How We Hire: Data-Driven Decisions at Delphic Digital

DelphicDelphic Digital is a Philadelphia based digital agency that provides web design, development and online marketing services. Their sweet spot is where technology nuts and bolts meet marketing insights. Delphic is not just a search agency or development shop. They are an agency that provides on a 360° view that leverages a multi-disciplinary approach and a broad skillset to provide clients the best digital solutions to meet their needs. 

Being a digital agency, Delphic understood the importance of providing a great candidate experience in order to attract the best creative and technical talent. Also, they needed to be able to scale staffing to meet the needs of core and new business. However, the team realized they had three challenges preventing them from fully executing these goals:

  • They lacked objective data to make informed decision on sourcing and hiring
  • They were unable to identify their best performing recruiting agencies in order to build closer partnerships
  • They were missing a platform that allowed them to implement a consistent and structured interview process to provide best candidate experience

To address these challenges, Delphic knew they needed a software platform that could provide the objective data needed to optimize their recruiting.

Delphic Digital selected Greenhouse as its recruiting platform and was able to tackle these challenges head on. The collaboration tools and scorecards allowed the team to clearly define the right attributes to assess candidates on in order to make informed hiring decisions.

Sourcing quality reports gave meaningful insights into which agencies were providing the highest quality candidates. With this information, Delphic started to forge deeper partnerships with these agencies and phase out those who under performed.

Real time dashboards and alerts in Greenhouse allowed the team to identify open tasks or potential bottlenecks so candidates were always followed up with and moved through the recruiting funnel in a timely manner. Being able to build a consistent and structured process allowed Delphic to hire staff quickly while maintaining a quality process to meet the needs of new and core business.

To make sure they were achieving their hiring culture goals, Delphic implemented the candidate survey in Greenhouse to get direct feedback from candidates on their interview process. The team learned that candidates thought the interview process could have been more challenging in order to better assess their skills. Delphic embraced this feedback and used it to create a more thorough screening process. 

Delphic Digital was able to execute on their goals of making data driven decisions, scaling hiring and providing the best candidate experience. The process improvements that Delphic implemented helped reduce hiring costs 30%. In addition to reducing costs, Delphic could now manage a larger volume of applicants while still providing a highly quality interview process and one of the best candidate experiences in the agency market.

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