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Yes, hiring is in your lane: Why senior leaders need to embrace their role of Talent Maker

Successful companies companies view talent with the same fervor and priority as any other business priority and their leaders and managers make talent an integral part of major strategic decisions.

So, how do business executives become talent leaders? They need to adjust their mindset to that of a Talent Maker. Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait breaks down the three key behaviors that business leaders need to adopt in order to achieve this.

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Featured Image Talent Operations

Top 2019 talent trends: The remote and distributed workforce

We can sense the end of the year is near. Holiday parties are on the calendar. Planning for next year is well under way. And some overly enthusiastic people are already talking about New Year’s resolutions.

Here at Greenhouse, we want to take some time to reflect on the top trends and topics of 2019 before diving head-first into a new decade. We believe that understanding where we’ve been will help us have a clearer vision of where we’re going in 2020 and beyond. And we’re here to share everything we learn.

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How to Make Transparency Part of Your Company's DNA

In the early days, transparency happened on autopilot. But as your company grows, visibility often starts to dissipate, meetings move behind closed doors and communication becomes less frequent.

And the worst part? You can’t just walk in and say: let’s be transparent. It’ll have the same impact as a fly on a windshield. Good news – you’re a quick scroll-down away from learning how to propel transparency in your organization.

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From Good to Great: Entelo’s Tips for Taking Your Candidate Experience to the Next Level

The phrase “candidate experience” has proved to be one of the most significant HR buzzwords in recent years. And if you’re even remotely dedicated to great hiring practices, you know that it’s not a fluff buzzword (I’m looking at you, “low-hanging fruit”) – but a very important factor of an effective recruiting strategy.

To learn more about how we can reach that seemingly elusive “great” candidate experience, we caught up with Danielle Weinblatt, President and Chief Product Officer at Entelo, who revealed some of the company’s successful practices.

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Driving Success for Lyft: How the Ambitious Startup Grew Into an IPO Enterprise with Greenhouse

The road to success may look different for every company, but one thing’s for sure – if you don’t have the proper systems in place to support your hiring efforts, your company’s growth is likely to stall out. For on-demand peer-to-peer ride sharing company Lyft, 2018 was a record growth year. However, challenges and limitations with their existing Application Tracking System (ATS) were holding Lyft back from scaling accordingly.

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