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Boosting work from home productivity: Part 1 – Structure for success

When managed well, distributed teams can operate with the same productivity, purpose, and potential as colocated teams. In this two-part series, we’ll share a few best practices to help you cultivate productivity for yourself and your remote team, starting with the basics – structuring for success.

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3 essential tips for creating a virtual onboarding program

Whether you’re actively hiring or plan to hire soon, your hires will all need a quality virtual onboarding program when the time comes. We’ve made it easy to engage and support your new hires by identifying three areas of focus. Learn more here.

Article, Distributed hiring, Hiring tech stack

6 remote hiring tips for tech roles

Things aren’t always easy when it comes to remote hiring for tech roles. HackerEarth provides these 6 tips for success.

Article, Distributed hiring

Stay agile in a distributed world with Greenhouse’s new integration with Zoom

Working remotely, adapting to a distributed company culture and implementing an all-virtual candidate experience have seismically shifted the way that organizations around the world approach recruiting and hiring. In order to help hiring teams manage these new challenges more seamlessly, we’ve launched two exciting updates in Greenhouse.

Article, Candidate sourcing, Distributed hiring

Career page success: Why you should swap out inactive roles for prospect posts

There’s a new pattern in job posts: roles are posted even if a company isn’t actively hiring for that position. Greenhouse's Director of Talent Acquisition Practices Jacqui Maguire reveals why you shouldn’t keep roles live on your career page if you’re not hiring.

Article, Company culture, Distributed hiring

How great leaders navigate unprecedented challenges

By now, businesses have long accepted that pivoting and continuously iterating is imperative for success in 2020. What that requires of leaders is the mobilization of their teams in entirely new ways – which in turn means they’re confronted with the challenge of how to best do so. In this article, Greenhouse’s Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Ariana Moon touches upon the actions effective leaders can take in the face of uncertainty, as well as a few tips on what that looks like in practice.

Article, Distributed hiring, Talent operations

6 areas business leaders should focus on when it comes to hiring

In 2020, many companies have adapted their hiring strategies toward a slowdown, an upturn in applicants, or a hiring freeze. These six areas of focus can help you get ready for what comes next.

Article, Distributed hiring, Talent strategy

4 considerations for recruiters when hiring slows down

Recruiters have always been able to embrace agility within dynamic circumstances – from last-minute schedule changes to candidate pipeline fluctuations. But what about when hiring slows down, or even temporarily stops? Our recent webinar, Recruiter ​agility​: Building a solid foundation when you’re not hiring​, revealed how you and your team can continue adding value to your organization, even when your hiring plans have changed.