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How Pinterest Customized Greenhouse to Scale and Make Data-driven Decisions

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Casey Marshall is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Greenhouse. She teams up with Greenhouse partners and customers to tell a story and share insights into ways companies can improve their recruiting. She loves that this job allows her to build relationships with thought leaders and showcase how innovative companies are changing their recruiting approach. Connect with Casey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Take a look at your desktop. Is it full of Excel sheets, Google docs, and candidate résumés? This approach works when you're a solo recruiter, but it quickly becomes a challenge when your company begins to scale. Where is the source of truth when it comes to collecting data?

This was a pain point Pinterest experienced in their early days, and that's when they decided to turn to Greenhouse.

In the latest Hiring Hacks webinar, Nina Padula-Gialle, Recruiter at Pinterest shared strategies around customization, ways to measure success, and how the Pinterest team leverages data to improve their recruiting process.

Keep reading to learn how Pinterest built a flexible and data-driven recruiting process.

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Hiring Hacks: An Inside Look into Coinbase's Recruiting Approach


There are many incredible companies out there, which means recruiting talented engineers just became a whole lot tougher.

Aurora Harshner, Recruiting Manager at Coinbase, understands this hurdle and provides a glimpse into the recruiting approach Coinbase takes to ensure they not only hire the best engineers, but they hire engineers that are a long-term fit with the company culture.

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