Data Migration

Can I import the data from my current ATS?

We have a lot of experience migrating data into Greenhouse from Jobvite, Jazz, JobScore, Taleo, Newton, iCIMS...even Excel spreadsheets. Because data exposure varies quite a bit from ATS to ATS, we can't guarantee we'll get all of your old data out. But if it's in one of the platforms we just mentioned, we’ll probably migrate most of it. We have ways of making your old ATS talk.

How does migration work?

Data migration can start as soon as you have your job board set up and jobs open. You can use the self-service migration if switching from certain applicant tracking systems. Using the Greenhouse-serviced migration, an Customer Success Manager and Data Migration Specialist will tell you exactly what export files and API keys are needed and will then work with you to map your legacy data to your new Greenhouse configuration. From there, we’ll beam over as much data as possible

What if I decide to leave Greenhouse? Can I take my data with me?

You bet! Your data is yours, and our Harvest API makes it easy to pull just about anything from Greenhouse. We currently expose eighteen GET & POST methods, with new ones added all the time. (If you're not a tech person, the preceding gibberish just means we give you a lot of ways to download your information.)

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