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Our DE&I journey to build belonging at Greenhouse

Building belonging means creating a culture that doesn’t just tolerate differences, but embraces them. It also requires that all of us at Greenhouse take a serious look at our own successes and failures on this journey. We're publishing our company diversity data to make a visible commitment to sharing our progress once a year and to encourage other companies to do the same. Learn more from our Director of DE&I Jamie Adasi.

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Unlocking human potential at work: Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

A few years ago, as CEO I had just hired a new executive and was excited to share my decision with the board. During the hiring process, this candidate and I had spent many hours talking about…

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Say my name: Introducing the Candidate Name Pronunciation feature in Greenhouse

At Greenhouse, we’ve seen how inclusive hiring cultures build stronger businesses. And it’s clear that creating that culture is rooted in the seemingly small details – like pronouncing every candidate’s name correctly. See how Greenhouse's Candidate Name Pronunciation feature can help.

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Taking action: Elevating Black startups with the Tech for Black Founders initiative

We recently joined the #TechForBlackFounders initiative – an ecosystem of companies providing resources and technology to empower Black-led businesses. Learn more and find out how to apply here.

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An education in data-driven diversity, equity and inclusion at DonorsChoose

We caught up with Austin Galoob, Manager of People & Talent at DonorsChoose – and several other members of the DonorsChoose team – to learn about the tools and tactics they use to promote DE&I.

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How to mitigate bias with structured hiring: A recap of the Greenhouse and Hiretual summit

Jacqui Maguire, Senior Director of Talent Advisory at Greenhouse, recently participated in Hiretual’s 2020 Virtual Partner Summit, a discussion around hiring best practices on the path to business recovery. Read on to learn how you can mitigate bias with structured hiring.

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Beyond the training: How to host meaningful DE&I conversations at your company

It has recently become clear that one-time workplace anti-bias training sessions aren’t nearly enough to improve workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Greenhouse's Enterprise Practice Lead for Professional Services and Co-Chair for our inaugural DE&I Council, Wayne Titus, provides advice on hosting meaningful discussions at your company.

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The people of Greenhouse: Meet Emmett

In our new People of Greenhouse content series, we’d like to reflect inward and highlight our diverse group of employees who not only make Greenhouse unique, but essentially who we are. We’d love for you to get to know Greenhouse Employee Experience Coordinator – and the glue that holds Greenhouse’s positive culture together both in person and virtually – Emmett Herrick.