3 Social Sourcing Strategies to Effectively Engage Top Talent


This is a guest post by Kyle Paice of Entelo, a Greenhouse partner company that helps customers source top-tier talent using their predictive search and analytics tools.

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Entelo recently announced an integration with Greenhouse, providing recruiters with one channel for organizing top talent and tracking prospective employees. With this integration, Entelo users can easily manage candidates in any stage of the hiring process with the ability to source, access, engage, and track talent from our broad database of over 20 million professionals – all of them with profiles on the largest social networks.

With 78% of recruiters making hires through social media, developing a plan to attract and engage online talent is crucial for any of today’s talent acquisition pros to stand out from the competition.

Here are three ways to improve your social recruiting strategy:

1. Make the most of the social web to discover top talent.

Smart recruiters use the social web to discover top talent. From online professional networks to open source communities to general social sites, recruiters are able to tap into pools of both passive and active candidates.

Ask any good recruiter — qualifying candidates based on no more than a resume is a rookie move. People are more dynamic than a piece of paper and most talent now have record of their professional and personal lives on the web.

Social sources provide a wealth of information on candidates and platforms like Entelo help recruiters and hiring authorities quickly identify and assess this talent – and even predict when they are more likely to make a move.

2. Leverage social data to quickly assess a candidate’s fit, skills, and qualifications for an opportunity.

Much of today’s workforce wears many hats and are in search of opportunities to explore areas outside their current job descriptions. We browsed through several LinkedIn profiles, and learned most of them had an average of over 30 listed skills. How are recruiters supposed to evaluate candidates’ proven skills and interests?

Recruiters, consider going beyond a single social site to digest a candidate’s entire social presence and to get a comprehensive view of their skills, background, and work experience.

What is the candidate tweeting and blogging about? Are they answering questions and showing thought-leadership on sites like Quora and Stack Exchange? What are they contributing to on open source communities like Github? Combing through multiple social sites and profiles will help recruiters better assess someone’s background, allowing them to spend less time sourcing from larger talent pools.

3. Use customized messaging and outreach to engage talent.

Once talent has been identified and properly assessed, the final step would be to effectively reach out and engage. Recruiters tend to spend so much time on the first two steps and almost no time on this final step. Many resort to blasting canned mass emails and wonder why they have such a hard time getting people into the hiring process.

A more effective approach is to take an extra minute to add in a bit of customization into your outreach. Try mentioning a tweet or blog post the candidate wrote, or a status update they added to a social site, or even the picture they uploaded to Instagram. It’s fine to mention both professional and personal information about people, just keep it tasteful. Most candidates appreciate that you’ve taken the extra time to do a bit of research. Customized outreach should improve your response rates and ultimately increase the number of qualified candidates coming into your funnel.

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