How People and Culture Make Greenhouse a Best Place to Work


It’s official!

Greenhouse has been named among Crain's New York Business 2015 Best Places to Work in NYC, and we couldn't be prouder! With thousands of companies in the New York City area, being designated this honor is no easy feat. So, what makes Greenhouse stand out from the rest?

The answer is three-fold.

1. We believe that people are core to business success

If the people aren’t the best, then neither is the company. Period. So, we take hiring very seriously. You could pretty much say that we’re obsessed! As a starting point, we invest much time and energy into crafting job descriptions so that the role itself and the ideal person for the role are both well-defined in all their intricacies. Then, we continuously recruit and interview until we find the right people for the job—and we hire them.

We know our success depends on the quality of our hires, so each and every one is a strategic and purposeful decision. By committing to the hiring process, we make sure to attract and hire the right people for the right roles: they’re right for the role, and the role is right for them. And with trust and support from the team, new hires are able to hit the ground running, leading to a higher probability of success. This is an all-around win.

When we surround ourselves with bright, quality people, it makes us all want to do better and be better. We raise our own expectations of ourselves, and this has a positive ricochet effect on others, creating an environment of consistent improvement and ambition. Greenhouse encourages employee excellence in every sense:

  • We nurture brilliant, talented employees who like to bounce ideas off each other and help each other learn and grow, resulting in an atmosphere where collaboration is a driving force behind both personal and organizational triumphs.
  • We encourage our employees to not just go through the motions of “work” and having a “job,” but to instead strive to become valuable contributors and truly make an impact.
  • We empower our employees to co-create an environment where everyone can—and wants to—do the best work of their career. When everyone is at their strongest, Greenhouse is, too.

2. We’re deliberate and thoughtful about shaping an outstanding culture

As part of our thorough hiring process, we screen for culture fit. A candidate could be super smart and experienced, but if they don’t mesh with our culture, the relationship won’t work out in the long term: they won’t be happy and we won’t be happy. Why? Our culture is a big part of who we are as a company. We value it deeply, and this is apparent in all that we do. So, we will not compromise on culture fit—it’s a must in order to generate a workplace full of people who will thrive.

Our culture is defined by our culture credo:

  • Authentic: We act and talk like real people.
  • Effective: We are purposeful in the focus of our efforts.
  • Customer-focused: We act in the long-term best interests of our customers.
  • Inclusive and open-minded: We encourage different perspectives and opinions.
  • Collaborative: We trust and help each other.
  • Ambitious: We empower people to do the best work of their career.

All in all, our culture centers around people.

And our focus on people starts from the moment they walk through the door. Our robust onboarding program shows new hires, simply, that we’re glad they’re here! We shower them with super warm welcomes (think: hosting lunches in their honor, decking them out with awesome swag, and sending out fun “get to know you” emails on their behalf). But the honeymoon period doesn’t end there. As new hires transition into the team, they really see our people-focused culture in action. We encourage regular shout-outs as a way to recognize one another for the fantastic, bright, unique individuals we are. We foster an environment where people feel compelled to express their opinions and ideas, in an effort to always keep Greenhouse improving. Further, we make sure we’re doing our part to support everyone’s professional goals, whether that’s honing personal leadership skills, securing more public speaking opportunities, or manning a large, visible project.

3. Our customers walk the walk, too

We’re not the only ones who agree that a people-based culture is the foundation of a great organization. A whopping 20% of this year’s “Best Places to Work” list is comprised of Greenhouse customers, including Dropbox, Squarespace, Intent Media, Carrot Creative, and Betterment, among others. (Yes, Greenhouse is supporting the growth of some of the world’s most prolific brands!).

Our customers know that in order to be the best, you’ve got to hire the best and onboard thoughtfully. A company, like a team, is only as strong as its players. When companies are great at hiring, it means that the people they hire belong there—that they have the skills and qualities to be an ace at their job, that they’re continuously challenged, and that they’re always improving and wanting to improve—both for the company’s sake and for their own personal sake. Doing onboarding well results in making a solid first impression that will forever stick with the team. Everyone wants to do good work and build a great product. It means that everyday, every task—no matter how small—is carried out by someone who cares about doing it well. It means that the company and everyone who works there sincerely care about doing outstanding work, about building something great—and about each other.

When people have the right job at the right company, that’s when they grow. And when people grow, companies grow. Period. This is our mantra, and we’re proud to sing it from the rooftops!

All in all, our goal is to build a great organization and to empower other companies to do the same.

Come grow with us at Greenhouse...and help us grow other companies, too! Check out job postings for both our New York and San Francisco offices here.

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