Prepare for Launch: How 3 Teams Rolled Out Greenhouse to their Companies

D2LLaunchRecruiting and hiring are definitely team sports, and having your whole company involved in the process can be crucial for success.  With referral candidates typically costing less, performing better, and staying longer, and with social media being a great way to build a talent brand, getting the whole company on board has huge benefits.

We recently talked to a handful of Greenhouse customers who took a company-wide approach to their Greenhouse roll-out. We wanted to find out exactly how they made adoption of a new platform seamless, and how they continue to ensure employees stay excited about and active within Greenhouse.


D2L recently launched Greenhouse to over 800 current employees and within a few weeks they’ve already counted over 500 users! Previously, D2L was using a homegrown system that they had long outgrown, and not everyone had access to.


So how did D2L achieve such outstanding adoption? First and foremost, the D2L recruiting team did a lot of the tricky legwork for employees ahead of time. Evan Birtch, Recruitment Programs & Operations Manager, lead the charge working with their Greenhouse account manager to ensure accounts were set up ahead of time, approvers were pre-loaded into the system, and made sure to communicate to employees that a change was coming.

From there, they launched Greenhouse through their company intranet with single sign on, where employees could access the platform with one click.  D2L provided employees with training materials created using both Greenhouse-provided resources as well as with insight into the internal process they planned to use within the platform. 


With everyone using Greenhouse for slightly different purposes, directing employees to specific resources ensured they had the info needed to be successful within the platform. Evan and his team provided in-person walk-throughs and specific training for hiring managers, interviewers and different departments. They also created on-demand trainings for hiring managers and interviewers that cover D2L processes, as well as training for basic users on proper use of social sharing, and how to submit referrals. They use these trainings alongside Greenhouse resources to ensure everyone can become a Greenhouse expert.

The launch was accompanied with balloons, cupcakes, and even a dog in a Greenhouse tshirt, which made everyone super excited to check out the sweets, and the sweet new recruiting platform! In order to ensure ongoing success, D2L has set up future trainings and drop-in sessions where anyone can come and get their Greenhouse questions answered.


Sailthru recently rolled out Greenhouse to 180 employees in 4 different offices, and had a strong focus on getting everyone at the company on board. In the weeks before the launch, the roll out was announced during an all-hands meeting to ensure everyone knew about the platform.


Sailthru planned trainings for each specific type of user: hiring managers, interviewers, high volume users, and general users. Each training was tailored the user type’s specific usage patterns that had been identified while using a previous platform. Once that information was known, each training session was able to be highly customized.

In addition to small group trainings, Sailthru had an all-company demo that walked through all the Greenhouse basics. Everyone at Sailthru is encouraged to use the platform, and Greenhouse resources are posted within the internal Google+ community so people can learn even more on their own time.

With everyone at Sailthru excited about the roll-out, they continue to improve how they use the product including a referral bonus program to encourage referrals. The recruiting team encourages further training, and helps remind people to keep all their feedback and data within Greenhouse for easy tracking and reporting down the road.

Red Ventures

Red Ventures was recently featured for their hiring process, as well as their launch efforts.  


With recruiting a big priority for the entire company, Red Ventures decided that having a launch party would be the perfect way to get everyone onboard. A party hosted by The Human Capital Team ensured the office (and the team!) was decked out in green, and that everyone was aware of the new platform and how to use it. Check out more from Red Ventures and their launch!

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