How SiteCompli Achieves Rapid Growth with a One-Person Talent Team

SiteCompliSiteCompli is a real estate technology company that provides the breakthrough technology, expertise, and resources needed to help property owners stay ahead of critical and costly compliance issues. SiteCompli technology automatically and continuously aggregates and analyzes compliance data on violations, complaints, and inspections from various New York City government agencies all in a fraction of the time that people take to do the same task manually. If you’re in the real estate management business in NYC, there’s a good chance you know SiteCompli -- or you should.

However, SiteCompli serves a relatively specific and niche market, something that can make recruiting talent a challenge. Margaret Dwyer, Manager of People Operations at SiteCompli knows that challenge well, and yet has helped the company more than double in the last year. She recently shared with us some of what makes SiteCompli such a great place to work, and how she manages (as a team of one!) to recruit outstanding talent.

Team of One, Supported by Many

Margaret began her career in acting, even winning a StageScene LA Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in her role as Mayella in To Kill A Mockingbird.  Eventually Margaret found her way to SiteCompli as the Office Coordinator.  When a need for recruiting and hiring became clear, she saw the opportunity to put a lot of her transferrable skills to use, and became the point person for People Operations. This is a great example of the kind of talent SiteCompli seeks to attract -- problem solvers who are able to adapt and innovate to get the job done.  

So how does one person do it all? While Margaret runs the talent operation, she credits SiteCompli's recruiting culture with making it easy for her to stay aligned with hiring managers. Everyone at SiteCompli is committed to the hiring process, and is open with feedback, something Margaret says Greenhouse interview kits and candidate scorecards have helped make even easier. Everyone at SiteCompli has access to Greenhouse, so it’s much easier for Margaret to keep everyone in the loop and on task.  Referrals have increased as well, helping with sourcing and finding great candidates to bring on board.

With limited resources, Margaret credits Greenhouse with simplifying a lot of the admin tasks that would consume her time, as well as helping to expose what tasks are still outstanding and helping to streamline workflow. This leaves more time for sourcing, interviewing, and building a great employer brand for SiteCompli.  

An Employee-Focused Culture that Attracts

The culture at SiteCompli is incredibly employee focused, and strives to allow employees to grow and be empowered. SiteCompli stands behind the principle that their employees are what make them a great company. It’s this culture in part that helps Margaret bring in outstanding talent; people that are seeking a place to do great work and nurture their skills.  

SiteCompli seeks those who are open-minded, collaborative, kind, and expect a lot from themselves and those they work with. They are looking for employees who are ever-evolving and always learning. SiteCompli’s culture seeks to foster this, by providing continuing education opportunities, as well as networking through sister companies.  They offer a multitude of ways for employees to expand their networks and learn new skills, even outside of their job functions.  

Along with perks like unlimited PTO (and a bonus for taking 5 days off in a row), SiteCompli works to foster an employee focused culture by bringing people together. In addition to social activities and volunteer opportunities, they even have a fun way to make sure to foster cross-departmental relationships that earned them a spot on NYC’s Best Places to Work list.  

Every two weeks, SiteCompli uses an algorithm to pick a small group of random people, across different departments and tenures, to go to a free lunch. This perk ensures that even people who may never cross paths day to day have a chance to get to know each other and learn a bit more about different roles across the company.  

They also have on-going initiatives like holiday gatherings (think pumpkin carving contests, and white elephant gift exchanges) and even a contest to guess who’s who in a line-up of employee baby photos.  It’s this fostering of culture and a strong focus on employees that makes SiteCompli a great place to work, and what brings in and retains top talent.

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