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Women’s History Month: How to prioritize intersectional inclusion in the workplace

Every year, March is designated as Women’s History Month. This is a time to celebrate the achievements and struggles of women fighting for their rights and for the rights of underrepresented groups. It feels particularly poignant this year because of the impact of the pandemic and how it is threatening decades of progress for women in the workplace.

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Understanding the science of hiring bias (and how to overcome it)

Want to make better hiring decisions? If your answer is yes (and we certainly hope it is), it’s time to make an honest and critical assessment of bias. When you understand all the ways bias can creep into your hiring decisions, you can make changes that will limit its effects. Not sure how to do that? We’re here to help.

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Talent Makers: The book that will make hiring a sustainable competitive advantage for your business

Are you ready to go from chaotic to strategic when it comes to hiring? The game-changing book, Talent Makers: How the Best Organizations Win Through Structured and Inclusive Hiring, will get you there. Greenhouse Co-founders Daniel Chait and Jon Stross authored the new book to provide readers with a comprehensive and proven framework to improve hiring quickly, substantially and measurably. Read on to learn why this book is essential for successful hiring – whether you’re an executive, team leader, hiring manager or talent professional.

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Ideas for celebrating Black History Month virtually at your organization

There are a number of things that employers and employees alike can do to bring awareness to the contributions of Black people in this country, while also showcasing their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in a meaningful way. We’ve detailed some of the things we’re doing at Greenhouse to help get you started.

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How to prevent microaggressions in the virtual workplace

Here's why business leaders must take a proactive role in preventing and combating the biases that can lead to harmful microaggressions.

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The importance of diversity in leadership (and how to improve it)

Is your company leadership diverse? We explore the importance of diversity in company leadership and provide examples of organizations you can learn from.

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Our DE&I journey to build belonging at Greenhouse

Building belonging means creating a culture that doesn’t just tolerate differences, but embraces them. It also requires that all of us at Greenhouse take a serious look at our own successes and failures on this journey. We're publishing our company diversity data to make a visible commitment to sharing our progress once a year and to encourage other companies to do the same. Learn more from our Director of DE&I Jamie Adasi.

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Unlocking human potential at work: Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

A few years ago, as CEO I had just hired a new executive and was excited to share my decision with the board. During the hiring process, this candidate and I had spent many hours talking about…