How to Make Better Hiring Decisions with Video Interviewing



This is a guest post by Spark Hire CEO Josh Tolan. Spark Hire is a video interview solution and Greenhouse ingegration partner used by more than 2,000 companies across the globe. Josh shares helpful tips on how video interviewing can better your hiring decisions.

Finding the perfect fit for a job position is no easy feat. Not only do candidates have to meet the basic job qualifications, but you also have to look at their skill set, experience, cultural fit -- the list goes on. With the aid of video interviewing, hiring can be made more enjoyable for all parties involved. Here are a few ways video interviewing can help you make better hiring decisions:

Gain more insight on candidates

Screening takes on a new meaning with the incorporation of the video interview. Video interviews offer more insight on a candidate, by enabling hiring managers to physically see how candidates present themselves, to make a more informed hiring decision. Employers can choose to facilitate a face-to-face interview through the use of two-way video, or they can save valuable time by conducting one-way interviews.

One-way interviews consist of candidates answering pre-set questions which they can be given the option of re-recording, providing you with the most polished version of the candidate. Using pre-set questions also ensures that all candidates are being asked the same questions, leveling the playing field. Furthermore, one-way interviews can be done in a fraction of the time a phone interview takes. You can review 10 one-way interviews in the time it takes to complete one phone screen, according to the Aberdeen Group.       

Expand the candidate pool

Video interviewing can be a great way to connect with global talent. In order to find candidates who are a good fit for the job position as well as the company culture, sometimes there is a need to expand the hiring borders. Video interviews give international candidates an opportunity to take part in the interview process, without having to spend a fortune on travel expenses for a job they’re not guaranteed.

Additionally, you can further your reach by broadcasting job openings via social media and inviting job seekers to participate in a video interview, with a direct link to the interview platform.

Collaborate with colleagues near and far

The best hiring decisions are made as a team, but there are times when not everyone needed can be present at an interview. The ability to record video interviews allows employers to share the interview with colleagues.

Not only can video interviews be recorded and shared, but a lot of video interview platforms foster collaboration over the interview with various tools as well. Comments and rating systems, for instance, make collaboration easy by facilitating thoughtful discussions with colleagues over a candidate’s performance.     

Create a library of video interviews

While one candidate may not be the ideal fit for a certain position, they might be a great option for a future job. The ability to record video interviews makes it easy to refer back to candidates at a later date -- an option unique to video interviewing platforms. Having an ongoing library of strong candidates ensures that you’ll never be without options.

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