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How to attract talent in an extremely competitive market

In today’s talent climate, candidates have the upper hand. Companies that are slow to respond, don’t provide a transparent look into their interview process and culture or don’t engage candidates throughout the hiring process are losing out on talent. Hear how talent leaders from tech’s fastest growing startups are making candidate experience their key advantage to winning talent.

Article, Candidate experience, Industry news

Even with a potential recession, job seekers still have the upper hand

No matter what happens with the economy, the pressures to attract and retain talent aren’t going away. We explore the highlights from the new Greenhouse Candidate Economic Sentiment report, which shares insights into candidate trends such as flexible work expectations, value alignment with the company and much more.

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What every company needs to know about hiring right now: Key learnings from the 2022 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report

Talent is on the move. We surveyed over 1,500 global employees and job seekers to learn what they’re looking for in the job application experience and how companies are measuring up – and falling short. Here are some key learnings from the 2022 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Survey.

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Enhance the candidate experience with Greenhouse’s new candidate self-scheduling feature

We are excited to introduce candidate self-scheduling, a more efficient scheduling tool available directly through Greenhouse Recruiting. Find out how this new feature enhances the interview experience, saves both candidates and hiring teams time and accelerates the hiring process.

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Company social responsibility starts with talent

Software services company Jobber decided not only to scale their own business, but to also help support local candidates affected by the changing job market.

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How leading companies drive candidate and employee engagement using text recruiting platform Grayscale

It's now more critical than ever to prioritize a structured process and lean into clear, effective communication. Grayscale CEO Ty Abernathy reveals how Greenhouse customers across different industries are tweaking their candidate and employee engagement strategies to address challenges that may arise during a shifting economy.

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Here’s why every department should become great at hiring

“Hiring isn’t my department,” you might say. And technically, you may be right. Maybe you’re not in the actual department responsible for hiring top talent within your organization. You might not…

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Top 2019 talent trends: Candidate experience

Welcome to the next installment of our series on 2019 trends. Did you miss the first post? We explored the massive increase in the number of remote and distributed workers and the impact this change…