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How to adapt your global hiring strategies for 2022

How are you adapting your global hiring strategies for this year? Danny McGrath, Customer Success Manager at Greenhouse moderated a discussion with Amy Farrar, Global Director of Talent Acquisition for Glassdoor, Marc Douch, TA Manager for Europe at HiBob and Meredith Haberfeld, Founder and CEO of ThinkHuman to learn their tips for success.

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Structured hiring and workplace inclusivity across the globe: Why Greenhouse is expanding in Dublin

Greenhouse opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin in January 2020, and has since tripled its workforce to serve over 700 customers in the EMEA region, like HubSpot, Intercom, LearnUpon, Poppulo, Webdoctor and Why did we decide to expand in Ireland, and why now? Find out in this blog.

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6 key insights from the Resources for Humans Virtual Conference 2021

Do we all possess the capacity to lead with empathy? We explored this topic during the Lattice Resources for Humans Virtual Conference which brought together over 40,000 HR professionals to learn from over 40 industry leaders and professionals, including Serena Williams and Adam Grant. Catch the highlights here.

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How Manara is unlocking an untapped pool of women software engineers from the Middle East

The rapidly growing talent base in the Middle East and North Africa represents a big opportunity for global tech companies. Find out how in this article by this social impact startup backed by Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors – Manara.

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From the Great Resignation to the Great Rehiring: Key learnings from the Greenhouse 2021 Employer Hiring Sentiment Report

The Great Rehiring is in full swing. We surveyed 1,000 C-suite executives and HR managers to learn about their plans for future hiring, what challenges they foresee in the months and years ahead, and how they plan to overcome them. Here are the key insights from the report.

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How to build custom benefits strategies for remote teams

Wherever you are in the growth and hiring phase, one thing is certain: You want to attract the world’s best talent and need guidance on how to hire global workers the right way. This article will help you offer competitive, culturally aware benefits packages to ensure all your employees feel like they belong in your organization, no matter where they live.

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7 strategies for effective international recruiting

With the competition for talent getting even tougher, more and more companies are seeing the need to open up their hiring strategies internationally. But there are subtle differences when it comes…

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3 key hiring trends to keep in mind in 2021

2020 was a year of uncertainty and change – the pandemic’s impact was far-reaching and unpredictable. Many companies were forced to quickly adapt to a new way of work and operations, leading some to experience hiring freezes while others navigated short-term hiring blitzes. But 2021 is a time for another change. Here are three trends to keep in mind in this new era of hiring.