Build on your most valuable asset—your talent network.

Organize your talent so that you're a step ahead when the opportunity arises.

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Build strategic relationships at scale and measure the outcomes of your efforts.

  • Classify the talent in your database
  • Measure your work and know what’s effective
  • Filter and find the exact talent you’re looking for
  • Track your relationships over time
  • Manage prospect data at events with ease
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Classify the talent in your database.

Group talent into customizable pools of like candidates to give deeper visibility into your engagement pipeline.

Crm Flowers Talent Pools
  • Create action plans through follow-up reminders to keep your relationship fresh with prospects at every stage
  • Assign owners and relationship managers for each pool of talent to streamline your team’s efforts
  • Send targeted communications through customized email templates for each prospect pool and stage
Crm Flowers Talent Pools

Improve your sourcing efforts over time.

See what’s working and what’s not with transparency into sourcing.

Crm Flowers Sourcing Analytics
  • Track the success of each team member’s engagement strategies with individualized sourcing analytics
  • Capture insights into key activities, like how many prospects were added over time
  • Convert prospects to candidates and analyze which tactics yield the best results through conversion reports
Crm Flowers Sourcing Analytics

Filter and find the exact talent you’re looking for.

Cultivate the great talent in your database and always find them when you need to. 

Crm Flower Talent Finder
  • Proactively surface talent with powerful, targeted search
  • Filter across prospects and candidates using key criteria like past department or stage reached
  • Search and indicate specific rejection reasons to re-open conversations with silver medalist candidates
Crm Flower Talent Finder

Track your relationships over time.

Have a single source of truth for every prospect or candidate. 

Crm Flower Lifecycle View
  • Review last communication, notes, and applied-to roles for a holistic understanding of each person's recruiting lifecycle
  • View every interaction so you’re no longer guessing when your last touchpoint was or when your next one should happen
  • Track and filter based on last touchpoint and set reminders to ensure your relationship is kept warm
Crm Flower Lifecycle View

Interested in building your talent network?

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Focus on building meaningful connections in person with the Greenhouse Events App.

  • Easily manage prospect data

    Gather event prospect data through a streamlined iPad app and automatically import and classify it in Greenhouse CRM.

  • Review prospects with your team

    Leave notes and quickly tag prospects at events to easily share your thoughts with your entire team.

  • Calculate ROI on events

    Report on who you’re meeting at events and how they’re converting into candidates and new hires.

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With Greenhouse Recruiting, hiring finally becomes a strategic driver of the business, automating away administrative burden and keeping you ahead.

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Onboarding Symbol@2X

Greenhouse Onboarding helps you automate and orchestrate the transition from offer letter to productive team member. Mobilize your internal teams and provide the best new hire experience possible.

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