Step Up Your Game in 2016! 11 Influencers to Follow in the HR Space

Now that the holiday season is behind us and you’re back in the swing of things at your 9 to 5, it’s time to buckle down and gear up for the year ahead!

So, how can you step it up in 2016, ensuring you continue to stay in the know and evolve your HR programs and practices accordingly?

First, make sure you’ve got a good handle on 2015 by reviewing the hot topics and themes of the year. This will lay the groundwork, making sure you’re familiar with the current status of the HR industry before you dive into anything new.

Next, it’s time to build on that foundation. You need to have a feasible way of informing yourself of the changes taking place in the HR space that influence your work and strategy. We’re all aware that HR is no longer a siloed entity—it’s affecting—and is being affected by—numerous teams and functions within an organization. And with the monumental merging of HR and tech in recent times, HR continues to expand and evolve, so it’s super important to keep up on a daily basis so that your company maintains a competitive advantage for both attracting and retaining amazing talent. Case in point: don’t let your company fall behind!

One of the most strategic ways to achieve this is by compiling a list of industry thought leaders to follow (read: internet stalk). Whether through their website, personal blog, or posts on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, they’re quick to report on trends, stories, and news that affects what they’re knowledgeable and passionate about. So by following an influencer, you receive all the timely and complete information you need in one convenient place.

And since every influencer is their own unique person, each one offers their own unique spin, allowing you to be exposed to a vast array of perspectives and tips. That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with a handful of influencers—get the full picture so that you can then approach your work from a well-informed and holistic point-of-view, and as a result, position your company in the same way.

So, where should you start? Lucky you, we’ve scoured the internet, searching for the most prolific influencers in our space, assessing them on factors like the diversity of topics they post about and their level of visibility across the web. So, who exactly is making waves?

Check out our suggestions of 11 HR influencers to follow in 2016 (in no particular order!):

1. Josh Bersin, @Josh_Bersin

Josh is the founder and Principal of Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory firm focused on talent management, leadership, and HR technology.

2. Laurie Ruettimann, @lruettimann

Laurie is a former HR leader who now runs two blogs, Punk Rock HR and The Cynical Girl, and serves as an HR strategist and advisor.

3. Kris Dunn, @kris_dunn

Kris is the CHRO at Kinetix. Previously, he held executive positions in HR at Fortune 500 companies and venture captial-held startups. He has a strong passion for talent acquisition and management.

4. Tim Sackett, @TimSackett

Tim is an HR Pro and President at HRU Technical Resources. He also serves as the Chief Storyteller of the HR blog Fistful of Talent.

5. Matt Charney, @mattcharney

Matt is a self-proclaimed HR and recruiting nerd. He is the Executive Editor at Recruiting Daily.

6. Laszlo Bock, @LaszloBock2718

Laszlo is the SVP of People Operations at Google. He is passionate about making work more enjoyable for employees and focuses heavily on the employee experience.

7. Stacy Donovan Zapar, @StacyZapar

Stacy is the Founder of Tenfold, a boutique recruiting consultancy specializing in employer branding, talent sourcing, social recruiting, candidate experience, and employee engagement.

8. William Tincup, @williamtincup

William is a Principal Analyst at KeyInterval Research, where he's busy building maps of the intersection of HR and technology.

9. Madeline Laurano, @Madtarquin

Madeline is the Co-Founder of Aptitude Research. She is passionate about data, analytics, technology deployment, and change management.

10. Steve Levy, @LevyRecruits

Steven is the Director of Global Sourcing at Indeed, the #1 jobsite worldwide, helping to identify, engage, and recruit talent on a global level.

11. Kyle Lagunas, @KyleLagunas

Kyle is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory. He specializes in talent acquisition, keeping tabs on key practices in sourcing, recruiting, assessing, hiring, and retention strategies and technologies.


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