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Owning your quality of hire to recruit and retain top talent

Is quality of hire worth measuring? Thirty-nine percent of talent leaders believe it’s the most valuable metric for building winning teams. But what exactly does it mean and how do you measure it? Those questions are much harder to answer. We asked our panel of talent leaders at Greenhouse Open to weigh in.

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Being people-first: How Greenhouse is inspiring the evolution in workforce diversity

Here at Greenhouse we’ve always embraced the spirit of being a people-first company, which is why we're excited to share an update on our Greenhouse workforce diversity goals.

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How to use email personalization to attract great candidates

Have you ever sent (what you thought was) the perfect email to an awesome potential candidate, only to get left on read? Finding great prospects is only half the battle in sourcing – and relatively easy compared to actually connecting with them. To convince prospects that they'd be great candidates for your open roles, you’ll need to spend time personalizing your emails to demonstrate that you crafted them with the recipient in mind.

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How to be a successful recruiter in today’s challenging market

It’s no secret that we are seeing an unprecedented and challenging market to recruit in. Between the pandemic, the great resignation (also known as the great reshuffle) and rising inflation, the strategies that businesses have used for finding talent to fill critical roles are changing rapidly. What do top-class recruiting teams do in times like these? Read on to find out.

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5 ways to cultivate inclusion in your organization

“Friction is a lot like spinach. We don’t like it, but it’s good for us,” says Andrea Guendelman, the CEO of Speak_ and a specialist in expansive leadership. In the recent Greenhouse, Namely and Checkr webinar, The mark of inclusive leaders, Andrea explained that friction is inevitable when organizations welcome a diverse group of employees into their ranks. And while many diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) programs aim to reduce conflict, they should not aim to eliminate friction. Read on to learn more about why friction can actually be beneficial to your organization and how to introduce it thoughtfully. 

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How to write effective email subject lines to attract candidates

Email outreach is one of the most effective ways to find and attract top talent, but getting prospects interested in opening those emails is a constant challenge for recruiters. That’s why crafting an email subject line that grabs people’s attention and convinces them to read your email is a vital skill. A strong email subject line can help facilitate conversations with prospects and increase your email open rate.

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How to attract talent in an extremely competitive market

In today’s talent climate, candidates have the upper hand. Companies that are slow to respond, don’t provide a transparent look into their interview process and culture or don’t engage candidates throughout the hiring process are losing out on talent. Hear how talent leaders from tech’s fastest growing startups are making candidate experience their key advantage to winning talent.

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The future belongs to people-first companies

People-first companies follow a philosophy of embracing people-first practices where they prioritize people in all their decision-making. They understand that people are their most valuable asset, so they regard all their people-practices – especially hiring– as strategic rather than administrative functions. They distinguish themselves by attracting top-quality talent and working to create a diverse and inclusive environment in which talent can flourish.