Become a Greenhouse Partner – Developer resources

Integration developer resources

Greenhouse APIs

Harvest API
Programmatically access your jobs, candidates, interviews, and other data from Greenhouse.

Job Board API
Build careers pages with a unique look and feel, construct department-level pages and more!

Assessment API
Enables assessment platforms to seamlessly integrate with Greenhouse

Ingestion API
Enables sourcing partners to submit prospects and candidates to Greenhouse

Receive alerts when specific events happen on Greenhouse

Onboarding API
Programmatically access employee information from Greenhouse Onboarding

Important materials

  • Greenhouse Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement*

*The MNDA is a standard agreement required for access to a Greenhouse sandbox account. If you require adjustments or if you prefer using your own MNDA, it will need to be reviewed by the Greenhouse Legal Team.

Access the Greenhouse Help Center to answer questions on core product features, creating test candidates and jobs in your sandbox, and to reference partner documentation.

  • Start here to learn the essentials of the platform.
  • View a 10-minute demo as an overview of Greenhouse’s core features and how they work as you start integrating.

Marketing resources

Product description and logos

Use these approved materials to market the Greenhouse partnership on your platform once the integration is finalized.

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