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Article, DE&I

The importance of diversity in leadership (and how to improve it)

Is your company leadership diverse? We explore the importance of diversity in company leadership and provide examples of organizations you can learn from.


Greenhouse global growth: Over 1 million applicants supported in Ireland

Colm O'Cuinneain, General Manager of EMEA for Greenhouse, discusses our company’s international expansion and impact on the customers we serve.

Article, Interviewing

Hiring the hirer: Interview questions for recruiters

When your company is growing, at some point you’ll need to hire a recruiter or other talent acquisition professional. So how should you approach this process, and what are the best interview questions to ask recruiters? We caught up with Greenhouse Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Ariana Moon to investigate.

Article, Company culture

The people of Greenhouse: Meet Zakiya

In this installment of The people of Greenhouse series, we’d like to introduce you to our superstar Customer Program Manager, Zakiya Daley. Learn about how she successfully navigates delivering exceptional work while championing inclusivity, being a dedicated parent and making time for self-care.

Article, Hiring tech stack

IDC MarketScape names Greenhouse a leader in talent acquisition in 2020

Selecting the right talent acquisition partner and having confidence in their ability to help you thrive as the global economy returns to growth and enters the next normal is key. Learn how the IDC MarketScape can help.

Article, Recruiting metrics

Best practices for using recruitment analytics for successful hiring

If you’d like to be more data driven in your recruiting practices, recruitment analytics can help you achieve that goal. Here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Article, Interviewing

Effective interview questions to ask when hiring for HR manager roles

No matter what type of HR leader you’re looking for, you’ll want to spend some time designing an interview that will help you best assess candidates’ likelihood of succeeding in the role. Here is a robust list of interview questions to help you hire the right person.

Article, DE&I

Our DE&I journey to build belonging at Greenhouse

Building belonging means creating a culture that doesn’t just tolerate differences, but embraces them. It also requires that all of us at Greenhouse take a serious look at our own successes and failures on this journey. We're publishing our company diversity data to make a visible commitment to sharing our progress once a year and to encourage other companies to do the same. Learn more from our Director of DE&I Jamie Adasi.