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In 2013, we introduced Greenhouse, a software that optimizes your organization’s recruiting and works to solve your challenges as a recruiter. Our customers have taken advantage of our interview kits, scorecards, and analytics, helping them create a structured hiring process, provide a seamless candidate experience, make stronger hires, and achieve higher recruiting ROI. Overall, we’ve helped our customers replace “gut-feel” hiring decisions with data-driven hiring decisions—enabling them to make the right hire the first time around, time and time again.

Just like wanting to recruit talent the right way, we realized that these same organizations are going to want to onboard their new hires the right way. Onboarding is a natural progression from recruiting and hiring. With this in consideration, we acquired onboarding software company Parklet with the goal of synchronizing the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding functions into one cohesive program.

We’ve spent the past few months integrating Parklet with Greenhouse, and today, at Greenhouse Open, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Greenhouse Onboarding!


For those companies that see the benefit that structured recruiting brings to their organization—whether it’s soaring productivity, a vibrant culture, or a diverse & inclusive workplace—they’re also going to be seeking a similar positive effect in the onboarding of their new hires. This is where Greenhouse Onboarding comes in, serving to inspire employee engagement in the organization by providing employees with everything they need to be successful from day one.

With Greenhouse Onboarding, companies can:

  • automatically craft a personalized and up-to-date preboarding experience for every new hire, helping to prepare them for their first day

  • manage all of their onboarding and offboarding tasks and communication across departments, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks

  • seamlessly collect all of their new hire data and forms in one place

But wait, there’s more! We've discovered through our own data that companies that have optimized both their recruiting and onboarding (as opposed to just their recruiting) have employees that are more likely to be engaged and refer a friend to the company—50% more likely in the first 90 days, in fact! Proper onboarding really does make a difference for the long-term health of the company, as we know that referred employees are the #1 source of new hire quality, showing higher retention rates and producing higher profits and performance.

Clearly, structured onboarding is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’re excited for you to experience Greenhouse Onboarding! Click the button below for more information.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Jon Stross

Jon Stross

is President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse. At Greenhouse, Jon drives the product strategy and works closely with customers and partners to build a platform that improves recruiting performance. Before founding Greenhouse, Jon served as the GM for and was responsible for the global rollout of the business.