest companies manage the recruiting process. And as software-as-a-service (SaaS) becomes an increasingly accepted standard, the pressure is on businesses to ensure that vendors have security controls in place to protect the highly-sensitive data these platforms store.   

As a recruiter, each day you’re collecting personally identifiable information like names, addresses and social security numbers, as well as salaries, offer letters and comments on interviewees. If this information made its way into the wrong hands it could be damaging to your company, your candidates and your employees.

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You have the Power (and responsibility) for Building a Diverse Workforce

Ilit Raz Joonko Min

Ilit, the Co-founder and CEO of Joonko, has 14 years of experience working in various product management and team leadership positions (7 years in startups and seven years in highly-regarded IDF intelligence unit). She has a Computer Science degree and an Executive MBA. 

In early 2016, after 13 years as a woman in tech and experiencing unconscious, and conscious, bias - she decided to change the way people work. That's when she founded Joonko (Techstars '16, Salesforce Incubator '17) - the first AI-powered diversity and inclusion coach for companies, which can identify and solve unconscious bias in real-time.

Recruiting and HR Managers have (probably) the best conditions to impact their company’s chances of achieving diversity, and they must do something with it.

Diversity isn’t the responsibility of one individual, not even one team. Diversity leaders are, in fact, the flag-bearers, and have to deal with the daily difficulties (we referred to them as modern-day Sisyphus in one of our blog posts) of mobilizing action for change, but just as diversity is a business problem (and also a business solution), so too is the responsibility which lies with other people in the company. And so is their capacity to affect change.

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Consider these 3 things when Accessing New Technology to Recruit Top Talent

Casey Headshot

Casey Marshall is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Greenhouse. She teams up with Greenhouse partners and customers to tell a story and share insights into ways companies can improve their recruiting. She loves that this job allows her to build relationships with thought leaders and showcase how innovative companies are changing their recruiting approach. Connect with Casey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In an age where companies are competing to deliver you the best and brightest technology, it’s not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed. Not only can contacting the long list of potential vendors be time consuming, but there’s also a risk that the technology you finally choose isn’t adopted by the entire organization or falls short of what is expected. Behind every company is its people, so it should come to no surprise that the technology recruiters use should be a serious investment.  

In our latest Hiring Hacks webinar, we invited Olivia Melman, Recruiting Operations Manager at DigitalOcean and Rusty Lindquist, VP of Thought Leadership at BambooHR to break down what recruiters and HR leaders need to look for when considering new technology.

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