Mark Your Calendars! 14 HR and Recruiting Events to Attend in 2016


Welcome to mid-January!

This is the sweet spot—that period of time where it’s far enough into the year that your holiday-vacation-what-day-is-it-again mode has worn off and you’ve swiftly transitioned back into the swing of things at work—but it’s also early enough into the year that you’re still settling on your annual goals and plans to make 2016 the best year yet. Right? Right!

So, as you map out your journey for the next 12 months and make those critical decisions on what to do and what not to do in order to soar your team and company to new heights, make sure that you take a step back for a moment and think about you. What do we mean here? It’s important that as you plan for your company’s triumphs, you also plan for yours. You need to be strategic and proactive about advancing your skills and continuing to grow and develop as an HR professional. This should be an ongoing pursuit. So, we implore you: make time for learning!

As a first step, expose yourself to a wide-array of perspectives and opinions in the HR space and become a more well-rounded thinker by following inspiring industry influencers on social media. This will enable you to easily stay on top of news and trends from the convenience of your own phone or laptop. (Hooray for learning on-the-go!).

Secondly, make the investment to attend a couple of in-person events (think: conferences, seminars, and the like) where you can gain incredible insights from influencers first-hand, all in a comprehensive and jam-packed educational setting. Not only will your brain switch the flip to turbo-drive learning mode, but you will also reap the additional benefit of networking with those who do what you do, which can help you make the right connections, leading to possible collaborations and further opportunities for skill development down the road.

So, grab your datebook (that’s 20th century speak for digital calendar), and check out our list of 14 of the most dynamic HR and recruiting events to attend in 2016!

1. Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

Master social strategies that build your brand and drive recruiting results

January 26-28, San Francisco

2. Talent Management Strategies Conference

Gain insights into megatrends in talent management

February 2-3, New York City

3. HCI Workforce Planning & Analytics Conference

Learn how to start, embed, and sustain an agile talent strategy that fits your organization

February 10-12, Atlanta

4. HR Metrics & Analytics Summit

Take a multi-pronged approach to analytics, from reactive to proactive and ultimately to predictive

February 29-March 2, Orlando

5. Sourcecon

Learn all the juicy sourcing secrets, best practices, and tools

March 1-2, Orlando

6. Talent Acquisition Summit

Become the *new* talent acquisition professional: better, stronger, faster

March 10-11, Dallas

7. HCI Human Capital Summit

Acquire agile talent strategies for managing change and shifting priorities

March 29-30, New Orleans

8. ERE Recruiting Conference

Become an expert at data-driven talent acquisition

April 6-8, Las Vegas

9. Greenhouse Open

Learn from industry talent leaders, get tactical tips and best practices, and network with your peers

May 25-27, San Francisco

10. Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference

Engage in a unique setting of tech recruiters and leading technologists

June 7-8, Seattle

11. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

Learn new HR laws, trends, and innovations that will help you keep up with this forever-changing industry

June 19-22, Washington, D.C.

12. HCI Employee Engagement Conference

Learn how to drive an engaged employee culture through leadership accountability

July 18-20, Denver

13. HR Tech Conference & Expo

Be the first to discover new HR technology products and services as they are revealed for the first time!

October 4-7, Chicago

14. LinkedIn Talent Connect

Know which steps to take in order to continue your talent transformation year-round

October 5-7, Las Vegas

Greenhouse Open

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