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Article, Company culture

How you can support women during Women’s History Month and beyond

You may have noticed from the stream of empowering notes on social media and sudden uptick in articles around iconic women that March is Women’s History Month – a time to highlight and reflect on the…

Article, Distributed hiring

8 ways to ace your next video interview

In a recent post, we discussed eight ways hiring managers and recruiters can use video interviews to improve hiring efficiency. From changing company behavior to improving recruiting processes, the…

Article, Onboarding

Orientation for new hires: The art of being more human

It’s easy to forget the experience of being a new employee. From preparing for interviews to understanding the company, discussing whether the fit is right and ultimately getting the offer, new hires…

Article, Talent strategy

How HR tech can boost employee productivity in these five areas

We’re far past paper resumes locked in filing cabinets. As the nature of HR teams shifts and grows, processes have become more automated, efficient and data driven. And when the “data” part of HR is…

Article, DE&I

Writing your equal opportunity employer statement? Here’s some inspiration

The best career pages read less like a wish list for the perfect candidate and more like smart marketing copy. One opportunity to make your company shine occurs in a somewhat surprising place: your…

Article, Candidate experience

Here’s why every department should become great at hiring

“Hiring isn’t my department,” you might say. And technically, you may be right. Maybe you’re not in the actual department responsible for hiring top talent within your organization. You might not…

Article, Employer brand

A brand like no other for a company like no other

I believe in the power of hiringFrom individual well-being to overall business success, few things have a more profound impact than hiring. Almost all of us have, or have had, a job at some point in…


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We founded Greenhouse in 2012 to help companies become great at hiringAs co-founders, Jon Stross and I were motivated by the past success we’d experienced in building hiring “machines” to source,…