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Being true to you: Lessons on resilience and authenticity from Laverne Cox

Award-winning actress, producer and activist Laverne Cox talks about the unique challenges along her journey to womanhood, professional achievement, and self-acceptance and love.

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From insights to action: What new data reveals about bias and DE&I

When it comes to DE&I, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you could be doing. There’s no shortage of information about the steps that others are taking or guidance to point you in the right direction. But rather than limit ourselves to one or the other, we wanted to provide both insights and ideas for action.

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The state of inclusivity during the onboarding process: New research from Greenhouse and EVERFI

We wanted to understand how companies are making that kind of ongoing commitment to DE&I, so we partnered with EVERFI to survey over 200 global HR professionals. The results were illuminating and worth sharing. Let’s explore some of our key findings.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day by breaking bias in your hiring processes

We caught up with several members of the Greenhouse talent acquisition team to hear their tips on breaking bias in your hiring process.

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Empower Black employees by investing in their growth

It's time to move beyond performative activism. We caught up with two participants – Mid-Market II Account Executive Sean Ezeamama and Professional Services Project Manager Ebony Ajiboye – to learn more about why programs like these and investing in employees are so important.

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Why fair chance hiring should be part of your DE&I strategy

What role does fairness play in your DE&I strategy? Leaders at Greenhouse, Justice Reskill and Checkr came together to discuss how you can prioritize fairness and DE&I in your hiring strategy. Find the highlights from their conversation here.

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How Manara is unlocking an untapped pool of women software engineers from the Middle East

The rapidly growing talent base in the Middle East and North Africa represents a big opportunity for global tech companies. Find out how in this article by this social impact startup backed by Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors – Manara.

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How hiring software can be biased (and what to do about it)

When it comes to hiring software the consequences of AI getting it wrong are not to be taken lightly. Learn about potential hiring biases in AI software, and what you can do about it.