2017 HR Influencers

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day and tactical components of your role, especially when you work in HR and spend a lot of time fielding requests and helping others. But it’s essential to be inspired by others in the industry. Dedicating time to learning from industry thought leaders and following them helps set you up for success now and as you continue to grow in your career. Read on for our list of 2017 HR Influencers!

Take a look into the People people that are making waves, especially this year! These trail blazers continue to challenge and push the new world of work forward; evident from their social platforms and various blog posts, books, and articles.

The Greenhouse list of 2017 HR influencers

Claire Schooley, @Schoolcw

Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Claire has been at the forefront of strategic talent management, consistently covering the latest in HR. 

2017 HR Influencers

Joelle Emerson, @joelle_emerson

CEO of Paradigm

Joelle is a pioneer in the field of diversity and inclusion. Her company, Paradigm, is making a huge impact by partnering with innovative companies to build stronger, more inclusive organizations.

2017 HR Influencers 2

Josh Bersin, @Josh_Bersin

Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte

Bersin by Deloitte is one of the leading providers of research-based insights and benchmarking on all things HR. Josh is definitively known as one of the most influential people in the space, is a Forbes contributor, and earlier in the year led an online webinar—HR 2017: Bersin by Deloitte Predictions for the Year Ahead. Josh also maintains his own blog on “Work, Talent, Learning, Leadership, and HR Technology” (pictured below).

2017 HR Influencers 3

Kathryn Minshew, @kmin

CEO and Co-founder of The Muse

Kathryn is a talented entrepreneur who created a business around a new and rising field that employers need to keep top of mind to succeed: talent marketing. She was highlighted on the Greenhouse Blog following an OPEN Series event that featured her tips and tricks for successful scaling and released her very first book, The New Rules of Work, in April.

2017 HR Influencers 4

Lars Schmidt, @Lars

Founder of Amplify and Co-founder of HROS

Lars has been a pioneer in the space of talent branding for years. Most recently, he’s been pushing the industry forward by founding HROS, a knowledge-sharing community bringing open source learning approaches to the global field of HR and recruiting.

2017 HR Influencers 5

Laszlo Bock, @laszlobock

Former SVP of People Ops at Google and Author of Work Rules!

Laszlo is one of the top thought leaders in the space of People Operations and will be speaking at SHRM 17 set to take place in New Orleans this June. His best-selling book has helped companies around the world become more forward thinking and strategic in their People practices.

2017 HR Influencers 6

Laurie Ruettimann, @lruettimann

Founder of LFR and GlitchPath

Laurie has established herself as an HR influencer for 2017 and beyond. Her ideas are constantly on the cutting edge and always seem to be relevant and easily relatable in the quickly changing world of work. We love her blog post, The Current State and Future State of HR.  

2017 HR Influencers 7

Marcus Buckingham, @mwbuckingham

Founder at Marcus Buckingham Company & previously SVP at the Gallup Organization

Marcus has been at the forefront of the charge to reinvent traditional performance management. His work is centered around strengths-focused conversations and improving the quality of performance data (see his work with Deloitte here).

2017 HR Influencers 8

Stacy Zapar, @StacyZapar

Founder of Tenfold and The Talent Agency

Our team continues to learn from Stacy's sourcing tricks and tips about employer branding and social recruiting. She has many years of experience with Fortune 500 tech companies and additional consulting experience with companies of all stages and sizes.

2017 HR Influencers 9

Tim Sackett, @TimSackett

President at HRU Technical Resources

Tim has one of the most popular (and funny) HR blogs out there and recently published an article The Biggest HR and TA Questions for 2017. He serves on the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals board and is currently Chief Storyteller of the HR blog Fistful of Talent.

2017 HR Influencers 10

The great thing about these 2017 HR influencers is that everyone is active online in various formats and channels, so it’s easy to continually learn from them and their practices. 

Do you admire an influencer in the space who’s not on this list? Leave a note in the comments to let us know your picks for 2017 HR influencers. We’d love to hear from you!

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