How We Hire: Red Ventures' Selective and Effective Recruiting Process

Greenhouse-Launch-051415_copyRed Ventures is unlike any company you’ve heard of before, and as a category creator, there aren’t many companies to compare Red Ventures to. It’s much more than just a digital marketing company -- it’s the nation’s fastest growing, tech-enabled platform for growing marketing and sales businesses.  

At 2,300 employees and growing fast, Red Ventures has a recruiting method that’s data-driven and efficient. That said, the company isn’t immune to its share of recruiting challenges, from a hard-to-categorize employer brand, to an incredibly selective hiring process. We recently spoke with Hallie Kilmer, Vice President of Human Capital at Red Ventures, and learned how they’re working to overcome these challenges and use data to optimize the hiring process.

Data-Driven Recruiting at Red Ventures

A driving force behind Red Ventures’ success in digital marketing is its data science and analytics capabilities, so it makes perfect sense that the team uses data and analytics to regularly optimize the recruiting process.

Identifying trends and iterating on existing processes has helped Red Ventures make even better decisions - faster. On average, a candidate meets with 12 Red Ventures employees as part of the hiring process, but analysis of that practice found the optimal number of interviews is really six. Reducing the number of interviews has yielded the same quality hires in less time, streamlining resources, while also improving the overall candidate experience. This kind of data-driven approach is what keeps Red Ventures consistently improving its time-to-hire without sacrificing the quality of candidates.  

While the Talent team still faces challenges trying to recruit for highly specialized roles, Red Ventures has seen consistent success with its college hiring programs. They have identified target schools that yield quality candidates and place emphasis on looking for talent that can grow with the company. Their latest hiring class included 50 college grads and 6 MBA grads who are ready to take Red Ventures by storm this summer.   

Red Ventures also makes great use of the Greenhouse social media features, allowing the recruiting team and Red Ventures employees to post open positions to social media with one click, easily extending their reach and tracking candidates sourced via social. This helps build a great pipeline of candidates, while also building an employer brand and spreading the news that Red Ventures is a great place to work.

Defining Great Candidates

The Red Ventures recruiting process is incredibly thorough, purposeful and collaborative (not to mention selective).  Red Ventures boasts a 24% year-over-year human capital growth rate, while only hiring 1% of applicants that apply.  

Their holistic approach to hiring means not only looking for a great culture fit, but also identifying employees who have long-term potential to grow with the company. Red Ventures tracks candidates throughout the hiring process using Greenhouse, as well as tracking performance after hire to measure professional growth.

So what does Red Ventures look for in candidates, and how do they handle such rapid growth?  For starters, they place a lot of importance on a candidate's skill sets versus background, something interview scorecards can help interviewers identify and track.  They also seek the intellectually curious, and candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit. And while they value true competitive spirit, they avoid cut-throat and self-minded.  They compare a great candidate to an athlete -- goal-oriented, driven, agile, adaptable and coachable.  

Red Ventures also takes referrals incredibly seriously as more than a third of their hires are referrals.  They even have data to back-up the continued success of these hires -- if a top performer recommends someone, these candidates have been shown to have a high likelihood of successful performance at the company.

Going Green

Being data driven helped bring Red Ventures to Greenhouse, where they are now able to dive even deeper into the analytics surrounding their recruiting and hiring processes. While relatively new to Greenhouse, Red Ventures recruiting has already made great use of the analytic tools.

With recruiting being a priority for every employee at the company, having a launch day party with information on the platform was the perfect idea. The Human Capital team hosted the party, decked the office - and themselves - out in all green, and shared the news that Greenhouse was being rolled out via internal communications. 

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