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Announcing: Greenhouse’s Integration with HireRight



Kim Nelson 

This is a guest post by Kim Nelson. Kim is the Marketing and Communications Manager at HireRight. HireRight delivers global background checks, drug testing, and employment verification services through an innovative platform.  

We know your priority is attracting the best talent, not spending time with administrative tasks such as re-keying candidate information from an application into a background check form.

With more than 30 years of experience, HireRight provides services in more than 200 countries and territories from offices around the world. HireRight is a leader of on-demand global background checks, drug testing, and electronic Form I-9 and e-Verify solutions that are customer-focused and deliver high-quality, timely, and accurate results. Many of the world’s most forward-thinking companies rely on HireRight.

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Announcing Greenhouse’s Integration with Criteria Corp



Josh Millet 

This is a guest post by Josh Millet. Josh is the Founder/CEO of Criteria Corp, a leading provider of pre-employment testing services. Read on to learn more about how Criteria’s aptitude, personality, and skills tests can help you make better hiring decisions. 

A company's employees are its most important asset, and hiring the best talent is one of the most critical activities for any business. Pre-employment tests are one way to gather objective, standardized data on candidates during the hiring process. 

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Announcing Greenhouse’s Integration With CloserIQ



Jordan Wan 

This is a guest post by Jordan Wan. Jordan is the Founder/CEO of CloserIQ, the sales recruiting platform connecting top sales talent to tech companies. Follow the CloserIQ blog for insight on sales strategy, talent management, and recruiting.

As the sales manager responsible for scaling ZocDoc’s North East sales teams, I was constantly interviewing candidates. After a long day cold calling with my team, I would often spend two hours in a hotel room doing back-to-back phone interviews.

In this hyper-growth environment, sales recruiting challenges became painfully obvious.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with Pymetrics



Jessica Barrett 

This is a guest post by Jessica Barrett. Jessica, Business Development at pymetrics, shares insight into its integration with Greenhouse. Read on to find out how this partnership can benefit you and your team.

pymetrics is happy to announce a partnership with Greenhouse! We have long admired Greenhouse’s holistic approach to better hiring, and are very excited to help your company harness the power of data science and custom algorithmic models to recruit compatible candidates. Our platform helps you source more diverse, engaged and top-fit employees using a series of neuroscience games to assess cognitive and emotional traits.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with Cammio



Niddia Paauwe 

Learn how you can optimize your recruitment process with video. In this guest blog post, Niddia Paauwe shares how Cammio helps employers add personality to the CV with a best-in-class candidate experience.

Regardless of a company’s size, having a workforce that meets the company’s needs is vital for an organization’s success and future growth. At the same time, the pressure on recruitment efficiency is increasing and employers face the challenge of effectively identifying and hiring the best candidate for a position each and every time.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with SwoopTalent



Stacy Chapman 

Go Paperless at Hiring Fairs! Stacy Chapman is the Co-founder at SwoopTalent. In this guest blog post, Stacy shares how SwoopTalent will allow you to use your cellphone to process paper resumes seamlessly in Greenhouse within minutes.

Many college hiring fairs still use paper resumes, which create real headaches for recruiters. Recruiters often end up with stacks of paper resumes covered in stickers, handwritten notes, and post-its to take back to the office to follow up and organize. Tedious scanning, typing out your notes, organizing follow ups – the aftermath of the hiring fair can take days or weeks to sort out, and sadly a lot of good candidates get lost in the cracks (or in the handwriting you suddenly couldn’t read!). It’s hard to believe this is still a hassle in 2015, but for most university recruiting teams, it’s a very real problem – and most so-called solutions to this problem are either too complicated, or they don’t let you get all of your data back.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with Interviewed


Chris Bakke 

Chris Bakke is the Co-Founder of Interviewed - the best platform for candidates to prove their skills to employers using online job simulations. Learn more about this new partnership below. 

Last year, my co-founders and I were working together at a rapidly-growing startup. As hiring managers, we were struggling to fill dozens of sales, administrative, and customer support roles. We applied all the traditional hiring practices but the results were random - some candidates worked out, but many didn't. We went back to the drawing board and researched how the best organizations in the world hire. The answer was clear: job simulations. Job simulations allow your candidates to perform tasks that they would actually do on the job in less than 15 minutes. We began dreaming about ways to use technology to build job simulations for any type of role and Interviewed was born.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with WePow


Brittany Njissang 

Brittany Njissang is a Content Marketing Coordinator at WePow. With the integration of WePow's video interviewing solutions, GreenHouse clients can easily streamline their recruitment processes. Learn more about this new partnership below.

Has your hiring manager been frustrated with a long day of final interviews that didn’t result in a hire? Imagine being able to prevent situations like this by giving them a sneak peek of a candidate’s story before you bring them into the office. WePow’s video interviewing solutions ensure that the right candidates make it to the final round of interviews.

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Announcing Greenhouse's Integration with Sokanu


Spencer Thompson 

We're excited to annouce the Sokanu and Greenhouse partnership! Ever feel stuck in the interview and hiring process? It's an all too familiar feeling for most. Spencer Thompson, CEO of Sokanu shares how this platform helps you determine who the right people are for your organization. Learn more here! 

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