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The people of Greenhouse: Meet Emmett

In our new People of Greenhouse content series, we’d like to reflect inward and highlight our diverse group of employees who not only make Greenhouse unique, but essentially who we are. We’d love for you to get to know Greenhouse Employee Experience Coordinator – and the glue that holds Greenhouse’s positive culture together both in person and virtually – Emmett Herrick.

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How to support employees during the powerful movement against racism and social injustice

We asked DE&I experts what companies should be doing to take action The events of the past days and weeks have put a spotlight on institutionalized racism and social injustice. #BlackLivesMatter…

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Never again lost in translation: Interview in German, French, Spanish and Italian with Greenhouse

We are so excited to be bringing diverse voices closer together by offering the Greenhouse interviewer experience in four more languages: German, French, Spanish and Italian. Learn more from Greenhouse General Manager of EMEA, Colm O'Cuinneain.

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Career page success: Why you should swap out inactive roles for prospect posts

There’s a new pattern in job posts: roles are posted even if a company isn’t actively hiring for that position. Greenhouse's Director of Talent Acquisition Practices Jacqui Maguire reveals why you shouldn’t keep roles live on your career page if you’re not hiring.

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Climb the hiring maturity curve by evaluating your hiring process

Seeing where you rank on the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve will help you evaluate your hiring process.

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How great leaders navigate unprecedented challenges

By now, businesses have long accepted that pivoting and continuously iterating is imperative for success in 2020. What that requires of leaders is the mobilization of their teams in entirely new ways – which in turn means they’re confronted with the challenge of how to best do so. In this article, Greenhouse’s Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Ariana Moon touches upon the actions effective leaders can take in the face of uncertainty, as well as a few tips on what that looks like in practice.

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Take care: Here’s how to support employee mental health remotely (and your own)

As the pandemic continues to take a toll on our health, economy and livelihoods across the globe, Greenhouse Director of DE&I Jamie Adasi reflects on the intersectional challenges that come with employee mental health and remote working in the age of COVID-19 and racial injustice.

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Drafted built the Layoff Network to connect people to jobs faster, and it’s free for the Greenhouse community

Right now, layoffs are primarily happening as a function of cash conservation, as opposed to performance optimization. Because of this, many of the people coming out of companies are strong performers in their field – all they need is a direct introduction to a good company that’s still hiring. Learn about the Layoff Network, from Drafted CEO Vinayak Ranade.