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Article, Talent strategy

50 ways to be a Talent Maker: Insights for talent leaders

Want a sneak peek of our new eBook, 50 ways to be a Talent Maker? We reveal a few of our tips for talent leaders below. A quick refresher: A talent leader brings a culture of hiring, making it a priority for the whole company.

Article, DE&I

How to mitigate bias with structured hiring: A recap of the Greenhouse and Hiretual summit

Jacqui Maguire, Senior Director of Talent Advisory at Greenhouse, recently participated in Hiretual’s 2020 Virtual Partner Summit, a discussion around hiring best practices on the path to business recovery. Read on to learn how you can mitigate bias with structured hiring.

Article, Company culture, Distributed hiring & work

3 ways to improve employee engagement in a virtual work environment

A dispersed workforce doesn’t have to mean a disengaged one. Here are three ways to engage global teams while working remotely.


Addressing challenges with AI in inclusive hiring

As a hiring software company, we recognize that we have a huge responsibility to help our customers navigate hiring challenges and make the best, most fair and quick decisions possible. Here's some guidance on how to address inclusive hiring challenges that may arise when using AI for resume review.

Article, Distributed hiring & work

What’s next for a physically and digitally split workplace?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the implications of the dual workplace and its effect on culture, recruitment technology and productivity. 


4 ways structured hiring helps enterprise companies through an unstructured time

Find out how successful enterprise companies are developing consistent, global hiring practices at scale by embracing a structured hiring approach.

Article, DE&I

Beyond the training: How to host meaningful DE&I conversations at your company

It has recently become clear that one-time workplace anti-bias training sessions aren’t nearly enough to improve workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Greenhouse's Enterprise Practice Lead for Professional Services and Co-Chair for our inaugural DE&I Council, Wayne Titus, provides advice on hosting meaningful discussions at your company.


How to find a job in two easy steps

Finding the right role for your next career move is never an easy task. It’s critical to your long term growth and success – and given the current economic climate, incredibly challenging and even a bit risky. So how do you ensure you’re making the best move for yourself? In this article, Greenhouse Recruiting Operations Specialist Michelle Yoshihara explains two things you can do to help reveal that perfect opportunity.