Next-level hiring: How Ordergroove took their strategy from good to great

As you’re here on the Greenhouse blog, you most likely have the hiring basics down. You know the right tactics and are setting up great structured processes to ensure you’re getting the right talent into your pipeline. But now you’d like to take things to the next level – by streamlining your processes, elevating your strategies and securing stellar talent.

We recently caught up with Danielle Colanto, the Director of Talent at relationship commerce cloud company Ordergroove, to learn how her team uses Greenhouse to push the boundaries of what it means to be a great Talent Maker.

Greenhouse: How are you using Greenhouse’s Talent Acquisition Suite as a competitive advantage to reach or exceed your recruiting goals?

Danielle: The biggest advantage is that it keeps us organized, which allows us to move through the interview process more quickly, review applications more efficiently and communicate regularly with candidates while also sharing feedback with internal and agency teams. Our People team is incredibly lean and Greenhouse has been a great one-stop shop to keep everything we need under one roof.

Greenhouse: What is your favorite Greenhouse solution for high performance hiring (Events App, Mobile App, CRM, Greenhouse Onboarding, Report Builder, etc.)? Why?

Danielle: We really like the integration solutions that Greenhouse offers, which allow us to do more things within the Greenhouse ecosystem. Most recently we've been utilizing the Calendly integration, which allows us to schedule initial conversations more efficiently. There is always room for improvement, but it’s really cut down the time we spend on scheduling initial phone screens and created more streamlined communication for our candidates.

Greenhouse: How does your talent team currently partner with the Greenhouse team to take your hiring to the next level?

Danielle: Greenhouse's account managers have been very supportive partners to help us better understand what we can and should be doing with the software.

Ready to take on what’s next? Learn more about how you can make hiring your competitive advantage with Greenhouse.

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